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Mar 29, 2013

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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Happy Friday everyone!

One week ago today G'town bowed out of the NCAA tournament with a whimper. 

On that happy anniversary note, let's chat!

Told ya.

Yes, yes you did.

Hello Chris! Thanks for taking questions today. I wanted to get your opinion on how likely this scenario is: Herseth-Sandlin is the Democratic nominee for Senate, Noem decides to run against Rounds in the primary and Brendan Johnson runs for her open seat. Is that likely or probable?

Lots going on in South Dakota.

Let's take Democrats first.

There's clearly some momentum building behind Brendan Johnson, the son of the retiring Senator to run. But Herseth Dandlin has been eyeing a statewide bid for gov or Senate for a while and I can't see her passing it up.

Noem JUST got to the House and might want to stay there for a few more terms although I was suprised by a poll that showed her running close to even with former Gov. Rounds. I would not have expected that.

I am a little surprised to see how many people seem to think that this seat will flip to the GOP easily. They should heed the lessons of North Dakota. Everybody thought that seat was a sure pickup for the Republicans and we all know how that turned out.

Fair point.

Candidates matter. Let's see who both sides put up and how they perform.

Will she be the newest senator to endorse gay marriage based on what she said yesterday?

It certainly seems like she is headed in that direction doesn't it?

Does he support gay marriage?

He does not. He is one of 9 Democratic Senators who doesn't.

If another Republican senator endorses same-sex marriage, who is is it likely to be? Murkowski? Collins? Kirk? Have you heard any rumors?

Based on her recent comments, I'd have to say Murkowski though any of the three you name could be next.

So Marquette is generally Syracuse's kryptonite, but is anything more gut wrenching to you then the idea of Syracuse cutting down the nets at Gtown's home floor?

No. Literally nothing.

No, you're not mine. Sorry. This tells us a lot about a person though. Who is your biggest celebrity crush (other than Mrs. Fix) now and when you were younger?

Connie Britton. Done and done.

Hey Hoya, Hoos-ier Daddy? I'd say it's Jim Boeheim. You should rock some Orange today in penance...

That will NEVER happen.

Mark Warner is obviously keeping his options for 2016 open. Claire McCaskill could be a potentially attractive VP candidate in 2016, too. Marc Ambinder wrote awhile back that the gay community had become one of the largest financial backers of the Democratic Party. So with all these Democratic senators coming out in favor of gay marriage recently, how much is wanting to open the pocketbooks of gay donors?

I think it's a combination of things.

1. It's now politically safe to publicly state a position many og them have held for a while privately.

2. Gay donors are a huge piece of the Democratic donor base


I noticed he was one of the 9 remaining Democratic senators who hasn't endorsed same-sex marriage. What is he waiting for? He just won reelection and he comes from a very blue state, much bluer than Hagan, Tester, or Begich.

It does seem as bit odd. My only guess -- and it is a guess -- is that Carper has a deeply held belief on the issue that is holding him back.

Because, as you rightly note, there is no political downside for him.

Who is going to win the real bracket? Your '16 bracket? I'm going with Clinton/Biden and Bush/Christie with Clinton/Christie in the finals.

The Elite 8 matchups are AWESOME.

My fav is Rubio-Jeb but Biden-Cuomo and Christie-Rand also quite good.  Hillary is already running away from Martin O'Malley.

Check out the Fix Sweet 2016 bracket (and vote) here:

What are Booker's chances of becoming the next Senator of NJ? Does Buono have any chance against Christie in November?

Second question first.  

I think Buono is a major long shot against Christie but it is NJ so a Democrat always has a chance.

Booker seems to me to be  heavy favorite to be the next Senator. I know Frank Pallone is talking about a primary challenge but I don't know if that will materialize and I've not heard any big names GOPers express interest.

Rooting for the Cinderella story or holding a grudge about the whole thing?


When will MSNBC debut "The Fix with Chris Cillizza" haha I'm waiting . . hosting AMR & Daily Rundown were a tease

Potential show names....

