NFC East Trash Talk: Heroes and Goats of Week 3

Sep 27, 2011

After Week 3's results: the Cowboys beating the Redskins, 18-16, and the Giants defeating the Eagles, 29-16, we want to know what you think:

Who was the hero of the week in the NFC East, and who was the division's biggest goat?

Join Roger Newkirk and Chris Jenkins of TheRootDC as they host their weekly discussion of all things Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Redskins -- Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Welcome back to your weekly edition of Trash Talk. WELP, can't start this hour without giving just due to the Dallas Cowgirls and Tony NOmo for winning the game. THATS ABOUT ALL YA'LL WILL GET FROM ME!! In actuality I should being giving your rookie Kicker all the props because he scored every single point. With that said, my Skins lost the  a kicker. *hangs head* A lot of missed opportunities in that game on both sides, but the 2 key positions that we need major work (QB and CB) cost us BIG TIME. It didn't help Haslett called for All-Out-Blitz on 3 plays back-to-back, including a 3RD and 21 PLAY. "UGGGGHHHH, I could strangle him".  He is my GOAT OF THE WEEK. No time for excuses tho...TIME FOR HATE! Let's get it. Chris, you have anything to start out with?


Welcome back, faithful NFC East Fans! Thanks for sticking with us and logging in today, on a special Tuesday morning show, talkin trash about last night's  Monday night showdown.

So, for starters, I have some trash talk and some objective commentary: First: How 'bout dem Cowboys! Despite some maddening and erratic play from our center and young wide receivers, the Boy's pulled it out. We can now put to rest a few things: all this yammering about FIRST place, UNDEFEATED  Washington Redskins that was getting to be incessant around here (cough, cough Roger Newkirk!). Second, we can now see that "Sexy Rexy"  is, well, what we thought he was. A mediocre QB. And third...props to Tony Romo, who toggles between his inner Roger Staubach and inner Danny White. As of now, it looks like he's learned from his transgressions from a few weeks back in NY and is playing the role of a true leader. As The Packers showed us last year, you've gotta win games when with reservesand grind some games out.

I'm giving hero props to Tony Romo again, for gutting it out and LEADING even when the stats weren't all that.  Props also to the Giants D for punishing the Eagles.

Goat: DeAngelo HALL. Thanks for your motor mouth, dude. Not only getting BLAZED on the 3rd and 21 play you tacked on the facemask penalty. Love ya, dude!



Goat of the Week: 77 [Jammal Brown] lost this game for the Redskins-- killed a drive and got beat so bad he ended the game with a turnover.

Jammal definitely stunk it up out there. I think I'm going to make a coach and not a player the goat of the week. MR. HASLETT! What in god's name would make you think calling an ALL-OUT blitz on 3rd and 21 with under 3 minutes left and the lead, would be a good idea?!?! Nevermind he called the same blitz on the previous 2 plays. Samething happened in the only preseason loss we had to the Ravens. Like that's pee-wee league knowledge. Play prevent and give them a 10 yard pass but not a 30 yard pass! UGGHHH!!!

Goat: Punter/holder Sav Rocca. Skins lose on a botched hold by him. Maybe he's the Skins quarterback of the future.

NO WAY!!! Yeah that snap was high and he could've held it better, but his punts all game were incredible....2 punts of more than 55 yards. Field position was key (even though we friggin lost anyway) and he was a big part in securing bad field position. Haslett was my GOAT, but D Hall or Rex could easily be ahead of Rocca for GOAT.

Last night's game revealed three things: 1) The Redskins (with the exception of the field goal unit) are a much better team; 2) Rex Grossman is a backup quarterback in the NFL; and 3) Redskins fans should be prepared for an 8-8 or 7-9 season.


2) Disagree...he's a 3rd stringer if you ask me. Hate Hate Hate Bring Beck for Christs sake.

