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Feb 21, 2014

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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Happy Friday everyone!  

I turned 38 this week. I also started quoting Rust Cohle from "True Detective" a little more than is healthy. 

So, with that out of the way, let's do this thing.

JF sez: "I hate mayonnaise. I'm disgusted by it. I can't stand it. Blechhhh."

Look. On this reasonable people agree: Mayonnaise is absolutely disgusting.

What's your favorite Ted Nugent song? Think he'll run for president?

Does he have any songs other than "Cat Scratch FEver"?  And, um, no.

So season two comes out and I think to myself, ought to give this a try. I watch the first six episodes of season one DESPERATELY trying to find someone I like in this show. And Frank Underwood? Too hard to believe that one man knows all the right levers to pull and wins . . . . . ALL THE TIME! I know it's just a TV show but really? Color me not a fan.

I have promised myself I will, at least, finish out Season 1. (I only made it through three episodes.)

But, it is going to be tough. I find the show hard to watch.

Knowing your "love" of House of Cards, it's gotta be Zoe Barnes, right?

I have no idea what this tweet means but presume you have to have watched more than 3 episodes in the first season to understand it.

Since most media outlets are partisan, you got the liberal news outlets then a couple of conservative, so we know as readers what prism the news reporting is coming from. But Chris, you are a mystery. We need to know are you Repulican, Democrat or whatever. Please state.

I get this question in every chat.

Same answer as always: I am drawn to politics for the personalities, the history, the statistics and the pageantry. I am not and never have been ideological.

People find that hard to believe. I get that.But it's the truth.

Barring a live boy/dead girl situation, can Tom Corbett win re-election?

Almost certainly not.

Bonus points for quoting Edwin Edwards just as he floats the possibility of running AGAIN for office in Louisiana.

Check this out:

Nice of you to give Ovi the Worst Week in Washington while his father is in the hospital after surgery for heart problems, which his family didn't tell him about. Very classy.


Look, in the piece I note Ovechkin is being unfairly blamed for Russia's loss.  But, he was THE face of the Winter Olympics AND his coach threw him under the bus after they lost.

That's a tough week.

Can Paul Ryan really cement the ultra-conservative and moderate conservative wings into a coalition or are we going to see multiple ballots and a bloodbath? Personally, my money is on an Establishment vs. Ted Cruz proxy war that sets the stage for 2016.

I think it would be Eric Cantor against Paul Ryan and would give a slight edge to Ryan just because of his national profile and credibility among conservatives in the Congress.

Just a friendly reminder to all that The Americans returns on Wednesday. Perhaps it will seem more poignant given the rise of Putin.

Oh, I am WELL aware. CANNOT wait.

True/False: Ted Cruz is not in the Senate in 2019.

I say true. Heck , I wrote a piece about it here:

LOL at Scott Walker. Anyone else the Beltway wants to hype? Oh, he won in a blue state. Totally made the difference for Romney. Totally swung Wisconsin having a pol from Wisconsin on the ticket too. Oops.

All fair points.

But I think Walker is a star among national conservatives, is a favorite to win three election in a D leaning state in 4 years and appens to be a midwesterner in a party that's first nominating contest is in the midwest...

Better chance of happening: Immigration reform becoming law or me getting a date with Kate Upton?

How handsome are you?

Rank from most likely to least likely the following senators don't come back next year: (1) Mitch McConnell, (2) John Cornyn, (3) Pat Roberts, or (4) Lamar Alexander

Unmentioned but most likely not to make it back: Thad Cochran in Mississippi.

After Thad, I would say Roberts, McConnell, Cornyn and Lamar(!).

But I don't think any of them lose -- with the exception possibly of Cochran and maybe Roberts.

As a Democrat, I have to say that this "scandal" means nothing to me. Official staff coordinating with campaign staff is something that happens every minute of every day so who cares?

Not a whole lot of there there -- in terms of NEW information -- from all of the documents released this week. Certainly no smoking gun.

If you were his political adviser, what should he do to repair his image with the base and bring him back to the top tier of candidates for 2016? Or would you advise he take a pass this time around, rally hard around the eventual nominee, pray you get picked for VP, and set yourself up for next time?

I'd try to the the former for the next year or so and if it doesn't work, I'd do the latter. Remember he is only in his early 40s.

I wrote  a piece this week about how Rubio is trying to earn back his conservative credentials:

So the Olympics have been going on in Russia for a couple weeks now, yet there has not been enough Rocky IV references for my taste. Somebody needs to bust out the American flag trunks and win the hearts and minds of the Russian people like the Italian Stallion.

"If I can change, you can change and we all can change." 

Words to live by.

He doesn't seem to be acting like a candidate for 2016? What gives? Does he have inside knowledge from the Clinton camp?

