NFC East Trash Talk for Week 15

Dec 19, 2011

What does Washington's romp over host New York say about both the Redskins and the Giants? Have the Cowboys recovered after their collapse vs. the Giants? Can the Eagles really win the division?

Join Roger Newkirk and Chris Jenkins of TheRootDC and Eagles fan Jimmy Kempski and Giants fan Jennifer LeFevre in a free-wheeling live Q&A today to talk about the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins.

Submit your questions and observations about the games and the state of the NFC East now, and come back at 12:30 p.m. Monday to join in the trash talk ...

     Back atacha like we never left, NFC East Trash Talk is on and poppin with so many different stories to talk, discuss and more importantly hate on. I would like to start the chat by giving my most humbling Thank-You's to "Mr. Elite" Eli Manning, who in throwing 3 interceptions made it a the second best game to remember from this season (the first was the season opener on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks when we splattered the NY Midgets here in DC, go figure). Not only did Eli cost the Midgets the game and even more embarrassing the SWEEP from the Redskins, Mr. Elite may have cost the Midgets there shot at a playoff run. Jen, let's hear you're long list of Cops and Pleas about how it wasn't Eli and how he's still a top 5 QB in the league. lol


The only thing bad about yesterday's situation for us (Redskins) is the Cowgirls of Dallas benefit from the Midgets flop. Luckily enough their quarterback is Tony Romo and with the final 2 games being in the division, I think everyone knows it's not a sure shot that they'll win one, let alone both. In a perfect world, the Jets beat the Midgets next week while Dallas gets creamed by the Eagles; followed by the Redskins throwing the last game of the season, so Philadelphia makes the playoffs and both the Midgets and Cowgirls are home with us. Yes I hate the Cowgirls and Midgets just a tad more than the Eagles, plus I'd hate to see Andy Reid get ran out of Philly by a mob of angry Hoagies . Let's Hate...


Jenkins here: I won't go as far as singing that silly "Hail to the Redskins" fight song, but I will pat y'all on the back for a job well done yesterday. No props to all you Redskins fans who were actually rooting for the Giants cuz you didn't want to help the Cowboys out. More evidence that the Redskins world revolves around the Cowboys universe. LOL. Get a life people! And now...

Wow, I'm always surprised where a fan of another NFC East team says they hate the other two teams more than the Eagles.  I knew I liked you, Roger.


But enough about Philly.  I think today is all about laughing at the Giants, who are now -38 in point differential on the season.  That’s 12th worst in the NFL.  They’ve lost 5 of 6.  They’re dead last in rushing.  29th against the pass.  22nd against the run.  And they got swept by the freaking Redskins.


The Giants kinda... just... stink.

I. Am. Disgusted. Sorry to disappoint you, Rog, but I won't be throwing out a bunch of excuses for Eli because there are none. The Giants were pathetic all over the field and the Deadskins played great. They took advantage of everyting. While a lot of the loss does rest on Eli's shoulders, it was a full team loss. They looked confused everywhere. The coaches had no clue how to make changes to right the ship and the Giants, in playing so unbelievably poorly, do not deserve to go to the playoffs. I, too, am jumping on the  Philly bandwagon. It would be such a fitting end to the NFC East's season. I am ready for you to bring the trash talk because I had faith in my team and they let me down, big time. 

A few weeks ago it seemed a lock that Eagles DC Juan Castillo would be fired one way or the other at the end of the season. Do you think this is still going to happen or has he righted the ship enough to allow him another year?

I'd say it's pretty safe he's still done as the DC in Philly.  If the Eagles miraculously squeeze into the playoffs, then we'll talk.

IF the Iggles can muster a late season playoff run and then follow it up with a victory in Round 1, I think an argument can be made that the team found some building blocks to work off of.  Maybe JC keeps his job if they feel like he righted the ship at the end of the year. Then again it's been such a bad year in the division that winning it with an  8-8 should be an automatic disqualifier in my book. Seems like the mighty Eagles could find SOMEone who can continue the tradition of the great Jimmie Johnson.