3) Totally agree. I started out in the preseason saying if we go 8-8 that's a BIG improvement. A lot of people drink the early season kool-aid and think "SUPERBOWL"...back to reality for now because we easily could be 1-2 right now.

Even though I know better, if I were a Cowboys fan I wouldn't dare show my face any where around here after a showing like last night. But knowing Cowboys fans like we all do, they are going to crawl out from under their personal cow patty and beat their chest like they had just run off not just 18 straight wins but 36 straight wins when they aren't even able two win two playoff games in the same season.

I would expect this line of attack from  a Skins fan this morn, having nothing else to say, but I appreciate the hate, friend. I do dare to show my face  and any proud Cowboys fan should. The answer is easy, dude. (or dudet)- We gutted out a victory when the chips were down. Receivers running the wrong routes. A center overmatched.  That was hand-to-hand combat last night. Figuring out how to win. How you think the Packers won last year in the days when they were all bust up? Grinding out games, letting their D do the talking and walking.  I have no illusions that this is gonna be a Cardiac Kid kind of year for dem Cowboys, and I'm ready to grind. Dallas, baby.

Just check twitter or facebook...I see Dallas waves going,  Romo for President chants (even though he did NOTHING last night but pass quick out the points tho) and all types of shenanigans like it's the first week of February and they are on their way to Disney World after winning the title. Cowboys have nothing to be happy for and neither do the Redskins. I  could take a 20 point thrashing better than I can take a game we had won and a guy who gets paid millions to call plays, calls a play on 3rd and 21 that my 12 year old wouldn't call on pick up game of Madden.  

An ESPN commentator said that Romo didn't play well, due to his injuries, and that a backup quarterback would have done better. Would the Redskins have lost even worse to a healthy Romo, or did his "I'll play through the pain" attitude rally the Cowboys and  make up for his injuries?

Whomever that ESPN commentator was, he/she obviously wasn't looking very closely. The mark of a good quarterbacked game is not in the stats but in the leadership. #9 took his team through the burning sands last night. And when he had to make the big throw, he made it. I'm not sure Kitna makes that throw to Dez on 3rd and 21...the guy has no arm. Would the Cowboys receivers have found a way of getting their heads together if Kitna was in the game? I doubt it. Besides, if I'm a Cowboy I want my QB to gut it out and play through the pain. It sends a msg and a statement, that we can win playing through hardship. So FAIL on that analysis by Mr/Mrs ESPN

Burning sands, Chris?!?!?! You were at home!! C'MON SON! And am I the only one who noticed ALL the Redskins slipping on your field...that dag on Jerry Jones and his slick tactics I tell you. He greased the field up! LOL Seriously tho, the commentator clearly needs to resign and let me take his job. Romo, hate to say it, showed a lot of heart last night. After a couple of those hits I KNEW he was done, but he stayed in. Really they went up and down the field on us all game, as we did to them. No one could get in that end zone tho. 

Don't worry Redskins fans, you're playing the Lambs, er, Rams, this weekend.

Seriously, Skins fans. You've got the battered Rams up next. Don't blow it!

this is why I AM WORRIED. We seem to play down to competition ESPECIALLY after a loss. I just hope long gone are those days and they show up and do what they are supposed to do...beat the Rams by 20+

The fix was in! Jerry had "Redskins-X" sprayed on the field, and then gave his players velcro shoes. No way the 'Girls should have won that game, and no way they would have without the traction advantage. And that 3rd and 21 blitz call. Anyway, who is going to investigate SlipperGate?

Good one, my man-  Slipper-gate. Indeed, y'all were doing the electric slide last night What's up with the equipment guy? Didn't bring the right cleats? Didn't do his research?

See my comment above about whether we "should" have won that game. Grind it out, baby.

I just said the exact samething, regarding that Slip-N-Slide field. But even with that, play a cover defense on 3rd and 21 and we prob get a W.....HASLETT...YOU ARE THE G.O.A.T. Of The Week...Week...Week!

