NFC East Trash Talk: Four-week grades

Oct 03, 2011

Today's big question:

What grade do you give each NFC East team after four games?

Special guest Jimmy Kempski of NFC East blog Blogging the Beast and Philadelphia Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation joins Roger Newkirk and Chris Jenkins of TheRootDC to give out grades, react to yours and discuss all things Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Redskins.

Submit questions and your opinions about the NFC East after the Week 4 games:
- Redskins 17, Rams 10
- 49ers 24, Eagles 23
- Lions 34, Cowboys 30
- Giants 31, Cardinals 27

Welcome back, Trash Talk fans! It was indeed an awful day for the Dallas Cowboys, and I’m  sure we’ll be hearing plenty about that in a minute. But what a wild day in the NFC East. After taking a pounding on here last week, Skins' fans are out for blood after two epic flame-outs by the Cowboys and Eagles. Skins lovers almost hit the trifecta:  in addition to their own gut-it-out win, it looked like the G-Men were about to go down, pulled out an improbable victory at the last minute. 

But first, we'd like to introduce a new member to the Trash Talk family: Jimmy Kempski, the creator of a great new blog on the NFC East teams: "blogging the bEast" at Jimmy will be our guest Eagles' fan host today, and like me, he knows he has a rough hour ahead. But being the Boo Bird that he is, we're confident he'll be able to dish it out as much as he can take it. Welcome, Jimmy! Do you have a few words?

Opening thoughts?  Hmmmm… Let’s see… Uh, thanks for bringing me into the fray a day after my team just blew 4th quarter leads 3 consecutive weeks, with the last one being against the team ranked dead last in offense in the NFL?  Very sweet of you guys… No, really.

 At least I can take solace in knowing that the rest of the NFC East still kinda stinks, what with Tony Romo throwing pick 6’s to Bobby Carpenter of all people, the Giants being completely outplayed by the Cardinals, and the Redskins… you know… not really having a legitimate QB.  1-3 looks awfully bad right now, especially the way the Eagles have arrived there.  But let’s be real here.  If you’re the Redskins or Giants sitting at 3-1, are you worried more about the other teams in the division, or still the Eagles?  OK, don’t actually answer that – Let me believe people still fear my birds.

Thanks Jimmy, and welcome. Well, since you didn't ask if I had any opening thoughts, CJ, I'll just give 'em  to you! First and foremost, "Hail To The Redskins" for not doing what they have been known to do for years now. Play 3 quarters and take a "lunch break" when it counts. Even if it was the Rams (the only squad Philly's Dream Team has managed to get a W from this season..Ouch), a win is a win. Hopefully, the Shanahan's finally see there's nothing "SEXY" about "Rexy", and get him on gatorade-duty via the bench. Granted the first interception was probably more Santana Moss' fault, the second one was just BAD...really bad. Right after the Rams score to make it 17-10, the FIRST PLAY of the drive he throws it directly too a Ram!!! That play cost me $300 because my Orakpo jersey was ripped as I was going into a wild tantrum and unsuccessfully trying to take my jersey off and stomp on it! With all that being sad, Rex still had 1-less interception than America's "Golden Boy" Tony Oh-No!!!! 3 picks for that guy AT HOME. I'm just trying to figure out how you throw 5 TD's at home and lose?!?! O yea, 2 of those TD's were to Lions defenders. Double OUCH!!!! I won't begin to talk about how the NY Midgets need to give the refs an early Christmas gift, because they gave them that game. Please explain how that was a QB slide and NOT a fumble?!?! We should be solely at the top of the NFC East (as Rexy predicted) 1/4 of the way through the season, but somehow it doesn't bother me since we trashed the Midgets opening day on the anniversary of 9/11. Let the trash talk begin!!!

I've never been accused of being speechless but after watching the Cowboys and Eagles both blow late leads, and the Redskins actually hold onto one, well, I got nothing. Oh wait, I do have something. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! It may not have been pretty at times, but here we are.

"HTTR" indeed. After that Rex pick, I just knew the outcome of that game. But the defense got us through Rex's god-awful play. I'd expect Vick and America's "Golden Boy" Romo to hold 20+ leads down but that's the great thing about the NFL. You're a hero on Monday then a ZERO by Sunday. I can't really fault Vick for the Eagles lost...that goal-line "throw the ball up for grabs" from their back still has me dumbfounded.

