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Apr 05, 2013

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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Good morning everyone. It's been a somewhat slow week in American politics but now we have the idea of Scott Brown running for Senate in New Hampshire to keep us going.

What else is on your mind? I stand ready to answer.

New Hampshire Senator or Massachusetts Governor?

I still think an open seat governors race in 2014 is a better option than a Senate bid in New Hampshire. I think Jeanne Shaheen is vulnerable but do think Brown would have a heavy lift to convince voters in the Granite State why he is one of them and not one of their neighbors to the South.

Plus, Massachusetts has a history of electing Republicans as governor. Mitt Romney anyone?

Is there actually any substance to the race between the guy who "Hiked the appalachian trail?" versus "Stephen Colbert's sister" or is that the entire race? Any notable policy differences, differing plans, anything??? Or is it all about if the GOP can literally run anyone in South Carolina and win?

Sanford is a pretty down the line Republican. Colbert Busch is a pretty down the line Democrat.

The entire race hinges on how voters view Sanford's disappearance from the state/infidelity.

What do you think of his suggestion that he might run for office in NH? As a Bay Stater who closely follows politics, I was surprised to learn that he owns a vacation home in NH. Doesn't quite fit with the barn jacket and pickup truck image.

Well, I was surprised. But, yes, he does have a  home in NH and  the requirement to be a citizen of the state are pretty low from what I understand.

That said, I still think it's pretty unlikely he runs.

...opposed to SSM--Pryor or Landrieu? My money's on Pryor.

Pryor or Manchin.

List your Final Four rooting interests in order with explanation. If you like watching basketball, you should root for Michigan, the most aesthetically appealing team remaining, but then again, I'm also a Michigan alum.

1. Michigan. I am strongly pro-Trey Burke

2. Wichita State. Play angry

3. Louisville. I still loathe Pitino but the Kevin Ware thing is heartwarming

4. Syracuse. Does this even need to be explained?

Carpetbagging is still a thing. It's one thing to run for office for the first time in what's not been a (longtime) home state, but it's completely different to people for politicians to lose in one state and to run in another. It's seen as desperate, inauthentic, opportunistic. Hillary had never run before moving to NY. Harold Ford, Jr. and Artur Davis lost in their home states and were mentioned as possibilities in others. Brown fits the latter category.

I also think the distaste that many people in New Hampshire have for Massachusetts residents -- I will not use the more vulgar (and common) term -- is real and could complicate things for  Brown.

I'm now up to 70/30 yes, absent some medical issue developing in the next two years. Your take?

The same sex marriage reversal and Carville signing on to the Hillary 2016 super PAC sure are signs that the door is wide open.

And, I agree with you that her health is the x factor.

Who's the top Democratic contender in 2020 if a Republican wins, and vice versa?

Cory Booker and Julian Castro.

A bit overrated. Yeah, I said it. Would you and others like it so much if you had discovered it on its own and it wasn't hip? I highly doubt it.


Is there really that much of a chance of Cory Booker running for President in 2016? Wouldn't it be a little soon after entering the Senate (like, the next day) that he'd have to start campaigning, or at least laying the groundwork?

I don't think so. Assuming he gets elected to the Senate in 2014, which seems likely, he would be much better off waiting until 2020 or 2024. Remember, he is really young.

I was in the DC area and wanted to play a pickup game with The Fix, where would I have to go?

Gonzaga College high school is my home game.  Awesome guys and some very good players (not me).

Who supports Marriage Equality first, 15 senate R's or Joe Manchin.

15 is a HIGH number. I can name 5 or so that could move before Manchin. Not sure I see 15.

But I don't think Manchin is reversing position any time soon.

Highly recommend. Pretty gripping alternative to the normal procedural show set in contemporary America.

Already SO much good TV we need to watch. Mrs. Fix and I have begun "The Americans". Through episode 2 and looks good.

Its WrestleMania Weekend!!

Like I don't know that. COME ON! (Gob Bluth voice.)

Where are you chatting from? Who are you listening to? And what are you drinking?

Starbucks in Mclean (That's how I roll.) 

Ambient noise

Mocha, natch

Please, please let this be true. Are you really starting a podcast?

That's the plan.

It's in the early planning stages now but I am a big believer in podcasts -- as is the Artist Formerly Known As Fix Aaron.

So, yes. It is coming. Spread the word.

Which will be the more interesting dynamic: Tyrion vs. Tywin, or Margery Tyrell vs Cersei?

In my mind, the latter.  I LOVED that scene at the dinner table between Margery and Cersei in the 1st episode.

