NFC East Trash Talk: Who is the Redskins' starting quarterback next week?

Oct 17, 2011

Join Roger Newkirk and Chris Jenkins of TheRootDC and Jimmy Kempski of NFC East blog Blogging the Beast and Philadelphia Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation to discuss Week 6 action and the current state of the NFC East.

Here's today's question: Who should be the Washington Redskins' starting quarterback next week?

Submit questions and your opinions about the division now.

"Back to life...back to REALITY..." Redskins fans around the city have that Soul II Soul song playing over and over through their heads. I'd like to first congratulate the Philadelphia Eagles on getting a much needed, season-saving "W". On the road and in the division makes that "W" BIG on so many levels for that team.

That being said, the loss is not so big to the Redskins... FOR NOW. Yeah it's the second division loss, and yeah it's the battered, turnover-prone "Nightmare Team" Eagles. But there are plenty of positives the Redskins can take from that loss. BIGGEST PLUS: after only F-O-U-R interceptions (seriously Why The H*@# wasn't that jerk pulled by halftime, let alone after the god awful Red-Zone 3rd pick RIGHT AFTER our interception) Rex's GROSS play finally got him a much deserved seat on the pine and on gatorade duty for the rest of the day. "Thank God, Allah, Buddah, Jesus, Mary and Jo Jo!" Another plus is we have a "good but beatable" Carolina Panthers team up next and with a 3-2 record, still are in second place of the NFC East. And then there's the bad....and I mean REALLY BAD. Our biggest improvement (offensive line) took a huge hit yesterday with Kory Lichtensteiger out for the season with a knee injury, and Trent Williams out with a high ankle sprain. HOPEFULLY, Beck is the new starter but I'm worried he's going to be getting the McNabb/Jason Campbell mauling we used to see when Rabach was at center. Not to mention the NY Midgets actually beat a LEGIT team (FINALLY) yesterday, and took the division away. I will say this before we get started. Sometimes a win tells a whole heck of a lot more about a team than the actual win at hand. I say this NOT in a good way for the Eagles. I'm not a bitter fan....well I AM A BITTER FAN but seriously, I had the same feeling about the Eagles after yesterday's win as I had for my Redskins after our win over the Rams......the feeling of "this team really stinks!!!" That's the reality I'm getting of our division as a whole. We're just not that good. I mean right now the Giants lead the pack, but does anyone REALLY fear them?!?!  I mean Redskins actually scored 4 TD's on those guys and Seattle crossed the country and beat them. Cowboys have played good enough to be 5-0 really! Their 3 losses to respectable Detroit, San Francisco and New England were caused by Romo melt downs late and Tom Brady doing what he does. But they easily could be with Green Bay as only undefeated, yet sit at 2-3 (OUCH). It's a foot race to December and I'm not sure anymore whose gonna last..

I have this weird feeling today.  My breakfast tasted good.  I'm not hung over after drowning my sorrows in Jack Daniels.  I’m actually getting work done at... you know... work.  My cat isn’t hiding from me under the bed still wondering why I kicked him the day before (OK, kidding on that one). For the first Monday in well over a month, I'm not furious about Andy Reid continually running Owen Schmitt in to the line from the 1, or Juqua Parker jumping offsides, or Jason Avant / Jeremy Maclin fumbling on potential game-winning drives, or really any of the myriad of stupid football that the Eagles have played all season long.  My old friend "winning," it's been a while.  Good to see you again.