It's a good day for the Skins, I'll give you that. For a minute there I thought all THREE 1 pm games were going to end in NFC East flameouts. But give it to the Skins, they gamed it- a win is a win. As for the Cowboys, who can really have any words? I've talked with 5 Cowboys fans over the last 14 hours and we all knew after the second Pick-Six we were toast. That's what it's come to. Have fun at our expense.

From the botched snap in 2007 to the two pick-6's yesterday, Romo has consistently proven to be a big numbers guy who finds creative ways to lose football games. Why does he get the accolades and Pro Bowls and the big contract? I have a theory: He gets undue respect because he puts up big numbers in the age of fantasy football. 20 years ago, he would have been considered a choke artist, pure and simple. But nowadays, so long as he throws for 300+ yards and multiple touchdowns, that pick-6 (or that other pick-6) just doesn't get the notice it deserves. After all, if a guy puts up 30 fantasy points, he must be good, right?

So this is a great point. This is my theory on it all: Look closely at why Bill Parcells left at the end of 2006. I'm convinced it was because he KNEW Romo didn't have the mettle. I remember clearly in the middle of the Romo hype in '6 Parcells saying: "Let's not be so quick to anoint him." There's a reason why Bill is a Hall of Fame coach. He knows QBs. And  he knew Romo wasn't the guy. The guy has flashes, but if you're gonna build a Super Bowl team around him, make sure you've got a lock down running game. Garrett has never figured that out.

DeAngelo Hall likes to talk trash, but does he do anything other than give up big plays and deliver late hits that result in 15-yard penalties? Could be worse, I suppose...he could be Tony Romo. Go Lions!!

D Hall's mouth has got him in a lot of trouble over the years and while he may not be the best cover-guy, he's still a play maker. He's been absent from that duty the past few weeks (lol), but he'll do something before the year's out and you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Romo is who we (Redskins, Eagles and Giants) thought he was!!! I mean I almost lost my breakfast all last week watching Sports Center and seeing all this praise and heroic talk for a guy that didn't throw ONE dag-on TD in a game his kicker had to win. AT HOME!!! YES, I'm still salty!!!!

"Go Lions?" The bandwagon is barely rolling and you're all in already?

Jerry's Kids being Jerry's Kids yet AGAIN. Gotta love it. Hey Chris How ya doin' today? People gotta be careful what they wish for. If the Cowpies win, well, the talking heads are all giddy and everything is right in the world. The 'Pokes lose? They just go on and on about them and their posterboy for Mr. Gawd Awful award.

That's your Cowboy friends....I can't get any of those 'Die Hards" to pick a phone up, answer a text, respond on FB abuse, NOTHING. It's like they never existed when they lose. To be fair, Chris wasn't ducking me yesterday afternoon. Now for the rest of the 70+ Cowboy fans I have on my friend list, I either was reported to spam, blocked or down right "unfriended" HAHAHA Why the hard feelings?!?! I mean it's not like your team played bad, just that god-awful QB that is just as sorry as "Sexy Rexy". Yeah, I said it.....Romo has less playoff wins as Rex, less regular season wins as Rex and up to now more picks than Rex. Did I mention 3-1>2-2?!?!?! #NumbersDon'tLie! Tony UhOh has to go before Dallas takes it to the next level, same scenario as we have here in DC.

But you ALWAYS see me on here, my friend-  win or lose. I don't duck or hide from none of y'all. In the end, your friendly neighborhood Cowboys fan will have the last laugh!

Hey Guys, a change is needed here. No I am not talking about QB, coaching ideology, I'm talking about this "Trash Talk" segment. How do you talk trash after a game when you lose. How do you trash talk after a game like yesterday's game. Its like trying to close the gate after all of the Cowpies have gotten out. (I couldn't resist.) You guys need to move this to Friday or to have it twice a week - before and after the weeks games.

How do you talk trash after your team loses? Easy. Ignore your own crappy team, roll with the punches and attack the other teams that also stink (looking at your team, Chris).

Great idea...I suggested that and we have our weekend picks. That way it opens other lines of trash talk about who knew what their team was going to do and who was just OFF!!!! 


