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Aug 30, 2013

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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It's Friday. It's 11 am. That means it's Fix Live Chat time or, as most people know, that chat with the guy with glasses before Carolyn hax's chat.

Let's make it rain.

What is the prob with quinn? I don't follow it too much, but I don't understand the ssue voters have to the extent that they almost voted for weiner over her.

She's seen as too closely aligned with Mayor Bloomberg who isn't all that popular among Democratic voters these days.

Quinn is doing what she can to distance herself from Bloomberg -- on stop and frisk for example -- but she's struggled against the attack that she is Bloomberg's heir.

The Bloomberg impact also explains why Bill de Blasio has soared of late. He is the liberal in the race, running as the obvious anti-Bloomberg.

Do you need a new mug for your Pumpkin Spice Latte?


Best things about fall:

1. Catholic University field hockey

2. Catholic University field hockey

3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

now what on Syria?

I think President Obama is thinking something similar today.

The resistance in Congress to immediate action in Syria coupled with the UK's Parliament rejection of David Cameron's push for action complicates Obama timetable and calculation.

Still seems to me likely -- though I am no expert -- that some strikes are coming although the severity of them and the length of them remain unclear.

What is your over/under date for solving all of these upcoming Congressional deadlines (e.g. 2014 Budget and raising debt limit)? Or are they just going to keep punting with short term extensions?

If the choice is between punting and a grand bargain, I am taking punting every time.

I see no evidence that the two sides are moving any closer to a deal of any sort. The first two weeks once Congress are back will be critical in whether a real big-ish bargain is popular.

Unrealistic?! What is unrealistic about the vp stepping down to run for his old job of PA gov? That happened 5 times last year. Five! Oh and spoilers or something I guess.

Just so ridic.

For those of you who missed my rant against "House of Cards", it's here:

I would have to give that honor to the President, He is stuck with the Syria situation and his red line remarks didn't help.

Ok, taking nominations....

Not sure what to make of your wardrobe in hosting the Daily Rundown. That looked like J Crew out of the hamper.

I am all about the ginghams these days! 

Where are you taking your talents this weekend?

Always a relevant question. Sitting in thre Post TV world headquarters. Soundtrack: "Yeezus" by Kanye.  Beverage: Water (too much coffee already consumed...)

It's delicious. Why do you hate America?

Fair question.

I always wish we were a US state so I could read your analysis on my country :)

We are working on a Fix, Bahamas edition ;)

And precisely how many milliseconds later will that person receive the TWIW award?

Please let this never, ever happen. Actually, given my Worst Week demands, PLEASE let this happen.

Assuming Hillary gets the nod for the Democrats, and for arguments sake Christie, Rand Paul, or Paul Ryan (sorry could't pick one) gets the GOP nod who are the top 3 likely VP picks for each side?

Kelly Ayotte

Nikki Haley (assuming she gets re-elected next November)

The person seen as the runner up to the nominee.

Don't know if anything has been as long and as drawn out as the Gareth Bale transfer to Real Madrid.

Seriously. Let's just get 'er done. Not for nothing: Spurs at or near top of the table.

Do you think he has a realistic chance to defeat whoever comes out of the Democrat Primary?


If you had to take a guess on the tickets for both the Democrats and Republicans in 2016 what do you think they'll be?

Clinton-Tim Kaine


The show is not claiming that every member of Congress/reporter acts like they do on television, instead they're taking the most extreme real life cases and putting it into characters. Do you really think there aren't alcoholic members of Congress, sham political marriages or reporters who sleep with sources? At the end of the first episode of Friday Night Lights Matt Saracen avoids 3 tacklers and throws the ball to a receiver who would never be open because its the last play of the game and the D would have 2 people at the goal line. They took the most extreme thing in real life and made it seem normal.

I get ALL of that.

But, I work with lots of female reporters and I think the portrayal of Zoe Barnes hurts how people regard them.

The idea that female reporters way of getting information from male politicians is by using sexuality to me is damaging to the real world in which female reporters live.

I have plenty of other issues with House of Cards but that's the biggest one.

If you are going to be such a regular fixture, they should get you a professional stylist.

So, you are saying you don't think I have one already?

Just curious, I know you are a sports fan, and the NFL is the biggest league around, with injuries coming to the public conscious, how would you feel about your kids wanting to play little league and HS Football?

Thanks.  Mrs Fix and I talked a lot about this. And we agreed that Fix jr and Fix III won't be playing football.

I just don't think it's worth the obvious risks.  

Does it look like he's all wet on the "shut down Obamacare or we'll shut down the Government" threat?

Well, it works for him with the base while he simultaneously knows the chances of it actually happening are basically zero.

Read this:

What do you think you'd be doing career wise if you weren't doing what you currently do?

