Lunchline with Clinton Yates

Apr 05, 2011

Catch up on all the latest local buzz with The Lunchline's Clinton Yates.

D.C. Squirrel Week

Attacked Gauguin painting at National Gallery

What's with the weather?

Even though you were out sick, did you play any April Fools' jokes, or were you the unfortunate victim of any pranks?

I want to know if you have any television guilty pleasures. I ask because I recently got addicted to Archer on FX and can't stop watching that show. Reality television doesn't count (fingers crossed you don't watch reality TV)

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Clinton Yates
Clinton Yates, a D.C. native, is the Local News Editor at Express and he writes Lunchline for The Washington Post. His Twitter bio describes him as a media enthusiast and proud American.
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