But I agree, how can ANY Cowboy (or Eagle fan #Cheapshot) have anything to say after yesterday's performance?!?! Granted this isn't the same  "Lions" who stunk so bad for so long, you could smell them in the Florida Keys, but you have a 24 point lead with under 4 minutes in the 3rd left? Why isn't Garrett running the ball and killing the clock?! I blame Romo mostly for throwing the picks, but the rest of the offense has to take blame for not getting the defender down in the field of play and the coach has to take blame just for throwing the ball in those situations.

Any Cowboys or Eagles fan can talk junk the same way YOU talked junk last week, Rog! You were on here 6 days ago talkin' about "yeah we lost, but didn't get beat by those Dallas Cowboys". Uh, yes, you lost and got BEAT. COP!


As for you Jimmy- glad you've gotten used to taking of the gloves early. Too bad you weren't here 3 weeks ago when I personally predicted the Eagles to Faceplant. Can't wait to face y'all. Chalk up THAT win!

So I guess Romo is back to being the late-game choke artist who puts up big numbers for three quarters before giving the game away when it matters, and is no longer the gutsy hero who plays hurt, screams at his teammates, and leads fourth quarter comebacks with panache and style. Has there ever been a more schizophrenic relationship between a franchise-quarterback and his fans? Dallas fans need to stop the back and forth with Romo and just decide whether they love him and will ride him for the rest of his prime, or hate him and demand he get're going to get whiplash going back and forth with this love-hate relationship.

Week 1 - 22/34, 345, 2 TD, but that 1 INT, and that one HUGE fumble.

Week 4 - 34/47, 331, 3 TD, but those 3 picks in the 2nd half.

Awesome numbers, bad result. It's really kind of his career in a nutshell.  Can't blame the Dallas fans for looking like they're watching a tennis match (you know... back and forth) with Tony Romo. Romo does it to the fans, not the other way around.

So this question allows me to issue an apology. For the last three weeks, I’ve been comparing Cowboys QB Tony Romo to Danny White, the much-maligned Dallas Cowboys quarterback of the early 1980s and successor to Roger Staubach. The comparison was a way of insulting Tony Romo by setting him next to a QB who Cowboys fans of my age have long blamed for losing 3 straight NFC Championship games- and always termed a “choker”. I was on the brink of publicly apologizing to Romo after what appeared to be a turn around in his career- gutting it out in wins against the Niners and Deadskins. But now, after another spectacular flameout by Mr. Romo yesterday against the Lions, I have to apologize to Danny White. What I witnessed yesterday was beyond an embarrassment.. So, my apologies, Mr. White, for comparisons to a guy that’s never made it to the NFC championship game, and continues to lose games single handedly.


Now to respond to your good point, friend: I've been watching sports for 34 years. I ride with the Knicks, Yankees, NY Rangers, among others. I have to say, this is  THE most star-cross player I've ever "rooted" for. There are some Knicks who come to mind that challenge this  dubious distinction, (Pat Ewing, John Starks), but you are right...we are getting whiplash, but can you blame us? Seriously- look at the first 4 weeks. All four games are won or lost largely BECAUSE of one player. And it's the most important player on the field. And we as Cowboys fans know he's the only legit shot we have. (Please, no calls for Kitna- the guy has heart but no arm) I fear, however, that if we keep going this way on the Romo Roller coaster, He will end up like Danny White...a much-maligned Cowboys QB who 25 years later still is remembered as a guy who could never live up to the expectations. Too bad, cuz he's actually not a bad guy.

I have one word for Chris..."COP" lol Don't back-track now!!! I've insulted Rex and anyone who wants to take up for that bi-polar, god-awful QB from the moment he came in for the benched Donovan McNabb last season and started his career with the Redskins by fumbling the darn ball away. WHICH ONE IS IT?!?!?! 

After seeing the Eagles get torched when it counted by statistically the worst offense of the league this season, would switching to man on the outside and committing more help to stop the run make much of a difference? Frank Gore rushed for 127 on 15 carries and a late game score. Also, if they have three pro bowl corners, why is the slot WR or TE doing so much damage?

Simple. Opposing offensives simply aren't going with many 3WR sets, which keeps Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie off the field.  That leaves the Eagles' crappy LBs and safeties to cover opposing TEs, and they're just not getting the job done.

Jimmy nailed it. No LBs. The key to the NFL is balance. Today's coaches are so smart that they will find a way of finding weaknesses and ramming it through those holes. The Eagles would have been better off leaving #24 in Oakland and getting a few other pieces for the same money.

