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Jul 19, 2013

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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Good morning everyone!  

We have a head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a Labor Secretary and an EPA Administrator.  Who says Congress doesn't work?

Let's chat!

Why wouldn't President Obama make her the next DHS Secretary? Given how awful the 2014 map looks for the Democrats, why not create an opening in a place they can win?


She has made clear she's not interested though so it's kind of hard for him to offer it if she has said she doesn't want it.

But, to be clear, it would be very smart politically even if she was a little bit interested...

So he screws over Democrats and expects people to support him in 2016 for a presidential run? Will the grassroots and donor class lift a finger for him when he abandoned Democrats when they needed him? Tim Kaine didn't want to run for the Senate, but he did because Democrats needed him.

I think the Schweitzer for president thing is a long long shot. It was before he backed out of running for Senate and it is now.

I know progressives love Schweitzer but I am not sure they know him all that well. He is not a liberal's liberal by any means. And my guess is that liberal's will have another alternative that is stronger than Schweitzer if they are looking for someone other than Hillary Clinton.

How do you see Mike Enzi v. Liz Cheney turning out? And any chance Democrats can convince Dave Freudenthal (yes, the only Wyoming Democrat anyone knows) to jump into the race?

No on Freudenthal.

I think Enzi starts as the favorite but Liz Cheney by dint of her last name and fundraisiong capacity has to be taken seriously.

What she needs to do is find some poibts of contrast between she and Enzi aside from the fact that she is 46 and he is 69. Ideologically Enzi is pretty conservative so that avenue doesn't make a lot of sense for Cheney to pursue.

But, she needs to find a reason why Wyoming voters should fire Enzi, a guy they generally like and is line with their views on most issues.

Even a poll showed Liz Cheney down 35% among Wyomingite Republicans, she'd still get way outsized coverage for a candidate with her CV.

Yes she will. And Enzi will need to deal with that.

I lived in Northern Virginia and worked on Capital Hill for 4 years. I definitely made many friends in that world. I also had friends who were....Gasp!... Teachers!.... And Gasp!.... Store Managers! Reading the book could not put the media, government officials and lawyers in the worst light. Do you folks just spend your lives going from one self important book signing to the next, looking for the next more important person to suck up to? Do people have relationships outside of "The Club"?

Sorry, I wasn't listening. I was looking around the room for someone more important to talk to.


When will the media stop focusing on a silly little book, and start covering the important issues of the day, like.... WHAT IN GOD's NAME HAS REP STEPHEN COHEN GOTTEN HIMSELF INTO!!!!!

Yes, thank you for bringing us back to the real news.

The latest twist in the Cohen saga is just downright sad: He said he didn't ask for a paternity test because he was just so thrilled to have a daughter.

I am all for primary election, Sitting senators should not cry about "bad form" if someone who may be better wants to put on a challenge. How many qualified people in South Carolina came and left while Thurmond and Holings stood in the chamber for 500 years. However, if I lived in WY I'd be appalled that Liz Cheney, who has hardly been back a year, thinks she can throw on a flannel shirt, some cow girl boots, and think this makes her entitled to serve the state.

As a political reporter and junkie, I, too, love primaries. We need MORE competition in politics, not less.

When it comes to Liz Cheney, she is absolutely going to have to prove that she is something more than pure political ambition if she wants to win.

What happened to the guy on the tractor?

Yes.  That is the most important question.

If Hillary runs, the one opening in the Democratic field will be for a liberal purist who is running more to raise issues or get attention than to actually win. Who do you see doing that?

Elizabeth Warren is best option but she prob doesn't run if Hillary does.

Howard Dean is the likeliest to run and would fill the liberal slot.

Might be the seat that swings the Senate. Any thoughts on this race?

I agree on Alaska being the majority maker seat potentially.

Begich is a strong as you can be for a Democrat in Alaska, which means he has a chance to win a second term.

I think Republicans are hoping Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell wins the nomination since he is an inoffesnvie Republican. But Joe Miller's presence in the primary complicates the equation and makes it possible that Begich has a path to reelection.

Do you think her run for the Senate is just to establish her creds in Wyoming, that she knows she can't win, but this places her to run for governor- a better base to eventually run for president? Also, is there a MISTER Liz Cheney and did he move to WY with her and the kids?

Oh, no. I think she very carefully weighed her options and saw this as he best one. I don't think this is a set up race AT ALL.

How bummed are you that you did not ask Steve Cohen to come on your TV show and have you announce if he was the father or not Maury Povich style? Mr Fix: Are you ready for the result Congressman? Rep. Cohen: I am Mr. Fix Mr. Fix: Congressman Cohen.... YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!!!! Rep Cohen: (Howard Dean Sceam) YEAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Maury Povich would be proud.

Seems to be "ready for Hillary." Very different from '08, when she covertly supported Obama.