If you were a betting man, who would you put your money on in the special election for SC-01? Elizabeth Colbert Busch is already pulling in some serious coin and can hold her own even without Little Brother, and Mark Sanford's tone-deaf victory speech (trotting out the new fiancee and one of his traumatized sons) after he locked down the GOP nomination indicates he might not be able to pull this off.

Sanford. District gave Mitt Romney almost 60 percent.

Read what we wrote on the race here:

When will you write the modern version of 'What it Takes"?

Can it be written? Remember that "What It Takes" came out in 1992. And it was about the 1988 campaign.

Just announced he's playing at Nationals Park. Pumped or REALLY pumped?

REALLY pumped.

With the passing of Roger Ebert, is there a politically-related movie that would give a big thumbs up to?

We have a whole list!

Who's last into the pool so to speak? My hunch is that Pryor is last (and probably never), although Manchin is probably just as likely to be a holdout.

As I said above, Pryor and Manchin strike me as the last. Johnson is retiring, which makes it easier, and Landrieu hjas said she has personall evolved on the issue.

Which would make you happier: Bruce Springsteen challenging Christie next year for NJ governor, or Syracuse losing by 50 to Michigan tomorrow?

The latter. Not close.

Who do you think will be the next GOP Senator to speak out in favor of gay marriage? I have my money on Murkowski. (Collins maybe not until after the 2014 Maine primary?)

Murkowski or Collins.

Seems like people are reaching with the California Attorney General Kamala Harris on this non story. Btw the President is correct

Would he have said... "Beau Biden is really, really handsome"? Probably not.

I was a Hoya before there was a Big East, so I never had the full hatred, until I becme acquainted with a much more recent Syracuse alumnus. Now I hate them with the heat of a thousand burning suns. That said, which of the final four schools comes from a state with the most interesting upcoming election?

Louisville....McConell Senate race in 2014.

Syracuse: Cuomo, Clinton and Gillibrand potential 2016ers

Michigan: Rick Snyder re-elect and open Senate seat in 2014

Wichita State: I got nothing.

Now that we know that the President's short list of must read blogs includes Bill Simmons, does that mean VP Biden has to read you by proxy?

I can only assume so.

Uncle Joe LOVES The Fix.

So when is the next Politics and Pints to talk Wrestlemania?

Next one is April 15. We moved it from April 8 so everyone could watch the national title game.

Here's the Facebook invite:

Nuff said. Your thoughts?

Terrific stuff.  I find Stannis Baratheon endlessly fascinating.

I hate ESPN Insider with a passion and pretty much ignore the site because I assume I have to pay to read everything. I hope WaPo doesn't have a similar effect.

No one could ever hate The Fix, right? Right? RIGHT?


Not close.

It is surprising for me that some GOP senators have not endorsed gay marriage yet, as Collins, why?

She is up in 2014...might be worried about a primary from the right? I am speculating.

How badly is he damaged by the State Senator that he propped into leadership being indicted this week in the NYC "Cesspool" Scandal?

Thanks for asking! Great mind think alike since we just posted something on The Fix aiming to answer that exact question.

Would he help or hurt his Presidential chances by announcing now, campaigning against the Obama record, and working to elect more liberal Democrats in House/Senate races in 2014? How else could he compete with Biden or Clinton?

He has to hope Clinton doesn't run.  I think O'Malley would have a path againsty Biden although it wouldn't be an easy one.

Yours is an intriguing suggestion but I think O'Malley would lose more support in the base than he would gain by campaigning against President Obama now.

Can someone smack him with a cluestick? It'll never work!

There is such a thing as a "cluestick"? Whoah.

Surely there are some wives in the SC district who were dumped (even in more class fashion than Jenny Sanford) and would have trouble pulling the lever for Sanford?

Sure. But are there enough of them?

Please tell me what Obama was thinking when he commented in a public setting about Kamala Harris's appearance. Anybody who ever took a half-day's worth of POSH (prevention of sexual harassment) training would know not to comment on a woman's physical appearance in public, even if she is your friend. Is this just what happens POTUS doesn't use TOTUS (teleprompter of the United States)? Ug-lee.

Yeah, not smart.

Why do people outside of Newark/New Jersey like Cory Booker more than inside who know how superficial he and his support network are? Anyone who underestimates Congressman Frank Pallone's chances against Booker if he runs against him next year does so at their peril. If Booker wins next year, he will have to choose to run for President too soon (2016) or too late (2024), because he will have to run for re-election in 2020.

That is definitely an opinion held by some folks in NJ.

My argument is this: Booker will raise a boatload of $ from national sources and as an African American politician in a Democratic primary has a real edge.

Nothing like a slow week in politics this week.

Currently getting oil changed on Fixmobile....