I agree with Jimmy and Chris that if the Beagles pull it out (and, at this point, nothing would surprise me) that he may get more time. But the other question is who would you replace him with and what they do with Reid (unless his job is secure - I don't know).  Even in the highly unlikely scenario that the Giants limp into the playoffs, I don't see that securing Fewell's position and maybe not even Coughlin's.

The fans want his head....unless they win the Super Bowl I think he's toast!

What kind of changes will we see in the NFCE?

There was a ton of speculation last week that the coaches who were fired were fired early so that the teams could court good coaching prospects early, with the thought that there would be a ton of coaching changes coming up. Jerry has already said that Garrett is safe. I don't see Shanahan being sent packing. And with the Beagles on fire, Reid is probaly safe although who knows about the assistants. With respect to the Giants, I definitely do not believe that Fewell will be back (and I will be really ticked if he is). It's a tougher call with Coughlin. The Mara family likes him (he's so old school) but the Giants played such an uninspired game yesterday on both sides of the ball that there is no way Coughlin gets out of taking the blame. And he shouldn't. I'd say there is a 40% chance Coughlin coaches the Giants another year. But then the question is, who do you replace him with? Tough to answer. I think the Giants need a change.

JerryJones, as of late, has been generally consistent when he says one of his coaches is safe (he stuck with Wade for a long time, for instance). He's said Garrett is  safe. But if the Cowboys completely tank- and do it in especially dramatic fashion- I'd say all bets are off.  Shamahan isn't going anywhere., that's a hard one. Could go either way, depending on the outcome of the season. If they somehow make the playoffs, he stays. I don't think the Giants ever fire Coughlin. They're a loyal organization and this team has been injured in key places. I'm not saying that SHOULD keep him, I just think they will. But again if they wind up 7-9, all bets are off.

The biggest change in the NFC East will be we will no longer have ANY quarterback being called "ELITE" anymore! HAHAHAHA "Mr. Elite" with his 3 picks and no touchdowns had a worst QB rating than Rex Grossman yesterday. And Rex threw 2 picks in the 1st quarter. Just sorry....

Okay, if you would've told me in August that the Redskins would sweep the Giants, I would have booked tickets to the Super Bowl. We haven't beaten these guys twice in one season since Polio was an epidemic. I do love seeing Eli and Coughlin make those whiny faces when they are getting beat.

So, what, exactly, is your question? Are you asking for confirmation because you can't believe it? I can't believe it either. The Deadskins haven't swept the Giants since 1999 so it has been a while. I am sure it feels very good to you so enjoy it while you can. Which is the bigger surprise - that the Deadskins swept the Giants or that the horrible Chiefs beat the Packers thereby ending their perfect season?


The Deadskins did play quite well yesterday, as they did against the Patriots the week before. Too bad they pulled their (stuff) together after they were eliminated from playoff contention. Resign London Fletcher now.

Favorite comment from one of the other chats today. It says it all: "As a connoisseur of Eli Manning whineyness, I thought he really stepped up his game yesterday. All the old standbys were there, to be sure. But yesterday, he added a new sad-sack twist on the whole showing up your receiver by holding your hands up to say "why are you making me look bad by guessing wrong?" motif. Keep it up Eli."

My, my a little testy today aren't we, Jen. lol.

Oh boy... Jen doesn't take losing so well, haha.


You know who else didn't foresee a Redskins sweep?  Antrel Rolle.... because... you know... The Giants would beat the Redskins 99 times out of 100.

Testy? In what way? I totally give the REDskins their due. They played great. I don't know if they G-men took them for granted (which would be stupid) or were unprepared (which would be stupid) or if they were just supid (which seems to be the most logical answer)! They were the definition of failure yesterday and Washington took advantage every opportunity they got.

I think I have a slightly simpler explanation:  The Giants just aren't good.