How did the Cowboys lose?

Four Words: Turnover Tony Strikes Again. No other way to explain it.

Gints/Cards game. Fumble or not a fumble? NFL officials covering their tracks on a blown call. 99 times out of 100 its a fumble especially when its not one of the media darling teams like, (in no particular order) GB, NYG, NE, PITT, DAL, IND & BAL. I have been watching ESPN for like 2-3 hours this morning and how many times have they had the Skins/Rams on to discuss it? ZERO times. Doesn't matter what the record is of the aforementioned teams are they are always spewing about them ad nauseam. I rest my case.

The NY Midgets should be tied for second with Dallas. No question about it. I guess since Peyton is out, Eli is getting the calls he would get. Just insane to me that they even "consider" that a QB slide. 


As far as Skins getting respect from that channel, you can forget about it. Look at last week's Monday Night game. You would've thought the Cowboys were playing The Cowboys. Romo specials, Dallas breakdowns, more Romo specials.... It's just not gonna happen until the Redskins really start hammering teams and show and prove they are a force to be reckoned with. I'm a die-hard fan but I'm also a realest, and in all reality we could easily be 2-2 or even 1-3. I like what I see as far as our record, but there's a lot of work to be done before we get our just due.

Roger: I can understand the inability of your cohort (that 'Pokes fan) to respond to too many questions on any given day, much less after a glorious loss like yesterday but hey how about posting/answereing more than just a handful of posts each time. Your co-worker Tracee does anywhere from 50-75 each week.

The way the chat is set up, questions pop in our queue at the same time. Since it's 3 of us now, to be fair we answer the questions and then save them, so the  other 2 hosts can chime in if they like before publishing. This is a live chat so once something is published, we can't go back and answer or edit it. So the whole process is kinda time consuming and we get in as many as we can. Keep supporting us and we may be granted some extra time to do more and answer more. Appreciate your support tho.

Where is Rex Grossman when you rate QBs in the NFL, and name one QB that is weaker?

Haha, Jason Campbell?

LOL @ Jimmy. You're funny. Kevin Kolb maybe. I actually wish we kept Campbell now that we FINALLY got rid of the 5'3" Center Rabach, who got Campbell and Donnovan killed regularly. If I was to rate Rex, I 'd give him a C- at best and that's only because he hasn't managed to LOSE a game for us yet. Came close yesterday. He's definitely in the bottom of the barrell if we're talking Elite QB's.....with that said him and Romo are equal! HA

You're great, but a large slice of the sports universe still thinks you're a bleep. It would be a good idea if you tried real, real, hard not to act like a bleep. Whining after games (see Giants game), and generally looking pouty (see yesterday) doesn't help.

Good point.  When the judge sentenced Vick to 2 years at Leavenworth, there was also a stipulation that said "You're not allowed to be pouty during press conferences when you return to football." Let's call his parole officer.

What is going on with Brandon Banks???

I think people got ahead of theirselves in the pre-season when he was bringing the ball out regularly for 40+ yard returns. Now that the games count, you see much angrier guys flying down those sidelines and lets face it, my 7th grade son weighs more than Banks. If he gets hit anywhere near the way the idiot-Rams returner got hit yesterday (what was he thinking not calling for fair catch THREE times in a row), we may be burying the fella.

What about Rex -- is he doing good job or just better then lasts year's qbs?

I'm sorry Redskins fans but I'm on here with my honest opinion... and honestly I think Rex stinks! With this year's O-Line there's not a doubt in my mind, McNabb would've done a better job than he did last season and than Rex is doing.

Because, as was explained by the ref guy on Fox, and on ESPN, and by EVERY ENGLISH-SPEAKING PERSON IN THE MEDIA NOT NAMED TONY DUNGY, that's the rule. It's in the rule book. He went down without being touched, he made no attempt to advance, he put the ball down. That's the rule. What's hard about this?

Well, it's a good thing you used a lot of CAPS, because my feeble brain would never have been able to understand your point otherwise.  But to answer your question, let's not pretend that Victor Cruz knew that rule when he basically said "Here you go, Cardinals. You guys win instead." My best guess is that he either thought he had been touched (he hadn't), or he thought the NFL had suddenly gone back to college rules, in which you're down regardless of contact.

