Redskins vs. Cowboys, Eagles vs. Giants: NFC East Trash Talk

Nov 21, 2011

The day after the Redskins face the Cowboys and the Giants take on the Eagles, Roger Newkirk and Chris Jenkins of TheRootDC will be joined by Eagles fan Jimmy Kempski and Giants fan Jennifer LeFevre in a free-wheeling live Q&A.

Submit your questions and observations about the games and the state of the NFC East now, and come back at 12:30 p.m. Monday to join in the trash talk ...

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   Happy Thanksgiving week folks, and to all my Redskins fans out there sorry for you having to  pop tums and check your blood and sugar pressure 4 days before even eating a piece of that fried turkey. A lot of people here in DC are screaming the biggest COP ever with this "moral victory" BS, but I'm not hearing any of that. Our team can't win for losing and that is mildly putting it. I also like the famous quote of Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights "If you're not first, you're last!"

   All year our issue has been scoring, well guess what we scored 3 TD's yesterday so can't blame offense, Rex or Kyle. All year every one around the league from commentators to analysts have said "Yeah the Redskins need a QB, BUT THEIR DEFENSE IS THERE!" I ask all those people "WHERE...where the hell is the defense?!?!" I can't express how sick and tired I am of hearing and seeing DeAngelo Hall bump his gums only to be on pace to be the most burnt cornerback in the 2011 season. The Post caption on front page summed it up "De Ja Vu." Yes, the same way the first game ended with us having the Cowboys pinned down on 3rd and at least 15, Romo easily finds the same freakin WR in Dez Bryant to burn a falling D Hall again and convert, leading to a game ending FG. Sounds real familiar huh?!?! Nevermind, Witten's 56 yard TD reception on 3rd and 9 in the 4th quarter showing a trailing D Hall, who couldn't even catch a TE in a foot race! Yes I agree with what you said in your post game interview D Hall, "If I was a coach I'd cut myself!" I pray Haslett keeps that tape and watches it after every game just in case D Hall actually does anything positive before the season is out and it erases from his memory. Simply put, we played a complete game; put ourselves in position to win; relied on a UNRELIABLE PIECE OF GARBAGE to win the game in OT (on a field where he kicked a record breaking fg just 2 weekends ago in a game that the fg didn't matter!!! UGGGH *Cuba swing*); and folded on defense as we did all afternoon and lost the game. That made it a sweep for the season and couldn't have me more dandy about it being NCAA basketball season and almost a month away from this nightmare of a season to be history....In words of the Jeffrey Osborne and L.T.D. "Where Did We Go Wrong" Skins fans........

Last night's game was ugly, regardless of who you were rooting for. By the end of the third quarter, I was calling for all of the coaches' heads on a platter. The G-Men seemed confused and never quite sure of themselves. It also always seemed like the Beagles had twice as many players on the field than the Giants at any given time. All I can say is it is a good thing the Giants had beaten the Beagles already this year.


Do I smell a quarterback controversy in Philly? Vince Young goes on the road to defeat a division rival. That fact can't be ignored. Hmmm, should be a very interestig debate in the Philadelphia sports pages this week.

So, where does the tightening of the division leave us? As I wrote last week, the NFL scheduling powers-that-be got it right with having the two Cowgirls-Giants games scheduled late in the season. I predict they will be split between the teams and I feel confident (laughable after last night, I know) that the Giants will beat the Deadskins the second time around and will have split all the divisional games and will still go on to win the division. I can hear the howling now, but the Giants are still tied for first.

We didn’t even see the Eagles’ “A game” last night either.  Far from it.  We saw it against the Cowboys, but not last night.  We did, however, see their “A effort,” but that’s not exactly the same.  Vince Young wasn’t exactly what you would call “sharp.”  He gift wrapped interceptions, and missed open receivers for the better part of the game, despite having all day to throw.  What we did see last night should really be far more concerning to Giants fans, and that was their offensive and defensive lines getting completely dominated in the trenches.  Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul were completely non-existent.  Brandon Jacobs had literally nowhere to run, as the Giants simply couldn’t block the much faster Eagles D.  Eli Manning, while somehow only being sacked 3 times, was roughed up all night, and had very little time to throw.  The Eagles came in and punched the Giants in the mouth.  They wanted that win more.  And they got it.


It doesn’t get any easier.  The Saints had their bye this week, and now the Giants have to go to New Orleans to face them.  Then they come back home and have to play the Packers.  Good luck with all that.


