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Sep 09, 2011

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There's little that produces as much passion among NFL fans as the rivalries between the four teams of the NFC East: the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. NFC East Trash Talk discussion intends to build off that passion.

Hosted by Redskins fan Roger Newkirk and Cowboys fan Chris Jenkins of TheRootDC, this weekly Q&A will give fans a chance to talk about who's up and who's down in what is arguably the league's top division.

Today's Trash Talk serves as an introduction and a chance for you to suggest the direction it will take in the future; the rest of the season it will run on Mondays at 12:30 -- Tuesday if there's an NFC East game on Monday night.

Post a question or comment now, and let us know how you'd like to see Trash Talk take shape. And if you have an opinion on these questions, let us know, too:

- Who will win the NFC East? Who will finish last?
- Which NFC East team has the best fan base?
- Rank the QBs in the NFC East

Welcome, NFC East fans! Thanks for joining us today for the first installment of Trash Talk, your space to do what you do best- attack your hated rivals in the NFC East and defend your squad against their foes. We had a great game last night between the Saints and the Packers- but now we can focus on what's really important...The Giants and Skins square off against each other at 4 pm on Sunday; The Eagles have the Rams at 1pm and Cowboys have the Jets in the Sunday nighter. We've got some questions already - so let's get to it.

Have the Redskins lost legitimacy in the NFC East by being so bad for so long? Does history still count for anything?

Theoretically  (and realistically)  speaking....MAYBE. lol I think the Redskins' (and Cowboys for that matter) huge following of die-hard fans will always keep them legitimate.  As seen in Forbes, they both are the top 2  wealthiest teams in the NFL and at the end of the day this a business, so I don't think their on a Cleveland Brown-level in the AFC North.

The Redskins are still legit  because of their strong fan base and their legacy...but in my opinion the rivalries between these teams are so strong, particularly for men who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, (in their 30s and 40s now). So history still does count for something.

Wow!! Did free agency scare you that bad that the Redskins and Cowboys had to join forces? Or is it that the two worst squads in the NFC East realized they need to stick together?


I guess you need somewhere to go to discuss what could have happened if the mighty EAGLES weren't in your division. E-A-G-L-E-S EALGLES!!!!!!


-- MIKE "I Bleed Green" COTTOM

Hardy Har Har...I see you're super excited about your Eagles, who will be the Miami Heat of Football! How many rings does Philly have again?!?!?! Oh yea, their hands are very light! LOL I think with the Giants having 3 Rings, Redskins having 3 and the it pains me to say Cowboys having 5, with the Eagles rounding the division out with's pretty safe to say you guys are the weakest link.

Why are we talking about rivalries as it relates to the Redskins and the NFC East -- or anywhere else for that matter --  when it's been years since they've been relevant?

Sure, there's plenty of history with all of the NFC East teams, but ask them in Dallas, Philly, or New York about rivalries and Washington doesn't even enter the conversation unless you're waxing nostalgic about the George Allen era (their rivalry with Dallas was one of the greatest) or the first Joe Gibbs era. It's sad because I'm a longtime season ticket holder and lifelong fan, but I'm also in touch with reality.

So, this is a good question. You're absolutely right, the Cowboys and Redskins have, generally speaking, been irrelevant for the past 15 years. But tell me that you don't love it a little bit more when the Skins beat the Cowboys, even if we're both 5-8?? And even though this is a Redskins town, doesn't the fact that there are so many loud mouth Cowboys fans, (like me) who still talk about the glory days, rankle you just a bit? The NFC East, in terms of monster teams, isn't what it was   in the 1980s and early 1990s. But we sure act like it. The smack talk that went on after the Eagles comeback victory against the Giants last year was unbelieveable, and the fact that it was two NFC East rivals playing, made it even more delicious. As a Cowboys fan, I was all over my Giants fan friends for like 2 weeks.

How can we Redskins fans talk trash when Rex Grossman is our QB?

Agree or Disagree: Besides the excitment of a new season, the Redskins need to accomplish the following Sunday to be taken seriously in the NFC East:

1. Beat the Giants

2. Protect home field

3. Send a message to the East that we are here and shoudln't be taken lightly.

Thanks for taking my question and let's get this season started!

