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Feb 01, 2013

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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Good morning everyone! It's the day after Chuck Hagel not-so-good testimony at his confirmation hearing to be SecDef. It's the last day of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The Superbowl is in 48 hours.

Let's do it.

Gut prediction: Does Chuck Hagel get confirmed as Secretary of Defense?

Yes.  As I wrote yesterday, the only way he wouldn't make it if is Democrats start to abandon him. And there's no evidence of that happening.

Here's my piece:

What are your ten favorite websites and blogs covering politics and/or Congress?

Off top of my head: WaPo coverage, Buzzfeed, Politico, Reddit, Prez16, Roll Call, NYT, WSJ.

Also love Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell's shows on MSNBC and Bret Baier's show on Fox News Channel.

Seriously, do you see him running for the Georgia Senate seat? No jokes about 9-9-9.

He said the day of Chambliss' retirement he wasn't running, a decision that disappointed political reporters across the country.

Say what you will about the Herminator but he makes a great candidate to cover.

Does he run in the special election or not? Bqhatevwr.

Over/under on number of questions that reference "Bqhatevwr" in the Fix chat: 10.

As for Brown's prospects, deputy Fix Sean Sullivan wrote a good peiece arguing that Brown should run for gov in 2014 instead:

Begich v. ? in 2014?

If national Republicans have their way: Lt Gov. Mead Treadwell.

If they don't: Joe Miller.

More likely to run for the Senate in 2014 -- Steve King or Bob Vander Plaats?

Steve King. I am operating under the assumption he is in the race.

True/False -- Bachmann doesn't challenge Franken in a Senate race and instead runs for reelection in the House.

Probably true. I think Bachmann is slightly more pragmatic than she gets credit for and knows she is very unlikely to win statewide. I also think she knows she is one of the most high profile tea party aligned members still serving in Congress and doesn't want to give that up.

Any chance for a Chris Coons/Beau Biden primary showdown?

Nah.  Delaware governor's seat will be open in 2016. That is the race for Beau, I think.

Do you see a primary challenge against Graham being successful?

Well state Sen. Tom Davis gets a lot of mentions as the guy to primary Graham.

But, Graham is a VERY good campaigner and knows he could be vulnerable.

Can Davis raise a couple million dollars to try and counteract the heavy spending by Graham? Does he want to?

My guess is Graham survives.

I bet my friend $100 that Ken Cuccinelli will win the gubernatorial election this year by 7 points or more. Think I'll end up collecting?

I don't think Macker or Cooch win by 7. This is Virginia after all.

OMG! Kerry is Obama's Secretary of State. Will he run for president in 2016??!?!? #questionnooneisaskingaboutthenewsecretaryofstate

I wouldn't say no one is asking....,29476/

Hi Chris, Was that Senator Menenez I saw speed reading the chapter on sex scandals in the Gospel? Did he follow your instruction or is he one more guy that foolishly thinks he knows better than you do?

Well, it'snot a sex scandal since he denies involvement with prostitutes. But, that denial was enough to win him "Worst Week":

Clinton has long been adamant about not running for president in 2016. Now she says she's "not inclined" to run, which seems to back away from previous statements. Are Democrats at risk of waiting too long for Clinton to make up her mind? Her decision seemingly impacts Cuomo's, Gillibrand's, and Klobuchar's calculus about whether to run.

I wrote about just that this week!

Great minds.

Here's the piece:

Chris, You reported in the Morning Fix that Begich is up in a GOP poll in Alaska. How are the dynamics in this state for a Democrat like him? How would you rate his chances? Thanks

He has to be happy about those poll numbers. But winning statewide in Alaska is VERY tough. Republicans know that and will do everything they can top get Treadwell through the primary...

Where Chris taking his talents to watch the Super Bowl?

Official Fix couch.

Are you looking forward to The Rock-Cena 2 at Wrestlemania?

Am.  Though I remain most enamored with CM Punk.  He's the best thing to happen to pro wrestling since, well, Dwayne Johnson.

Yay or nay on Idol? The judges are much more palatable than Tyler, et al. And did you watch The Americans? Everyone who likes good TV should watch it so TV execs greenlight more shows like it instead of Honey Boo Boo. (And, no, Idol isn't anywhere near the gutter that Toddlers & Tiaras, Buckwild, etc. are in.)

Undecided on Idol. Something about Nikki Minaj's voice bugs. I like Keith Urban.

And, didn't watch The Americans but need to tape and watch. Reviews have been amazing.

I couldn't believe he sunk so low as to break out a C-Span Washington Journal clip. If he doesn't lose credibility from pundits ready to anoint him the next great politician, he never will.

Wasn't an Al-Jazeera clip?

A moment of silence for the late Ed Koch, who managed to get NYC out of the worst of financial problems.

Speaking of great politicians to cover. Remember Ed as he would want to be remembered -- with some of his greatest quotes:

Game itself, Beyonce's Halftime Show, Food, Beverages, Commercials

Game, Commercials, Bey, Beverages, Food.