Well, it aint' good to see YOU, Jimmy. Forgive me for being a grumpy co-host, but once again the Cowboys lost a winnable game. (Hey Jimmy, can you pass me your cat to kick?)  This didn't hurt as much as the last two for obvious reasons (Romo didn't cough it up, this was a tough road game, etc) but dang it, can't these Boys get into the endzone? The redzone O is awful. But besides my somewhat dreary mood, I see (blue) and silver linings: The teeth of the Cowboys non- NFC East season is over. We've had the second toughest schedule of any of the 32 NFL teams, and one could argue that we could be 5-0 as easily as we are 2-3. (A pessimist/hater could just as easily argue that we could be 0-5, of course) Nonetheless, we have some easier teams coming up (*pointing at the 3 Rams fans in the DMV*) and a chance to make up some ground (*pointing at you Jimmy*- We coming for you on Oct 30).  As for yesterday's game: I'm always down for the Redskins to be brought down a notch or two in such poor fashion- (Really Rex- 9/22 with 4 int?), but at the expense of the Iggles showing "life?" It was one of those days where you want both teams to lose. But enough the throat clearing: Welcome back Trash Talkers. Let's get to it.

The Cowboys lost a nail-biter and the Redskins loss just bites.

Hardy HAR HAR HAR...what bites is a 2-3 record when you have leads in all 3 losses LATE in the fourth! Bite that!

Thank you, kind sir. You indeed are a gentleman and a scholar. What I'll say to my main man Roger is that you got to hold serve against a divsion foe at home - especially when that squad is ONE AND FOUR. lol.   (Oh and you were coming off a bye) *Your best Ed Lover voice*: Come on, son!

So I hear Rex Grossman is questionable with a case of red-green colorblindness?

Hey I thoroughly applaud you and your team for bringing the real Rex to surface. You did us a favor early enough in the season that we can finally work with what we have.  (COP#1 for me) Meanwhile, the Eagles force 4 picks and win the game by.....SEVEN points?!?! High-powered Offense?!?!? Dream Team?!?! #DreamON!

I'd say more like "doubtful." Also, we should probably inform the DMV that Rex can't distinguish between red and green. He could hurt somebody.

UGH! I hate when my hater comrades are right....Freakin Rex Grossman's top receiver was Fred Davis with 4 catches....his second top receiver was Eagles "Kurt Coleman" who had 3 interceptions! DISGRACE!!! I mean seriously, he must've saved one of the Shanahan's life to get that many opportunities to foul a game up!!!!

Seeing that my QB very often can't distinguish one color from another, I got no dog in this fight. Every single QB in this divison is a choke-aholic. It's like a revolving door. Next week it'll be Eli's turn again.

With a QB rating of 66.5 so far in 2011 and a career 70.4 rating the question is; Why was Rex ever on the field in the first place? I would rather suffer with an unknown Beck than be put through the pain of turnovers with Rex (11 so far this year). In 39 career starts Rex has given the ball away 65 times (16 fumbles ((lost)) and 49 INTs). If the Shanahans thought Rex was the answer why did they only sign him to a 1-year deal?

Preach, my fellow fan, preach. I mean, I've been calling for Rex to be dragged out of this city by his ankles. WE KNOW WHO REX IS and more importantly, we know what Rex is capable of!!! MESSING SOMETHING COMPLETELY UP, in a blink of an eye. Why not "see what you got" in Beck, since this is technically a "rebuilding" year???

Are the Giants the worst division leader in the NFL?

Hmmm... really good question.  Let's do them one by one:

Better than the Packers? No.

Better than the Saints? No.

Better than the Niners? No.

Better than the Patriots? No.

Better than the Ravens? No.

Better than the Chargers? No.

Better than the Titans? Ah... got one.  The NFC East leader is better than ONE division leader.  Sweet!  Of course, they're not better than the 2nd place team in that division (the Texans), but whatever.

ROFL @ Jimmy. This is exactly what I've been saying since yesterday. It's sad when break it down, Division-by-Division, and see how many more teams could be put in this division and just out-right dominate. Although I do think the Chargers and Titans would get beat up by anyone in our division, but that's probably my terrible experience in Memphis and just dislike for "San Diegons"  altogether talking. 

Every single team in the NFC East has had some kind of share of first place in this division this year (someone check my math, but I think that's right.) I would hazard a guess that each one of them will share a piece at least once more. So who's in first now is irrelevant...I just want my squad to be hot by Week 12 and go on one of those classic  SB runs.

John Beck's ceiling is basically Kyle Orton, is it not?