For the record, I still don't think the Eagles are back in it.  But a W over the G Men last night was nice.  Have you ever been to a terrible wedding reception that you just want to be over?  That's kind of like what this Eagles season has been.  Last night was like watching some annoying meathead slip and fall on the dance floor - You briefly forget about your misery, and enjoy yourself for a few minutes before realizing that there's still 2 hours to go.

I'll make it quick, cause we have lots of questions today. Four words: How Bout Dem Cowboys!

ps. Thanks D-Hall. Love ya, dude!

Lol. That's all.

The mothers for Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul were all frantically calling me last night looking for their boys.  Unfortunately, I hadn't seen them all night.

What's absolutely amazing about the NFC East, more than any division, is how the strengths of one team can be neutralized on any given Sunday. Obviously, the beauty of the NFL is that we all feel that any team can beat another come gameday...and it's not a myth. (this goes double for rivalry games)  What we witnessed last night on SNF was another example of how what we THINK we can rely on gets tossed out the window. The Giant's pass rush was non-existent yesterday against what has been a bad Eagles O line. Who saw that coming? The Skins found a pass game for the first time since week 1. Who saw that coming?

When is someone going to tell Graham Gano that every point counts? Does he want to be around next year or not?

I actually thought the Skins had solved their kicker problems. Having witnessed Gano's 58 yarder a few weeks back, I was sure our goose was cooked in OT. I'm still at a loss on how the Skins make the same kinds of mistakes EVERY YEAR. It's gotten to pathological levels of special teams futility.

Anyone that thought Graham Gano was making that FG, please raise your hand.


(directing this at any hands in the air)... Liars!

@Jimmy RIGHT! I screamed at my TV Screen "GO FOR IT!" I could've at least lived with the fact that our coaches at least have a LITTLE common sense and know that when the game counts...Gano (or any other Redskin kicker in the past lets say 15 years) will shank it harder than a 25-to-Lifer in prison! This is the same guy who nailed a 59 yarder when we were down 17 and the game didn't matter whatsoever! Ma'an I need a bottle of Jameson and Jack Daniels like NOW!!!!

I actually thought he was going to make it. I don't know if it's because I was hoping the Deadskins would beat the Cowgirls but when you're not emotionally tied to the outcome, I think its easier to believe. Special teams are very important. I don't think Gano will be around next year.

Speaking of special teams, at least Weatherford had a great game for the Giants last night.

Man, no one can go three-and-out like Eli! And remember when Jacobs used to run through people instead of bouncing backwards off of them? I don't know which is more embarrassing: Making the Skins offense seem remotely competent, or making Vince Young look like he could still play QB. As a lifelong Giants fan, I have to go with the latter. Oh, DeAngelo Hall? Smartest thing you've ever said: The Skins should cut your sorry a--.

The Giants played horribly last night, no doubt about it. But I think it was more of a failure on the part of the virtually non-existant offensive line and dropped passes than Eli. He threw several great throws that were simply dropped, inexplicably, inexcusably dropped. I give reluctant kudos to the Beagles defense as well. Jacobs was rendered IMPOTENT against the rush. This was not a playoff-bound team that played last night but I am hopeful that they can right the ship and I still believe that they will finish 10-6 and win the division.

I hate to sound like a broken record, Jennifer, but yet again my predictions about the Giants have blessedly come true. They are a first half of the season team. Look back and see the last 7 years. They start off hot, but can rarely finish the season with any degree of strength. They ALWAYS lay eggs, and for as much as I respect their SB run 4 years ago, this is *the* hallmark of Tommy C's teams. Now, the same can be said of my squad, but I have been yammering away on here for the past several weeks, telling all you Eli lovers that a  FACEPLANT was in the making. And only now is it gonna get really tough: Saints on the road. Packers at home. Dallas on the road. Jets at (home). Yeah. Have fun with that.

Kind of a lot to digest in that question.  Methinks ESPN won't be running an "ELIte" story today.  How does that work, by the way?  Vince Young led a game winning drive.  In the week-by-week overreactionary world of nonsense, is he "elite" now?  Tarvaris Jackson won yesterday.  Elite? 

Agree with the latter about D Hall! As far as your defense revitalizing Vince Young's career all I can do is SMH. He had one attempt in the game against the Skins and it was on our 10 yard line....he completed it but to one of our cornerbacks. Yea, the Midgets defense is non-existent. I mean this is the same defense that gave up 28 points to my Redskins we're talking about...

