NBA Finals: LeBron James vs Mark Cuban

May 31, 2011

Who's worse: LeBron James or Mark Cuban? Both are in the NBA Finals, and Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog discussed that and other topics in a video Q&A.

Hello and welcome. Today I'll answer questions about the NBA finals, LeBron James and Mark Cuban, Teddy the Racing  President, Phillies fans and more.

Who should D.C. sports fans root for/against in the Finals -- Cuban and the Mavs or LeBron and the Heat? Who are you pulling for?

Hi Dan, thanks for reading my question. I am wondering if you could compare your distaste for the Cowboys compared to your distaste for the Mavs, if you have any. I hate the Cowboys, but quite frankly the Mavs are pretty insignificant to me. I understand NBA and NFL is apples and oranges, but should the Mavs be guilty by association?

Who do you think will "try to hurt" LeBron first, The Locksmith or Brendan Todd Haywood?

Wilbon has a piece on the Worldwide Leader's website today telling us that no matter what we think of LeBron we're still going to watch because everybody cares about the NBA Finals so much. Is that actually true?  

What does a cheese cutter from Whole paycheck know about the NBA? Sports bloggers and writers like you are what turned the best Sports section the country with likes of Povich, Wilbon, Kornheiser and even Boswell into a joke. The WP's Sport section and blogs are a national disgrace. Mr Povich is vomiting in his grave.

I was at the Nats game on Sunday. Teddy was ahead all the way. At the last moment he looked to his right, saw George close by, and seemed to slow down to let George beat him by a whisker. Seems predetermined to me.

OK. It's game 4 of the World Series. The Nationals are up 3-0. Teddy wins! Right?

You have written a lot about the influx of Phillies fans at Nats Park. Who or what is really to blame? Is this damning to D.C. sports fans and/or the Nats?

That's all. Thanks for watching.

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