"I'm Out with Chris Cillizza." (I end every show by saying "I. Am. Out.")

"And Another Thing....with Chris Cillizza (I rant)

"The Aaron Blake Show....with Chris Cillizza."

Whatcha Drinking? Whoya Hearing? Wherya Thinking?

I had downed a grande Mocha before the clock struck 7 am this morning.

Writing from the hallowed halls of the NBC Washington buro. And sitting -- actually typing -- in silence. Did have some Glenn Gould "Goldberg Cariations" going earlier though.

Who on earth will the Dems run? What are you hearing? There just aren't many state-wide well known Dems. And we are close to maybe flipping the state -- why can't we field a good Dem to challenge Kingston/Broun/Gingrey, etc.?

I think they want John Barrow. Barrow has won a House seat in a very tough district and assuming he didn't get primaried might actually have a shot in the general election.

Of course, House Dems want Barrow to stay put since they will struggle to hold his seat if he vacates it.

If LeBron were a character of Game of Thrones, who would he be?

Tywin Lannister.

So how great is it that you are now the first entry when one enters "The Fix" rather than that drug rehab place?


What hurts more? Georgetown losing in the 1st round or Syracuse beating Indiana. (I know the answer is the former, but still last night had to hurt)

Both hurt. A lot.

Wonder if you've watched House of Cards. We're nearly done and it's been a good show.

Haven't started yet but am a Netflix subscriber now. I feel like that is a step in the right direction.

What do you make of the fact that Tom Izzo told Mike and Mike this morning that his 13 year-old son, Steven, picked Duke to beat MSU in the Sweet Sixteen tonight?

Why do you listen to "Mike and Mike"?

Was the Hillary Rodham Clinton pre-election hype stronger then or now? For me personally, I felt it was stronger back then.

Definitely stronger then.  I think it will heat up again (if and when) she seems to have any interest in running. But, the second time in politics is rarely more exciting than the first.

How long do we have to deal with Ted Cruz in the Senate? I'm already tired of his routine.

As long as he wants to be in the Senate. Texas remains a pretty Republican state.  Not sure Cruz even gets a series challenge in 2018...although who knows.

Is that where vultures peck Bach out on the keyboard?

Ah, bad typing gets me.


The farther Florida Gulf Coast goes? Then you'll know it really wasn't just a fluke?

No. I will still feel terrible.

So it seems like everyone's favorite show "The View" is loosing 2 or 3 hosts within the next year . . . . who are your picks as replacements?

Are you asking me if I want to be a co-host?

When saw the headline of Rush Limbaugh saying that gay marriage was inevitable, my first thought was, "Did hell freeze over for Rush to think--let alone SAY--such a thing?" My second thought was, "This is probably sour grapes on Rush's part for being on the losing end of the argument." Your take?

I was surprised by it.  But, he's right. Politically speaking, the fight on gay marriage is already over.

Check this out:

C'mon! Young, rich, a lingerie model wife - wouldn't a NCAA title just complete the set?

A guy who lives and dies with Georgetown hoops.

That hair on his face . . .creepy or cool?

Creepily cool.

Do you think anyone ever thought that the Roberts Court would uphold Obamacare and legalize gay marriage? What do you think the reaction will be in June if this is the case?

Handicapping how the Supreme Court will rule is about as reliable as handicapping winter storms in DC.


The best part is ... the end. You know when it stops and there is no more college basketball.


I was going to dump a little more Syracuse trash talk on you but you've suffered enough. That said, possible to see a Cuomo vs. Christie match-up in 2016 and if so, who wins? Oh . . . and you can kiss Georgetown good-bye . . . courtesy of JT . . . couldn't resist.

Did every person in DC go to Syracuse? It is unreal.

Cuomo vs Christie would be a GREAT race.  Very east coast centric though.

Google exists and a whole bunch of pundits sound stupid because they echo exactly what they said about Hillary before 2008--how inevitable she was--and then she lost.

