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Aug 15, 2014

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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Good morning everyone! I am taking today off -- but i NEVER miss a chat if I can help it.

So, fresh off of watching Fix Jr. play soccer, I am sequestered at a local Starbucks bringing my chat game to you.

Let's start off the chat with a question. As of today, what is the ONE race you think decides the Senate majority -- and why?

Bring it.

I know that endorsements do not normally have much of an impact (if any), but what do you think of the Zell Miller endorsement for Michelle Nunn? I was surprised by that one.

Matters at the margins.  

I think Zell's relationship with Michelle Nunn's father certainly helped.

That said, if you want to cut a profile as a Democrat who doesn't take your marching orders from national Democrats, then having Zell Miller in your corner helps.

That said, this race is going to be decided based on a choice between David Perdue and Michelle Nunn. 

I found your article on Gov. Nixon's past very interesting. Politico is reporting that many are upset at his late response. Could some be so upset that they call for a recall?

I doubt it. (I am not even sure whether Missouri has a recall law.)

I do think that Nixon's slow handling of this whole thing hurt the momentum he was trying to build as a national candidate and maybe VP material.

Brian Schweitzer indicated that he "would not seek" the nomination to replace Walsh but that appears to leave open the possibility of responding to a draft. Wishful thinking?


I think the likely nominee will be a 34 year old state representative named Amanda Curtis. This will be a good starter race for her but I don't think she has much of a chance to win.

Here's a good piece on her:

Feel badly saying this, but David Gregory had worst week. Losing MTP. Wishing Chuck Todd much success as new host.

I think it was a crappy situation.  I think you are right though.

Since Hax is back, can we still ask relationship advice from you.

Yes. And he's bad for you.

So what do you make of Senator Paul's Time magazine editorial on Ferguson? While I'm in Hilary's camp, he certainly is making things interesting. It makes me wonder, would he do a third party move if the republicans don't come his way?

I thought it was fascinating and proved that he is the most interesting force in the GOP right now.

I even wrote about it:

My choice to take over the Daily Rundown hot seat is Fix Aaron

Noted.  And thank you, Mrs. Blake, for being on the chat today.

How excited are you for the EPL season to begin tomorrow?

You have NO idea. Fix Jr also super revved up. He's a Liverpool guy as is MRs. Fix.

Can we PLEASE stop ending all political scandals with the word -gate. Up here in NY we're dealing with Moreland-gate and....ugh. Its lazy, its dated and it does nothing to inform the reader of what the scandal is actually about. I'm sure a person with your influence could end this practice, or at the very least stop it amongst the minions of The Fix empire.

Henceforward this email will be looked upon as the start of chat-gate.

Who would be your dream host for Meet the Press?

Chuck Todd.  Or possible Michael Davies and Roger Bennett. 

Disappointed you weren't chosen?


Will you be the next host of The Daily Rundown?


On next Tuesday and Wednesday. I am guest hosting.

That's what you meant, right?

Where are you posting? What is the Soundtrack? What are you Drinking? If you were a Guest Star in "Sharknado 3" would you want to be an "Expert" on TV, or just a Bystander turned into Lunch?

Starbucks in McLean, VA.

Grande Mocha with soy.

Expert for sure. I'll never get called an expert otherwise.

Rog and Davo hosting their own late night talk show. Great idea or greatest idea?


Kentucky - McConnell vs. Grimes If it's 49-50 on Nov 5th and it comes down to a Runoff, the momentum will be behind whichever party wom the KY race.

There wouldn't be a runoff. Someone got 50%.

Runoff so we can all enjoy a long December (and now I'm hearing the Counting Crows in my head).

So so true.

How many Ric Flair and The Rock references will you bring on Tuesday and Wednesday?

Let's just say this.



What is Raj Goyle up to these days in Wichita?

Wow. Old school. Respect. 

According to the Internet, Raj continues to represent the 87th district in the Kansas House.


He leaves the show and the network. Where does he land next? Tab Benoit, awesome at The State last night! Plays at a Baltimore fest this weekend. The boy has chops to spare on the Telecaster and a really good blues voice.

I am not sure yet. But I guarantee you some network will want David's talents on their air.

Which group would you rather be part of: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Guardians of the Galaxy?

Can I be that raccoon guy?

I understand Chuck Todd was good on Celebirty Jeopardy. How good are you? Should it count toward getting the TDR chair?

Let's just say this: I host a monthly trivia night.

What does that tell you? I am good at knowing the answers to hard trivia questions when they are written on a page I am reading off of.