Probably a haberdasher.

Seriously, watch Spinning Boris. Low time investment to see Jeff Goldblum and Liev Schrieber in Russia.

Will do. Also have the original BBC version of House of Cards on the watch list.

Mrs Fix and I are currently in the midst of Broadchurch on BBC America. Brutal but gripping detective story.

What will be first for this Congress to do after the August recess, if they can actually work for a change?

Assume they will do budget/government shutdown first since that is the first deadline (Sept. 30). Obviously debt ceiling too. I think immigration gets pushed to the back burner -- until at least late fall or winter.

A friend in NY says, "The more people get to know here, the less they like her."

Yeah, that's a bad trait for a politician.

You do understand that 99% of politics is boring, fund raising dinners. It would be pretty hard to make a political TV show that was realistic. If they did, it wouldn't last more than a week. BTW, you do understand that most British spies don't act like James Bond, right?

Wait, what?  Also, most science teachers sell meth on the side right?

Of course, I never expected the words "transvaginal ultrasound" to be uttered in a political setting. So, yeah, it can happen!

Fair point.

Chuck Todd, he let Mr. Fix take over hosting duties today, opening himself up to become the Wally Pipp of cable news hosting.

Ha! Chuck is the king. I am just happy to warm the seat every once in a whole. It's a fun show to host.

I know Boehner's having a hard time of it lately, but would anyone else in his caucus even want the job?

I have NO idea why they would.

I have written about this for a while now. Yes, Boehner takes a ton of heat but it's not really about him. The House Republican conference is just VERY hard to lead at the moment.

Does anyone really think that Eric Cantor would be able to lead a united GOP conference? I think the only person who could make the argument that he could lead the party in the House is Paul Ryan.

Is MaCauliffe measuring the drapes yet?

He might be but he shouldn't be. I think the Macker is up by a sliver of Co0ch but it's far from a done thing.

Are Steve Bullock and Jay Inslee on the shortlist for VP pick?

Maybe Steve Bullock. I don't see Jay Inslee.

1) When does the list of political nicknames go up? 2) You had to have been called "Lizard" at some point, right?

Goes up in a little while on the Fix. I am SUPER excited for it.

And, people used to call me Lizard occasionally. I prefer "Brad Pitt" due to the obvious resemblance.

Disclaimer: I LOVED House of Cards. That said, I completely hated the Zoe Barnes character but never thought she was supposed to be illustrative of all journalists. She is someone who disdains the real work of reporters (covering local Fairfax county issues is beneath her) and she wants quick, easy notoriety via the Internet. I don't think we are supposed to assume that all journalists are that way (and in fact, the show has several examples of journalists who don't). That said, if you don't like the Underwood-Barnes relationship, do stop watching because it only gets worse.

What about the more senior female political reporter? Also, an awful stereotype.

As a fellow sweaty guy, might I refer you to the "continuous comfort" shirts that actually wick away the sweat and keep you dry? They're great in humidity or under the hot lights.


I would imagine that Ted Cruz probably is the hands down favorite for last place in the Senate Collegiality Department. Who in the Senate would like the guy? Fellow Incumbent R's: not a chance; Dem's: despised. For the chamber of collegiality, he must be a new low. What is his MO?

His MO is running for president. And, last time I checked the temperature of GOP primary voters, they didn't much like their own party leadership in Washington.

I don't Ted Cruz has any ambitions to stay in the Senate long or put in the time and effort to rise up the leadership ladder.

Is Virginia officially South Maryland? Obama gets its vote twice, two Dems in the senate, now the Macker is going to Richmond, it's now slightly blue, not purple right?

I think this gov election will tell us a lot. Obama in 08, McDonnell in 09, Kaine and Obama in 2012.

I think it is quite cleary a swing state. The question now is whether it tilts just slightly Democratic or whether it's a genuine toss up in every race.

Dream race for 2016, Clinton/Kaine vs Bush/Paul. What's yours?

I get why that could be a dream race. On the other hand, if Hillary and Jeb run, the primary season in 2016 could be far less interesting than if they don't...

Is that more "Legends of the Fall" or "Kalifornia"?

More "Ocean's Eleven"

Was once the term referring to those following the former great Celebritologist Liz Kelly at the WP. I'd think you'd hold out for CC (Ryder).

Agreed. Or CC (Deville).

How many team names will have "twerk" at the next Politics and Pints?

Not sure. it's not until Sept. does the whole Miley thing run its course by then?

Seriously, did you know what Twerking was before the VMA's? I had to ask my 17year old daughter on Monday what the hell everyone was talking about. I'm OLD!

I had NO idea.  Until recently I was unaware what "cronut" was.

What's your opinion on all the 2016 talk? Too early? Love it? What say you?

