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Sep 19, 2011

The rivalries, the fans, the cities, the history ... there's no division in the NFL like the NFC East. Join Roger Newkirk and Chris Jenkins of TheRootDC as they host their weekly discussion of all things Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Redskins -- Monday at 12:30 p.m.

Today's top question: Who had the better comeback, Dallas or Washington?

Submit your answer, as well as your predicted score of next Monday's Cowboys/Redskins game and any other question or comment you have on this past weekend's games.

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Beast of the East are back in the talks of Elite division and who rests atop?!?!?! Not the "Dream-Team/Miami Heat of the League" Philadelphia Eagles; not the "Super Bowl Champions of the Off Season and On Paper" Dallas Cowboys and definitely not the underachieving Midgets of New York. You guessed it, it's the "ONLY UNDEFEATED" NFC East team, the Washington Redskins. Lot to talk about from 3 great games in their own right yesterday. Dallas and Washington both having impressive 4th quarter come-from-behind wins and Philadelphia's late game melt-down, along with a 100 million dollar quarterback who was seeing stars (and they weren't playing Dallas). On top of all that...IT'S DALLAS WEEK and that's just as big as SuperBowl week here in Washington. Let the fun (hate) begin!

DALLAS WEEK indeed! And indeed your friendly neighborhood Cowboys fan is feeling relieved this morning after Tony Romo pulled a little Roger the Dodger out of his bag of tricks and stopped acting like the second coming of Danny White in SF yesterday.


As I've been saying to Roger for the last 14 hours, Redskins fans get hyped over a little bit of succes...2-0 indeed, but you've got a loooong way to go Deadskins' fans. The fall starts MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 in Big D. Let's get to it.

I really do not want to hear all that trash from those stupid Cowboy fans about how we almost lost the game. If you dared watching it you would have found that we were using a third & fourth string DBs because of injuries. What was your excuses?

Well they really can't talk too much trash, because they trailed the ENTIRE game to Niners. Granted this is their second road game in a row to start the season, and they had to travel cross-country from New York to San Francisco. But this is the NFL and that's how schedules work sometimes. I don't think either team has too much to brag about from yesterday's victories, but leading up to next week's games the Cowgirls look about as depleted with injuries as the NY Midgets looked Week 1. I'm hoping we get Kitna and not the cursed 1 week turned Saint and Savior the next week Romo for obvious reasons. I think Cowboy fans, if their smart, should hope for the same. DOn't be fooled by his comeback yesterday. They def gave him a shot or two to numb the pain but I bet he's whincing like a baby at home as we speak. Cowboys players and coaches know if he does, Haslett is gonna blitz all game long and try to really hurt him. Never thought I'd ever be thank former Skins CB Carlos Rodgers for anything, but "Thank You Los" for abusing Mr. Romo's ribs!

Look:  credit due to the Deadskins for staging a cool little comeback, at home, against a buster squad that gave up 450 yards to a rookie QB last week. lol. And if you want to compare mash units, our entire secondary is decimated.  Now, we were lucky to be playing against Alex Smith, who is the QB I would least want to have on my squad, but given the injuries to an already thin secondary, we did a nice job of keeping things under control, especially after Old Man Kitna tossed INTs all over the place.

I would have said something about the AZ Sparrows but to what purpose would it have served. We own them like the Lions. Sure they will win a game every now and then but the record now is 74-44-2. 'Nuff said.

Yeah stats don't lie, although we didn't look like we owned them early in the 4th down 21-13. Last year's Skins would've lost that game by 2 scores or more if put in that same scenario in the 4th quarter. Not screaming anything nutzo like "Playoffs!!!", but I will say we are improving...drastically.

Hey Chris Sexy Rexy tried his best to pull off a Tony Romo kinda game (like against the Jets) but whada ya know he still had enough moxie to pull out a win in spite of it. With all the talent you guys got y'all should have beaten dem Forty-Noners by 2-3 TDs. I'd say y'all were slippin' but just how much more is there to slip? Weren't y'all supposed to be in the last one in y'alls own stadium?

I expected the Boys to jump out on the Niners early and beat them up on defense but that just didn't happen. As far as slipping, they're gonna continue to slip with that injury report constantly growing. Expect us to take someone out as well on Monday!

