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Aug 29, 2014

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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Good morning everyone!

I'm getting ready to head out for the kickoff weekend of the Catholic University field hockey season down in Ashland, Virginia tonight but BEFORE that happens, let's chat!

We will have sunk to a new low if the president's suit is WWIW, no ?

It's not.

Does Mary Landrieu qualify since it appears she lives in Washington?

Getting warm.

The Chuck Todd button was amazing! Now I'm waiting for a "Ralph Wiggum for President" button.

Thanks! For those of you who don't know, today is Chuck Todd's last day as host of the Daily Rundown before he moves on to host Meet The Press.

I was thrilled to have a chance to participate in it.  And, yes, I wore a Chuck Todd button.

It seems like she has some issues to deal with. They are minor ones, but those things add up over time. She is already vulnerable, but will she be hurt by these issues?

I think this "where does she live" thing (read story here: is a distraction she doesn't need.

She is running for reelection in a state that tilts Republicans. It doesn't look like a great year for Democrats nationally. And Landrieu has never won with more than 52%. 

So this is a complication she doesn't need.

More likely family name to hold on-Begich or Pryor? I'm leaning Pryor. Agree?

I think Begich.  Democrats feel very good about where he is.  Republicans admit he looks pretty strong.

Isn't time to rename the award in honor of Barack Obama? Kind of like the Vince Lombardi trophy...

We almost named it the Anthony Weiner award for a period when he won 5 weeks in a row. That's a record that may never be broken.

Is this the year that she runs out of luck?

I think it's her toughest race, yes.

The polls for the Senate race seem to be all over the place. How do you rate the race, a toss up or is it leaning in one direction.

Very close.  I think it will be the race that decides whether Republicans retake the majority or not.

What are you Drinking? Where are you Posting? What's the soundtrack? Who is Coach Fix playing this week?

Already put a way a grade mocha this AM.

Listening to Josh Ritter.

At the Fix home HQ

Mrs. Fix's Catholic U Cardinals take on Randolph Macon tonight at 6 pm and then Denison University on Sunday.

I will be the guy in the stands ranting about the referees.

I know we usually grouse about your checkered shirts, but that is nothing compared to a tan suit!

I still think Obama should have gone full second term president mode and rolled up in a seersucker suit.

The most important race of the year will not take place on November 4th. It will happen on October 27th, when the citizens of Toronto have the chance to do the right thing and return Rob Ford to his rightful thrown.

Rob Ford, king of the Andals and the First Men...

It came early this year, did you get one yet? I feel like I can only get one when there's a little chill in the air, and by the time I'm ready in a day to get one, it's sunny and warm... I'm thinking Mid-September for the first one here.

Agree. I need a crisp morning to pull the trigger. Once I open Pumpkindora's box, however, look out.

Maureen McDonnell. Not only did her husband throw her under the bus, but he backed up and ran her over again and again!

I feel like the McDonnells could win every week.

I love these live chats so much, I had to tune in while on vacation in the DR. I get the feeling that you hate answering questions about polling, but things do seem to be all over the map of late. Fox News has Democrats +7 on the generic congressional ballot? Do you think these types of results are just statistical noise, or do pollsters intentionally manipulate results to strike terror into their respective bases?

LOVE your commitment!

I think there's a lot of noise out there right now. Partisans are seizing on whatever data makes their point.

I think what we know is that the election looks marginally goof for Republicans but that there doesn't look to be a wave building just yet.

Airline Passengers without the "Knee Defender"

The Fix father in law is a BIG believer in the knee defender. BIG.

Do you know who will be the new TDR host?

I don't!

Can we expect to see you on Meet The Press now that Chuck Todd is doing hosting duties?

I hope so! But that's up to Chuck.  I mean, I DID wear a Chuck button this morning....I also loaned him $5 about 10 years ago....just saying...

Bob Mcdonnell, after this trial he kind of reminds me of Warden Norton from Shawshank Redemption. Clean to the outside world corrupt on the inside.

Who is the Andy Dufresne character?