Where are chatting? What is the Soundtrack? What are you Drinking today?

At WaPo HQ

Daniel and the Lion covering Bon Iver's "Holocene":

Already consumed a medium Campfire Mocha from Caribou. That is GOOD stuff.

So when "Bob" steps down, who replaces him?

Whoever Chris Christie wants.  

And, yes, we are VERY far from that happening. If Christie did get the chance, I bet he would go with Tom Kean Jr.

How do you keep pumping out so many posts without getting stale?

Some would argue I don't. 


In truth, I love politics. I think about it all the time. And I am passionate about it.  So, it comes out in what I write.

Gut prediction: Does he ride this out?

No idea. I can tell you this: He won't go willingly. He will fight like hell.

Will The Fix be at next years Super Bowl in the Meadowlands?

If someone wants to give me a ticket....

Buzzfeed is everything wrong with the 24-hour news cycle.

You're everything that's wrong with the 24 hours news cycle.


Who are the frontrunners for Tom Harkin's seat in Iowa?

Dems want Rep. Bruce Braley.

GOP field might be Reps. Steve King and Tom Latham. Keep an eye on Secretary of State Matt Schultz too.

To save some money, why doesn't our Government sell naming rights like stadiums do? For example, Chuck Hagel would get confirmed as the Chick-fil-A Secretary of Defense.

This is an idea that could catch on.

The Meineke Car Care Secretary of State.

The Poulan Weedeater Secretary of Agriculture.

Endless possibilities.

Is Hillary still the frontrunner in 2016?


I liked these ranking from Christian Heinze at Prez16:

Can I get a big thumbs-down to the Nats' decision to pass over William Henry "I Died in 40 Days!" Harrison for the Presidents' Race? SUCH a good song...


WHH was my second choice for the new racing President. First choice? Richard Milhous Nixon.

Palin has been on the news again after not being renewed on Fox News. What kind of role is she gonna take on the 2014 elections?

I did a big piece on what Sarah Palin meant to politics earlier this week. It's here:

Where can I get a copy of "The Gospel According to Fix"? Is it in Paperback yet?

It was BORN in paperback!  Click here:

Over/under on number of days before Menendez has to answer questions?

Monday -ish.

Do you think Ashley Judd will run the Senate?

I don't. I think she will realize that she has a really nice life right now and that while she'd like to get into politics, it's not worth what it would cost her.

I'm confused. Is Graham the junior Senator from SC or Arizona?

SC. He and McCain are just close allies.

Whoa, are there actual discussions about Bob Menendez stepping down?

No. Not yet.

Again, like with all stopries like this, I think we need to wait to see if anything more comes out.

I don't think Menendez's statement earlier this week will be enough to put down the controversy. But who knows.

Dear Chris Christie, I have three words for you: Senator Bruce Springsteen.

I have three more words: Senator Geraldo Rivera:

What's the over/under on the number consumed at Fix HQ on Super Bowl Sunday?

Oooh. Good question. Setting it at 7 because Mrs. Fix will glare at me if I go over that. 

Now, if you are asking how many COULD I eat during the game? Over/under 18.

How much of a struggle do you think it will be for BFP to get on a level ground in terms of respectability w/ a Politico, WaPo, etc. due to their other content? Or are they already there?

I mean, Buzzfeed editor in chief Ben Smith is sitting down with Marco Rubio next week in DC.

I think they are already, for the most part, there.

Didnt the Nats make a mistake in getting the overweight William Taft to run. I would have had Franklin Pierce


Who do you like in the Super Bowl?

Cousin Sal.

Why sell just the name when you can buy the whole person?


King is mainly concerned with abolishing the ACA and securing the borders with electric fences. Matt Schulz spends his time combating non-existent voter fraud. (Obama's IA campaign director, Brad Anderson has already declared he will run against Schulz.) Latham, on the other hand, would be tough to beat. He's already won races in two of Iowa's four Congressional districts and is much less over-the-top than King and Schulz.

Latham, I think, is the strongest candidate. Question is whether he wants to run. He has a nice life in the House and is one of John Boehner's best buds.

C'mon, Fix. Everyone knows that on Super Bowl Sunday, a sufficient volume of beverage renders all consideration of other priorities irrelevant. (Just ask the significant other)

The Fix is something of a teetotaler....

It would also give opportunities for fabulous political fallout. Consider the BP Secretary of Energy...

HA! Man that would be epic.

Will Fix Aaron be in attendence at the Cillizza household for the Super Bowl?

No. We have a strict "don't associate outside of work" policy in FixWorld. 

Plus, the deputy Fixes don't like me.

If Tim Johnson doesn't run, does Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin get into the race?

I think so. Although Brendan Johnson, the Senator's son, would also probably take a look...

If Obama had lost, what would the pundits be saying about how he ran his campaign?

My sense: That he ran a very good technical campaign but couldn't overcome broader doubts in the electorate about his handling of the economy and his broader plans for the country.