Any movement in the Florida Polls after the big story in the St. Perersburg Times?

I think Crist has slipped back into a tie or very close to it with Gov. Scott.

Scott has run the better campaign to date.

If The Rock is Hercules, which Greek God is Rick Flair?


As of today looks like he doesn't have a shot against Shaheen for NH Senate. Potential run for Governor in the Granite State next? Is there still room for him somewhere?

I think if he loses this one (and I think he will) he is done.

He will go make money in the private sector. And i continue to believe he would have been FAR better off running for governor in Massachusetts this cycle.

My question is what should I do after this chat?

Easy. Go back and read the chat again.

You sure? He has a limited life-span.

Don't we all?

Rocket Raccoon or Groot?

Is Groot the tree? hard to argue with a tree.

If Colleen Hanabusa loses today (which looks likely). Are her chances better if she runs against Brian Schatz in 2016 for the full term?

I doubt it. He will have that much more time to be an incumbent -- which is still a very good thing in Hawaii.

This was Hanabusa's chance. if she loses today -- and I agree she will -- I don't see another obvious race for her.

Also, read this Philip Bump piece on why Hanabusa won;t win today:

Landrieu or Cassidy?

If it goes to a runoff and control of the Senate is at stake, then I have a hard time seeing Landrieu winning.

If control of the Senate isn't at stake in the runoff, I could see her winning although I think she would still be a runoff.

How do we nominate you to permanently take over the soon-to-be vacant seat at The Daily Rundown?

I'm sure there's some sort of form on the Internet....wait. here it is:

After years of watching on the World Cup/Women's World Cup/Euro, I've finally decided to start watching EPL. How does one pick a team to root for? Any suggestions?

YES.  Don't root for Arsenal or Man City. Or Chelsea. Man U is acceptable.

In truth, I think you should root for one of three teams: Liverpool, Everton or Tottenham. 

None are GIANTS so it's not like rooting for the Yankees.  But, all three are very competitive and will keep you interested throughout the season.

Or you could just root for Crystal Palace because they have an awesome name.

Voiced by Bradley Cooper which is way cool, but I really thought you'd opt for the Chris Pratt role of Starlord! He has mix tapes and just the right amount of snark.

Bradley Cooper was one year older than me at georgetown. And one hundred million times more successful.

Sound workable?

Yes. Interesting ticket. Though I still think Tim Kaine or Julian Castro would be a better pick...

Went to South Bend, IN on vacation, and posed under the mural giving our own "TD" signal. Every fan should do it.

Notre Dame sucks.

Oh Chris, I'm so verklempt. I remember when we celebrated Fix Jr's. birth here...

I know! He is 5 now.  I teared up 3 times today watching him run around the soccer field. I am such a sap.

This worked eventually for Barbara Mikulski's career, after a thankless stint running against beloved incumbent MD. Senator Charles "Mac" Matthias.

Yup. Taking one for the team has its benefits. If Amanda Curtis runs a credible race, she will emerge embiggened (Jebediah Springfield!) for future races.

Go directly to Hax. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200, because Hax is worth far more than that.

Good advice. Today and everyday.

Just like Alex Trebek!

We also both have (or have had) outstanding mustaches.

Do you have a wedding horror story to contribute? Or was your wedding drama free because you: 1) wore what Mrs. Fix told you to wear 2) showed up when and where Mrs. Fix told you to be and 3) kept your mouth shut except for saying 'I do' when Mrs. Fix told you to speak.

Here's my big takeaway from my wedding. I sweated more than any man has ever sweated.

I also got to marry the best person in the world.  So, I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

What political role of his did you like most?

Good Morning Vietnam.

What are Al Franken's chances of keeping his seat?


He loses ONLY IF the national environment absolutely collapses on Democrats this fall. That's possible but very unlikely.

Is Ferguson just a body blow or fatal injury to his VP chances?

I am not sure his chances were all that good prior to this. And they are even less good now.

But the tree was always right! He didn't say much, but he was always right.

The tree IS always right.

Randomly "Visions of Johanna", my favorite Dylan song,  just came on at this Starbucks. I take this as a good omen.

Now that the primaries are over, how does it look in Walker vs. Bentz for WI Governor?


Walker vs Burke?

I think he retains a slight advantage because Republicans are so well organized and energized in the state. Burke has been a solid candidate thus far but I think she will be put to the test by Walker world post-Labor Day.

Any early episodes that you would tape?

Lisa The Vegetarian is the best episode ever.

It taught me my most important life lesson: You don't make friends with salad.