What is this Google you speak of?

Better to be the Lord of Casterly Rock than the King of Quarth (the view leaves something to be desired)..

Good call.


How about Mrs. Cillizza as a new chatter on "The View"? I bet she'd be scintillating, and could also book you as a guest any time!

She rules and would be AMAZING.

Mrs Fix = my MUCH better half.

Which app that I don't currently have is a must-have?

How about the new anbd improved WaPo iPad app. It rules!

Sidebar: I have the original iPad. Do I need to buy a new one? If so, why.

Working at home today and the only food we have is eggs and Annie's cheddar bunnies. Should I attempt an omelette? This is what happens when there's no food chat.

Sounds like Fix Jr's favorite foods...

Good morning from the Left Coast ... why don't you include a link to your Friday chat in The Fix daily newsletter?

Damn good question. We will in the future.

Hi Chris, I always find your drink choices interesting. I think you would be better off in an ice cream shop sucking down coffee milk shakes rather than the fake drinks you usually go with. What ever happen to the good old days when newspaper men drank whiskey in the day time?

I am stunned -- and offended -- that Starbucks has yet to offer to sponsor the Fix chat.

Is? She? Running?

I know the answer but I am not telling.

Marquette's men's basketball team had Pitt's number this season too, alas.

Pitt: The only team who plays worse in the tournament than Gtown.

More horsepower under the hood, better display...and Siri!

HMMM.  I loathe Siri.  Better display interests me. But I need to make the case to Mrs. Fix....

Then what did she see in YOU???

It's a question no one I know has an answer for ;)

Are there REALLY enough conservative Republicans in Mark Sanford's old Congressional district willing to vote for him in contradiction of their family-values views that Sanford can win even the primary, let alone a general election? I assume he's already sewn up the Argentinian-mistress faction.

I think he has to be considered the favorite to win the runoff on Tuesday. And, if he wins that, he will enter the special general election as the favorite just because of the partisan nature of the seat.

Jeb Bush, Bill Bradley and Gwen Ifill were at a Guilford College event in NC last night...he certainly sounded like he plans to run in 2016, what do you think?

Bradley? Interesting.


While Rep. Young's remarks about workers from Mexico reflects badly on the GOP, how will it affect him in Alaska? I am not aware of a large population of Latinos there, although many non-Latino Alaskans certainly will be offended.

He has weathered a LOT of controversy and still managed to win re-election. Not sure if one more negative national news narrative matters much. People in Alaska just keep voting for the guy.

It's +2 for Republicans. Let's stop now. They're gaining Johnson and Rockefeller's seats and that's it...barring something crazy. With that in mind, it's no surprise the media and opponents will try to add some intrigue in other races.

If I stopped now, I would have to shut The Fix down. And, I ain't doing that.

West Va is a likely pickup. SD looks good but let's see the candidates. Arkansas, North Carolina, Alaska and Louisiana also all Dem held and likely to be quite competitive.

Give the old iPad to Fix Jr with the Fisher-Price "apptivity" case and the free Fisher-Price apps...

Now THAT is a good argument.

Not surprised she is not running. Did her announcement give Mitch McConnell the Worst Week in Washington

McConnell was frontrunner for "Worst Week" until....Dony Young!

Chris - you must watch the original House of Cards. Must-see-TV for political junkies.

The British one? Where can I see?

She's been extra visible nationally this week with the SCOTUS cases, and comes across as smart as a whip. I think there's no doubt she'll run for senator or governor of CA, pending availability. Your thoughts on the Kamala future?

Gov run in 2018.  Primary against Gavin Newsom. EPIC.

That was neat. Never seen a soccer game being played in a blizzard

It was.  But the scene at the Azteca on Tuesday was even better.

As a Bulls fan, of course I'm referring to the end of the Heat's streak.

I knew what you meant.

Have any lunch/dinner recommendations for DC tourists who don't want to eat at chains?