Is this a joke?

I am a FIRM believer that it is NEVER TOO EARLY for 2016.

I explain why in my "Iceberg Theory" here:

You mean The West Wing was not realistic when a 3 term Democrat Congressman from Texas who wants to totally abolish teacher tenure takes on a Pro-Choice Republican Senator from California... I just can't believe television anymore.

I wasn't a big "West Wing" guy either.

Now, "Veep" -- that is a show.

Scale of 1-10 what chance do you give him to win reelection? I've seen his approval numbers rise, but also some close numbers with Dem opponents.

1 being not winning, 10 being certain victory?

6.5. Maybe 7.

Marathon on BBC America this Sunday. A good time for anyone to catch up.

Yes. Great show. But brace yourself emotionally. Very tough subject matter.

As long as you don't twerk a cronut. That's just bad form.

Good advice.

Your previous defense of political ambition: you understand that the only people allowed power are those with no idea how to wield it, right?

Is that how it goes?

Today's newspaper headline: Steve King plans to be a presidential power broker in 2016. One wag commented: "Power broker." As in, "the guy who helps select the guy who loses to Hillary Clinton." Go for it, Stevie.

It's interesting because King was weirdly non influential in 2012 because he waited SO long to endorse anyone.

He clearly has learned his lesson and, I would think, an early endorsement from King, could be a boost in the GOP-rich areas of western Iowa he represents.

Who'da thunk that Billy Ray was the true talent in the family?

I actually think Miley IS talented. That performance though...yeesh.

With Coburn definetly gone in 16' and Inhofe being 78 and up for reelection in 14', what do you think the chances are for the OK SOH running for one of those seats, putting a second African American Republican in the Senate.

We listed TW in our list last Friday of the 10 biggest rising stars in the 2 parties.

Have you watched The Newsroom (HBO)--if so, what do you think? I have lots of friends who really enjoy it.

Wacthed a few episodes. Not my thing.

I am more of a "Game of Thrones" guy.

Soon to be heard on a Televised Debate......

Please please please.

To be fair, that presidential campaign was not Sorkin's idea and the focus was supposed to be on the staff. A lot of Josh Lyman's actions are realistic, as were the moments the show touched on money in politics.

Aaron Sorkin on the Fix Chat! What an honor!

Not a fan of the hugely overrated house of cards either. Veep can be pretty offensive too so I don't think this is about being prudish or naive.

I love Veep so much. 

"Craigslist" Chris Lee and "Tickles" Eric Massa.... You don't even have to make them up.


The characters are similar--venal congressmen, clueless staffers--but Veep knows it's exaggerated and plays for laughs. HOC, like West Wing (and all Sorkin's stuff) takes itself far too seriously.



More or Less Credible than Anthony Weiner as Hizzoner?


But I think FOMO is a bigger issue society wide.

It will not surprise you to know that I ALSO had no idea what FOMO meant until this week.

I have the Giants over the Colts. Do you have a pick?

Catholic University field hockey team. That's my answer to ALL sports questions.

She might look into some choreography lessons, though. And what's with the tongue?? Is that what "the kids" are doing these days?

If you are looking to me to answer questions about what the kids are doing these days, you are in far worse shape than you even know.

Do you think Booker is enjoying his opponent's attempts to question Booker's sexuality pretty much drowning out the imaginary friend story that may have become a problem for Booker's campaign?

The T-Bone story is kind of crazy to me...

First time I've ever said that, but someone has to beat bama

Possible for that game to end with two losing teams? For me, it's like when Syracuse plays UCONN in basketball. Just a no-win situation.

I share your adoration of that show -- I have told my college-age daughter that it's not only realistic about politics, it may be the most realistic WORKPLACE show ever, because everybody hates everybody, and the pettiness knows no bounds. I


Just wanted to say thank you for doing the chat. I love your work.

Thanks, Mom!

Sorry but too many folks are getting too into what's on TV for my taste. Have I ended up in the wrong chat?

Carolyn Hax is coming up at noon. The DC squirrel is in a standoff with the Post over how many chats he has to do a week. I'm the best you've got.

I just had to google it. I'm depressed that you knew slang before I did.

I am, as the kids say, "super cool". 

It's also easier to be absurd in a comedy. You're not judged the same way.

Fair enough. But the self-seriousness of "House of Cards".....GAG.

In my day, FOMO stood for "Fear of Missing Out". Did it become a stupid dance in the last week?

It still stands for that! Everything old is new again!

Ok, folks. I am offf to plan for Friday's "In Play" -- the Post's new web TV politics show I am co-hosting with Jackie Kucinich.

And, yes, that is an incredibly shameless plug. Check out the show EVERY DAY here:

Until next Friday....


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