And the biggest goats are Rocca and Haslett. If those two hadn't screwed up, we would be 3-0 and the Cowpies would be well on their way to another typical Cowpie season.

Haslett, I'll give you. But I can't fault Rocca when he's not the one snapping the ball. It was a high snap and he still got it down to be kicked. Dallas defenders leg blocked the kick.

The Cowpies pulled it out? They couldn't pull their thumbs out of the south end of a north-bound cow with out help. Y'all did not win anything. It was handed to you AGAIN!!! Like last week.

See, this is what I was yapping about last night on Facebook. "Did not win anything?" Do we need to consult a basic dictionary and look up the definitions of win and loss? Oh I forgot, I'm talking to the fans of a team that won by one point last week at home to the Cards in the last seconds. Man, funny how things look on the other side of the ball. But hey I ain't mad at you partner, keep bringing the hate!

Well a win is a win and they got that last night. I think what you probably meant is "The Cowboys WON the game but didn't BEAT anything" Same could be said about us last week tho. It is what it is, just ONE regular season game. Division game, but still just one game. A lot can be learned from last night. On the road you HAVE to take advantage of every opportunity. One missed one will cost you the game ie:3rd and 21 and bringing the whole house. 

You can really tell a lot about a person when things are going bad. During the first two weeks, D-Hall was happy-go-lucky. Now that we lost one, D-Hall questions Haslett's blitz call to the media. Is he one of the last bad apples (i.e. Haynesworth, Portis, etc) that needs to leave this team? You don't see anyone else throwing the coaches under the bus.

Yea, I'll give you the D. Hall goat of the week. He does need to keep his big mouth shut and just play ball. DO I really fault him for that 3rd and 21 30 yard reception. Not really. Unlike the FItzgerald roast of him last week, this time he was with the receiver but Dez is like 6 inches taller than D Hall. ROmo throws it up, D Hall really has no shot. Problem with that play WAS HASLETT'S CALL. Now I don't agree with D Hall actually saying that to the media, but do I think what he said was right? Absolutely! That one call alone probably cost us the W.

I'm loving DHall and his fat trap, right about now. The only time his name was named last night by the announcers, it seemed was when he was getting burned or called for that last penalty. Maybe he had a pass defended or two, but wasn't exactly all in Romo's ribs like he was yammering about. Keep on running your mouth, son. Spread discontent in the locker room!

Every Redskin team for the last 20 years would find a way to lose to an 0-3 team to follow up after a loss like this. Who do the Skins have next?

Well  said, friend. I actually feel you pain. As as a Cowboys fan of 32 years, I can tell you I'm worried for a letdown game against the Lions. You guys have the Rams. At least with us we know we can't sleep. The Lions are for real.

Yeah that's what I'm concerned about for Sunday. Then we have the bye week, so god forbid we do lose to the Rams, that's 2 weeks of every major media publication taking a big ol' baby dump on know what they usually do! It kills me how they hype Romo up to be the best thing since Brett Favre (who really wasn't THE BEST THING) when this man hasn't accomplished anything!!! Sexy Rex has more playoff wins than Romo and that's sad! Every year he does a bone-headish play that costs the Boy's a game or two or the Playoffs. But I see ESPN specials on him, Trent Dilfer breaking down if he's solidified his spot as a top QB and I'm like "based off what" Bottom line, the Cowboy's have had to come back on last drives to win their only 2 victories.

How do you guys rank the four NFC East teams, from first to fourth? And how many will make the playoffs?

Wow, tough question. I'd say that it all depends on injuries on a given  week. Any one of these teams can win the division, which makes Rex's statement from before the season not so preposterous all of a sudden. I'd say that as of now, the Cowboys have played the toughest schedule (at least by record), so they get top billing. (Plus 2 of 3 games have been on the road- both the Giants and Eagles have played the Rams, which is an  awful team) I'll go with the Skins next, but only by a hair - the Skins defense is for real. I'll take the Giants after that, and again only by a hair- their mash of the Eagles was impressive. The Eagles on paper should be better, but we all know what's going on up there. Faceplant ready to happen.