I don't like that comparison.  Orton is a statue.  Beck is a different player.  He has some wheels and a better arm than Orton.  So who can we go with instead?  I would say Beck's ceiling is more like Jake Plummer, haha.

LOL @ Jake Plummer. Beck is John Beck, he's not Orton, Plummer and thank god not Rex Grossman. The fact that he's mobile and knows to throw the ball to the guys in Burgundy and Gold puts him eon's ahead of Mr. GROSSman. As I said from season opener, 8-8 is a good year for the Skins. Maybe that game will bring some of these "we're going to the Bowl" morons back to reality.

Sorry fella. Beck's ceiling is Brady Quinn

Try and tell me Michael Vick wasn't concussed. Whole different game if Vince Young has to play.

Ha, Vick is saying he had dirt in his eyes.  Not sure how dirt got up under his visor and found its way into his eyes. Kinda like the magic loogie in the Seinfeld spitter episode, maybe.  Anyway, Vick knows that when he's concussed and he sees 3 Jason Avants running across the middle, he should aim for the middle one.

HAHAHA "Aim for the middle one" ....I think Rex was seeing 3 Avant's with the #42 on as well.. 

Vince Young was instantly shook of Landry and pulled a Rex...SMH. Boy o Boy, Vick better stay healthy...

Is it fair to consider yesterday another choke job?

It was of a different variety (non Romo edition), but yes, I think it's fair.  They had one of the best teams in the league on the ropes, but couldn't close.

Being a true hater to the bone, there's nothing in life better to me as a Redskin fan than to see Dallas fail and fail embarrassingly. That said The Cowboys have nothing to be ashamed of after yesterday's performance. *throwing up in my mouth*  Out of all their losses, they've had leads late in the fourth and Romo did what he does best, and lost the game. Yesterday, he limited his errors but unfortunately they faced Tom Brady in New England. That's a tough task even for Aaron Rodgers and The Super Bowl Champs. Tho it makes my stomach churn, its hard NOT to say Dallas looks like the most solid team in our division, even with a 2-3 record. "Where's my gun?"


Come on, Jimmy. Just cuz a team loses on the road to the team of the decade in the final minute doesn't constitute a choke. Week 1 and 4 were chokes. This was a tough loss. @Roger: no need to pull the trigger when you speak the truth, main man. lol.

Even aside from his miserable QB rating (I mean, really, appallingly bad, isn't it?!), Grossman just doesn't have any QB magic. When he's in the game, you're watching with one hand over your eyes--expecting something bad to happen. When he does pull off a good play, it's this deep sigh of relief. I think it took way too long to bench him. Just because the Skins' record was 4-1 didn't mean that it had anyhting to do with Grossman. I'm really struggling to see the positives in his play. Why should any fan (or any coach, or any player) be excited about him? What is it?

There's nothing to see in Rexy, and Redskins fans shouldn't be excited about him.  I think we all sorta knew that before the season began.  The Redskins had a chance to draft a QB this season.  They were sitting there at the 10th pick and Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder were both available.  If Shanny liked either one, he probably would have pulled the trigger.  Instead they traded back, got some extra picks, and put off the QB search for a year.  It's not like they were going to seriously compete for a championship this year, and really, that's the end goal. When you're in-season and your QB stinks, it's no fun, and it's tough to have patience with the front office decisions.  However, if there's no plan in place to bring in a bona fide legitimate NFL QB next year, feel free to set your demeanor to "extremely angry."

You nailed it, my man. No moxy. No sizzle. No nothing. What I would be worried about as a Skins fan is why Beck wasn't able to beat out this guy. Everybody knew what Rexy's problems were...the guy is what he is. And JB couldn't dethrone him? Yikes.

Yikes is right, CJ. Add in the factor, McNabb and Campbell's biggest problem is back waiting for Beck....#TheOffensiveLine. 

Frank Caliendo of Fox said it best about NoMo and his INTs... After throwing his INTs during his post-game interview he wanted to thow in the towel but it got intercepted too!