See this is the kind of personal hate that I like. Look-a here, my man (or woman) given the circumstances of yesterday-  Romo cracking his ribs during THE FIRST SERIES- but still rallying from 10 down in the 4th Q  to get it done...I have no problems with how we showed grit and what you call moxie. Remember we were on the road for our first two games...Bad loss last week, but payback is oh so sweet. Plus we had Old man Kitna throwing to the red jerseys.  Y'all were playing the buster Cards...who gave up 450 yards to a rookie QB in his first game...and here you come with some  lil come back victory. Congrats, I guess. And I KNOW you ain't bring up old stuff about last year...I do believe that was the season y'all come up short and finished in last place?

The only thing I allow in my house or on my property it this Cowpi doormat. Kind of appropo considering there recent history of choking. Need it to wipe off all that Cowpi junk off my feet.

Keep it up until Tuesday can dance on it everytime Skins score or Orakpo and Kerrigan smash Romo or Kitna, whoever's out there.

Yeah! Your hate will make you stronger, my dude. But the most recent history (yesterday) has my main man Romo guttin it out and whipin "Cow-Pi" all over the 49ers house yesterday. No choking here, son.  Like my homie Bart Scott says: "Can't Wait" until the Cow Pi is smeared all over the Deadskins down in Big D next Monday night. 

The Dallas Cowboys... Just another way to say "Jerry's Kids"

Jerry as in Jerry Lewis or Jerry Jones. HAHA  OK, that was a low blow but what can I say?!

Hey how serious can you take a team that invites Pee Wee Herman to its training camp. I hear he was invited by Jerry himself to be NoMo's replacement if he should falter again. Good thing he was able to go back in. How healthy is he going to be when the real power of the NFC East is coming to Jerry's World?

Right. Tony NoMo even posed for a pick with convicted pervert. What Up With That?!

You make a big point tho....who will get the start with NoMo having 2 fractured ribs. Yeah yesterday's finish was monumental (and pretty impressive I must say), but that was after he most certainly had a pain killing shot in the locker room. Do you risk playing a injured QB against your division rival (and division leader)?!?! I mean a Dallas win would put them at the top of the division regardless of the outcome of Eagles/Giants game. Is it worth the risk? I seriously hope so because Orakpo and Kerrigan are looking to have a field day and what better way to do that with knocking NoMo out the game.

My 3 1/2 year old son went running around the house yesterday after the Redskins won, saying 'Hail yeah, Dallas is doodie,' over and over again. My wife rolled her eyes repeatedly at me but I couldn't stop laughing. Of course, if Dallas beats the Skins on Monday, my son will be yelling 'Hail no, Dallas is still doodie,' but it won't be as funny. Isn't being a fan great?

That's awesome! I'm telling you there's nothing like being a Skins fan, at home, after a win. Everyone was happy and  we actually tailgated through the entire Dallas game afterwards. Pretty much half the stadium did. Never gave out so many high fives to people I've never saw a day in my life. Yes it's great being a fan OF THE RIGHT TEAM.

Ma name is Wild Bill Hiccup but ma friends calls me Wild Bill Hiccup. I heer'd thar is some kinda smack-down, smack-off er sumpin like dat? Ah wuz wonderin' iffin Ah could be a part of dat? Sounds like real guud fun. Ah really don't like dem guys dey calls de America's Team. Dey play more like America's Chokers. Ah hope ya fergive ma spellin. Ah went out and get me a new 50cent diksionery. Ah'm tryin de best Ah kin. One of the three most famous plays in Redskins history has to be 50-Gut. Has ta be. Dey run it like 9 or 10 times strate. Jest ask Randy White. He jest got run'd over by Russ Grimm.

What I'm loving this here chat is how creative Redskins fans are. Looooving it. Y'all need a bit of humor after having been out of the running for anything the last 12 years. Let's see...Giants, Eagles and Cowboys have tasted a little bit of success since 1999, the last time the Skins even won the DIVISION. lol. Wooooow. 12 years in the wilderness. You keep on with your creative trash talk, while you sitting there on the sidelines, partna!