I agree, the rule is the rule, and Eli Manning even admitted after the game that he thought it was a fumble.  So yes, the officials "techinically" may have gotten it right, but I think we can all agree that the Giants are extremely lucky to have gotten that win.

EXTREMELY get a win over the Cardinals!!!! Sounds familiar right?! (Skins winning by 1 with a late FG) *slowly sneaking out of this conversation*

Are the Redskins for real? Can they continue to win?

We've  been asked to rate the teams after 4 games (1/4 of a season) so this seems like a good place to do that. Gotta give the Skins an "A-". They've won both home games . Their only loss was a road division game. They've kept Rex's Rexisms to a minimum.Weak schedule doesn't give them an A

Giants "A-" - Many selected them as the worst of the NFC East. They've proven that they can win games on the road- even the ones they get outplayed in. (Yesterday in the desert, for instance). They dominated the Eagles. Weak schedule doesn't give them an A.

Eagles: "F". Do I really need to explain?

Cowboys "C-" Their wins have been ugly and sloppy (with a dash of gutsy)  Their losses have been uglier and sloppier. And choke filled. Until Tony  Oh-No gets it together, look for a long season. 

I guess I'll give my grades here too, and they're pretty much the same as Chris'.

Skins get an A-. That organization was a debacle last year, and they seemed to have turned it around.  The D is legit. 2nd best set of 3-4 backers in the NFL, in my opinion, behind the Steelers.

Giants - B. Lucky, but the results are there.

Cowboys - C. I actually think they've been better than I thought they'd be, with that extremely inexperienced OL. But man... Romo'd. It never ends.

Eagles - Z-.

*fainting in shock* WHAT?!?!? Redskins get a A- from CJ and Jimmy?!?!?! *throws water on my face* Well at least we have honesty on this chat. I'm going to need ESPN or the NFL Network to hire you both.

I can't really say too much different about either of your grades.

Redskins get a "B+" for me just because of the amount of  points we're still leaving on the field. If we score like we are supposed to in the red zone we'd be  4-0 right now.

Giants get a "B" just for doing what the Packers did last year and playing through injuries and finding a way to pull out a W.

Cowboys get a C- just for all the talent they have and them underachieving. They could (and probably SHOULD) be 4-0 as well. They had the Jets game and yesterday's game won, but good ol "Golden Boy" Romo ruined both games for them. Get 'em outta here!!!

Eagles will get a "D" for simply not living up to the hype. I called them the Miami Heat of the NFL but their not even living up to that. At least the Heat made the Finals. At this rate, they may be in a "win-out" situation just to make the playoffs.


Welcome Jimmy! Looking forward to getting your take on that loss by your Birds yesterday. Chris and Roger, don't bring Jimmy around if the Eagles rip the Skins in two weeks like they did last season, or I will cancel my Post subscription.

Thanks. My take? (In my Michael Vick voice)... You're asking me my take? Man, what do think my take is?

LOL. We are equal opportunity haters here. To the victors go the spoils. (just check last week's transcript)

I was on last night and the fans were all abuzz about Tony Romo. Last week he was a hero and a saviour because of his gutsy performance with a broken rib and all. This week, he is a loser and choke artist because of the way Dallas imploded in the second half. Which is the real Tony Romo?

Remember Bill Parcells' favorite line: You are what your record says you are. Apply this to Tony Romo. He is everything that you mentioned and then some. Look, aside from all the fun that people have with his name and his inability to seal the deal, the guy has talent. Generally speaking he's a 2nd tier QB- in terms of pure ability. He's got some guts, too. But he's got really bad timing and he doesn't adjust fast enough to new circumstance. Part of the problem is also that he was overhyped from the beginning...thanks to ESPN. He probably got ahead of himself in some ways, and now is paying for it. Bottom line: he's a talented player who probably doesn't have the chops to take this team all the way.

The Choker is the real Tony Romo. Look, I commend him playing with the cracked rib and all on Monday, but he didn't do ANYTHING to deserve that hero-talk he was getting the rest of the week. He didn't throw a single TD for Christs sakes, and if Mr. Haslett (yes you're out the dog house for now) doesn't call the stupidest defensive play on a 3rd and 21, Cowboys more than likely lose that game. There was nothing heroic about Tony last Monday. Brave yes, but heroic like he led them back from a monumental lead, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

I am wondering how Chris feels about his team having his very own version of Rex Grossman in Tony Oh-No...Only problem is the rest of his team can't bail him out like the Skins have been able to do after Rex's mistakes. Do the Dream Team and Cowgirls fans still have hope, or has panic set in? Also, I find it amusing that the Eagles are now trying the Redskins offseason superbowl champions method and getting very similar results. One would think they would have learned from watching us fail for the last decade... Hail Baby!