Ford More Years!!! He has to win!!

Will be going to Vegas in two weeks. Any thoughts of what I should do while I am there?

See a show! Underrated part of Vegas.

Andrew Cuomo?

Not a very good week. But he's not in Washington!

I'm the opposite of a fan of the president, but the suit was very good. It's steamy in Washington this time of year, so even though he's on a millionaire's estate where it's cool, he looks good pretending to be suffering like the rest of us.

I still believe in a place called Taupe.

"We don't have a strategy yet" was an answer to a question about getting Congress on board. This is political journalism at its worst.

Well, what Obama says matters.

Read this:

Is everyone at the Fix mandated to wear a fanny pack, ala The Rock?

No comment.

Let's just say there are a LOT of rules.

Rule #1: Do NOT make eye contact with Chris.

There doesn't appear to be a safe democratic senator or governor in any even slightly swing-y state: Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Colorado, incumbent democratic senators and governors all seem to have single-digit leads at best. How close are we to seeing a third consecutive wave election?

Not sure I see MN or CO moving toward Republicans. NH looks a little closer.

As for a wave, I don't see it. Yet.

Pres. Obama's Tailor. What's with that ill-fitting Tan Suit?

He's a thin dude. 

How do things look after the primary? Who got more votes?

It's close. I think Scott has a slight lead.  He is spending HUGE money on TV bashing Crist.

You are extremely quick-witted in your replies to the chat questions. Are you like that in real life conversation, too?

Uh, what?

Best News next week is the return of the one and only Mr. Tony.

The Orange One's return is indeed cause for celebration. 

If you missed it:

Since you think NC could decide the senate, I assume you think CO is at lease leaning to Udall?

Yes. I think the "personhood" stuff really hurts Cory Gardner with women in the suburbs of Denver, which is the group he has to win to win the race.

I think Senate control prob comes down to NC or IA.

Do you just call him Fix-FIL for short? How's Fix. Jr's soccer team?

Good idea. Will do so from now on.

Team hasn't formed yet. Working the transfer window right now...

Expecting passengers to not recline seats that recline is like expecting patients to not look at magazines put in the waiting room. That's what they're there for.

I NEVER recline. And I am 6'2".

Top 4 prediction. Go.

In order





Harry Reid, public officials probably should avoid making "Wong" jokes to an Asian audience.

That was last week though...

Has David Gregory won this yet?

Yes. Last week.


I don't know what the "R" is for.

We may lose the field hockey game, but at least one of our professors will be in Congress! Will you be seeking out Brat or Trammell? (Not a good sign for Trammell that as a self-proclaimed politically engaged liberal, I still had to Google his name.)


They should change the team mascot to "The Fighting Dave Brats".

Is a wave election one where one party's supporters come out in force or the other party's supporters stay home or both?

Where national issues dominate local ones and one side wins basically all of the swing seats.

Is there a record for the number of responses in an hour for Fix Live? For WaPO chats ? Surely , you must hold it.

I like to think I embody the  phrase "quantity over quality".

This is why Chuck Todd isn't going to invite you on his show ... that and he doesn't want to pay you back that $5.


With chats you've had with Mr. Todd, what changes do you expect him to bring to MTP? We've seen This Week move towards a "news magazine" format and see some success with audiences, do you expect him to embrace that tactic at all?

I don't know (we haven't talked about it.) But I am really excited to see what he cooks up!

You should see whether they can get a match in with Man U before relegation. Good to limber up, you know?

True. Also nice to start the season with an easy win.

It is way early but could you envision Marco Rubio getting a tough race?

Could? Sure. But it speaks to the weakness of the Democratic bench in florida that a guy who was the REPUBLICAN governor of the state four years ago as their nominee for governor this time around.

The guy responsible for finding the "Soup of the Day" on the Daily RUndown because he's out of a job?

People who know soup will ALWAYS find work.

Do you not recline because you think it's wrong to recline? Passengers trying to rest, sleep , stretch....need to recline.