Hey Mikey... As everyone knows the Skins have "HAIL To The Redskins." What's the Cowpi's fight song? Ehhhhhh. Time's up. Thought you would know that one. It was a song written back in 1956 by Buck Ram and recorded by the group The Platters called "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." Oh wait a minute, that's not yours that belongs to the CryBears. No y'alls song is "The Great Pretender." That nails the Cowpis to a tee. Here's the song: Oh-oh, yes I'm the Great Pretender. Pretending that I'm doing well. My need is such I pretend too much, I'm lonely but no one can tell. Oh-oh, yes I'm the Great Pretender, adrift in a world of my own. I've played the game but to my real shame, you've left me to grieve all alone. Too real is this feeling of make-believe. Too real when I feel what my heart can't conceal. Yes, I'm the Great Pretender. Just laughin' and gay like a clown. I seem to be what I'm not, you see. I'm wearing my heart like a crown, pretending that you're still around. Too real is this feeling of make-believe, too real when I feel what my heart can't conceal. Yes, I'm the Great Pretender. Just laughin' and gay like a clown, I seem to be what I'm not, you see, I'm wearing my heart like a crown, pretending that you're still around. Sorry but I have not been able to confirm this personally but word on the street is that the Everly Brothers 1960's hit "Love Hurts" finished a close second. Jerry's been pretty mum on the matter though.

ROFLMAO...."Yes they are the great pretenders.....just laughin' and gay like a clown...." Romo's snap shot with Pee Wee Herman smiling confirms that is this year's anthem.

Hahaaaaa. Nice. I'll take 5 superbowl rings over some janky fight song.  What is this, high school sports?

I agree that last year the Redskins were more prone to lose a one point game than to win one. However, the team I saw yesterday had the same missed opportunities in the first half that they typically experienced last year. They should not have been in a position where they had to kick that final field goal, and but for the fumble at the end, this game could have ended differently. I am still relecutant to say this was more than a lucky break. That said, I take lucky breaks. They are still wins.

I couldn't agree with you more. This win has LUCK written all over it. There's no reason at halftime, we shouldn't have been up AT LEAST 20-7. Rex is GROSS, man! lol Maybe the 2nd pick wasn't his fault, but the first one on the first drive of the game was the Rex I've watched since Florida. Passing into double coverage from the 5?!?! Throw it away and we at least can get 3. It's only a matter of time before the "trigger happy Rex" is back in full swing. I still would like to Beck out there personally, but as long as we get W's Rex will be the starter. It's a catch 22. Just like the Chicago team that went to the Superbowl with Rex. They went 13-3 that year, but the question every week there was would Rex get the start? That says a lot about him as a player.

Looks like this weekend's games looked more like episodes of Survivor. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. Yes, Yes, and Yes as far as the Skins go. How aobut you Cowboys. You might have won but at what cost? Don't want to hear about your injuries. We had enough of our own.

Right. I was at Fed Ex Field and let me tell you, there's nothing like seeing 90,000 scared fans (me included). Down to the winning FG. I personally turned my back to the field. GaNOT is just that terrible. But as far as the Cowgirls, San Fran really beat them up. They're just as banged up as the Midgets were against us Game 1.

You're right, both teams have injuries. But I'll take 10 points down on the road with an injured QB leading the troops to victory over that lil something y'all had yesterday. Again, Skin's fan get open off the faintest glimmers of hope.

I think the Redskins had the better comeback as the Cardinals (as bad as they are) are better than the 49ers, it appears. Yes, yes, Washington was at home, but the Cowboys had to rely on a big play from a guy who only made the team because of a reality TV promotion! Also, why did the Eagles go with Kafka over Vince Young? Wasn't he supposed to be their big free-agent addition behind center this year? Or was this a case of Wonderlic trumping talent (Northwestern vs. UT, after all)?

Doesn't the fact that the victory was aided by some guy who had only one NFL catch make the victory even more improbable? Score one extra point for theDallas comeback. Who the heck is Jessie Holly anyway?  Let's not forget that not withstanding the hate on this page, cracked ribs ain't nothing to sneeze at. Say what you will, Romo makes a tough throw to Austin to get to 24-21; then drives down the field for the tying FG; then guides the drive that leads to a TD. With a pair of cracked ribs #hushyourmouthhaters

 Sounds like classic Roger the Dodger to me. Dallas, baby.

As for your Iggles question, VC is hurt.