And hopefully that Elite crap ceases...Eagles defense have been god awful all year long and Eli scores ONE TD! ONE! Hate to say it but them stinking Cowgirls look like they're gonna take this horrible division and that just makes my stomach turn upside down!

You seem to be forgetting the 2007 season when the Giants hit their peak just at the right time, spoiling things for some people up in the northeastern part of the country. When they're playing well (which they clearly weren't last night) the Giants can beat the Saints, who aren't stellar. I also think we'll beat the Cowgirls at least once, will nail the Deadskins at home and can beat the Jets, which would get us to 10-6.

I'm predicting that no team from the NFC East will be in the Super Bowl, even though a guy from "Sports Illustrated" who appears regularly on CNN predicted a few weeks ago that the Cowboys would be there (he also predicted that the Tigers and Phillies would meet in the World Series).

I don't think you're exactly going out on the limb there.  The NFC East kinda stinks this year.  I think it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the NFC East "Champ" is going to be the 4 seed.

I agree with you both. The NFC East winner will be the league's example of mediocrity and I doubt the Giants will get out of the first round. But of course, it depends on who we play.

Ha, I see what you did there, Jen.  I admire your blind homerism confidence.

NFC LEAST should be our new name! Thank God for the AFC West because we'd definitely be the weakest links of divisions (thanks to my Skins fat 3-7 record.....$1000 starting bid for Gano's kicking foot..attached or detached!)

That's bold? I'm not gonna go ahead and say the NFC East is the LEAST- I mean has anyone looked over at the NFC West lately? I'm not ready go on record yet that the Boys are gonna catch fi-yah and make a superbowl run, but I will say we're positioned to be that dark horse team to sneak up on some fools. (How's that for bold- lol)

Jason Peter dominated Osi last night. Wasn't that awesome to see?

Jason Peters is the best LT in the NFC, hands down.  Osi Umenyiora looked very much what I would look like if I were trying to get around Peters.  Just pure domination.

Um, no., it wasn't.

The Beagles prepared well, which is more than I can say for the Giants, who played predictably. Good thing we had already beaten them once this year...

Yeah that was....embarrassing for #72. What made it worse was Cris Collinsworth kept POINTING IT OUT! with graphics and on screen pointers. Yeesh. Gonna be a long week of watching tape for Osi.

How many times have your NY Midgets beat the Redskins this year, Jen?!?! *chuckle, chuckle*

Right away in his post game Coughlin tried to say the Eagles stacked 8 in the box and that's why there was no run game/time for E-cry to throw. The Eagles LBs manned up and got off blocks to go along with the stellar offensive line that has been one of the only bright parts of the eagles this year. Brian Rolle deserves the game ball for stepping up and blowing up gaps time and again. The rest of this year is for pride, draft a LB in the first round next year and hope Jarrett and Allen can be our safeties of the future. Fly Eagles Fly!

First, and foremost, let us not forget the fact that the Giants beat the Beagles IN PHILLY earlier this year. I don't put a lot of stock in post-game pressers because they are full of emotion and the teams haven't reviewed the film.  That said, the Beagles D got it done last night. The Giants offensive line had nothing to throw at them and Eli was repeatedly rushed and Jacobs (why, oh, why did they continue to give it to Jacobs???) was shut down. But you got it right when you wrote that the rest of the season is for pride 'cuz you ain't going anywhere else after the first weekend of the year.

I missed Coughlin's presser, but I didn't see a lot of the Eagles stacking 8 in the box.  The Eagles LBs all had nice games, but it was really the big boys in the middle (Mike Patterson, Cullen Jenkins, Derek Landri, and Trevor Laws) that bullied the Giants interior OL all night. 


Very embarrassing game for the Giants OL.  Brandon Jacobs - 12 carries, 21 yards (1.8 YPC).  I remember back in the day when the Giants would get a lead on you and then just pound you into submission with the run game in the second half.  Those days are over.

E-Cry! LMAO. Oh how the commentators couldn't wait until he FINALLY threw a TD to sweat his jock about the greatness of him and his pass, when Cruz actually made the great move to get open. Eli is average at best and now that his RB's aren't bruising up D Lines and making defenses play the run, his true talents (or lack thereof) is being displayed. One word for you and your Midgets Jen...."TANK"

Two words, Roger: FACEPLANT!

Shady McCoy: best back in the league?