TESTY, lol: "So, what, exactly, is your question? Are you asking for confirmation because you can't believe it?"

Jen doesn't seem too "DANDY" hahahaha 

It's true we haven't swept them since 99, ironically the year I graduated high school. SMH. It feels good to have a "Highlight" on a season like this. Having the "Highlight" come at the NY Midgets expense....#PRICELESS! 

That was a pretty sick interception and his beard is awesome. So perfect. I'm a dude but I have to give props to a guy with a beard as stunning as that, and who can catch one handed. He may suck at tackling, but the dude has an awesome beard. Did I mention that already?

Agree on the beard.  In fact, perhaps we should all name our all time Hall of Fame beards?


Eagles - Koy Detmer.


I'm gonna ignore the whole beard thing like it never was written, but once again DHALL gets a Jenkins game ball- his THIRD of the season. I gotta say, he's my 1st ballot Redskin of the year. Applaud that man: Gives up big time 4th Quarter 4th/3rd and long catches to Romo/Dez (after running his trap all year), then in a key spoiler game intercepts Eli at a crucial moment. Man, can't make this stuff up. *Frank Lucas  voice* My man.

How you just broke it down CJ, I think that bum may actually work for you dudes...the second game he just fell when Dez caught that 3rd and long. Suspect!

Every year, there is one sucky team that gets hot at the end of the season and someone, somewhere, says, 'playoff teams are lucky this team isn't in the postseason.' After the Skins beat the Giants, we might be that team! The Redskins finally won something!!! 'Sucky team that gets hot that makes good teams fear them but since they aren't in the post season, the good teams don't care that much!'

Ha, congrats!

I wouldn't even say we got hot. Getting hot is what the Eagles are doing. You have to win consecutive games to be considered "heating up.' Correct me if I'm wrong, but we lost the Patriot game so this is our first win in 3 weeks. OK, now I sound angry like Jen. Let me calm down since we did actually win this week. *chuckling*

I agree with Roger in that the Beagles are a better definition of "hot". And while the Deadskins didn't beat the Patriots, bringing what they did in that game should have been a BIG RED FLAG for the Giants. But did they heed the warning? Did they prepare adequately? NO! And the Giants deserved what they got. 

Keep it up, Skins. Knowing the Cowboys, we'll again need your help in week 17. (all of a sudden feeling nauseous)

That is all.

Don't you mean "Thank You" to us (Redskins). I mean we did do what you're Cowboys COULDN'T do, beat the NY Midgets...TWICE AT THAT (shout out to Jen). I wouldn't be so confident tho my good friend. We all remember that blowout Philly gave your Cowgirls not too long ago.

Let me guess: You were one of those shook Skins fans - "scared to death, scared to look"-  that was rooting against your own beloved squad yesterday because you're terrified of the Cowboys winning the division. For shame

I think you know very well from my facebook comments (that YOU commented on..yeah I snitched) that I aint go out like that. But for the Cowboys to rest on the couch with us, I wouldn't be against letting the Eagles get a few freebies. Ay man, its like pick your poision who would I rather see in the playoffs and hear their fans mouths? I think you know the answer to that, chief!

Of the 4 divisions in the NFC, where would you rank the NFC East this season?

Last.  The only division that's close as far as awfulness is the NFC West.  But at least they have a legitimate team in the Niners.  The NFCE doesnt have squadoosh in the way of a team that could potentially make some noise in the playoffs.  Plus, don't look now but the Seahawks and Cards are both 7-7.  they'd be right in the hunt in the NFC East.

Yes, at this point, I also rank them last. Not only because their division winner will likely have fewer than 10 wins but also because the division wasted a lot of talent and opportunity. This was the division of unbelievable inconsistency. Play well some weeks, then do a complete 180 and look like scrubs the next. Each team has potential and, despite injuries, it was mostly wasted this year.

