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May 17, 2013

Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes discussed all the latest in TV news - on and off the screen.

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Video from Upfront Week 2013:

Check out trailers from all the broadcast network's new fall and midseason shows -- NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS and CW


Scheduling news from the five networks:


CW's new schedule: 'Vampire Diaries' spinoff, first crunchy gravel drama


CBS’s new schedule: Robin Williams and Will Arnett comedies, two new dramas


ABC's new schedule: ABC shrinks ‘Dancing with Stars’ for Marvel comics drama; Rebel Wilson paired with ‘Modern Family’


Fox’s new schedule: ‘24’ to return; plus, new shows from J.J. Abrams and Seth MacFarlane


NBC’s new schedule: Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes comedies on Thursday, Dracula and Blackbeard on Friday


...and the rest of the news from Upfront Week:


ABC puts unaired episodes of 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23' online and on mobile devices


'American Idol' ratings: finale fumbles third of last year's crowd


USA gets in the scripted comedy game, orders two original series


TNT and TBS upfronts: Networks to live stream all content online starting this summer


'Downton Abbey' Season 4 to premiere Jan. 5, 2014


Seth Meyers is the big story, but Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon entertain the crowd at NBC upfronts


Barbara Walters talks retirement on 'The View'


Babs Walters waited for May sweep to confirm retirement


NBC’s new schedule: Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes comedies on Thursday, Dracula and Blackbeard on Friday


Seth Meyers to replace Jimmy Fallon on ‘Late Night'


CBS, NBC, ABC make decisions on a slew of shows: What’s ordered and what's gone?


NBC cancels 'Go On,' picks up 'Chicago Fire' spinoff, 'Ironside' remake

Hi everyone,

I'm late -- flew back in from New York this morning so as to be here to chat away about the new TV season stuff I watched being trotted out in New York this week. Here's this week's reading material -- ask away!

Is it true? I saw an ad last night that it's the "Rules of Engagement" series finale? Can that be? Or will they resurrect it like some soap opera character when the Robin Williams/Sarah Michelle Geller show bombs.

It's true -- CBS finally canceled its utility bench player. "Mike & Molly" is taking over that role in the fall, sitting on the bench until something new flops. And by "new" we're talking about its new Will Arnett comedy "The Millers," its new Robin Williams comedy "The Crazy Ones,"  its new Chuck Lorre comedy "Mom,"   and its new Kal Penn, Tony Shaloub, Jerry O'Connell comedy "We Are Men." And, based on the clips, it appears all of them are at least better than last year's one new comedy at CBS, "Partners." I know, that's damning with faint praise, but....

You're not on the schedule. Bummer

I'm here -- just late.....

Pookie Pookie Pookie, Are they trying to kill my favorite eye candy show by moving it to Friday night? What's girl to think?

Well, THIS girl thinks they've done us a big favor on Monday nights. I'll watch anything with Toni Collette in it, even if it also has Dylan McDermott in it...clip looked great... Can't Dylan McDermott be your new eye candy? You can play the "H 5-O" theme song before it starts...

I was wondering how the Office final ratings were and if they beat AI

Because NBC ran the show 15 minutes long, any numbers you've seen on 'The Office' are very dicey... In the 9-10 p.m. hour they ran head to head, 'Idol' clobbered 'Office' except 18-34 year old guys, in which 'Office' edged out 'Idol', though not by whopping big amount

I was wondering how the Giving Tree did on Sunday night -- great cast and should have great comic possibilities..

Are you talking about HBO's "Family Tree" which debuted Sunday? It clocked about 800,000 viewers, off a "Veep" lead-in of 1.2 million. That's not terrific, so if you like the series -- it appears you did -- you need to get out the word STAT

Pookie, I've watched both shows faithfully (yes, I'm that one lone dude that does) and after seeing both episodes last week, I've come to the conclusion that "Nashville" does it way better than "Smash." If I can figure it out (average Joe TV Viewer), why couldn't the singing suits at NBC figure it out?

Had "Smash" aired where it was originally intended, on Showtime, critics would be writing about how good it is... on NBC, you can see all its warts (Katharine McPhee, storyline in-continuity (is that a word?), impossibiltiy of buying idea that hot-shot producers would think McPhee was the better choice to play Marilyn, etc).  And now, "Smash" is gone and "Nashville" is coming back....."Smash," FYI, was exec produced by the same guys who produced the Academy Awards with Seth MacFarlane.