(deep breath)... There's certainly an argument there. Matt Forte is a great player. Adrian Peterson is obviously a force, and the degree of difficulty for AP is much higher, since he's their only real legitimate weapon.


I'l hold off on calling Shady the best in the league, but I think it's fair to say he's Top 3.

Better than Torrain?!?! You have to be kidding me.....

I'm still taking A.P. and Foster before your boy McCoy,  but man can main man  juke.   Sometimes he fakes himself out. (although I thought, all things considered, The Giants did a decent job on him until that last run). But the boy is straight nasty.

Best? I'm not so sure. He didn't have a breakout play until late in the game yesterday, and the Giants clearly weren't at their best anyway. There are still a lot of games to be played.

Oh crap, forgot about Torain.  Kind of easy to do that.  It's kind of like asking, "What's your favoite pasttime?" 


"Breathing" should be everyone's obvious number one answer since you kinda need to do that to stay alive, but people will say stuff like surfing, drinking, or long walks.


Ryan Torain is kinda like "breathing." Without him the league would fall apart.  So the question really should be... "Aside from Ryan Torain, is Shady McCoy the best RB in the league?"


It's easy to take Torain for granted, but obviously, he's the best.

Does Eli have the flu? He was looking extra pale and ugly.

I don't think the loss was Eli's fault. The offensive line tanked and his receivers dropped waaaay too many balls. Could he have played better? Sure, all of them could have, but it was definitely a team loss.

Manningface was definitely in full effect last night. I've seen some Hall of Fame worthy Manningface pictures this morning from last night's game.

Indeed, Jen, Eli was not 100 percent responsible for that stinker. Your TE had hands of stone. But once again, the deer in the headlights Opi  Cunningham Manning face returned by Q4. "Elite" QB's find ways of creating magic in games when things ain't going so right (especially at home). Where was *that* guy you all have been lauding last night?  And where are all those Giants fans who were bombarding this page two weeks ago after the win over the Pats?



He looked like he always looks.....Clueless! Not a Top 5 QB like Midget fans would want you to believe.

Who do you cut 1st because they're all garbage? Roger why didn't you enjoy the game with your aunt & uncle yesterday you know we would've fed you real good? Roger have you burned ALL your gear yet if not when?

HAHAHA This has to be my favorite cousin Simon, a 'TRUE' Dallas fan for 30 years+.

I'm sure Thanksgiving dinner is going to THAT MUCH MORE DANDY sitting with you, Uncle Bobby (another lifelong Dallas fan), my mom and auntie watching the Cowboys massacre Miami and you ask me "Would you like another piece of humble pie?!?!"

Why, sweet baby jezuz, WHY?!?!

And to answer you, we cut DeAngelo Hall first.....then stone Gano!!!

Ha! One of the guys on the Fox pregame show made an outright recommendation for the Deadskins to draft a good but low profile QB from a school I think out west. Deadskins should probably look into it because that's one of the positions that needs the most help.

Cut!? Cut!? I say keep 'em all! And START with Fat Mouth D  Hall!  He can get my game ball anytime.


By the way, seems to me that our pal Roger here comes from good Cowboys fan stock!  How did our loyal trash talk co-host stray from the herd?

CJ, I told you the entire side of my mom's fan bleed Cowboy Blue and Silver. Part of the reason I became a Redskin fan at a young age. What can I say...I've always been a hating @$$, even as a kid. "Oh, your favorite team is the Cowboys Unc...whose their rival?!?!?! O that's my favorite team..GO REDSKINS!" How ironic Doug Williams would lead the Redskins to a SuperBowl win that same year and solidify me supporting this cursed franchise! Thanks Unc! *Cuba swing*

I'd like to suggest a new kind of NFL Time Out - a "time out" chair for any player who does anything completely, unnecessarily stupid that costs their team hugely. It would be an overside hard wooden chair with "IDIOT" painted on it in big red letters, placed behind the main bench but facing the stands, not the game. You get to sit there for at least one down, preferably one series. No towels over the head, either - you face the screaming from the fans. First candidate, Mr Jackson of the Eagles. Taunting that results in a call-back of a 50 yard run earns you a seat in the Time Out chair. Idiot.

I couldn't agree with you more. I HATE HATE HATE stupid penalties, at least when my team commits them. That taunting penalty on Jackson could have cost them the game. What was he thinking? If I were a head coach, I would make them sit in a dunce chair the next day for commiting really stupid penalties.

