Dan Snyder, National Zoo stabbing, D.C. at-large race, and stinky gingko trees: Lunchline's Clinton Yates breaks them down

Apr 26, 2011

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Who is running Dan Snyder's PR? Why, oh, why did Dan Snyder write that Op-Ed? And on the day that the NFL lost a good portion of its case. Snyder keeps digging deeper and deeper. What are your thoughts on his law suit against Washington City Paper? Both as a reporter, and as a Redskins fan? What about his essay? For me, Snyder keeps making it more difficult to remain a Redskins fan. Why did he bring it back up?

When is this guy gonna crawl back under his rock ? Yeah, we all know he didn't personally forge names onto a list of consumer orders for telephone service. All he did was order people to do it.

Then Dan Snyder is the most virtuous person inside the Beltway. The man is a walking PR disaster. Everyone forgot about that stupid lawsuit until today. I am looking forward to reading Eliot Abrams' answer to complaint, motion to dismiss, and motion for sanctions. Definitely more fun than what fans experience out at Fed Ex Field.

Time to cancel "Family Day", or at least put up weapons checks stations! Some family - just what the "community" needs. Let's face it - there ain't no "family" nor a "community".

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