That's the first time I've ever heard anyone say "Frank Caliendo said it best."

That was a hilarious bit by Frank.  "I can't call this game because I'm a Patriot and a Cowboy."

I read that Rex Grossman's QB rating of approximately 23 on Sunday was only his fourth worst ever. Great starting QB you guys have.

Well, in fairness, he was playing against one of the elite defenses in the NFL.  Oh wait.

Dang. that DOES say it all. Let's think of the ways you can get less than a 23.

What was Vick's rating last week with 5? How about Romo against Detroit?!?! To Rex's credit, he didn't throw any Pick 6's (enter Romo's 14 points gift-wrapped and handed to Detroit a team that beat them by less that a score...YES IM ANGRY NOW!!!)

YESTERDAY...(I digress) The probles with the Skins start at the top (coaching that is). It took Shanahan until the 4th INT before he yanked Gross-man? I really think that Gross-man has started no played in his last game ever. Well one can at least dream, right?

Yeah after the second pick he should've been outta there. Actually, after Stephen Jackson scored and made the Rams game 10-17 and Rex throw a pick to start the next drive, he should've been stripped of his jersey and concussed by his defense for putting them back on the field and in a terrible situation. The signs were was only gonna get worst. At some point, you have to look at the coach and ask if he's seeing the samething we are. Not to jump subjects but WHY IS HASLETT STILL CALLING ALL-OUT BLITZES WHEN WE GIVE UP 7 EACH TIME ITS CALLED?!?!?!?!?!

If he didn't have a broken collar bone, Jason Campbell. We gave him away to get McNabb, who we gave away to get Rex & Beck. Seems like a whole lot of wasted uneven trades to just get Beck for Campbell.

I still like Jason Campbell. Youngster never had a chance here with a dwarf (rabach) snapping the ball and being thrown out the way every snap for 4 years straight. I hope he wins a SuperBowl. Seriously!

Seriously. What have D McNabb and Rex Grossman done to make anyone miss Jason Campbell? Mike and Kyle would have been better off keeping #17 than putting  these long suffering fans through this torture.


At least before the end of yestarday's games there are 6 teams (among others) who have scored more points than the Skins. They are Colts, Cards, Broncos, Vikings, Panthers and Eagles. Now their combined record: 6-28. It now looks like we may win only 2 more games the rest of the season.

It's against my very nature to talk a Skins fan off the ledge, but remember... There's only one team in the NFL that has allowed fewer points than the Skins.  They still have a really good defense.

The test for the Skins is coming up over the next three  of weeks. At Buffalo. Home for SF. And Carolina has been in most of the games they have played. We'll see what they're made of after November 7.  I say give 'em a chance til then.

Stats like that are like superstitions....I don't buy them. 

Don't you mean you could just as easily be 0-5 as 2-3. Y'all got lucky against the 40-noners and again against us. Blown FG and the kitchen sink defense on 3rd & forever...

I like you.

Lol. I think I said this in my Intro...(you fall into the HATER category, apparently). Yes, we could easily be 0-5 as well as 5-0. (I hate you)

Skins could easily be 1-4...Arizona and Rams could have easily beat us. The only team we convincingly punished was the Midgets of New York...and they lead the division. #GoFigure

How would you guys re-rank the NFC East QBs after 6 weeks?

1 - Vick

2 - Eli

3 - Romo

4-9 - In whatever order you like... Kafka, VY, Carr, Beck, Kitna, McGee

10 - Rexy

OK, I don't really believe that - just piling on at this point.

(1) Vick when he's upright- IF he stays upright, (2)Romo, (2)Eli, (4)Kitna, (5)Rex.

According to, Dallas has the toughest strength of schedule, while the Redskins rank 32nd. Sorry Skins fans, but your early season success was built against a schedule that would make Frank Beamer proud! Looking at the division record, the Redskins sit in last at 1-2, with the Cowboys first at 1-0. Given that the schedules will even out (with two exceptions Tampa/Carolina and Detroit/Minnesota), Dallas looks forward to feeding on the cupcakes the Redskins have already played, while they can say "Have fun with the Patriots Jets and Niners!"