Term limits! I am convinced that we need term limits for our politicians. 5 terms house, 3 senate, something. Some might say but they gain so much knowledge, we need them there. They learn how to politic, but much of the knowledge is/can be retained through professional committee staff that understand the issue and history. It just seems that so many politicians vote for their job these days- this could be a fix, no?

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Does Rick Perry run for another term in 2014? What are his chances in a primary fight against AG Greg Abbott?

Who the heck knows? I can't believe Perry would seriously consider another run for president in 2016 after how poorly he did in 2012 but he has said publicly he's open to running again.

Who is more likely to run for president in 2016 -- Tim Kaine or Mark Warner?

Warner. But I don't think either of them do.

What will be the biggest political event of 2013? 1) Chuck Hagel hearings, 2) 2013 gubernatorial races, 3) a Supreme Court retirement and nomination, or 4) something else?

Virginia governor's race between Cooch and Macker.

Who do you think will be the Democratic nominee for Jay Rockefeller's seat?

Joe Manchin. Wait, he can't hold both Senate seats?

I think Democrats have a lot of elected officials in the state but no one who is a great fit as a candidate for Senate. That race is Rep. Shelley Moore Capito's (R) to lose.

Who steps up to challenge Mark Warner? McDonnell seems likely to prep for a presidential run (or maneuver himself to be a strong VP contender), Cuccinelli could be governor, Bolling has been having a falling out with the GOP, Cantor would rather be Speaker, and the rest of the House delegation is either too old or probably wouldn't want to give up a safe seat.

Nobody. Or no one real. Warner is still REALLY popular in the state.

True/False: Liz Cheney will be Wyoming's senator in 2015.

She certainly would like to be.

True-False: By 2017, Joe Manchin will be a Republican (or Republican-caucusing Independent).


Lautenberg seems likely to hang 'em up. As does Tim Johnson. What other retirements do you see coming down the pike this cycle? Thad Cochran? Mike Enzi? Susan Collins? Carl Levin? Mark Warner?

Tim Johnson.

I think Lautenberg goes.

Levin worth keeping an eye on and Cochran as always.

Here's a wildcard: Jeanne Shaheen.

Has he started a "draft Coakley" movement yet? Seriously, his win was probably an anomaly. What will he do after losing the Senate race or the governor's race?

If he loses either of those races, he will be done with politics. And he will find some place in the private sector to make a bunch of dough. Which isn't a bad consolation prize.

Did you make the pick before Hagel's ahhhh.... what ever you want to call that thing yesterday or after?

Well, I still think hagel winds up as SecDef.  Menendez is in murkier waters...

"We have a strict "don't associate outside of work" policy in FixWorld. Plus, the deputy Fixes don't like me." Really?

I kid (or do I)?

Is there a respectable bookstore that sells your tome, or is it only available on Amazon?

All respectable book stores sell the "Gospel". If you go into one and they don't have it, here is my recommended response:

Nixon as the next Racing President is a brilliant idea. Now I'm even more disappointed that they went with Taft.

Thank you. It was really WaPo Oulook editor Carlos Lozada's idea.

And speaking of Carlos, make sure to read his new piece on why the idea of "national conversations" needs to go away:

Would like to see Alec Baldwin run for NYC mayor. Any chance of that happening? BTW, who will run?

"Jack Donaghy is an economic war criminal." -- Nancy Pelosi.


I am still awaiting Starbucks sponsoring The Fix since it already sponsors Morning Joe

Me too. Howard Schultz, I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS.

Set the DVR. Get home from the beach about 7. Bathe the dog and heat the prepared snax. Turn on the TV about 7:30, fast-forward through all the folderol and watch the commercials. Turn it off at halftime for the Puppy Bowl and to miss the hideous Beyonce. Come back an hour later and repeat.

"Get home from the beach"? Um, it is like 20 degrees in DC today.

Also, don't you insult Bey.

I'd like to see the Direct TV genie run. Also, I hate you, Derek Jeter.

Well played.

Also, your dentist sneezing into your open mouth is the grossest thing ever.

Whatever happened to FixRachel? She didn't go to the DARK SIDE, did she?

She is still here! She writes mainly for our political news blog Post Politics. Follow her on the Twitter @rachelweinerwp. She rocks!

Will Susan Collins survive in 2014?

Yes. She proved in 2008 that she could win a) in a very good Dem year and b) against a credible D opponent.

If she runs again, she wins.

If not Hillary, which women is most likely to run?

Kirstin Gillibrand. Amy Klobuchar. Elizabeth Warren.

Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

I am an optimist in life so I am saying it's a good thing.

I think most people who are in favor of term limits want them because of other districts'/states' politicians, not their own. After all, most people say they think Congress is ineffective, but they like their own reps or senators. It's the other peoples' guys that are problems.


Senator Honey Boo Boo. It's coming.

Hard to top that image.

That's all folks. We can all agree that the words "Senator Honey Boo Boo" are a mic drop moment in the Fix live chat.

I will be off next Friday but back at it Feb 15.  See you then!

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