After dragging it out for 8 years we finally see the mother, and also immediately the web is full of hate directed at the actress playing the mother. She's not attractive enough for Ted, etc. I think most of these people were holding out hope that Robin was somehow going to be the mother.

Yeah, like Ted's some big catch? Anyway, you had to know there would be loads of haters -- personally I think they were going to be angry, after all the stringing along they were subjected to, if it was anyone less than Angelina Jolie, or Charlize Theron. I'm sure you agree...


It's Shonda Rhimes... she's such a drama queen...

How on earth do these shows get developed and greenlighted (greenlit?) at the same time?

I know -- there ought to be a law... For those of you who aren't in the know: NBC has ordered a series starring Dermot Mulroney called 'Crisis' in which he plays a guy trying to rescue kidnapped VIP kids in Washington, including Son of POTUS; it's a midseason show that is scheduled for Sundays at 10. Meanwhile, CBS has ordered a series called 'Hostages' for Monday night at 10 that starts Dylan McDermott as a rogue FBI agent who kidnaps the POTUS surgeon's family...And, as we know from "Saturday Night Live," the two guys are practically the same person....

Every time I see Shyamalan's name I think Shamalama-ding dong. Please tell me the missing federal agents are Mulder and Scully. That is something I could get in to.

I hope you are right.... meanwhile, thanks for making me smile with  "Shama Lama Ding Dong" reference:

If I searched this whole wide world

  I'd never, never, never find me a girl

who'd love me the way that u do

Cuz you're
Shama lama huh

In the rama lama ding dong

Baby huh

You put the Ooh my my (oh, oh, oh, oh)

Back into my smile child
Hey! hey That is why, that is why

You are my shooby dooby doo

That was impossible, because Ted has referred to "Aunt Robin" when talking to his kids.

Maybe we hoped -- I mean THEY hoped -- the producers would introduce a second Robin in this season's finale so that First Robin would turn out to be Mother after all....

Not enough Roger Sterling, in my opinion. But in the episode where he was bedding a airline hostess, I got a little creeped out because the actress was in a bunch of Disney movies my daughters used to watch and is only in her early 20s. Eww, just a bit too young, methinks.

"Mad Men: The Creepy Season"

Two more years? Really? I'm just waiting for when they run out of PSAs and start cautioning us on the dangers of microwaving tin foil. Complete with a musical number.

Had their aired a PSA about the dangers of microwaving tin foil, it would have saved me a WORLD of trouble last week in my kitchen!

Lisa, there are those of us that remember what the TV column was like before you showed up. It was like a small town newspaper for the local TV and news communities, full of wedding and birth announcements and gossip about who was dating that cute news anchor. And suddenly, Lisa is standing there, dispensing her patented snark about the business of television. For me, a column I rarely read and never finished became must read journalism. We'll miss you, Pookie. David in Arlington David in VA

Thank you, David. It has been a pleasure, and a privilege, to snark dispense for such a fine newspaper all these years, and I shall treasure the experience, and lovely comments like yours.

I few years ago I tried to reheat my coffee in a thermos, almost caused a fire in my office.

Another great "Glee" PSA -- do not microwave your thermos. How about one on the dangers of flossing while driving?

I think CBS did best in filling some holes, then came NBC trying to fill some much bigger holes, the CW trying to accept that it now a fantasy/sci-fi netowrk, and then fox and ABC who seem to be run by demented monkeys. Am I right?

CBS had fewer holes to fill....NBC is nothing but holes... I'm not sure I'd characterize the guys running Fox and ABC as demented monkeys, but I would like to see demented monkeys given the chance and see if they do a better job... that would be a fun season to write about...

The biggest problem with this AI season was the sameness of the contestants. We wound up with a top 5 made up of women who sing power ballads---albeit some with a country twang and some with a little soul. There were no surprising, innovative contestants such as Adam Lambert, Casey Abrams, and Haley Reinhart, and so, even though the women were talented, it felt like the same week after week.

amen... and the judge panel was totally distracting... they need to stop with the darned "tweaking" of the format -- the format was just fine, thank you very much. And they need fewer judges -- three please -- and judges who are not polarizing.

They really seem to care the least of all the networks on launching new shows right now. They've added some new comedies, but except for there horrible sounding hostage show they did zip on the drama side.