Hey Jenkins-we got a looooooong way to go?!?!?! Are you kidding me??? Even for a Cowboys fan, you've sure got a lot of nerve! You wanna talk about a little bit of all have won 1 game against a bad team! I can't wait to get on here after next week's game!


Must I say it AGAIN??? Roger Newkirk, and this "mystery" trash talker are talking "UNDEFEATED/ we're in first place" after 2 games? That's  what I call sweatin' the small stuff.  Haha. Just proves again, when you haven't won a THING in 12 years, a single win over a lackluster opponent at home looks that much bigger. It's like all this jibber jabber yesterday about Mark "ONE RING" Rypien. lol. Dude has 1 ring. Okay Skins fans... here's today's daily double: Last Skins QB to have 3 rings?  Please enlighten me.

Sorry I'm just getting into this and have not caught up to what has been said, but, everyone knows Romo was not really hurt that badly. His feeling were hurt cause his team was getting smacked around. Mike Vick on the other hand was spitting blood. HE was hurt for sure. Romo will be hurt again come Sept 26th when his Cowgirls play the next super bowl champs!!!!

I actually think he was hurt. If you ever BRUISED your ribs, then you know you can't breathe right for weeks. Well he had 2 fractures or broken ribs...he was hurt. Pride and pain killers brought him back in the game, and even as a Redskins fan and Cowgirl Hater, I have to respect that. Vick was spitting blood because he bit his tongue. I think he'll be back before Romo will, although I'd like both to be in someone's hospital bed until the season is over...thats just me though.

"the next super bowl champs!!!!" Exhibit number 4,680. Skins fans hyperventilating. Breath, sir. Here's a brown paper bag.

Why does Moss insist on spinning the ball after every positive catch? Couldn't that be considererd "taunting" or delay of game? I really wish he would adds NOTHING to the game.

It all in getting the crowd hype and keeping them involved...if you've been a Skins fans for long you'd know that is much needed because we haven't had much lately to keep our hopes up and involved during the game. We've got accustomed to being down so many points at any given time, that we bet on what quarter we'd leave to beat the stadium traffic.

I like ALOMST everything you say but....... YOU NEED TO GET OFF BECKS BUTT!!!! Its clear Rex is the better option... yes Beck is confident OFF the field but on it he seems scared and not sure of himself.... I think you will feel better If you start backing OUR QB!!!!!!!!!!! Jessy

B-E-C-K is a C-rated quarterback AT BEST, so trust I'm not on "Beck's Butt" but Rex is just not impressive. Beck is way more mobile and has a nice arm. Those plays when Rexy is sitting in the pocket waiting to get blasted, Beck can move around and make more opportunities come. I'm not calling for Rex's job YET because we're getting W's. Rex played DECENT versus the Giants, but yesterday is what you're pretty much gonna get week-to-week from Sexy Rexy.  Sorry you feel that way, but thats what opinions are for. At least we can agree as long as he's winning, he keeps his job....for now!

We Had some things NOT go are way againts the Cards yesterday and the way I see it thats the reason the Skins didnt BLOW them out of the water which they should of. With the poise of the team and their confidence I see great things coming. Face it they would of lost that last year. Roger is Rex changing your mind about him? And Chris I have some tissues left over from last season that i dont think i will need this year I could send them to you and have them to you by monday night... I think you will need them. Jessy

NOT AT ALL...the only reason that game was close was because of Rex! Our running game and defense won that game. I give Rex credit for making the passes he was supposed to make (TD throws to Davis and Moss),  but what about the 40 yard pass he UNDER-THREW Davis? That was a easy walk in TD but Davis had to stop and wait for the dag-on ball. You don't get those type of opportuinities back. I won't start on the passing into double covrage when we're on Arizona's 5, or the other 2 interceptions Rex would've had if he didn't bat the ball to the ground. Quite simply, I want B-E-C-K..Pause.

O and Chris, share some of those tissues with Romo....we all know he's at his home right now as we speak crying like a baby in pain! Yessss!

Well, I'll only take your box of tissues if there are any left after YOUR wailing, seeing that the Skins came in LAST PLACE last year. lol. That was after all the yammering that was going on around here after the Skins got lucky and beat the Cowboys on opening night. I've seen it all before....start the clock when Skins "stans" start to turn on the QB,  the coach and old Danny Boy. The wailing starts Sept 26 in Big D. I can' hear it now: Waaaaaaaaa!