Chris broke it down perfectly. I've been saying the whole division stunk all season, but part of that was to overshadow that week after week my Redskins were getting their butts handed to them by the likes of "Superman" rookies and just flat out bad teams like Buffalo and Miami.

I hate to admit it, but Rog is right- The NFC WEST, that perennial loser of a division, is better right now- and they have the stinker RAMS in their group.  Indeed, not only does the NFCW have the Niners, but think about the recent head to head match ups- Cards beat the Boys; Seattle beat the Iggles; Niners beat the Giants.  Somehow the Cards are 7-7; the 'Hawks spanked the Bears...and so on. Looking at Wikipedia, looks like this might be the first year in NFCE history that has a division winner with less than 10 wins.

I don't have much in the way of trash talk, just a prediction: My G-Men will finish 7-9, The Iggles will play well enough to secure Andy's job for next year, and the Cowgirls will lose in the first round of the playoffs.

I have no idea where the Giants will finish, but it won't be on top of the division. While the Cowgirls played well on Saturday night, the Beagles lit up the field yesterday. Next week's Philly at Dallas game will be a good one and I think the team that wins THAT game will win the division.

WOW. Does that mean you think your Midgets are done, Jen?!?! That makes me feel that more better than we demoralized the Midgets that much, the fans  lost their faith in their team and "Elite" quarterback. Thank You, Sweet Baby Jesus! LOL Hate Hate Hate

After that outrageously poor performance yesterday, I just don't see how the Giants come back from that. The Jets were also humiliated so next weeks game between them will be interesting but the thing for me is this: I still have hope (always will - it springs eternal) but I am losing my faith.

Gotta keep the beat the Jets all you have to do is beat Romo in a clinching game. He's been known to choke those away. You're still in it.

I want to hate on all 4 of you lazy bums because this is the last chat of the season. Now I will have to trash talk random strangers for the last two weeks. Any mayhem that ensues is on you!

Please record said mayhem with your smartphone and post on YouTube and let us know when it's posted!'s not the last chat of the must be one of Sam Hurd's clients...

Ooohhhh, I know, I know!!! Isn't he the 17th-string offensive lineman for the Redskins whose great-great-great grandfather discovered America back in the day?

Hmmmmm.... It's 2011.


Tyler's great-great-great grandfather Christopher Polumbus discovered America in 1492.


So that was 519 years ago.


And it's only Tyler's great-great-great grandfather?  Only 4 generations?  Were Tyler's anscentors having kids when they were 150 years old?  That's some Antrel Rolle math right there.

Definitely Antrel Rolle math! LOL Between his analogies and the words Deion Sanders invents while doing pre-game I bust a gut every Sunday. Tell me something, what does "bee-hooves" mean? Deion said it, not me.

Deion is a time traveler. In 2098, bees started mating with horses, and the result were gigantic bees with hoofs, which Deion and the rest of Earth mistakingly began pronouncing as "hooves" with a long O.  These bee-horses became known as "Bee-hooves." They started playing in the NFL sometime around 2158. They dominate the game in the future. So when Deion is talking about football, he can't help but keep saying "bee-hooves," even if it's totally in the wrong context.


OK, I probably should have layed off the LSD in college.

HAHAHA Why is that?! I'm sure Deion still hasn't laid off it! lol We know 2 of my Redskins, who will remain nameless (FRED DAVIS and TRENT WILLIAMS), will  probably test positive today for it. While we're at it, ex-Dallas WR Sam Hurd probably can get it for you. Ahhh, the life of idiot millionaires with nothing better to do than ruin their lives and make themsleves look like morons.

Oh yeah, that remainds me.  Chris... Sam Hurd.


Any worries that some of your boys are on Sammy's buyers list?

@Jim. I've been ducking that question all weekend. Lol. Maybe he, Marion Barber and Roy Williams are like Jimmy, Tommy and Henry from Good Fellas, lol, and took their weight moving talents to Chicago together.

Do you think the Eagles will re-sign Desean, franchise him, or move on from him next season?