I was slightly surprised HOW on board she was for Hillary in that interview with Andrea Mitchell earlier this week.

I continue to believe that Hillary 2016 is a way bigger favorite than Hillary 2008 ever was.

How badly have his presidential ambitions been hurt by his role in the immigration debate?

Well, they certainly haven't been helped by immigration.

But, I also don't think Rubio is somehow forever wounded on immigration. It will be an issue in the 2016 GOP primary for sure but I think it will be one of many issues not the only issue.

What will it take for you take to move Rubio from the top tier for 2016? You seem a bit anchored in your opinions generally and particularly when it comes to how great Rubio is.

I try to NOT be married to my opinions since politics is always changing.

As I mentioned above, it's clear Rubio has weakened himself some by his deep involvement in an immigration bill that many conservatives don't like.

But, neither Chris Christie nor Rand Paul -- my #2 and #3 ranked politicians when it comes to 2016 -- are pure conservatives either...

Chris, for someone who covers a topic as dense as national politics, you don't seem to take yourself very seriously. What's your self-assessment of laid-back style, and how do you think it's reflected in The Fix?

I am not laid-back at all.  I am a neurotic ball of anxiety.

BUT, I do think that you have to keep a sense of humor about yourself and what you cover when what you cover is politics. This is a serious business but there are also tons of hilarious parts to it. I do my best to acknowledge both in my coverage.

You still think we're all underestimating Rand Paul's national chances? Come on, Fix.

Writing on this later today.  I simply think that saying Ron Paul = Rand Paul is a mistake. I think Rand Paul has significantly more political chops (and therefore more potential nationally) than his dad.

Hey, how about this weather? Is it hot or what?

Watercooler talk rules.

I've heard that he was born in Canada. Is this true? If so, there would be no need for him to explore a presidential run.

But his mother was an American citizen.  We have written extensively on this. Check this out:

DHS Sec. is a thankless position and Collins has a pretty safe seat. She may not be loved here in Maine, but she is well-liked and does constituent relations well and I don't think either party has anyone who polls as well across the whole state and they are both worried about independent canidates (although there probably aren't any that have the name-recognition/cache that Angus had.)

She is impenetrable electorally.

And, I think she knows that and doesn't want DHS -- which is why she has said she doesn't want to be considered.

Do Paul's recent comments in support of his Confederate loving aide cause you to reassess his political acumen at all?

A little bit yes.

The youthful indiscretions argument doesn't work when you are running for president. You are held to a higher standard. Rand Paul doesn't have to agree or like that fact but he needs to understand it.

So I have to ask, are Louisiana and North Carolina really possibilities for the GOP? Both of the incumbents seem very capable, and Sen. Landrieu has proven that she can win in tough climates before, not to mention the GOP is certain to nominate a nutball there. Love to know your thoughts!


Louisiana is a state that has moved strongly for Republicans in the past decade and the GOP has a real candidate in Rep. Bill Cassidy.

The GOP field at the moment is weaker in NC but Kay Hagan is a freshmen Senator and will be in a real fight almost no matter who Republicans nominate against her.

Chris, any buzz on the street for Amy Klobuchar in 2016? Do you think we're ready not to pass the torch back to an old generation of Americans?

Well, she's stopping in Iowa soon so she clearly wants to stoke some of that talk.

I am working on our brand spanking news 2016 ratings as I type and Klobuvchar cracks the top 10 for the first time...

Where have you taken your talents this morning?

Sitting in WaPo world HQ

Listening to nee Edward Sharpe album. 

Slugging down water because it is 200 degrees out.

Mitch McConnel or Bob McDonnell? ei-ei-ei-oh.

Oh, you seem to not heard of someone named Steve Cohen.

Why didnt Liz Cheney run in Virginia vs Mark Warner?

That's a VERY tough race.

Do you think McDonnell can ride out the next 5 months without resigning? Also, could this bring up legislation to do away with the one term rule? I would have to think the two may be connected.

I always have thought he could -- and still do.

But, the news in the last few weeks has been SO bad for McDonnell that I have begun wondering whether he can hang on...

What are your thoughts of the reunion? Will you be going to one of the shows?

I freaking love them. Will try. I have 2 little kids my most likely next concert will be The Fresh Beat Band.

How is Chris battling the heat wave?

I don't go outside. Ever. I walk in an air conditioned tunnel from my car to the Post and then back.

Do you think, with word already getting out that republicans may want to dump Corbett, that Toomey, fearing a tough race in 16', might want to consider making a run at the governorship instead?

I think he has to consider it. I also think in his heart of hearts he wants to be governor.

Illinois is not voting for a Republican. Do you have Daley over Quinn right now?

Yes. I have anyone over Quinn.

Ouch!!! Ouch!!! Ouch!!!

Grammar police.

Enzi might be one of the least known Senators to a national audience, which is not necessarily a bad thing? What is his reputation on Capitol Hill?

