Michelle Obama does the Dougie, Church solar panels, Caps lose and more: Lunchline's Clinton Yates breaks them down

May 04, 2011

Catch up on all the latest local buzz with The Lunchline's Clinton Yates. He's a news junkie and pop culture fanatic who scours The Washington Post and its partner sites every weekday to find the gems that you want to read but don't have time to search for.

Tune in Wednesday May 4, at noon ET..

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Can we push the panic button now?

How do you explain the ongoing popularity on the Post web site of the Glenn Beck story? is it unusual for a story to be at or near the most popular for almost a month?

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Clinton Yates
Clinton Yates, a D.C. native, is the Local News Editor at Express and he writes Lunchline for The Washington Post. His Twitter bio describes him as a media enthusiast and proud American.
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