That's just frustration getting the best of a player. I personally, like Desean a lot. I'd like it even more if we had a QB that could lure him here, because after the Eagles snubbed on giving him more of the pennies they're paying him now, I believe he's jetting this year. Watch this fool go to the Cowboys or Midgets and still torch my Skins twice a year. "Can't Win For Losing!"

Was it smart to tell the receivers to keep their gloves on while eating KFC right before the game?

Hmm, perhaps that could explain all of the dropped passes because I certainly have no idea what the hell was going on out there!

Yeah, Jake Ballard... Oof.  It's like Jake ate a 4-piece meal with barbeque sauce, changed the oil in his car, styled his hair (with his hands) with Soul Glo, and then hit the field.

He wasn't the only one. Eli is an equal opportunity provider of dropped pass opportunities. I think there were three receivers who dropped catchable passes last night.

LOL @ Soul Glo

Just let your SOOUUL GLO... Just let it shine through... Just let your SOOOOOUUUUUUL GLOOOO, BABY, feeling oh so silky smooth!

I wonder if the same grease circles were left on the football as the couch, after Jake dropped it time and time again!

What is Rich Seubert's contract status? Will he be starting for the Giants this year?

Rich Seubert is done.  Really good player for a long time, but if he still had anything left, he'd be on an NFL team somewhere.  He isn't.


And you're not just going to get him off the sofa in Week 12 of a season and say "Go get em, Rich."

He was released this past summer. And I don't really see him ending up anywhere, either. But hey, 10+ good years in the NFL isn't a bad career.

Does this show how awful the division is? Tight, close divisional games, but losing to everyone else?

The division is mediocre. There have been some signs of good play (Cowgirls defeat of the 49ers, the Giants defeat of the Patriots) but inconsistency seems to be the major theme in the division this year and I am starting to think a bit of it has to do with coaching and a lack of preparedness for some of these games. I am definitely starting to think that perhaps a coaching change up in NY might be in order.

It's not awful. But it's definitely not good. It's most certainly not what we're used to seeing from the NFC East,that's for sure.  Really, how many good divisions are there?  The NFC North is really good.  As is the AFC North.  The NFC South has some good teams.  The rest is junk.

You hit it on the nose. I mean even my Skins. In the 3 division losses we've took its been by 2 and 3 points in the Dallas games, and 7 to Philly. And this is the Redskins who can't score 2 TD's on a regular basis. Dallas got spanked by the Eagles; Eagles got spanked by the Midgets; and the Midgets got spanked by us. It's equal opportunity of mediocore-ness ( i know that's not a word for you spell-check haters out in there) in the NFC (L)East. To the rest of the division teams defense they actually beat the stinky teams they are supposed to ie: Miami and Carolina. "NBA where art thou?!?!"

I'll go ahead and AGREE with Jen here. (First tme for everything, lol) The Boys and Giants have some signature road wins. But mediocre is about the best way to describe those two teams and the division. Really, last night was the Giants game to lose and man did they lay an egg.  All things being equal the Skins had the Boys beat, and there's no excuses for that, given who and what the Skins are. Do we really believe the Packers would allowed their rivals to nip at their heels like that?

1) The autocorrect on my iPhone for Gano is Guano, which is actually appropriate. 2) I don't even care that my Skins lost. I care that we scored three touchdowns for the first time in a game since, like, the 1950s!

Ha, honestly, I didn't think the Skins would put up 20+ points in any game the rest of the season.  Yesterday was actually a decent day for Skins fans.  They competed, they basically had the 'Boys beat, it was an entertaining game, and they didn't hurt their chances for one of the really good QBs after Luck that will be sitting there when the Skins draft.  A win over Dallas would have been a temporary good feeling.  Long term, they're better off.

Lol. Had to Wiki that. Good one.

I'm with Jimmy- Skins showed great fight and as I suspected it would be, this was a great, classic Skins/Boys game. Nice of you to see the silver lining. Besides Gano,  not too many unforced errors; the Skins figured out the Boys defensive schemes and had success down the field- i'll go ahead and give it to Sexy Rexy for a perfect throw to Stallsworth to tie the game; and Romo provided some Roger the Dodger moments.  Respect.

I can appreciate the little respect you both showed, but it still doesn't take away the fact this is 2 sweeps in a row. I could've lived with a 4-12 record knowing we beat the Cowgirls when they're playing well and rolling. I could've even stomached a blow-out loss better because I kinda expected that. But to finally score multiple TD's; have the lead at half; come back and force OT; win the toss; drive into FG range AND THEN MISS A MAKEABLE FG...yea I'm surpised I'm not in a straight-jacket right now....