That's because CBS doesn't need to do zip on the drama side -- it's got a lot of dramas that are working very well. They're going to run two dramas in that Monday 10 p.m. timeslot starting with "Hostages" for 13 weeks, followed by "Intelligence"

Any hope that AI will go back to three judges next year? Four is too many (and if you count all the screen time they gave to Jimmy Iovine's criticisms, they actually had five judges!). All in all, a wearying season, but Candice is a deserving winner.

Way too many judges. By the time they get to No. 4, they've run out of things to say about the Idolette and No. 4 just sounds like an idiot...

Any chance the Tomorrow People is related to the early 80s show of the same name? I think it aired on nickelodeon after school. My memories are hazy but they all had awesome accents and could teleport all over. Ahh nostalgia how I love thee....

Yes, and the Nickelodeon show was based on a Brit format, apparently... the producers of the new version are apparently obsessed with the franchise -- it's their "passion project"

When is Jack Bauer going to be back? Is the 12 hour version of 24 going to be a striaight 12 hours, or does the show go to sleep for a while? Or do they finally get realistic and get everyone stuck in traffic?

The plan is to cover 24 hours over 12 hours and leave out the boring hours....

What's the best swag you got there? Who did you personally meet? Are you goign to miss this when you go to LA?

I do not accept swag....I saw many network execs and advertising suits and talent agents while in New York. Yes, it is a fun week!

Ted is my least favorite of all the characters, so I am hoping that he is telling his kids this story because their mother has left him for a mature, interesting man after becoming tired of all his passive-agressive behavior.


It's a "World" Series Finale, according to the ad. Wow.

Modesty never got anybody anywhere in Hollywood...

I enjoy watching Smash, but agree it is not flawless. I love, love seeing the singing and dancing numbers. Anyway, wondered about your comment that the show would get critical raves if it were on Showtime but not because it is on NBC. Is that because you think the show could have been edgier on Showtime, or you think that critics have higher standards for network TV? If so, why? Thanks!

I believe TV critics are more inclined to praise programming on cable than on broadcast. I also think that when a show runs on a premium cable network like Showtime, and is not forced to churn out 22 episodes and on a tight deadline, like a series has to on broadcast TV, it increases the chance the creators can do their best work... that said, "Smash" was fatally flawed when McPhee was cast as the chick the hotshots thought was born to play Marilyn Monroe... Very bad casting for the sake of trying to cash in on the "Idol" machine... She could have done a fine job in another role -- this was just not the right one for her...

The judges should be paid strictly with a percentage of the winner's earnings. The early seasons of the show, you could see Simon making his decisions based on what was likely to work out well for for his company, which was funding the grand prize. Once the show was a perennial hit, I think the winner's success became a negligible factor, even for them. They might not make money on the contract per se, but their fees from the show more than made up for whatever would be spent on the flop.

Simon needs to go. Period.

Or wasn't "Tomorrow People" already a series called "Heroes"?

You noticed the similarity too?

My wife loves watching the Kentucky Turtle Man. They seem to have some strange programs on Animal Planet. Any idea how they come up with these programs?

Reality TV producers bring them a lot of their ideas....

Pookie, are they doing this to decrease the number of re-runs? If so, I'm all for that!

Bingo. Reruns are dead... seriously.

For years, I have thrilled my friends and mystified my husband with my knowledge of current television programming--and it's all thanks to you. I am very grateful for your columns and your chats and wish you well. I will miss you--and my husband muttering, "how does she know that...I never see her watching tv."

You are welcome... I'm all for mystifying husbands...

How bad could it have been if CBS chose "Intelligence" over it?

You just answered your question...

Stop trying to put comedies on Tuesdays at 9pm. Am I right, Pookie?

Well, I like "New Girl," in theory. But, based on ABC's new Tuesday at 9 comedies "The Goldberg's " and "Trophy Wife," I think I'll have to agree...

How would you rank the (current) TV Holmses, Miller and Bandersnatch? And vs. RDJ? Incidentally, I caught BC on Letterman this week and thought he came across as a (fairly) regular guy, for an actor. Was that just a performance?

Robert Downey Jr. is doing an action-hero Holmes, which is virtually a different character. I really like RDJ's HOlmes, and Bandersnatch too, and think Miller is doing his very best to make something of the character in a show CBS seems hellbent on turning into yet another paint-by-numbers procedural. And, in conclusion,  nobody comes close to Jeremy Brett -- the best Holmes ever....

"Your flagging movie carreer cannot be solved by trying a TV Comedy."

Is that your memo to Gwyneth Patrow, S Jessica Parker, and Kate Hudson?