I think they'll try to tag and trade him.

I think it also depends on who the coaches will be. He's a great player but with an attitude problem.

If he still thinks he's getting Larry Fitz dollars, he's not going to find a place to play anywhere.  I think ultimately the Eagles will tag him and look to trade him, but there are so many moving parts to the situation it's difficult to sum them all up in a forum like this.

I know we have midget Anthony Armstrong, Santana Moss and Brandon Banks (who I think will be cut after this season), I'd snatch Desean in a heartbeat. He'd never come here because we have no one to throw him the ball. I don't think he wants to be in Eagle green any longer, but I do think they'll tag him.

Yeah, D J hasn't done himself any favors this year. Jim is real smart about the Eagles and their way of doing this, and his scenario seems about right. But I like Jen's thought, too...if a new guy comes in and says...I can get to him, I can settle  him down...maybe he's worth the second chance

Jen - According to the NFC East trash talk blog regulations; section 14b - the fan of a team that beats a division rival in their home stadium is not required by blog law to pose a question. Instead, commenting on watching the losing team whine is perfectly acceptable.

Ah, I see. I hadn't read the regs. Just like some of the officials this season in a variety of games each Sunday.


To make the post really funny you should have asked Eli if he wanted some cheese with his whine!

LMBO! Nice

LOL @ Cheese with his whine. 

As a real true fan do you WANT your team to make the playoffs?

Of course I do.  Why wouldn't I?  Allow me to refer you to the 2008 Cardinals.

Or the sorry beginning and middle of the year NY Midgets, who ended up going on a run and defeating the unbeaten Patriots. Any given Sunday, so you'd always want to be in position to play a playoff game.

The giants fan seem really down on her team.  Seems like you guys have as much chance as anybody.

This is true. Roger made a very ironic point as we were sitting here laughing about how bad the division is this year. ALL of us said about 3 weeks ago that this was about the Giants and the Cowboys. Now we're staring at a (very) possible scenario of the Eagles winning this thing. They're the only team in this division that seems kinda hot, right? (Hot in this case = winning more than 1 game ina row, but still...)

Did you see the game yesterday? PATHETIC. Yes, there is still a chance the Giants will win the division and sure, that would be great. But I just don't see it happening. Not with that supremely lousy defense. At least we have Paul-Pierre, the only defensive bright spot. But one man does not a team make (unless you are PEYTON Manning).

*taking bows*


I love that we stunk all year long and before that god awful 4 game skid, Eli was getting so much props only for him to play his worst game of the year against us at home, sealing the deal for a sweep on the season. For a team with a certain losing record and destined for the couch in January, this is what we play for. lol

You guys think you're so smart. Give me your NFC East predictions. Be serious.

Predictions on what? Who wins the division? Hopefully, Philly; possibly the Midgets; more than likely The Cowgirls. Shake ups? All the coaches keep their jobs. Phillys DC is fired. I think the team with biggest roster change will be Redskins again this year getting younger and cutting the fat of over-paid bums (D Hall).

Seriously, I think Philly beats the Cowgirls and Deaskins and goes to the playoffs. There, they will likely play the Lions or Falcons, both beatable teams.  However, even though it's cliche at this point, I see a Packers-Saints NFC Championship game.

Maybe it's my paranoia, but I actually think Jen makes a good case here. I ain't so confident the Cowboys can beat the Iggles. It's a bad match up for them. The Cowboys WILL score some points tho, and it may (surprise, surprise come down to the last couple of minutes of the game.) As for the Giants game, why on Earth would I believe the Boys can stop the Giants pass attack? The Giants have always matched up well against the Boy's secondary during the ELI era. BUT: I'm gonna go ahead and step out on craziness. Cowboys win the division; it comes down to the Giants game and it'll be a 4th Q win.

NFC East hate is really special, but come on man, you rooting for the Eagles to win the division?

Redskins have no shot at playoffs....why woldn't I root against the 2 teams that actually looked like they would be fighting out for the division to both lose?!?!

