Jul 26, 2010

What did you think about the season 4 premiere of "Mad Men"? Advertising Age's Andrew Hampp takes your questions and comments and offers his thoughts. (Warning: There will be spoilers.)

Is it realistic to assume that someone as old as Cooper would take another run at a brand new firm? And wouldn't Sterling stand to lose a lot of dough if the Sterling Cooper deal fell through?

For a show that is so much about the details, this seems like very sloppy storytelling to me. I get why it makes good TV, but it seems so implausible.

I remember in a previous season that Roger hired an "escort" so I wasn't surprised that Don did the same thing.

But this was different, it wasn't glamorous (as Roger's was), it was a little desperate...at his home, on Thanksgiving...and the slapping.

I tend to chalk this up to lack of opportunity, being married is what gave him opportunity to interact with other women. I'm curious what you think? The last thing I expected was for Don to act desperate.

I was excited to see the return of Mad Men, but I finished the episode feeling a little nervous about whether the show could maintain its momentum.

Do you think there's a chance that the phrase "Slapping Don Draper" (from an awkward scene from last night's premiere) could replace "Jumping The Shark" and we may have seen the beginning of the decline of Mad Men?

Among the MANY reasons I love Mad Men is that I was Sally's age and the family and marriage dynamics are fascinating to me. I wonder if the demographics of the show indicate a similar interest among my peers?

As an Ad Age reporter, how did you feel about the portrayal (wooden leg not withstanding)? Did not find it the most flattering, esp the jabs thrown after the piece came out.

Also, Roger's comment that "this was supposed to be an advertisement for the agency."  Does that type of sentiment make you cringe?

Thanks for hosting this chat. On the whole I really liked the season premiere. Exploring the question of "who is Don Draper" could make for an interesting season.

But, as much as I like January Jones, I question why Betty is staying on the show if she's remarried? Personally, I'd rather see some of the other characters (like Peggy or Joan) become more developed and have a greater role.

Loved Rance Crain's op ed today. Your thoughts on the old school days at Ad Age?

Any observations on John and Marsha?

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