And for the record we scored more than 3 TD's versus the NY Midgets Week 1...just in case Jen forgot (hate hate hate)

Everyone out there knows the only reason that the Redskins lost yesterday because future Hall of Famer Leonard Hankerson was out.

ROFLMAO! "Future Hall of Famer" HAHAHAHA That is funny. Here's the thing. Hankerson FINALLY had a break out game after weeks of doing absolutely SQUAT! I saw videos of this guy catching tennis balls (PAUSE) with one hand back-to-back-to-back, and I thought "Uh Oh..we got us a winner." Then the season started and he was the new "Redskins version" of Brandon Lloyd. He had a great game against a terrible Miami defense and then got hurt for the season. Nothing remotely about that says "Hall Of Fame" to me. We lost because D Hall talks more than he covers. Simply stated. On 3 of their scoring drives we had them at 3rd and long and on each of those drives D Hall was picked on and burnt for the first down! He's this weeks "Weakest Link."

Another reason to give props to the Skins. Without Cowboys killer Santana Moss, All World Leonard Hankerson AND  Bonecrusher Landry,  they were right in it to the bitter end.

Landry not being there hurt but I'm not sure any team is preparing the week before watching countless films of Sanatana or Hankerson.....they're 3rd options on any other team at best.

But Moss KILLS the Boys in just about  every game.  I was glad to see him on the sidelines. Trust.

or were they trying to sabotage the Eagles' attempt to get a high draft pick? Good thing the Cowboys weren't cruel enough to sabotage our draft.

Some other Giants fans have a theory that Giants players are allergic to playing at night on nationally televised games. Considering their record, which isn't good, on MNF (although I know last night was a Sunday), I can see why they've come up with that theory. It was like they played in slow motion so that the Beagles could be ready for them. I don't think it was that they underestimated the Beagles (which I think the Cowgirls did with the Deadskins), because I think they considered Young a wild card - not sure what to expect from him. But the definitely weren't well prepared for the game, almost like they didn't practice much this past week. They better be more prepared for the Saints, which is also a night game.

The Midgets didn't give Philly anything. That's absurd and a lame attempt at sacrificing your defense the embarrassment of knowing they are the reason Vince Young and decent quarterback can be said in the same sentence. I mean he looked like he was back at Texas playing against Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart for the National title on that final drive.

It's a mystery about the Giants, ain't it? One week they beat the Pats, the next week play they with heart in SF, the next week they stick up the Swamp.

It was inconsistency all over again. If the Beagles want to preserve a good draft pick, they certainly could have done so. I actually think the change in QB mixed things up a bit for the Beagles, and allowed other players to do things, whereas Vick always tries to do too much himself. But if the inconsistent pattern holds, the Giants should go back on an upswing and take care of the Saints.

So I've been hearing a lot about how you can't spell "elite" without Eli. That's pretty clever. But I found some other words that you can't spell without Eli, and I like these better: Apelike, Dandelion, Delicate, Delinquent, Derelict, Driveling, Groveling, Weaseling... I could go on and on, but out of these choices which best describes Eli?

Eli is as good a QB has he ever was. In a parallel universe where the Giants were forced to dissolve and Eli had to go to another team, at least a dozen teams around the league would fight to get him.

Lol. You see you've created a monster with that whole Eli/Elite thing, right Jennifer? As I mentioned, you Giants fans ain't exactly singing that word play song too much these days. (this silence about Eli, by the way, was predicted on the Nov 7th episode of Trash Talk by your friendly neighborhood Cowboys fan, lol.

Haha, not even commenting further.  That's awesome.

Delicate and Weaseling...o that's good! ROFLMAO Mr. "Elite" my arse!

You know what?  I'm coming back twice.  Best comment since I've been part of this.

Is Eli still elite? Do elite quarterbacks often play like that?

Eli actually played fine, it was the offensive line and dopped passes that really screwed them up and Eli was unable to do anything about it. He'd try throwing to someone else who would also drop a pass. Then he'd give the ball to Jacobs, who was completely ineffective. So, I stand by my QB, who is a Super Bowl winning QB, and MVP, which is more than I can say for all of the other QBs in the division.