Well, we can talk trash because despite GROSSman (lol) being our starter, we our on the up and up on the Offensive line, defensive line, and especially in the running game. That was Shanahan's forte back in Denver, so I think he's trimming the fat and working with what we have for now. Am I comfortable with Rex back there?! Of course not, every time he drops back it's a potential throw-the-ball-up interception, but this is what we have and it's yet another rebuilding season. 7-9 or 8-8 and I'm happy. But I think we will surprise alot of people, starting with beating up on the banged up New York MIDGETS come Sunday afternoon.

As a sports fan you try to give the benefit of doubt to the "pro" that lives and breathes the sport 24/7. But, Rex Grossman and John Beck? Blame McNabb all you want.  The tape does not lie on these two and preseason does not count as reinventing oneself. Shanahan can't place his legacy on them.  When is a coaches ego too much for himself?

I don't really think this is Shanahan's ego. I mean what other options did we have? Draft a QB in the first round? The talent wasn't there for us to get a starting quaterback from college, Cam went 1st overall. I think he addressed the more major issues like our offensive line and our weak pass rush on the defensive side. I mean if think about it, McNabb and Jason Campbell were running for their lives non-stop, if they had ANY sort of protection, that 6-10 record could've easily been 9-7 or 10-6. We lost alot of close games last season that could've went either way.

I expect Tim Hightower to blow up against hobbled Big Blue this weekend, but what do you think this guy does this season? He's in Shanny's system which has produced some great RBs, and Mini-Shanny is talking about sticking with the run game. But is he durable enough?

I expect the same and just hope it's not wet and rainy...Hightower is fumble prone so that wouldn't be a good look but the Giants are really hurting on defensive. No Osi, and what 4 or 5 D-Backs out (Halelujah)....should be great game. They've had our number for well over 3 years now so I won't talk too much just yet. 

Do the Cowboys really consider the Skins their rival? The Skins haven't been a factor in the NFC East for a few years and it seems like the Boys' games against the Eagles and Giants are more meaningful.

Re your questions: Eagles win division, Skins in last,  "best" fanbase is probably NY. Philly is most rabid, DC is probably smartest but also whiniest.

QB Rank: Vick by a mile, then Romo, Eli in a close battle for second, Beck/Rex is a distant last.

There's only one way to answer this question: YES! Let me say this: The beauty of the NFC East is that for the most part the fans of one team hate each of the other teams in the division with equal venom. BUT for as much as the Eagles  are right next to the Skins on my "Hate-meter", the Redskins will ALWAYS be the team I would hate to see win the Superbowl. I'm an old head so I remember the 1980s when the two teams were really beefing, so a lot of this is stuff from 25 years ago. I think most older Cowboys fans would say the same thing...between "Dallas Week" and the residual hype that come along withthis game, this is still a game that hypes fans on both sides, even when the two teams aren't good.  Fed Ex doesn't rock like RFK, but when Dallas is in town, there still isn't a hotter ticket during the season...there isn't more electricity  in the air anywhere.

Hogwash! The Cowboys have been a factor ONE year outta the same span the Skins sucked. Think about it, how long was Wade there? Zactly, he wouldn't have got fired if they had been a factor in the last couple of seasons. They had the one good year in 09 and FINALLY won a playoff game in over a decade (just sad and SORRY) but other than that they've sucked just like the Redskins have. Redskins seem to be the easy target to diss tho. Cowboys are "America's Team" ...Hollywood if you must, so evene when they stink, they're not blasted as much as we are. 

What are we doing, having a Cowboys fan as a HOST in the D.C. area?

Hey man, I'm CO-hosting! lol. But this is a chance to talk some junk, my friend. I'm putting a big ole bullseye on my chest, behind enemy lines, and saying "fire away!" It's that the fun of being a fan?

I wish someone would tell me the answer to that..or better yet why everytime I go to Fed Ex Field to a Cowboys, Eagles or Giants game it's a 50/50 crowd and I'mm arguing with folks I'm supposed to be cheering with! No loyalty or just flat out bandwagon hoppers....not over here tho. Ask the COwboy's host where he's from?!?!?! hahahaha It's not Dalls or Arlington, Texas. Ha

Is Eli Manning a member of the NFL All-Hype Team?