Waiting to see what Clinton does because he knows he isn't running if she is. Cuomo, unlike, say, Martin O'Malley can afford to wait a bit.

10. Snow and water boarding 9. Ski jumping to conclusions 8. Synchronized Filibustering 7. Uncurling Bo the Portuguese Water Dog's Fur 6. Figure skating on thin ice 5. Riding the Congressional subway while reading the Federalist Papers until you get sick all over Barbara Mikulkski 4. Triple Frank Luntz 3. Mixed doubles at the Willard 2. Wiping the smirk off Ted Cruz's face And the number one event if the Winter Olympics were held in DC: 1. Biden-sledding

This is absolutely amazing.

How far will they advance in the NIT?

It hurts. It hurts real bad.

As I tweeted last night, here's Rust Cohle on the Georgetown season: "You're trapped, like a nightmare you keep waking up to"

It looks more and more like the establishment may split the 16 vote similar to how the tea party did in 12. Christie, bush, rubio, jindal, while conservative, dont have the same firebrand qualities some voters want. could this create an opportunity for a tea party candidate such as cruz, or a harder to define candidate like paul to win a divided field?

I have started seeing the 2016 race as Rand/Crux battling for one slot in the finals and everyone else fighting for the other one.

At the moment, I see it as Walker vs Rand for the nomination. But, as many people who read me will tell you, what the hell do I know?

Will Land win the seat against Peters? This would mean the democrats are in trouble..

If Land wins, then Democrats have lost the Senate.

That race seems to me to be a good test of the national environment. Michigan is a state where the Democratic nominee should win in a neutral to slightly negative environment. The only way a D nominee loses is if the environment is really bad for their side -- ala Spence Abraham's victory in 1994, the last time a Republican won a Senate seat in Michigan.

Governor George P Bush? When? I see it

Look at the 2022 election.

Assuming Greg Abbott wins this fall and gets reelected in 2018 -- which is the likeliest scenario given Texas' GOP lean -- then the governor's seat will be open in 2022 and the demographics of the state may have moved enough by the to make it possible for a Democrat to win.

So, George P. could face off against, say, one of the Castro brothers.

Sorry for the delay! Blame Panera wifi. I have relocated. let's do it! (Again)

He's so boring he makes Chris Dodd look like Charlie Sheen.

Now that you mention it, Chris Dodd does look like a slightly older version of Charlie Sheen. Both have outstanding hair.

Can you assign someone from The Fix team to specifically cover Edwin Edwards. I don't care if he runs or not, he just needs someone taking everything he says down.

Read my mind.

Assuming Hillary doesn't run and Biden run and gets the nomination who is on his short list for VP?

I think Tim Kaine is absolutely in the mix for VP no matter who is the nominee.

Some of the other names might depend on who Republicans pick. If Rubio is the GOP nominee, for example, there might be some desire for Democrats to put a prominment Hispanic on their ticket too.

Who's more likely to lose: Scott or Quinn? I honestly just cat see charlie crist getting to 50+1%

I think Scott is more likely to lose. But Charlie Crist's campaign to date in Florida has been bumbling to say the least.

So apparently there is a shortage of both clowns and coffee; how do you see us surviving (or do we just lay down and surrender)

I heard about the clown shortage. Huge news.  More time for Fizzbo.

So no comment on going after someone while their father is in the hospital?

You mean from the Russian coach? No, I don't think he mentioned it.

but back when you turned 18 and were not a political writer, you must have voted at least once. . . so who did you favor in the bush/clinton years (doing the math this may have been your 1st eligible election?)

Never have voted except for my guy James Fogarty (he was an undergrad with me at Gtown) in a local G'town election. (We were trying to get a student voice on the Gtown community group.)

You may be the sole person on the planet who doesn't know what happened to Zoe Barnes. In any event, what is your reaction to Robin Wright's claim that she's been told that reporters do sleep with their sources (corroborated by Bob Beckel of "The Five" -- a good show, BTW)?

Robin Wright knows as much about politics as I know about acting.

The US Women's Hockey Team!

Not a good one. Tough loss.

Can you talk about why you choose to write about a given Pol or topic on any given day? Is it all a gut feeling or have you considered how you reach a decision to write an article?

I have been at this for a while so some of it is just feel. I also have some folks who work for me now so we spend some of the morning on who should be writing what.

It's more feel than anything else.

What is he doing? Renewing your contract with Fox News isn't a great way to launch a New Hampshire race is it?

Going to Iowa!

I tend to think Brown would rather run for president than run for the Senate. But, he is is trying to figure out whether that's doable. What he knows; If he runs against Jeanne Shaheen this fall and loses, his presidential hopes go bye bye.

To be a senator next year: Gary Peters or Bruce Braley?

Braley for sure. Although from what I hear from Republican in Iowa, Mark Jacobs is starting to emerge as the frontrunner in that field.