How bad to the Giants lose tonight? Even an injured Bradford can throw for 300+ yards against that secondary, right? Oh, also, Washington 31, Dallas 28 a week from today when Romo throws a pick to LaRon Landry late in the 4th!

Bradford can definitely throw for 300+ against the Giants  secondary, if Rex could. The question is will his young receivers catch the ball this week. I still say the Rams could've beat the Eagles last week. They were hanging with them, but Bradford was getting sold out by his receivers with dropped balls and what would've been a couple first and goals off deep throws, ended with punts. They were hitting Vick in the mouth and had him running all game. He ended the game with 95 rushing yards, but not because he wanted to run. He was forced and made something out of nothing on most of the runs. With that said, i think the Midgets of NY will win tonight at home and keep the division close.

And I hope you're right with the score of next Monday's game and prediction of the pick because that would mean the "Dirty 30" Landry is back. We sooooo need him because Reed is our Weakest Link.

Yeah!  A prediction. I appreciate you taking a STAND, Redskins matie. You're way wrong of course, but at least you stand for something, unlike some of these other Deadskins on here, huffing and puffing about this and that. Here's the truth right here: Dallas 24. Skins 14. Nice try tho.

I'd have to give it to the Cowgirls because they won in OT. The Skins are a much better team than to have to come back outside of the time allotted for the game. They know how to win during the game.

Agreed, as much as it sucks it was Dallas, that was a pretty amazing comeback for a guy with 2 fractured ribs.

Where are all of those 'Puke fans that permeate the NFL game web site during the games and the comments section after all of the articles on the Post> Scared to show yer faces? For Monday night looks like all you guys have is a wish and a prayer.

Not sure I get this, but hey, I appreciate hate even when it's unclear. I'll speak for THIS Cowboys fan and say my face it right here, with a big ole target on it. Ain't no Dallas fan here running from a good ole trash talkin fight. Behind enemy line. In the belly of the beast. But since you wanna talk about next week's game, what's your predcted score, partna?

Is how ridiculous the commentators are! I am not sure if anyone caught it, but at the end of the telecast yesterday, someone in the Fox studio (Bradshaw?) said "Rex Grossman is looking like the Comeback Player of the Year". Seriously, ITS TWO GAMES INTO THE SEASON! Its like saying, hey, if the season were to end today, the Redskins would be undefeated. Yes, you're right, but it doesn't end today, so its a stupid statement!! Thoughts?

As a Redskin fanatic I think that is an ridiculous statement! One, if it weren't for Rex's mishaps or just missed throws, this game would've been over by halftime. And yes it's too early for a statement like that. Rex could start the next 14 games and we could lost 12 of them, and it wouldn't be a surprise to most because that's the stigma we have here so what would make ANYONE say something like that live on air?!

The Skins of course. The Cowpis are supposed to be going to the SB every year. When they don't perform well its always whats wrong with the 'Pukes. They should have busted out on top and stayed there but had to have some last minute heroics fom an annual underachieverto pull the game out. We are supposed to finish dead last in the whole of the NFL. Yet we are one of the only three teams with a 2-0 record.

Well there are more than 3 teams that are 2-0 (Packers, Patriots, Detroit, Bills, Redskins) but I can rock with you on the Redskins having the better comeback, being that we NEVER comeback down multiple scores in the 4th. Especially given the circumstances. Larry Fitzgerald TOASTED D Hall for 70 yard TD to start it out. Everyone in the stadium hung their head. It was like "Here We Go Again" But to see them come right back out and march down the field, go for it on 4th down and actually score, a eye brow raised. Then pull a 3 and out off on defense and do it again?! That's just unheard of for us. I'll give us the slight edge since really Dallas' comeback was more of a "Romo" comeback.

2-0. Congrats. Of course the Bills and the Lions are 2-0, too. I guess you can team up with those long suffering fans and get all giddy and happy-faced for a few weeks. Y'all can skip around your stadiums with your helmets and team underoos on and be happy. But remember: What the NFL giveth, the NFL taketh away. The "stans" of all these teams are in for some faceplants. Ya'll's starts in Big D on Monday night.