A good question- nice mix of hate and analysis! We love those around here.

So, this is what I'll say about the Romo/Rex comparison: Presently, Romo's highs are higher than Rex's and his lows are lower. (Rex does have a SB appearance, but that was 5 years ago). For trash talk purposes of course we have to big up our teams even after 1/4 of the season, but let's remember that football is more like baseball these days. Teams that look awful in Sept can get hot in November, and next thing you know they're on their way to the Superbowl (Packers, anyone?) What I would say is that I wouldn't count the Eagles and 'Boys out yet. The Cowboys' probems are largely self inflicted and the Eagles have firepower. The Redskins have a great D, so it really is anyone's division. Get your shots in now Redskins' fans. Who knows whose glass of beer you'll be crying in in 6 weeks.

There's a slight difference in the way the Eagles conducted their shopping spree with the way the Skins have traditionally conducted theirs.  Most of the Eagles free agent acquisitions are on 1 year deals, so if their Snydering fails this year, they can simply dump the garbage and keep the pieces that worked. opposed to... you know... deals like the one Hm-Hm Hms-worth got.

@Jimmy: Hayneswroth, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders and the list goes on and on....Eagles were smart with how they did it but I think they messed up by not extending Desean.  I already said that Romo IS Rex, only the media still is blindfolded and thinks he's Peyton. Time will tell, if it hasn't told enough already.

Counterfeiters and choke artists ... whoever said Dallas was a contender was LION. LOL The counterfeit trail leads back to FedEx Field. No QUESTION.

Nice play on words, friend! A'ight, you got it THIS week...I'm gussing you were NO where to be found LAST week...make sure you show your face on Nov 21st...or any other day after the Skins lose!

NICE!!!! I'm using that!!

Week 4 grades. Hmmmm....

Redskins -- C++ (Could have given a B+ but then there is Grossman just weighing everything down)

Gints -- C (Too many injuries and real or faked) and they have Manning

Cowboys --  D- because of NoMo

Eagles -- F (they must have Snyderato as their GM)

Really can't argue with that, but I think you should give the Skins more credit. They've beaten the teams they were supposed to, and their one loss was a division game on the road. Weak schedule, though.

Redskins: B. A win is a win, but it shouldn't have been that close.

Eagles: A+. Its fun watching the Dream Team lose.

Cowboys: A+. It would have just been an "A", but I'll throw some extra credit for Romo's mopey press conference.

Giants: D-. They should have lost that one.

An analysis full of hate. Can't hate on that!

After seeing Shady McCoy receive 9 carries for the entire game with a 20 point lead, how much more "tolerance" do the Eagles (FO/Players/Fans) have with Reid? He continues to try to defy logic and does not "get it".

If you look at our very first chat, I called the Eagles flop and Andy Reid's firing after this far Rogerdamus is on point.

We (Skins) have a bye this week and the following week we take on the Eagles, who are last in our division. Any predictions?

Eagles fans will fill at least 25% of the stadium, even though it's the first truly relevant Redskins home game in recent memory.

I can't remember who the Eagles have next week, but gotta take the Skins at home after a bye.

Skins baby. Eagles have the Bills next week who are rollin with Fitzpatrick. Something tells me their soft secondary is gonna be ripped to shreds. I'll be at the Philly game here so I HOPE we keep it rolling. Nothing worst than freezing your butt off, while listening to an obnoxious Philadelphian about how bad my team stinks. See if I even thought about doing that in their stadium, I'd be blogging from my hospital bed that morning. Just ask "The Chief" the 60+ year old man, Philly fans put in the hospital a few years a game THEY WON! SMH

1. Rex Grossman. 2. The Eagles with a lead. 3. The Cowboys with a lead. 4. The WP website. Boy, that's a tough one . . .

OUCH!!!! Well thank you for your HIT! and really appreciate the hits you've just gave us online to type that bull.

