Challenge the "Miracle on 42nd Street" dancers

Dec 09, 2011

Dancers Alex Karigan and Zac Hammer from the hit YouTube video Miracle on 42nd Street video chatted with readers. They answered reader questions, broke out some dance moves and more.

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You both are amazing dancers! Where did you get the inspiration to dance and create such an amazing video?

How many times have you and Zac done this together?

What has been your most surprising comment on You Tube?

I shared your video with my children. It inspired my twin 9 year old twins to work together and recreate it -which was so much fun to watch them do this! Your kindness writing them to tell them how much you loved their version was so touching and made them so HAPPY! You guys have brought so much joy to our house this last week!

Alex, I hear you do a very weird backbend move. Do it!

Are you planning more videos that you may tell us about?

How do you do a perfect fankick?

Did you shave your legs for this? Alex?....and Zac?

Do either of you know any "Tap Moves"?  What is your most difficult move? Could you do it LIVE on the video chat?

How many times did you guys practice the dance before shooting? Where did you get the leotards and socks?

Can Zac do a split?

Can you do a heel stretch turn? Is there a certain way not to fall over and hit your head?

Did you feel the Christmas spirit running through you?

Who was the choreographer?

Loved you singing along with the words and actually responding to various cues in the song, thank you! What's with the role reversal at the end?

Zac, What is your best honey badger move?

Why did you choose that song? Any personal meaning attached to it?

You guys seem so happy.  Are you always this happy? Are you friends in "real life"?

Did you guys have any idea that this video would become so popular when you made it?

Question... Any advice on how to perfect those calypsos you guys did so amazingly?

Has anyone recognized you on the streets of NY?

Is Alex jealous because Zac is getting a lot more attention on Youtube?

Zac and Alex, what are your favorite pieces of dance?

If you could not support yourself dancing, then what would be your part time job?

Dance for us!

Love you guys! What advice would you give to a young dancer moving to NY?

What is your favorite part of the dance? Will you show us a heel stretch right now?

How do you look so good in those leotards?

Love your dancing so much! What choreographers working in dance today inspire you the most?

If this turns into a movie, who would play you?

Jennifer from Ticket Services wants to know: inspiration? how do you rock them so hard? flower: detachable?

Have you considered Whitney's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and could you attempt a little spontaneous interpretive here and now?

Will you give a shout out to all your fans at the College of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma??

Has Mariah Carey commented?

What are your dance aspirations?

Where did alex get the sweet moustache she is sporting at the end?

I'm in love with Zac so bad. What should I do? :(

I notice a ring.  Is alex married?

You work for Amy Marshall Dance Company. I studied with her a long time ago. How did you get in the company? What do you like best, and how can I get in too?

Can you give a shout out to one of your youngest and biggest fans, Isabella (age 4)?

Where did you go to college? If you want to go into modern dance do think college is important?

Do you feel as if you owe any of this newfound fame to your late nights working at Buca in Dallas?

Is there an art to auditioning? I always get cut.  :-(

Have you heard Barbra Streisand's version of Jingle Bells? "jingle bells, jingle bells, jing-jangle!" I think you both would play a great Babs!

This is obviously very funny. Have you ever thought of going into comedy or acting?

What do you hope to do next in your dancing careers?

That's a wrap!

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Alex Karigan and Zac Hammer choreographed and performed the YouTube hit "Miracle on 42nd Street". They are both members of the Amy Marshall Dance Company.
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