Eli is probably even more over hyped than Tony Romo. I'll give him this, though, he does have a ring and he played like a beast in the Superbowl against the Patriots. But if you look at his 20+ interceptions last year and his knack for doing bonehead things...(like sliding and fumbling when no one touches him) I'd say he's Top 5 over hyped...probably because his last name is Manning!

If Eli's last name was anything but "Manning" we wouldn't even be having this discussion. A big ol' offensive line, tall receivers and beast of a running game has hidden the fact that he's a average QB AT BEST> And why does he always have that dumb look on his face?!?! Duh!!

...but if the past is all you've got to puff your chest out about, it's a sad commentary about your team. Sure, Philly hasn't won a Super Bowl, but they're up there in terms of the elite NFC teams for the past decade or so. Dallas has at least been in the conversation, but it's not even close for Washington. Hopefully Shanahan can turn things around and get us back in the conversation, but for now the conversation remains to be about who we take with one of the top five picks in the draft...

See this is what I tell my man Roger, my esteemed co-host all the time. When we get at the smack talk I say: Look man, true we haven't won the Superbowl in 15 years, but at least we have a few division titles under our belt in the last couple of years. At the very LEAST show me a little something, Skins fans. Not one divisional title in 11 or 12 years? Come on, son.  A few wild card births. That's it? But, really it's about the future. At least the hope for the future. The beauty of this year is that we'll all have a big ole laugh when the Eagles fall flat and the Cowboys rise from the ashes of last year's mess and shock the world. Holla!

Is this an NFC East discussion or just a Redskin vs. Dallas forum? Where is the Giants and Eagles representative?

It's NFC East...its the kickoff day so we're trying to spread the word and get it out so more Eagles and Giants fans can comment. We're based in Washington so of course there is going to be more Redskins and unfortunately Cowgirl comments but don't worry, they'll come around.

With the offensive front for "The Dream Team" in flux, how long before Mike Vick goes night-night this season? Over/Under 6 games?

I'm with you, main man. I respect what Vick has been able to do with turning around his life, but as a Cowboys fan of 31 years, I'll be glad to see him scampering away when that O-line gets rocked. The Skins, actually might have something for him; and I know D-Ware is locking him in his sights. I mean, dude is still only like 6'0" and just a lil over 200 lbs. Let's put it this way...Philly's in for a big ole disappointment. I'm with you my man. I'm taking the UNDER on that 6-game line. Great Point.

Anyone have any explainations as to why there are so many Cowboys fans in the Washington DC area?

I'd like to know the samething, and I don't wanna hear that "Redskins were the last to have a black player on their team" because if that logic made ANY sense, then why do people live and visit cities that were last to end segreation. This was decades ago, so I'm going to need another excuse. The problem now is there's so manyCowboys fans in the area now, and when they have kids they breed them into that hideous silver and blue and the enemy multiplies  like a Gremlin movie.

You know things are bad when everything positive you say about your team -- the Redskins -- has to be followed by an "LOL"

Realist here. What else can I do or say. COL (crying out loud)


That's right, my man. This team is a laughing stock. I'm loving these Skins fans, hyped over a 3-1 preseason. After the Eagles, the Skins will have the biggest divisional face plant!

In Peter King's NFC East preview, he goes through all the upgrades, says that the Redskins will be better but then predicts our record to be 4-12. Huh? How do they come up with these things? The 'Skins are much improved at many positions and they have the fourth-easiest schedule in the league.

Well that goes back to what I said earlier about the respect level. Redskins have done so many bone-head things over the past decade that some just take them for a joke. There are clearly way worst teams than us by the end of the year, but of course our name is always in someone's mouth. I think alot of people will be surprised this year tho and it'll be rewarding to see folks eat there words in a few months.

Why isnt Jerry Jones addressing the elephant in the Cowboy locker room? I'm talking about the horrible secondary! Terrence "Crispy" Newman and Mike Jenkins arent the answer at the corner spots -- and who are our FS & SS?

LOL @ Crispy Newman!!! He's been getting his boots smoked for years now (just ask Santana Moss). I really don't care if he addresses that or Tony Romo's knack for choking when they need him the most.