I really, really hope Sleepy Hollow is a great show and a big success, if for no other reason than to get "Ichabod" on the list of Top Baby Names for 2014. Did you see any previews? Hear any buzz? What was your opinion?

Ichabod Crane, one of literature's great cowards, as action hero -- I'm having trouble buying into the concept. But I'm willing to stretch the point if it means Ichabod becomes a top baby name... Now can we come up with a series in which the male lead is named Capability? That's my fave guy name....

Here's a show about a group of Broadway types trying to create another hit musical based on a Marvel comics character. It's called...wait for it... HULK SMASH

brilliant... can I be your agent?

Thanks. I hadn't thought about the more relaxed pace of cable versus the franticness of broadcast TV, but that would be a help. To show you how clueless I am, however, I didn't even know Katharine McPhee had been a contestant on American Idol, since I don't watch the show. So if their strategy was to win viewers by using her, it was lost on me. I think Megan Hilty is FAB and hope she finds another vehicle.

She has a successful Broadway career and I think she's better suited to that...

That show about mistresses sounds like a trainwreck, have you seen any previews?

Alyssa Milano -- need I say more?

SJP has a movie career? Love her but, unless there's a Sex & The City 3, she has no movie career.

except I hear there is a third in the works, at least somebody thinks so... may have been a SJ Parker interview I saw/read the other day.. I really need more sleep

Pretty much agree with you on all points but, when I picture Holmes, he's still Basil Rathbone.

Rathbone also good, but Brett the best....

And yet Endeavour (as in "Morse") never caught on...

I know -- that was just wrong...

As you probably know, when I google your name a picture comes up of Kara DioGuardi. I love the fact that there are no actual pictures of you, but I am a little concerned at the idea that people think you look like Kara DioGuardi. Can any techie readers tell us how to change that image so that googling you returns a picture of Kay Francis?

I'd MUCH rather people see Kay Francis in their head when they hear my name that Kara..somebody fix that, please...

Ah, but will it play well with the young male target audience that networks crave?

Wrong! It will play well with women -- and they are ABC's audience.. ABC skews chick... upscale and chick...

Bella, Edmund, Ichabod and Honey Boo Boo.

mine (in my head)

Plum, Capability -- and, of course, Vanderbilt and Winkie....

So what looked good to you, Lisa? I am cautiously optimistic about, but not dazzled by, the shows starring people I like ("Mom," "Crazy Ones", "Michael J Fox"). Only "SHIELD" looked really exciting to me. (Please don't be disappointed in me.)

I'm not disappointed, just sad. The clips on "S.H.I.E.L.D." made it look like every action movie based on a comic hero you have ever seen -- one cliche after another. James Spader is a scene stealer in "Blacklist" on NBC. I admit Margo Martindale and Will Arnett have great chemistry on "The Millers" (who knew) and I also love Beau Bridges, but it's a CBS comedy and I'm not really their audience. Rebel Wilson's "Super Fun Night" looked promising and I'm a fan. "The Michael J. Fox" show will be interesting to see -- in the clips you never saw Fox for more than a second, which makes it look like they intend to spend a lot of camera time with the other family members.  But clips can be very misleading and some networks "clip" far better than others.

Maybe this'll help: "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes" "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes"

this is hilarious... All togther now! "Kay Francis" "Lisa de Moraes".......

It would have to be a series about a wacky landscape architect.

Exactly! And, such a plus, nobody has ever done a TV series about a wacky landscape arthitect. So it would actually be -- original!

Was also Freddie Eynsford-Hill in the film version of My Fair Lady... warbling "On the Street Where You Live" ( ... the young Sherlock Holmes, fairly boggles the mind. Jeremy Brett, RIP.

Yes, he was strikingly beautiful but I can't remember if he did his own singing in the movie. Anbody out there know? We all know Hepburn didn't get to, except the Cockney bits, poor woman...

What is the biggest "Swing for the Fences" risk that is being tried next season?

This one's easy -- giving"X Factor" and  "American Idol" three more hours on a 15-hour primetime next season, given how lousy the numbers were this season.... after that, I'd say ABC trying to launch a whole new lineup on Tuesdays, because we all know how well THAT always goes!


I was unaware that there were persons watching Ai and POI and Grey's Anoatomy and the office who were really wanting a Crunchy Gravel Drama, Pookie. How badly is this going to do?

