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Nov 09, 2012

The Fix's Chris Cillizza discussed the latest in political news.

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The election is over! Let the 2016 speculation begin.

I kid (not really).

You have questions, I have answers.  Let's do this. 

But before we begin

Coffee: grande mocha

Soundtrack: "Fear Fun" by Father John Misty

Are they still counting votes in FL???

Well, according to AP, 100% of precincts are reporting.

Count as of this moment:

Obama 4,169,933

Romney, 4,117,528

I think most people believe Obama has won. That gives him a final count of 332 electoral votes.

The highlight of Tuesday night was seeing Chris eating.

I am a pig as an eater. Mrs. Fix always scolds me about my habit of using the fork as a shovel.  That you watched me eat on our livestream will gaul her to no end.

We gave you 24 hours to sleep! Get out of bed and start handicapping 2016!

Didn't even take that long. I popped my 2016 handciapping piece before the 2012 election was 24 hours old!

It's here:

Hey Chris - Do we see Romney having any national GOP role? Does his lack of national office mean we're not likely to hear much from him?

Probably not. I think he is done. I am sure that whoever he endorses in 2016 will get some bump but unlike even say John Kerry in 2004, Romney doesn't have an office to fall back on and so staying relevant in the national conversation is tough....

Where would you now place an endorsement by Bruce Springsteen? Would it be higher or lower than Bill Clinton?

I think it fits where I put it.  Here's my link:,mod=3&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

I followed along with your story about which candidate should win each state. I think you hit every one. Very impressive Did anything in the election results surprise you? .

Thanks! We try.

I was surprised that Republicans lost the Senate seat in North Dakota.  To lose as a Republican in a state where Obama got in the low 40s is campaign malpractice.

Chris -- great job to you and the team on Tuesday and all the years before. My question -- which of the states that are "red" do you see as likely in the next four years (through population shifts, or whatever) to change to blue in 2016? And what is it that would cause the shift? Just demographics? Does a Dem. governor in a red state (happened in GA for years) more likely lead a shift? Or?

Just wrote on this this morning here:

I think Georgia and Minnesota are potential swing states in 2016. Ditto Arizona.

If Republicans can't fix their problems with Hispanics, Nevada won't be a swing state in 4 years.

I ask this question sincerely, with respect, as a Fix fan who is NOT a poll wonk: how do you compare your work, and how you and your fellow Fixers do your work, with Nate Silver?


Nate is an incredibly bright guy.

He is a modeler and prognosticator (and a VERY good one.)

I am a political reporter.

We do different and I think complementary things. I think he would agree.

Do you see Mark Warner running for governor in 2013?

I don't think he likes the Senate.

I don't see how someone with a moderate record like his can bve a serious threat in the Democratic presidential race in 2016.

So those two facts make me think he might. But, Terry McAuliffe tried to pre-empt him by announcing yesterday that he is running. I am not sure though how much Terry's decision plays into Warner's calculus.

With back to back loses for George Allen, does it mean his political career is over (ie seek elective office again out of the question)?

I think it's all over for George Allen politically. I think he winds up becoming a lobbyist.

I just wanted to say, I've been on the Nate Silver bandwagon back in his days when he was working at Baseball Prospectus, coming up with PECOTA, and fivethirtyeight wasn't even a glint in his eye. #hipsternatesilverfans


What happened to Mia Love? It was surprising..

An amazing loss by her and an amazing win by Jim Matheson -- particularly considering that Romney won Utah by almost FIFTY points.

With back to back loses for George Allen, does it mean his political career is over (ie seek elective office again out of the question)?

I think it's over for him...

Folks -- There is some technical problem with our awful chat software. I am going to stop since it's not allowing me to answer question in any timely manner. I am going to take the questions that have come in and answer a bunch of them on The Fix later today. apologies.

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