I don't know why people are saying the Eagles aren't the Dream Team. They are in my book. They're 1-3, that's a dream come true. While they were dreaming, they wet the bed, too. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

ROFL....."Dream onnnnnnnn....Dream awayyyyyyy!!!"

I think I'm gonna have to saaaaayyyyyy.... Saaaaayyyyyyy....

Fire Juan Castillo.

I do need to give it to Chris. He shows up here, win or lose. Chris, I don't like many Cowboys fans and like Republicans, a good one is hard to find. Still, you are a good dude for hanging in with us Skins fans.

Dag, where am I? Is this a trick question? lol. Thanks for the love, my dude (or dudet) (I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop) I guess I have only myself to blame though, right? I moved here, behind enemy lines) willingly 11 years ago. And if you can't  rep  your team from behind enemy lines, can you really call yourself a fan of anything?

Fellas, I'm a skins fan but I can't talk trash. Our playcalling is suspect, our QB has a sharing problem and we still do dumb things as a team sometimes. Until we actually win a division which we haven't done since Clinton was in office, I'll shut up.

THANK YOU! I've been gently explaining to these fans of the Washington Redskins that their excitement about beng 3-1 and in "first place" is a by-product of having not won the division since 1999. Every other NFC East team has tasted some kind of division championship. Of course, this  line of sound reasoning has not gone over too well. Thanks for keeping the heels cool, my friend.

People forget that the Skins had a share of 1st place after Week 5 (I think) last year, too. And then they drafted 10th overall.

@CJ but is that what we set out to do at the beginning of the season?!?! Win divisions? The only thing I care about is winning titles, and with the exception of the NY Midgets, NO ONE in our division has done that in well over a decade (for Philly it's been centuries! LOL). As of now, as a Redskin fan, you have every right to be happy and talk trash. Given our history, it may be the only time you can.

My my my...quite a different story than last week. Let me first just ask for acknowledgement that the Skins are ahead of BOTH the Eagles AND the Cowboys AND are No 1 in the NFC East!!!!!! Now, can I ask the Eagles fan, what's really good this season?!? As an avid hater of the Eagles, I have to admit that I'm a bit shocked. Next, how come you Cowgirls don't even try to get another QB. You keeping Kitna??? Good job at letting Romo know his job is safe so he can suck even more! He's killin y'all!

Hmmm... What's good?  LeSean McCoy is good.  So is Jason Babin and Trent Cole.  Asante Samuel.  Jason Peters.  Wait... what? Cole and Peters are likely to be out against the Skins in two weeks?  Ugh.  So not a lot I guess.  You know who's REALLY good though?  The Packers and Saints in the playoffs, if the Skins somehow win the division.

I'll leave the Eagles part to Jimmy- he's got something for ya, I'm sure.

As for The (not so) Talented Mr. Romo: This is who Tony Romo is, whether he thinks his job his safe or not. You think he thought his job was safe when he fumbled the snap in Seattle, all those years ago?  Kitna ain't the  answer- all heart, no arm. So instead we have the guy that is all arm and no heart) *smh*

So the defense seems to clicking - and if Haslett can stay away from stupid 3rd and 21 blitzes - they can keep us in games. But Sexy Rexy seems to be regressing to his natural state of being an anchor on the offense. I feel for Cowboys fans - because Romo's meltdowns really are epic...but Rex has none of Romo's actual ability. Rex is just a turnover machine who has a good moment every 1.5 games. And this just in - this defense is still a work in progress. It could be great - but it's not the Ravens 2000 defense or even the Bears 2006-2007 defense. How much longer does Rex get? If he was just managing games and not turning the ball over - I would say he should get the whole season. But he is making the same bad throws and decisions over and over again. Even the field goal unit has gotten the message - stop screwing around and don't let people block the kick.

I would have to agree with you. I can't see how Beck could be any worst than Rex. It's like Rex has a "screw-up" button he waits to the game gets really close and important and he presses it. UGGGH! Unfortunately, since we're still winning he will probably be the starter against the Eagles.

Thanks again for some great Trash Talk today, ladies and gents! And a special thanks to Jimmy Kempski for settling right in and throwing some sharp elbows...(we never had any doubts an Eagles' fan could hang) We hope he'll agree to join us again. In the meantime, we'll let everyone know about next week- The Cowboys and Redskins are off, the Eagles have the Bills and the Giants are at home against the Seahawks. Until then...

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