Mac Lethal discusses his "Texts From Bennett" Tumblr, rapping about pancakes and more.

Dec 02, 2011

Note to readers: This chat does contain some profanity.

Mac Lethal, the rapper who created and posted Nerdy white kid KILLS "Look at Me Now" and Texts From Bennett chatted with readers Friday at 11 a.m. ET.

Welcome to the chat!

How many calls did you get from music companies yesterday?

What advice to you have for independent artists to promote themselves and hopefully go viral as well someday?

Could you maybe spit a verse from the up and coming Irish Goodbye? And whats going on with that? Much love bro - Danielle, Blue Springs

Do you have the chat open in another tab or window? If so, please close it. It's messing up your audio. :) Thank you!

Is Bennett a real person, or is he someone you made up for your Tumblr?

How do you make the lyrics fit so easy? It's like you make them fit together so they make a fast sound with your vocals. Im a fan from Iceland and I like rap like the fast kind of rap that you make.  I want to know how to make such fast lyrics so I can start my own carrer as a rapper.

How many hits a day does get now?

What ingredients are in that pancake mix?

Do you think the world will ever understand Kansas City is two cities?

What motivated you to become a rapper and who were some of your idols? What advice would you have for anyone out there trying to make it in the rap game? BTW: Mac Lethal is awesome.

How do you feel about  songs like "Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning" and your pancake song overshadowing the lyrics of your other, more lyrical and deeper songs? Are you comfortable loosing your cred as a lyrical madman and being stamped as a frat music entertainer?

Are you ever going to share more ventures that Bennett had?

How did you begin to learn to rap that fast? I'm trying to learn, but I keep jumbling up my words! Any advice?

You look like you make a mean pancake, but is that your kitchen? Because that stove looks jacked.  You need to "switch it for Miele" like Jay-Z says.

Spit the fast verse from the beginning of earth by earth?

Whats your favorite text from bennant?

Would you like to borrow my stun gun?

do you have a "regular" job, or are you able to focus all of your time on creating?

As your videos go more viral, and your music gets more popular, and you gain more fans, do you feel any pressure to keep up with expectations? And is it stressful, or humbling, or both? Big fan, Mac.

What gave you the idea to start doing the YouTube speed raps? I know the first one was kinda a response to Watsky, but was it just to see if you could go viral?

How about a fast rap about your home town and the KC chiefs?  Show some hometown love bro!

Do you have a message board or forum?

Dude, I'd really like to hear you flow over "blazing arrow" by Blackalicous.

Why'd you split with them? P.S. I love your cousin Bennett

MORE SHOWS IN MINNEAPOLIS! I can feel it in the air.

What made you think about making a rap about being a boss and making pancakes? ?

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Mac Lethal
Mac Lethal is a hip-hop/folk artist from Kansas City, MO. After getting his start as a battle rapper at the prestigious, world renowned freestyle battle festival Scribble Jam, he shattered the stigma that battle rappers cannot write quality songs and began to self-release his own quirky music. Quickly he began to catch the attention of artists like Sage Francis, P.O.S, and Atmosphere, who he subsequently toured with.
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