Jen, are you a broken record? Do you have an automatic "defend Eli" program in your memory banks? lol. Enough with that Eli deserved the MVP in the Superbowl, Ms LeFevre. I ain't letting such propaganda stand on this site for one moment longer! lol.  That was nothing but NFL/Manning hype. Justin Tuck was the MVP of that game, just like Joseph Addai was the MVP of the Colts SB win. Chuck, I aint' believing that hype!

Love the piling on.

Somebody tap the "REPEAT" button on Jen's response button. "Eli is a good QB..." no matter how many times you say it NO ONE BELIEVES YOU!!! HAHAHAHA  HATE HATE HATE

I hate every team in the NFC East except the Redskins. However, there isn't one person who annoys me more than Tom Coughlin. The face he makes when his team makes a bad play is ridiculous. It's like his dad just told him to go to his room.

If you look up "grumpy old man" in the dictionary, you see a picture of Tom Coughlin making one of the very faces you describe. And he always, always red. If he were heavy, he'd be the anti-Santa.

How DOES that guy's face remain red? It's actually pretty amazing. It wasn't even that cold out there last night. Does he have Rosacea?

You can make a man cave out of a basement. Get yourself some nice furniture, a pool table, a big screen, high-def TV to watch the playoffs on cable. Call any Washington player. They're expert interior basement decorators. They've been doing it now for years, right?

HARDY, HAR HAR...looking at our division the Redskins will have interior decorators from 2 of the other division teams as well...I see you conveniently DID NOT mention your team...way to blind (weak) hate!

That was me, not Simon asking. I hope I can see you for Thanksgiving because I have a WHOLE lot of trash for you and your favorite team. Can you say "Bumsrus"

O...the other side of my family who AGAIN are Cowboy fans....Unc you know dag on well you were sweating harder yesterday during the game, than you were at Run-N-Shoot Saturday when my 12 year old son was giving you the business on the court! HAHAHAHA Nothing like hate that is all #TRUE!!! HAHAHAHA See ya Thursday!

Why have the Giants been so ineffective at running the ball? Is it because: 1) Ahmad Bradshaw is injured? 2) Brandon Jacobs wears ballet slippers instead of cleats? 3) The Giants O-Line is older than Hadrian's wall? 4) Eli's noodle arm has nobody respecting the deep threat?

I choked on my seltzer reading the ballet slipper comment. I definitely think they miss Bradshaw, no doubt. Jacobs had a tremendous opportunity to step up and get things done and he has, well, slipped. Perhaps he should reevaluate his choice of shoe, it couldn't hurt. The O-Line was definitely a problem last night but hasn't always been this season. Eli's arm is absolutely fine, no two noodles about it. I really do wonder how good the Giants could be if all of their starters (on both offense and defense) were healthy and ready to go all at the same time.

Hadrian's Wall! LMAO! Bringing out your deep knowledge of Roman history to spit hate! I love it. Since this is a multiple choice question,  I'll go with 5)All of the Above? But props to #2 and #3!

Jimmy, what are you currently thinking about Desean's contract, after his comments about being in a class with Larry Fitzgerald? If he doesn't resign, do you think the Eagles will target a big-name WR in free agency next summer (replace DJax with VJax, maybe?)?

Obviously, DeSean is delusional if he thinks he's in the same class as Larry Fitzgerald.  Fitzy's contract averages out to $16 million per season.  DJax isn't getting anything close to Larry Fitz money, be it from the Eagles or some other team out there, especially with the passing of Al Davis.


Even if DeSean doesn't get a long term deal worked out, the Eagles still control his rights, as they can franchise tag him.  That'll cost them about $9.5 million next year.  I doubt DeSean would be happy with that, and could potentially cause him to sulk through another season like he has this year.


DeSean is 24 years old.  He has plenty of career ahead of him, and at least 2 big days as long as he continues to perform.  The Eagles value his age, and they value his bigtime playmaking ability. 


People look at the kind of stupid stuff he did last night, but he's a really good kid - He does all sorts of work with anti-bullying organizations.  I think a lot of fans are writing him off as an Eagle next season and beyond, but after having some time to think on it, I'd be surprised if they don't get something done this offseason once the emotions of the season calm down.

DJ needs to grow up. What he'll find is that teams will only put up with a head case for so long. He's ruining a big payday wth his antics. Having said that, I'll take him if the Iggles don't see fit to sign. lol. So keep on acting up, young man!