This argument would be awesome if the Cowboys weren't 2-3.

YEAH! Spit that objective hate, my man! I've  been preaching this for 2 weeks now, trying to educate these non-believers. Although you are breaking down what it looks like for the Skins and Boys, it's  the GIANTS that have the toughest schedule going forward. And the Eagles still have the Pats and Jets. I like our chances. And since the division is up for grabs, eventhough we're 2-3, it balances out the the ability to catch up.

With all that said, you're stil 2-3 and only a half game ahead of 2-4 Philly....Im banking on the Eagles to spank that tail on Halloween-Eve to make this whacky division even more nutzo. To all Eagle and Cowboy fans "3-2>2-3 and 2-4" 

I found it interesting that the St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Cardinals both played in Wisconsin yesterday, and both of them will be playing in Arlington, TX on Sunday. I wonder how often that happens during the baseball playoffs?

Spooky, eh? I've been looking for this kind of superstition with the Cowboys being from the city that has the current NBA champs and the two time AL Champions. You'd think that kind of regional magic would run off on the football team.

Another random fact: The dot above a lowercase "i" is called a "tittle."  Look it up.

So, if this is a chat about the NFC East, where is the Giants representation? New to the chat for a couple of weeks and would be willing to take on that role. Of course you all don't think much of the Giants but you're in excellent company as most people, especially the media, have little respect for them despite being atop the division. Whenever they win, it's always about how the team that lost to them lost the game. I think they'll stay in the top spot, especially if those out with injuries come back after their bye. They didn't get any respect in the '07-'08 season either and we all remember what happened then. The 49ers and Packers will be formidable but I see no reason why the Giants won't be at least 10-6 this season. Can't see that with the other teams in the division.

We're actually looking for a representative for the Midgets of New York. And to answer your comment, The Midgets aren't getting much respect this year because we never know which team is gonna show up. Sure you looked impressive against the Eagles in Philly. But what about at home against GOD-AWFUL Seattle?!?!?! We won't mention how my Skins beat the breaks off ya behinds and left everyone in NY feeling grumpy of a big time anniversary...This is all fact. And yeah we all remember 07-08, but you don't have Plaxico to just throw it up anymore and quite frankly, you're defense is not violent anymore, more like a pack of SoftBatch Cookies. You'll lead the division for 2 weeks TOPS! "Keep the Skins seat on the throne warm!!"

Yeah man, we know. We've actually reached out to some Giants' bloggers, but no one responded. If you're serious - email us at:

Now- sounds like you've working though some wounded pride there. lol.  But you're right, somehow the Giants are lost in the equation of the glamour teams of the NFC East.  It was all about the Cowboys for a couple of years; then it was all about the Eagles. (and the Giants are the only team in the division to have won  a Superbowl in 16 years). Thank ESPN for that- because aside from Tiki Barber it's probably because you've never had a bonafide offensive star on your squad for years.  Not condoning the behavior, just seeking to explain.

Also, to piggyback off of Roger, let's be real - the Giants should be 3-3.  Victor Cruz fumbled in AZ.  You know it and I know it.

Right! 3-3 at best. Eli has a "Rex-Game" lurking...he's just not as color-blind. lol

Michael Vick and Vince Young this Sunday, to Cam Newton next Sunday....Get Ready Redskins Nation....this may be the longest October you've ever witnessed. Until next time "Help The Skins Baby Jesus" and see ya next Monday.

We have the Rams on Sunday, which perhaps will give Cowboys' fans ONE game where we dont' have to sweat. Perhaps. But the fun really begins next week, when Jimmy and I can get into the square circle and mash. Cowboys-Eagles, Oct 30 at the Linc. *Best Bart Scott voice* Can't Wait. Until next week.

A sorely needed BYE for my Birds this week, followed by 3 straight winnable home games, particularly the first one against the Cowboys in 2 Sundays.  Until then, I get to sit back, relax, and hate my other division rivals.

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