As Love Seed Mama Jump belted out this Bon Jovi tune from their Slippery when Wet Album at the 5th quarter yesterday, I couldn't help but think my version of the song below should be the new theme song for the Cowgirls! Can someone plugged into the Jerry and/or Jason G pipeline make my request official and get them these lyrics below? 'Tony used to work on the docks, NFL's been on strike, He's down on his luck it's tough, So tough (to be a Cowgirls fan, that is)' 'CLJ works the blog all day, Working for the man, He brings home his pay for Love, For love (of his Cowgirl Spurs and boots, that is)' 'They say, "We've got to hold on to what we've got, Cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not (out of the 1st round of the playoffs, that is), We've got each other and that's a lot for Love, We'll give it a Shot"' 'We're halfway there, Livin' on a Prayer, Take my hand and we'll make it I SWEAR (to the Superbowl next century, that is), Livin' on a Prayer!'

LOL while shaking my dred-locs! HAHA

Hahaaaaaa! The creative one returns. This only proves my point that out of the flaming ashes of the last 12 years- that's the 12 years that the Redskins haven't won a THING except a random wild card berth or two, comes true gritty art. I wonder friend, what kind of ditty would you come up with for YOUR squad? Let's stick with  the bon Jovi motif and look at white snake, which i believe has a song for you Redskin stans who every year, huff and puff about a few victries at the beginning of the year, then like Charlie Brown, find yourselves on your backside after Lucy tricks ya again-

I don't know where I'm going, but I sure know where I've been (that would be to LOSER CITY)

Hanging on the promises (FROM DAN SNYDER) in the songs (the games)  of yesterday
And I've made up my mind
I ain't wasting no more time
Here I go again, here I go again (TO LOSER< LOSER CITY)


CJ, who are ya'll rolling with? If Romo says he wants to play, do you start him against Haslett's blitz happy D?! This is the biggest rival in Sports and you know we're out there to hurt somebody, so do you risk possibly tying the division with a banged up QB? Or do you let Kitna come in and give D Hall a couple of picks? Lose/Lose situation if you ask me!

Love the hate embedded in this serious question (finally). I think you HAVE to start Romo. Of course Kitna did whoop y'all last year, scoring at will, but still, Romo's gotta be the starter even if he's 85 percent

Let's see. A home comeback, in your second home game in two games, from down 8, against the last-place team from last year's worst division in the NFL. Or, a road comeback, in your second road game in two games, from down 10, against the third-place team from that same division, with your QB plaing with broken ribs. Hmm, that's tough.

See, finally someone with common sense. Can't get much of that in this city these days when these long suffering Stans are looking for a taste of some kind of victory. I worry about their mental health.

I'm sure everyone's answer will be "We had the night game and I was sleep"...yeah that's what the Cowboys fans said last Monday after choking it up versus the Jets! Why do Giants, Cowboys and Eagles fans do that when they lose? When the Redskins lose we can't hide, because you make it your duty to find us and harrass us (even if your team losses).

Man, or woman, you obviously weren't around last week when your friendly neighborhood C-Boys fan took on you Deadskins fan solo, without delay. Come harder, son. 

Seriously, Chris....that's the best you got? It's lame, like saying "cowgirls" It's so cliche and I can't believe that's all you can come up with. You've said it like five times just on this chat. Come up with something original!!

I'm guilty of the "Cowgirl" reference too. You have to be reminded this is the Washington Post and what we really want to call each other's squads may get us in trouble...that's what our Facebook and twitter is for. lol But "Yea Chris....WEAK HATE!!"  lmao

You guys are forgetting an important team... What about the Packers?

What about them?!?!? I mean Cam Newton (a rookie) and the Panthers  threw for 400+ yards and with 3 picks almost beat the Super Bowl champs...They're 2-0 like the Skins, Lions, Bills and Patriots...what more should we talk about as far as Green Bay?!?!

So after years of the One-Two punch of Jones and Barber, how do you feel about Hightower and Torrain beasting for 170+ yards, CJ?! What on earth are you guys gonna do to stop them, or stop Orakpo and Kerrigan from having RIBS all day if Romo plays?!

Isn't Torrain nursing his poor little hammy? He hasn't seen a football field since January.

That's it for this week folks! Thanks again for the great hate and trash talk.  NEXT WEEK, we'll be on TUESDAY Sept 27 at 12:30 pm  to talk about the big game in BIG D. It's gonna be epic.

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