On the Hill I LOVE Good Stuff for burgers.  We the Pizza (next door) also VERY good.

Is Fix Aaron the next star at MSNBC?

He is a talented dude. I hope so.

How excited are you for WrestleMania next week?

Excited. But not as excited as I am for FishoMania.

How likely do you think it is that Obama will beat the traditional 6th year jinx by increasing Democratic holdings in the House (maybe even a majority) and retaining a Democratic majority in the Senate? Or, to put it differently, how likely that Republicans will blow their chance?

At this point, Dems winning back the House seems pretty unlikely.

As for the Senate, GOPers have to win 6 seats to get the majority. They have enough Dem targets to make it happen but will need some breaks they didn't get last cycle.

With the economy changing and a growing bipartisan push in Washington, can you smell what The Rock is cookin?

Rock for President!

"Finally, The Rock has COME BACK to the nation's capitol!"

Yesterday, Pope Francis washed the feet of jailed youth, including Muslims and women, instead of bishops. Would you sign a petition to have him change his name to Pope Awesome Humbleheart I?

A very cool move.

Chris Matthews Show featured a segment on the Beatles a couple of weeks ago. 5 favorite Beatles songs?

HMMM. In no particular order...

For No one

 Strawberry Fields Forever


I'm Only Sleeping

Penny Lane

Rick Scott vs. Charlie Crist. Is this done already?

Looks like that's the race. And it's going to be a DOOZY.

I would say LeBron's more Daenerys Targaryen: 1. Both have immense innate physical strengths (LeBron's size, speed, strength and Targaryen's dragon DNA). 2. Both were petulant in the beginning but are slowly becoming the world's most dominating force. 3. After faltering in the NBA Finals of Westeros and Essos, Targaryen took her talents to South Beach to rebuild.

This is the best thing. Ever.

Who had the Worst Week in Washington?

Don't want to spoil the surprise....

But I'll give you a hint. Think Alaska.

Who's likely to run against Kasich?

Ed FitzGerald is the guy Dems want.

NHLer Steve Gomez, anyone?

People DO still watch ice hockey. I knew it!

So you've got Netflix and HBO in the Fix household and two little Fixers?

That is correct.

No Villaraigosa for Governor?

He will have been out of office for a long time (5 years) by 2018....

I remember many years ago, a senator made a racist comment and ultimately ended up resigning. (I am sorry--I cannot remember who he was but I do know he was from Mississippi.) There was actually a push to have him resign from his own party (Republicans). Do you anticipate the same happening with Young?

Trent Lott.

And, I don't expect it regarding Young -- and I am pretty sure he wouldn't listen anyway.

But, people like Sen. John Cornyn and House Speaker John Boehner have already come out today and condemned Young...

My song of the Day is Thunder Road by the Boss

Screen door slams...

Now that we know who Lebron would be in Game of Thrones, who would President Obama be? Robb Stark, with Catelyn Tully as Nancy Pelosi?

I smell a Fix post....

Newsom's star has dimmed, hasn't it? Harris seems much more capable, forceful, and nimble than Newsom ever has--he doesn't have a lot of depth. I wish she would run for senate instead of Guv though.

Yes and no. Newsom will have been LG for 8 years in 2018...that's not a bad platform from which to run.

Oh Henry vs. Baby Ruth?

Baby Ruth. I LOVE those things.

Also, I gave up all sweets for Lent. 

How 'bout those Pittsburgh Penguins?!?!?!? 14 wins in a row.

Did I wonder into an ice hockey chat?

Netflix, natch (lots of good British TV on Netflix). Welcome to the future. Don't worry - soon Netflix will know you so well that it'll put shows like that right on the home page for you.

Good deal. PSYCHED.

Where is "The Fix" Harlem Shake video?

Would be epic....if epic means terrible.

That's all the time I've got. Have a great weekend and enjoy all the great college hoops on TV. Thanks to Georgetown, I can't.


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