LOl @ Crispy Newman. And hey, leave my cousin Mike alone. So this is what's gonna happen: Rob Ryan's new defensive schemes are gonna save the day. My theory is this: Rob came in and told Jerry: "Look, Hos, I can work wonders with existing personnel. You've got a beast in D-Ware, you've got some nice pieces with Ratliff, Spencer and  James- and Mike Jenkins can be coached up. We're gonna find the right schemes to make sure the secondary isn't exposed and-- the offense is gonna score 30 points a game. lol. The best defense is a wicked offense."

Will the Redskins score more than 20 points a game? We haven't had any offensive punch since 2005, when we had Mark Brunell at the helm. Jason Campbell had his moments, but we rarely scored more than 17. We can't make the playoffs if we can't get 20 a game. Can we do that this year?

Great point. That 6-10 record would've been a winning record last season had we put up 7 more often than 3. I think it will gradually start to pick up because we have the tools we need to run Shanahan's power-house run offense. I think the mixture of explosiveness with Hightower, speed and agility of Helu and the power of Torrain, we'll be back to that Smash Mouth Run game that we did so well in our glory days.

Yeah, but Rog this is a passing league. Each of the last several Superbowl champs have had Pro-bowl caliber QBs. The ground and pound era will win you a few games, but this is the time of the elite QB. So to answer my man's questions: NO, lol, the Skins will hardly score more than 20 points a game. #hate many points over the 5 point spread do you'll think the Sanchez and the Jets will run up on you guys on PRIMETIME Sunday Night? I say 2 TD's or more over ya'll....

I like the Cowboys in this game, believe it or not. And you think SANCHEZ is running up the score. Come on, man. The Jets are all about ground and pound...unless Rex decides to let the chains off him and let him rip

With Rex Grossman having a history of being........well, REX GROSSMAN long before we see John Beck behind center???

As bad as it may sound, coming from a Redskins fan...I'm hoping Rex pulls a Kolb, and Beck is in there by Game 2. HAHAHA Wishful thinking, I know.

What's your take on the Giants, considering how many injuries they've had going into the season?

I'm in no way hating when I say I believe the NY Midgets will be at the bottom of the division at the end of the season. They're too banged up in key spots and schedule is pretty tough. I think the Eagles will win the division. As bad as it sounds, The Cowgirls should be 9-7 or 10-6; Redskins 8-8 and the G Midgets at 7-9 or possibly worst.

 A Giants fan  friend of mine swears that all these injuries they've sustained means they are this year's Packers. Really, dude? Eli isn't Aaron, and the defense isn't tough enought to sustain low scoring games. The vaunted G-man pass rush will be a tricke this year.  Good luck Big Blue, youz gonna need it.

I guess we would need to define "best," but on just about any measure Eagles fans are No. 1. Look at jersey sales and other merchandizing figues, look at not only how many fans show up for games, but how many show up to training camp, and of course the fear factor -- even with the big bad NYC crowd nobody dares come to Philly wearing an opposing teams gear. Not proud of that but it's true.

I'll give you the people don't dare come to Philly in opposing team jerseys because..well we saw what happened to the Redskin Chief a few years back. lol As far as jersey sales and merchandise sales, I don't think it's a comparison. Check Forbes out. Cowboys are #1, Redskins are #2 and Giants are #3. That includes ticket, jerseys, paraphanalia and more. #1 in the Dividion skill -wise, I'll give you that, but popularity not yet. 

Eagles fans are like a big regional clan...they are loud and testy, and believe that the whole nation is with them, when in actuality it's just the people on the eastern seaboard. As a general rule, the Cowboys and the Steelers are considered the teams with the biggest fan bases, but Rog is right about the merchandising  and value of the teams

How do you guys answer the three questions posed at the start? I see Vick as the best QB and Grossman is easily the worst. Kind of a tossup between Eli and Romo, though Eli gets the nod b/c he wins. Romo could make that leap this year, though.

Vick, Romo, Eli, BeckMan.  Look, I know Romo gets a bad rap, but his regular season stats are fierce. He's actually won some games in the final minutes, contrary to his rep (think last second vistories against Lions and Bills in '07). Last year was a straight up disaster, but I think Garrett at the reigns helps our boy. And I think the gap between Vick and Romo is not that much.


Rex had a bad o-line in CHI, a lot of those turnovers may have been caused by that. With that being said, I'm happy with the progress the Redskins' o-line has made, but if one goes down I think we will be in trouble! Your thoughts, Roger?

