2011 NBA draft recap, Riggleman resigns

Jun 24, 2011

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog discussed the NBA draft and other Washington D.C.-area sports topics in a video Q&A.

Hello and welcome. We have a lot to talk about today: Jan Vesely, Jim Riggleman, Donovan McNabb and much more.

Reaction is all over the board on this one. Great pick, terrible pick, tall but terrible hands and can't shoot free throws. Care to weigh in? I'm hoping for the best.

Steinz, Forget about basketball ability. Which of the three Wizards draft picks will provide the most blog fodder? Vesely started out of the gates pretty strong...

What were they thinking?

I heard McNabb was practicing with the Eagles recently - true?

Why couldn't Riggleman wait until after the season? Leaving in the middle really seems like a slap in the face to the players, IMO.

Dan, do you think the players will collapse now or do you think they'll use this as an opportunity to prove they're the reason they've been winning so far?

Dan, I have an idea for manager I haven't heard anybody else mention. How about Pudge Rodriquez as player-manager?

Nats should approach Cal Ripkin Jr. about the job. He's always wanted to get into managing. The Orioles job isn't open right now and probably won't be with the way Showalter is doing for a bit. This can be a warmup for him. And it would cause massive conflict amongst O's fans who refuse to root for the Nationals. Make it happen.

That's it. Thanks for your questions!

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