Guys, what are your recommendations for fixing what ails your team (top three)? My Christmas list is:

- New Defensive Coordinator

- Spidy-like glue gloves so receivers don't drop passes

- A defense that can actually keep opponents from scoring.

Redskins Christmas list as follows:

1) RG3

2) more offensive lineman

3) A wide receiver that A) doesn't chain smoke marijuana and B) is over 6 feet tall.

1) Same as you.

2) A competent linebacker.

3) Another competent linebacker.

LOL at #2 and #3.

Offensive LineMEN (notice the plural). Some sort of Pass rusher. Cornerback help. Get rid of David Campo, who even tho he's now a Dbacks coach (how did THAT happen) should NEVER be on a Cowboys sideline again, even as the water boy

Wait... I want one more.  I want the NFL to be like the old Nintendo consoles that you could "accidentaly" kick and reset the entire season.

Don't I WISH there were such a button!


They are both coming off of humiliating losses so it will be interesting to see how they react. Even though it's a Jets home game, obviously it's the Giants home stadium, too, so there should be fans of both and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! I do think it will be close (decided by a field goal). I have to give the edge to the Jets (yes, that is how DOWN I am on the Giants today).

Jets. It's going to be cold and nasty, and at least the Jets can run the ball.

I want "Mr. Elite" Eli to sink to Romo-status in December so I'm rolling with Jets and Eagles next week.

You won't go as far as singing that silly "Hail to the Redskins" fight song today CJ, but yesterday you were spotted running with a Skins flag, sporting a megaphone and leading a marching band down M Street belting out the fight song! it's so easy for you to deny that you TOO cheered for the mighty, mighty Skins that showed up to play yesterday as they trampled on the little people from up North in their own backyard. so, wouldn't it be more accurate for you today to spout that your cowgirls plyaoff world revolved around our beautiful skins existence and just thank your lucky "stars"?

Hahahahaaaa! Well said,  my Burgundy and Gold - feathered friend! That was a good one. Alas, that was NOT me. I was quietly patting the Skins fans I knew on the head, thanking them for being such good sports. (I will admit to clenching a fist in glee once or twice). And I will admit to have publicly rooted for the Skins, going as far as congratulating Mr. Newkirk on his Facebook page for a job well done. But that's all yooz cats are gettin' from me!

Look my FB page up.....Chris was definitely on the Skin his credit he didn't sing the song. lol

If you had to name the MVP in the NFCE this year, who would you pick?

Oof.   Wow.  Stumped.  The fans, for still watching?


Oh, wait!  There actually is someone!  Shady McCoy.  Hands down.


On defense, I'd go JPP.

Redskins Punter! HA!

If Philly comes back to win the division, their offense. I agree with JPP as the defensive guy. He has a great future ahead of him.

Where was JPP YESTERDAY? (hate hate hate!)

I'm with Jim. Shady gets my vote IF the Iggles get in. But if the Cowboys win the division, (I can hear the guffaws now)-- it's Tony Romo.  *Standing waiting for the firing squad to blast*


But yes, JPP as the division's Defensive MVP

Great chat, great sweep and great week in the NFL. No one's perfect anymore (Packers), no one's perfectly terrible anymore (Colts) and most importantly Eli Manning is no longer ELITE. Have a great week folks!

Yup, Eli had a terrible game. This is the season of miracles but I'm not holding my breath either. Like I said, I think it's Philly now. Should be a great game. Have a fantastic week everyone and happy holidays!

May the Eagles dominance over the Ryan brothers continue! Happy holidays, all.

Thanks for the great Trash Talk, folks! It may be the NFC (L)east this year, but the season ain't over yet. We may have quite a photo finish over the next couple of weeks. We will not be online Monday, December 26th, but will return on Tues. January 3rd to recap that final Sunday's action and talk trash about the season. Until then, Happy Holidays from Trash Talk! 

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