Still have a photo of that?

One person possesses that photo: Danielle Jones, the head boss at Politico. 

What was your favorite Robin Williams movie? Mine was Good Will Hunting

Dead Poets. my gosh. For an aspiring English major, that movie was my everything.

You have the ever-expanding Fix Empire at a world-class newspaper, a terrific wife and adorable sons and an intelligent, articulate fan base. I'm not convinced that Cooper is really one hundred million time more successful than you. :-)

Scaling that back to 50 million times.

I thought Fix Jr loyalty was sold to Real Madrid or Barcelona on the transfer market


He DOES love Suarez (pre-bite) and Messi so I think Barca is close to his heart. But, "You'll Never Walk Alone" is SO moving and he gets into it.

Also, if you haven't watched the 30 for 30 on the Hillsborough disaster, you need to. So moving.

Is it likelier that "the national environment absolutely collapses on Republicans this fall"?

No. Obama approval numbers stink and it's hard to see them moving upward. And historically, second term midterms are terrible for the party who controls the presidency.

Is it trending in either direction right now? Or just sort of plodding along, not great for Democrats but not the disaster of 2010?

That's a very good description.  2014 looks, right now, not like a disaster year but rather like a not so good year.

Anything to take out of the Primary Race Results?

Not really.  I think Foley vs Malloy is going to be a close race.  Malloy is not terribly popular.

Cook Political Report just moved the race to a toss up, which is where I think it should be.

Assuming Republicans take the Senate this year, which looks close to a sure thing, what do the numbers look like for them holding it in 2016? Will controlling the Senate and the House help the GOP presidential candidate? Lastly, are Democrats still ignoring state legislative races? It appears they're content with giving the GOP a huge gerrymandering advantage in the House.

2016 is a very tough year for Republicans -- since it's the class of 2010.

So, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and a potential open seat in Iowa will all be tough holds for the GOP.


The Two Escobars has to be high on the list

Also loved the one on Benjy.

The best episode was "The Homer They Fall". Moe as Homer's boxing trainer was a 12 out of 10.

When Homer and Barney become astronauts also AMAZING.

My first thought was NC, on the theory that if Hagan wins it's a sign of Dem strength. But local issues are probably more important there. I think it might be AK, because if Begich doesn't win then the Dems have no shot -- but then that's true in IA and NC too. I think maybe I have to go back to NC, because I think Hagan is in a tougher race than Begich. OTOH, if it's AK, then we have to stay up all night watching. So for that reason, I am going to stick with AK. What do you think?

I think Alaska is a very good pick. Begich is as good a candidate as Democrats can hope for up there and has done everything right.  But, he could lose based largely on national environment and, if he does, it would suggest the national environment is bad enough to cost Democrats the Senate.

Does Quinn have any chance?


Democrats are trying to cast Bruce Rauner as a Mitt Romney clone: rich business guy who doesn't care about average people.

That could work. But I think Quinn is an underdog. His numbers are terrible.

What is your assessment of the Arkansas Senate race?

Very close.  Both sides have internal polling showing their guy slightly ahead.

I think Cotton has the slightest of edges right now because of the state where the race is being run. But Pryor has proven resilient to date.

Best was Last Exit to Springfield where Homer becomes Union Leader.

"You're a really whiz, Simpson. Always looking out for number one." -- C. Montgomery Burns.

I love your choice....btw, Man U looked awfully good in the pre-season. Liv will miss Suarez, choppers and all.


I think Man U will be strong again.  Managers matter at that level. I worry Arsenal is significantly better. Their fans are already insufferable.

Agreed on 'Visions of Johanna'. They should have given him the Nobel right then and anything !

Also LOVE "Boots of Spanish Leather". They are 1 and 1a in my book.

How many reporters in Washington and New York grew up in the middle of the country?

Um, I don't have an exact count on me...

When Grandpa Simpson wins a big at a casino and gives the money to the Springfield Retirement Home. "Dignity is on me."

[shakes fist at sky]

How do you compare your excitement for EPL tomorrow with your excitement for CUA field hockey in two weeks? On a scale of 1 to 100?

CUA field hockey: 150 (Most talented team ever.)

EPL: 99.99

You're a Dad. Enjoy it !! MVMD

Thanks much. And I do.

Don't disagree with your assessment, but "most interesting force in the GOP right now" is a pretty low bar.

I would say most interesting voice in EITHER party at the moment.

Alright, folks. That's a wrap. Have a GREAT weekend and enjoy the start of the EPL season!


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