I have the NFC East like this though and it's not me being biased just looking at the rosters, whose hurt already and what I've seen in 3 weeks.

1) Redskins (because of our defense and limited injuries)

2) Giants (look out when they get healthy, they are going to be a problem)

3) Cowboys

4) Eagles (this is not because they're 1-2....they are beat up really bad and their O line and secondary flat out SUCK! Biggest busts of the season, Mark My Words)

A Cowboy fan would like to defend Haslett:  If any *one* of those blitzes works, he gets in Romo's head good and solid and who knows how many INTs/fumbles he has after that? Blitzes were the logical call. How could he know the football gods would smile on Tony for being gutsy?

Fair enough- let's be real here, we're ALL Monday (Tuesday) Morning QBs sitting in fan-land. But look, it seems like to me that if you've been blitzing ALL night you might want to switch it up a bit, particularly in the case of Romo who likes to check down underneath when faced with a zone. But give Romo more credit than just "the gods" smiling down on him. That was a well executed play, a great throw and fantastic route/catch.

I'm with Chris. It's late in the fourth and our defense is tired. You've been blitzing all night long and had 1 sack and only got to Romo 4 times. It's OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING. Plus its 3RD AND 21 FOR CHRISTS SAKE. Prevent, give em 10, 15 yards  anything but the 21. Haslett was looking like a genius the first 2 games, that call is something I would expect from Jim Zorn.

Knowing that this year is "better than we expected" as Redskins fans, how many years do you give us before we do win the Super Bowl again? And what besides a better QB do we need?

Are we talking human years  or Dog years?!?!? LOL I don't think any fan should expect to win a SuperBowl for a while. 

Besides quarterback, we need bigger cornerbacks. Our D Line needs to get more pressure but when Jenkins is back, he'll be causing havoc on that line.


In a QB driven league it's all about your QB. You've got some GREAT pieces on D. That's a D that can get you through the playoffs. (minus DHall and his fat mouth) Also, your down the field passing attack is really weak. Where was Fred Davis last night, btw? You have no playmakers that can get down the field in a legit way. Until you solve those problems, it may be a bit. Hightower is a nice player, too. None of this is to say that my squad is any closer though. playmakers that can get down the field in a legit way. Until you solve those problems, it may be a bit. Hightower is a nice player, too. None of this is to say that my squad is any closer though.

Dear Cowboys,

Thanks for Andre Gurode. Wish you could have him back now?


A grateful Ravens fan

They clearly didn't need him to beat us! *hanging my head lower in shame*

Anytime, my man! The Stillers are still thanking us for Flozell Adams!

... than to watch this game. I watched the Nationals clinch third place in the Eastern Division at their fish fry (they played the Marlins) and cheered the beautiful three-run homer by Michael (Beast) Morse. If they had put Clippard in for the 8th inning, my cup would have run over.

Orioles baby!!!! That's all I have to say about that.

We always love a baseball question here at Trash Talk, especially if the choking Red Sox are involved! Go O's!

Rocca was able to get both hands on the ball and just fumbled it. I have seen a lot worse snaps --  low and high -- and they were handled a lot better than that one.  Should have been able to put it down and get the kick off.

Agree to disagree, but what you fail to realize had he made that FG, that last FG Cowboys mad with all the time left, may not have been a FG. We would've been up 4 and they would've need 7. Nothing from that drive tells me we would've stopped them had they not decided to just run the ball 3 straight times. Everyone on defense was sucking air and you know why?!?!?! All the DAG ON back-to-back blitzes. I just don't think you can fault a punter for losing a game over a bad snap, hold whatever it was in the 1st quarter of the game.