Because 3 inches of reclining doesn't give me any better chance of relaxing or sleeping and it almost certainly inconveniences the person behind me.

The best way to get on MTP is to tweet how much you love the Miami Hurricanes 24/7.


Worst Week should go to the President for that Press conference with no strategy for ISIS.

Not one of his best moments. 

He did win the "honor" last week.

So where are you? what you wearing and what you drinking? And can you wish me a happy birthday too?

Happy Birthday!

I got you this:

Tom Corbett wins re-election or you eat a sandwich with mayonnaise on it?

Mayo. Not close. I did it recently. I was SO hungry (it was like 3 pm) and I went to Potbelly. Italian with mustard and hot peppers. Except they put mayo and hot peppers. I ate it anyway. Gagged twice.


Laughing Out Real Loud?

"As for a wave, I don't see it. Yet." Way to go out on a limb there....

Maybe I am not far enough forward on my surfboard.

Drinking one right now. It doesn't taste right to do have one before my alma mater kicks off its football season.

Agree. I need a daytime temperature in the 50s before I break the seal.

If you had to choose between consistent contributor status to Men in Blazers or Meet the Press, which would it be. #NotInTheFace #COYG

This question scored too soon.

Because I'm not a boor. Bore, maybe.

Totally agree.

So do you have a guess on how many seats will be gained lost by both parties?

Republicans gain between 5-10. think that all airline seats should be as not to recline?


So you're against the right to recline?

Strongly.  And against people who stand to work at their desks. 

Talk about a candidacy that went kaput.

Yeah, hasn't panned out. But it was always a very tough race.

How did you come to be called The Fix?

This is an origin myth that will be covered in the "Behind the Music" special on The Fix.

Seriously, does she think that claiming that she maybe perhaps I'll-think-about-it "won't vote" for Harry Reid for Speaker when the vote is SECRET is going to sway voters?

Yeah, it won't.

How do you choose which questions to take?

A VERY complicated formula.  Lots of math.

So what's going through your head when the person in front of you reclines?


Anybody working on "House of Cards" because they were shut out of the Emmys

Well, it's a terrible show so...

The seats recline. Passengers can decide to recline or not. Are you trying to deny them the right to make that decision?

No. I am just saying I don't recline. And no one else should either.

are all the rage at my workplace, what's your beef with it, looks? practicality?

Mostly the assumed sanctimony.

Being 6-5/295, I always just lean down and ask the person in front of me to do me a favor. After looking all the way up into my cold dead eyes, they're usually inclined to stay unreclined.

Well said.

Which incumbent is more likely to lose?

Malloy in CT.

problem wasn't the fit as much as the color just washes him out, made him look haggard IMO.

Read this from Robin Givhan, the WaPo fashion critic, on the suit:

So which states are def flipping from D to R in November?


South Dakota

West Virginia

I think the next two most likely are Louisiana and Arkansas.

When the person in front of you can simply recline your own seat. That way all are more comfortable.

And then the person behind me gets screwed.

A pestilence. With only 27 inches per passenger or whatever the dratted figure is, it is simple human consideration not to encroach on others' space. I also do not like finding crumbs left in the butter dish.

We can rise up!

Do you think of yourself as a digital journalist or a print journalist? Or the King of All Media?

Just plain journalist.

Also, I don't like cats.

The person behind you can also recline.

But what about that poor person sitting at the back near the bathroom?

Also, another flying pet peeve: People who put that gross air blower on. Just blowing germs all over yourself and your seatmates.

Who in their right mind puts mustard on an Italian sandwich? No wonder Potbelly's screwed up the order. The order was wrong wrong wrong in the first place.

But mayo?!

are the ones who recline AND don't put the seat backs up when the flight attendants tell them to just before landing.

Yes. Those are the people to whom the regular rules don't apply. They're the best.

While this "recline or don't recline" debate could continue ad infinitum, I need to end the chat. Got to get on the road -- and get my face painted -- in advance of the Catholic field hockey game tonight.

Have a great long weekend and GO CARDINALS!


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