What do you think it will take to get Congress to end the sequester. Looks like both sides think this is a political advantage. Sad.

The debt ceiling looming later this spring/early this summer.

How's your cursive? Will you teach your kids?

I have forgotten how to write it. Mrs Fix finds that fact appalling.

Everybody's attention has been focused on the quick change in attitudes toward same-sex marriage. But it seems to me that a similarly-quick change is happening with respect to marijuana legalization. Your thoughts?

Fair point.

For the first time ever, Pew found a majority favor legalization.

Check our writeup on it out:

It doesn't have to be an adult beverage, but drink whenever the announcers say Nik Stauskas isn't just a jump-shooter, shows Tim Hardaway or Glenn Robinson in the stands, or compares Trey Burke to Chris Paul. Your welcome.

The Tim Hardaway/Big Dog cutaways are BRUTAL.  Just constant.

Have you seen that guy called obama? how long was *he* in the senate before declaring?


"I'm a limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin' son of a gun. WOOOO!!"

"I live in the BIGGEST HOUSE on the BIGGEST side of town."

Just once in my life, I want to use that phrase in casual conversation.

With Susan Collins, I don't think she has to wait until the Primary being over, Maine already legalized SSM, earlier she does it, it actually helps her by scaring off any competitive dem opponents.

Ah, intriguing.

The five of us who watched it when it was actually on TV thought it was pretty awesome and tried to make it hip. Things that aren't appreciated in their time... P.S. You NEED to watch "House of Cards"

"Tricks are something a whore does for money, Michael."

Was The Fix at Opening Day on Monday?

No. I was working!

I am however going to Fix Jr's first soccer practice ever later today. Going to rule.

" I will not use the more vulgar (and common) term ". Aw, c'mon Chris, go ahead, say it. Nobody's paying attention here.

Uh huh.

George P. Bush running against Julian Castro for Gov. Who wins?

Holy cow. Great race. P probably because Texas won't be a seing state by 2018 -- or at least I don't think it will.

Will the 3 years between now and 2016 be a repeat of 2005 to 2008? Meaning the nomination is Hillary Clinton's to lose. As a Republican, I've seen this before and am not looking forward to seeing it again.

I think so. She is the heavy favorite to be the 2016 Dem nominee if she wants it. And, I think she will probably decide ultimately that she wants it.

Biggest obstacle to SSM now: Republican primary voters. (Not Republican donors or personal attitudes of Republican officeholders). The battle in the Democratic Party is over. But the GOP base still hostile.


Anyone who came to Nats Park without a blanket.

It looked REAL cold.

Does the President have any political capital on the Hill? Now, Democrats are refusing to give him what he wants -- Re the assult weapons ban.

Sure he does.

But, homestate politics and political concerns still trump all.  Remember that self interest is the guiding force of political life.

When the President finally releases the FY 14 budget, will it have any impact what so ever?

Sure. He's still the president, after all.

Yes, a little disappointing to hear Obama say it (even if it's obvious that Harris is beautiful), but it's a little hypocritical for the political press to call him out when the physical attractiveness of Palin, Gillibrand, Brown, Rubio, and Ayotte, among countless others, has been mentioned. Not just mentioned, but called a plus.

How someone looks obviously factors in. If looks matter in EVERY other aspect of life, why not politics.

But that doesn't mean that the president of the United States should tout how attractive a female politician is.

Does he have a motivated base that will GOTV for him?

We are going to find out in about a month....

Chris what would it take to bring Washington back to a workable Congress? Could it even happen in my lifetime? (I am 64.)

Are you planning to live until 130? If so, it's possible.

Scott Brown running in NH? Senate?

Yes? No? Maybe?

In any other week, Auburn (cheating), The Pac-12 (ref director jokes about paying refs to give out technical fouls) and the NCAA President (general unaccountability) would be the lead story about the low standing of college athletics. But thanks to the State University of New Jersey - good old Rutgers - those stories get somewhat overlooked (although I think there's plenty of time to come back to the Auburn cheating scandal).

Not a good week for college sports. At all.

There seems to be an especially sharp generational divide in our politics right now. Look at votes for Obama, gay marriage, marijuana, etc. Do you think the idea that voters will become more conservative as they age is likely to happen with today's young voters?

As it relates to gay marriage, no.

We've written a lot about how it's not just young people who are more supportive of gay marriage but that each generation is growing more supportive of it as they age.

That's why the political fight on gay marriage is basically over.

..and he made an interesting Thomas Jefferson in "John Adams".

He is an awesome actor.

Folks I have to duck out a little early today...Dad duty calls.

Thanks, as always, for spending the hour with me. I'll be back next Friday. Same time, same place. Spread the word.

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