How's his plan to rule the world from behind the walls of the Heritage Foundation going?


What's the current scuttlebutt in the racee for the Florida 13? Is momentum with Sink or with Jolly?

I still think it's Sink's to lose, which has been the case since the start of the race.

Outside GOP groups are spending heavily and it's likely to tighten. Not sure if Jolly can get over the top though.

Jimmy, Jimmy, or Dave?

Oh, Jimmy. Not close.

Mrs. Fix would leave me for Fallon as fast as you can say "awesome Neil Young impersonation"

Any good gifts from the Fix staff or family? And regarding sharing your birthday with McConnell and Rihanna - they both must be big Fix readers, did you hear from them?

Haven't opened the official Fix Bday gifts yet. Going to tonight.

And, weirdly, I didn't hear from Rihanna. She must have left a message and I missed it.

The Norwegian Curling Team's Pants, Gov. Edward's Past, or one of your shirts?

1. Edwards past

2. My shirts

3. Norwegian pants

Any early thoughts on this development?

Just one: I love politics.

I think he's going to lose. Agree?

I do not.

He is is FAR stronger position than I thought he would be two years ago. It's Ohio so it's always going to be a competitive contest but seems to me he is a favorite right now.

Is that the first Guilt Trip you've ever gotten about worst week?

Far from it.

The Internet loves the "shame on you" move. Aside from being outraged, it's the #1 seed of Internet emotion.

If Ovechkin had known about his father's surgery, I could see how that might have affected his performance. And then you (or anyone) might feel badly about criticizing him. But given that he didn't know about the surgery, how could it have been a distraction?

Thank you.

Did you know that mayo has to have a MINIMUM of 65% vegetable oil by weight according to FDA regulations? And Miracle Whip ain't no Mayonnaise (veggie oil content is too low).

I just dry heaved a little. Thanks.

So when the Andrea Mitchell Report moves to noon, when will we usually get to see you on the show?

I think, usually, right at the top still! That's the plan.

And thrilled for Andrea to move to the noon hour.

I'm a political junkie & i've been searching for months for a US map of the House districts superimposed over google maps.. do you know if that exists? I'm starting to think about mapping myself all the districts in Google maps....

I don't. But maybe someone who reads this chat might...

You continue to list him as a top contender if Clinton takes a pass. I work in New York and I know the people here like him, but I don't sense any great love - he has the personality of mayonnaise. I really can't imagine him wearing well beyond a very deep blue demographic.

1. Great last name in D politics

2. Proven ability to raise tens of millions of dollars

3. Record as gov of NY that will appeal to liberals

That's a pretty nice jumping off point.

Who is the next prominent athlete to enter politics and actually have a shot at winning? I say Tebow here in FL. BTW- mid 80's and sunny here in South Florida. Get the word out- we need the tourist dollars.

Clint Didier?

Is it true to become a journalist, you gave up a carreer in Curling?

It's still too painful a period of time in my life to talk about.

This interview is over.

"George P. could face off against, say, one of the Castro brothers." Assuming he gets past Ted Cruz.

That's President Cruz to you.

Chris what do you think are the chances that the Congressional election looks like 1998 when the election was more about Republicans trying to impeach Clinton and over-reaching rather than the public being tired of the President's party being in office.

Unlikely. Impeachment was a story that captured everyone's attention and on which Republicans badly overplayed their hand.

There doesn;'t seem to be to be a BIG issue like that looming for Republicans. And, how they handled the debt ceiling suggests to me they are aware of the danger of getting in their own way.

My mother says the Tampa TV Staions are about wall-to-wall Sink and Jolly ads! Just how much money is being spent down there?

More than $4 million from outside groups alone as of ealier this week. More to come..

Seth Meyers (writer) or Jimmy Fallon (all around talent) since you are all about the same age and appear in widely seen videos.

I am more like that guy Chris Kattan. 

Is it worth having 12 Senators from the Golden State(s)?

Writing on this for the Fix today! Fascinating to game out what it might look like.

I thought Canada had a Prime Minister.


Kim Yu-Na was robbed last night. I'm just sayin'

The real winners of the Olympics were Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.

Which race do Democrats have a better shot at -- Kentucky or Georgia?

On the numbers I have seen? Kentucky.

Do you thibk the popularity of cards may have less to do with contempt towards washington and more of a desire for a strongman who gets things done, regardless of ethics?

I think it appeals to all of our desires to get stuff done -- and to see Washington work efficiently (if ruthlessly).

But, seriously, how can ANYONE deal withj the Spacey directly to the camera monologues? So brutal.

Gooooooo USA Men's Hockey! Beat the Canucks!


Sorry for the technical nafus and thanks for sticking with me.

Remember we do this thing every Friday at 11 am. Spread the word!

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