I think we can handle the "G-WOMEN" with ease and I KNOW the Cowturds haven't done anything to get better (I think they are better off with Kitna). They don't scare anyone anymore. WE HAVE TO STAY HEALTHY!!!

Yea he had a bad o-line in Chicago BUT what about at Florida in college?!?!?! Rex has been Rex since he was a teenager...great at times but once rattled, it's like he's playing a street game of "Throwback"...just throwing it up for any and every one. We definately need our line to stay healthy and RB's and get that animal in Landry back on the field. I'm with you on the Cowboys, no one has talked about them preseason frankly because there isn't much to talk about.

I can't wait til this questioner come back after the  Monday night thrashing ya'll gonna get on the 26th. We got something for ya, my man!

In the larger NFC picture, do any of you think the NFC East teams can compete with Green Bay or New Orleans? Last night's game looked like an NFC Championship game.

For as much as Eagles fans THINK their right there with the Packers (pointing at you, Jon), the team is an unknown quantity. Vick isn't gonna sneak up on people this year, there's no REAL pass rush, and as we've talked about, the O line is garbage. I'm telling you though, Dallas is lurking in the shadows, my friend. Don't sleep. But the Packers looked tough, last night.

2 words....Miami Heat! You can't buy a SuperBowl!!!!! I seriously hope it's not a bust of a season because anything less than a Superbowl victory is a failure. You guys are the Buffalo Bills of NFC, only you didn't make it to the Super Bowl four years in a row...just the NFC Championshiop. Not to quote Jay Z's  Takeover but "That's so LAMMMMMMMMMMMME!!!!" Let the season begin.

As a Skins fan I'm not about to say we are making a playoff run yet ... but I really believe our D is flying under the radar this year. I know it was just preseason, but it looks like Haslett has that 3-4 D going. Without Fat Albert and with the right personnel, we can defnitely win some 14-10 nail-biters ... agree or disagree?

Agreed. I actually went to both home preseason games and TRUST, your eyes weren't deceiving you. The 1st team looks hella good.  What's making Haslett's 3-4 work well is getting the players that fit into that type of system and cutting out others who don't ie: Andre Carter, Rocky McIntosh, Fat Albert. That boy Kerrigan looks fierce out there. Jenkins going down hurt us bad and that says alot because he's a rookie, but overall I'm with you 100%.

That's the one thing i'll give the Skins credit for- The D. A part of me, as a long time Skins hater, thinks that  this is the year that they'll put some kind of lucky streak together. I mean, a broken clock is right twice a day, right? lol. Y'all had a lot of distractions last year, with Fat Albert and McNabb...a calmer locker room does do wonders.

Despite the number of wins going down over the years, the number of players KO'd by the Redskins have grown over th past two seasons (see Aaron Rodgers, Mike Vick, Kyle Orton, Jermichael Finley, & etc.). Do you see this streak continuing Sunday versus the G-Men?

It's funny you say that, because I was talking to my friend about that a few weeks ago. Every single game last year, we've hurt someone on the opposing team. That's kinda something to take pride in. This week....Eli Manning. Ha Or maybe even, Brandon Jacobs since we owe him like 3 or 4...he's embarrassed us for years...shoutout to Landry being dragged in the end zone opening game 2 years ago!

So let me guess where Chris is from? PG County? Never lived in Texas? There seem to be a lot of those cockroach Cowgirl fans around. It's all good. I was born and raised in Fairfax and lived in Dallas for a year. I infiltrated Jerry World for the price of $20 and had a picture of myself taken imitating a dog [doing its business] on the Cowgirl star all while wearing my #44 Riggo jersey. TAKE THAT, COWGIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! Now that's some REAL trash talk, Aruba! I appreciate the hate! And I see you're old school- rocking the 44 jersey. Let me tell you something, I'm from New York, baby. But trust, I've been down with my squad for 32 years, never wavered a minute. That's the only thing that matters- and I know you understand, having lived behind enemy lines yourself. . But keep coming with the hate, my friend.  It'll make you stronger.


YEA!!!!! I'd love to have that pic as my profile on facebook. But I'm from PG County and you couldn't have nailed that on the head any better....county is filled with those cockroach bandwagon fans....Where's Orkin when you need them?!?!

That's all for today. Join us Monday at 12:30 p.m. ET to discuss this weekend's games and more.


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