So we lost one. Did we think we were going 16-0? Yeah, it stinks that we lost to the Cowgirls. But let's face the truth: We are a team on the rise and is probably a draft or two away from being a serious contender, while the Cowboys' window is slowly closing. By the way, you gotta love that Cowboys center. He added some comedy value to the game.

I'm glad you see it that way. You're right tho, but losing a game we had won...TO THE COWGIRLS hurts...REALLY BAD! I don't know about the Cowboys window closing either. Our division looks really good this year as a whole. All the divisional games are going to be epic.

Comedy for you, heartburn for me! As for that window...perhaps, but you have no internal solution at QB. At least my QB has a little moxie and a pinpoint arm...mixed with a whole bunch of other stuff. But frankly, dear Skins fan, we both suffer from the same malady: poor ownership. I actually might give Snyder the edge over Jerry, because at least now Danny boy has some football people making decisions. Down in Big D it's Jerry and his  son.

If Shanahan truly believes that Beck is his QB of the future, then this week's game against a bad Rams team is the perfect game to put him in, no? Over these past three games it has become painfully obvious that there will be no Grossman resurrection this season. I wish the Skins would have held on to Jason Campbell; he's not the best but at least he was mobile.

RIGHT! Rex is just GROSS. He's good enough to ececute plays in a well-schemed offense but he's not a starting QB in the NFL. He flat out CANT move either. Beck should get a chance but I doubt he will until Rex gets hurt or just flat out turns back into the REX we all know. Campbell is doing his thing in Oakland. Glad he's doing well, he never had a fair shot here with that crappy O-Line.

Cowboys fans really can't say you won anything--your kicker won something! Just wait until y'all come to our house; it's gonna be a different story b/c we are a better team! And just remember, even though you won this time, Romo will eventually choke and mess y'all up--it's just a matter of time!

#Soreloser! Yeah, yeah, there's always next time. Look-a here, partner, you got beat fair and square. I appreciate the bounce back attitude...but the scoreboard tells no lies. 18-16. See you in November. #can'twait

Again as bad as I feel you, a win is a win. They won! I'll be at the game here in Washington and just hope they bring their A-game. Nothing worst than losing at home and having to hear Cowgirl fans mouths while exiting FedExField.

The two big division rivalries played out this weekend, and the NFL assigned their two worst officiating crews? I don't get it. Jeff Tripplette should only ref games between teams eliminated from the playoffs -- even in Week 3. And Ed Hochuli? Don't get me started. Even a Redskins fan has to admit the two worst calls of the game went against Dallas -- the non-call when Trent Williams tackled Ware from behind, and the bogus defenseless-receiver personal foul.

Those were horrible calls, even though they went our way. Chris and I went out to a Redskins Sportsbar and watched together and he was IRRATE at the defenseless-receiver call! Can't say that I didn't love every minute of it.

My man! See, this is what I call objective hate. You are being a thoughtful observant NFL-watcher. As Roger knows- we were hanging out at a Redskins bar last night- I was HEATED off that Trent Williams TACKLE of DWare. Roger was like- "Calm down, man,  you angrier than Ware!" But point well taken...the officiating has been awful as per usual this year.


So how long till the Cowpokes bring Casey Rabach in for a workout?

*dead* HAHAHAHAHA for a second, I actually thought that was Rabach's stinky self out there, but that's the rookie form U-MD who clearly needs another years worth of snaps with the Terps.

Uhhh, Thanks but no thanks.

I am so glad I found this channel. I wll tune in next week when the Redskins lose again so I can "talk trash!!!"

BRING IT...wish you would've said who you're team is tho.  If you can dish it, please be ready to take it! Pause

Thanks again, loyal NFC East trash talkers! We'll see you next week at our regularly scheduled time- 12:30 pm on Monday. The Cowboys have Detroit at home, the Redskins have the Rams in St Louis, the Giants are in Arizona and Philly hosts the Niners. Come armed for some good ole fashioned trash talk. But in the meantime: How Bout dem Cowboys!

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