Being the loyal Skins fan that I am, I took part in the burning of a Tony Romo dummy in the parking lot after the game yesterday. Few things are certain in life, but one thing you Cowgirl fans can count on is Romo choking when it really counts so don't get too happy. You'll just be more disappointed later! He WILL choke and you all know it!

I couldn't agree with you more! He was the reason the Heimlick manueaver was invented. Just give it time, it always happens...

That may be true but he didn't yesterday. That's all I care about. I want Dallas to lose but I could care less , as long as we beat them and guess what....I have to wait a whole damn year to TRY and get that feeling....#SUCKS!

Isn't Rich Seubert better than what the Giants have now?

Don't forget, Seubert was recovering from a major injury leading up to the season. He dislocated his knee, and had damage to ligaments and tendons in there as well.

In his prime, yes. But he's no longer in his prime and I don' necessarily think he, at this point, would be better than what we have now.

What are your thoughts on that timeout called by Shanahan when Romo was about to do the same (with no timeouts left, mind you). He saved them from losing 5 yards. That was very Andy Reidesque. Should Shanahan stick around next season?

That was tough but do we really think the Dallas kicker would have missed a 43 yearder instead of a 38 yarder?!?!....Gano? O course he'd miss that ish but not Dallas' kicker. 

I think Shanahan has done a pretty terrible job with this team since he took over, but I wouldn't can him on that one play.

Terrible is an understatement Jimmy. It's been a disaster and is he doesn't clean it up fast, he can kiss that Hall Of Fame goodbye.

Shanahan isn't going anywhere and all coaches have bad calls once in a while. Although the Deadskins' offense did better yesterday than they have in a long time, their problems are far from over. I still think Kyle Shanahan has to go.

He didn't do anything that any other coach wouldn't do, right? Ice the kicker? How was he supposed to see that Tony Turnover had another brain freeze?

As a Cowboys fan who took the Redskins +7.5 and the Eagles +3.5 my day ended perfectly, with the Cowboys in prime playoff position. The NFC North looks primed to send three teams to the playoffs, but Jay Cutler's injury might open the door to a Wild Card from the NFC East. It certainly isn't coming from the West or South.

The NFC East Could very well come down to the last game of the season. But as for the wild card coming out of the East, I'm not holding my breath. Don't count the Falcons out just yet. The Giants were 10-6 last year and still didn't make the playoffs. Now it looks like the NFC East champion will be lucky to have that record, but, again, I think the Giants can pull it out.

First, brother, congrats on the the big payday AND the cards falling just right for our Dallas Cowboys. Well played, sir.

Second, I'm with you on scoping out the NFC playoff scene. I think either way, the only way we get in is if we win the division. Remember, the Falcons are out there too. I haven't checked their schedule nor how they stack up against us head to head)  but I'm thinking they'll be right there in the end, too. The Lions have the Packers twice, so  they may stumble as well.

Yep, as Chris mentioned, the Falcons are very much in the hunt.  They're 6-4, and have an easy schedule.

Can someone tell Eli he should take his helmet off before getting in the barber's chair? Seriously, it's  as if he's TRYING to look goofy.

No, he just looks YOUNG. He looks like he is 16 years old. He needs to have a new game day picture taken, too.

HAHAHAHA....Mr. Bowl Cut...I can't lie I had a couple of those coming up as a kid. "Times are hard boy...cit in that chair and put the rice pot on your head!" *Off came the sides, leaving a un-even top of wool*

Speaking of hair, what about Prince Amukamara? The Kid 'n Play look didn't even take off in the early 90's. Not sure it's going to work for you in 2011.

Are these football games or fashion shows? Really, if you want to talk hair and football, go seek out Troy Polamalu!

Two words for Eli: Opie Cunningham

Good ol Opie! HAHAHAHA

The Lions-Packers game on Thursday should be great - I'm looking forward to it. I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day. The Giants will not have played by the time we meet again next Monday but I look forward to talking more smack (and defending Eli to the last) next week!

Eli should hire you as his publicist, lawyer and personal bodyguard! LOL You defend him better than his entire offensive line! Happy Turkey Day to everyone and a big "GOOOOOOOOOOO DOLPHINS!!!!" Until next week..."HATE, HATE, BLODDY HATE!!!"

Nothing more to add from me.  I hope you all have a safe and elite Thanksgiving.

Thanks for a great Trash Talk hour, folks. And have a great Thanksgiving. In case anyone forgot, Dolphins at Dallas, Packers at Lions, Niners at Ravens. Should be a great day of football. See ya next week!

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