He doesn't have all that much of one. Which, as you say, isn't the worst thing in the world.

What are your neuroses of anxiety?

Life, the universe and everything.

It's hard to take you seriously when you think Cohen had the WWIW. How tabloid of you.

Tabloid! ZING!

Is there a cut-off age for "youthful indiscretions" after which they're no longer "youthful" but need to be accountable? When he was running for President, George W. Bush tried to establish such a line at age 28.

I say 25.

to be president? Seriously. It just doesn't seem like the job is a natural fit for soemone who was very happy teaching socratic law classes and doing in depth interviews of people to determine the common factor in their bankruptcies.

Don't all politicians want to be president?

Answer: Yes, they do.

At least Ron's racist messiness was somewhat in the past. Being an apogist for a friend who's at least "racist-ish" doesn't lay the best campaign groundwork.

That is correct.  Rand needs to grasp why cutting bait is a necessity when you get to the level he is at in politics.

Still a very important constituency in the GOP. Of the following potential candidates, rank them in their appeal to this group: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum.

Most to least









Who's there? Grammar police. Grammar police ... whom?

We have reached peak nerdiness in this chat.  Mark it down. 11:43 am on Friday July 19.

"Dint". Cool.

I LOVE that word. Also, "promulgate".

Officially took himself out of the 2016 presidential running. Does he have a political future? If so, what?

I was surprised by that pronouncement. He also said he wouldn't serve in the Obama Administration.

My guess is he wants to leave office and make some money. I would not however that plenty of politicians say "no" all the way until they say "yes". So I wouldn't take pledges made 3+ years in advance of a race as stone cold lead pipe locks.

Is that your autobiography, first album, or both?

My autobiography will be called "Fix You" obvs.

Did you ever get empanneled on the show during it's run? If so, why weren't you in the "Gang of 17" he had going in the end?

Never made the cut!

Is there any indication if she is a social conservative or moderate? And what plays well in WY?

I would assume she will run as a conservative in all things. All we really know about her at the moment is that she is pretty hawkish on foreign policy.

Hey Chris...maybe you should get off your throne in Washington, and take a trip into flyover land. Talk to people, not pollsters. Quinn may be a lot of things, but people perceive him as honest and a worker. Daley has lots of baggage due to his brother, especially downstate.

Whoah whoah. I don't have a throne. It's more of raised platform that allows me to look out over everyone.

Does anything actually get done in Virginia between July and December? The Assembly's not in session, so there's no legislation to affect. I think he's either crooked or politically stupid, or both, and I didn't vote for him anyway, but I'm not sure I care if he stays or goes.

If there wasn't a one-term limit on VA governors, I think the "resign" talk would be rampant. But since McConnell is gone in January 2014 anyway, I think he probably hangs on.

"Ghost Brothers of Darkland County"; project of John Mellencamp, T-Bone Burnett, and Stephen King. On the soundtrack, songs sung by Neko Case, Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash, the Alvin brothers, Kris Kristoffersen . . .

Looking it up right now.

Propinquity. Not exactly true of US Congress though.


Since Bill Clinton had a building named after him, how close are we to having a building named after Chris or maybe even Fix Aaron?

The new WaPo building will be the "Aaron Blake Center for journalists who want to write good".

EPA. National Labor Relations Board, Secretary of Labor -- all positions near and dear to Democratic constituencies. Any coincidence that their nominations faced such strong GOP opposition?

Um, no.

Please tell me my state won't elect a Cheney to the Senate. Please!

Well, they elected Cheney to Congress....

Requesting an update from the reader with the tractor-driving, fence-destroying maybe-neighbor.

People do want to know. The silence is deafening.

Just sayin'...

My platform is made of gold.

I thoroughly enjoyed your GoT and DC tweet from earlier (reminded me of the GoT opening from Around the Horn back in March). Do you have any comparisons between the two that you would like to make? So far the only one I have is Hillary=Danyrys. Her family used to be in power, now she is hanging out and building up power to retake control.

This decides it. I am writing a big "Game of Thrones = 2016 presidential post". I can't resist any longer.

Also, this is the video in question. It's AWESOME:

The WashPost has a ton of other commentators on national politics who take themselves very seriously. Chris has carved out a terrific niche. And not taking himself seriously doesn't mean he doesn't take his subject seriously and have a lot of serious stuff to say about it.

Thanks, Mom.

I had you pegged as a sedan chair guy

I am weighing trading in my car for the mode of transport Snoop Lion used to get to the ESPYS: Old time carriage drawn by a motorcycle.

If only there was Maury Povitch during Grover Cleveland's time!

This is the only time anyone has ever used this sentence in the history of the world.

That's all for me folks. I need to go back to overseeing the adding of gold bricks to my raised platform on which I type.

Have a great weekend.


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