Could be great -- pilot shot in Ireland, which looked lovely and loads of bodice ripping, etc... I'm thinking all it needs is a vampire and it's a hit....

Is the CW going to show this during Christmas or during the Winter Olympics?

something like that.. yes.

Tell HBO that these seasons are too short, Pookie!

Nope -- I can't keep track of more episodes per season...

When I search your name on Bing, I get an old picture of Candice Bergen.

Really? What on earth for?

Why would Margo leave such a great role on "The Americans" for essentially Fart Jokes?

For a lot more money over a lot more episodes,  and a co-starring role in a hit sitcom. You might as well ask the same question of Will Arnett... Eventually, they figure out the money involved in starring in a hit CBS comedy and they jump on board...

This from Wikipedia: "Although his singing voice was dubbed in the film, Brett could still sing, as he later demonstrated when he played Danilo in a BBC Television broadcast of The Merry Widow (Christmas Day 1968)."

thank you!

Dubbed, regrettably, by a singer named Bill Shirley.

Lovely voice...

Has James Spader ever done a show where he *wasn't* a scene-stealer?

He does tend to chew the scenery but this is a role tailor made for him and the clips looked good

Rayna, Kalinda, Sheldon and Castle.

great list...especially Sheldon

I saw a poster on the internet ssay that CBS' Thursday lineup is doomed because they're mixing up multi-cams "the Big Bang Theory" with single-cam "The Crazy Ones". Do you give any creedence to this Pookie?


Actually, ia whacky landscape artist would have far more opportunities for digging up dead bodies and finding skeletons in the closet than, say, a whacky mystery writer ... we might have something here!

I told you it was a great idea....

Inigo, as in Inigo Jones, the famous British architect (1573-1652), brought "hilariously" up to date. (Also, Jeremy Brett apparently was dubbed, a la Audrey Hepburn.)

I also love the name Inigo... I'm saving it for my next male dog... after deciding no dog would ever respond to the name Capability -- too many syllables..

Next season they have the lympics in they adjust the ratings period to avoid them?

Why would NBC want to avoid all those viewers? No, the Winter Olympics is, for sure, included in NBC's season average...

When I enter "Kay Francis" and Lisa de Moraes in Google Images I get Pookie the Lion from Soupy Sales. That seems right too, as it links back to one of your old chats.

that is brilliant....

On the bright side, Candice was widely considered the most gorgeous young woman of my youth. In fact, legendary bossa nova composer Tom Jobim wrote his song "Bonita" (literally, "Beautiful"), inspired by an affair with her while he was in LA, e.g., working with "the chairman of the board" on their Francis Albert Sinatra - Antonio Carlos Jobim albums back in the late '60s.

I don't think that was one of the Jobim songs on which Vinicius de Moraes wrote the lyrics, though I could be wrong... maybe that would explain the Bing snafu

Which raises something I've always wondered about smart, literate TV critics such as yourself -- how DO you keep track of these shows -- does your living room look like a Best Buy showroom with rows of sets tuned to different channels? And how can you bear to follow the massive amounts of popular but dumb shows?

It's my job... it's not easy.... seriously.

Did they learn nothing from "Crusoe"?

Ah, but "Blackbeard" is going to star John Malcovich, and he can turn anything into a great performance. I'm particularly looking forward to that.

What if s/he plants hydrangea, then there's an episode with hydrangea-hater Madonna? The plot points boggle the mind.

Madonna hates hydrangea's? What did a hydrangea ever do to her?

Don Draper is a true jerk. That's all I wanted to say.

Yes, I have come to the same conclusion.

The best news last week was that ABC renewed The Neighbors! I can't wait to see more messages on toast.

I'm with you.

Loved her to death, but no brain surgeon that one (cairn terrier). Rarely responded to her name, but I used to call her Carole Lombard or Mayonnaise just to get a reaction. She'd come then.

thanks for making me choke on my coffee....Mayonnaise?

They composed "Garota da Ipanema" together. Are you any relation to the great Brazilian poet/playwright/diplomat?

I apparently am..My aunt has a family tree, it looks like a phone book, and he's in there too... scads of Moraes in Brazil...

Do you really think the American viewing public is going to invite John Malkovitch into their homes, week after week?

I don't care if it's a hit -- sounds more like another Showtime program, doesn't it?  But I'm so looking forward to it.

Suddenly they find a secret room behind the diner? And it's to an Alley that doesn't exist in NYC? What has Whitney been smoking?

She's only a consultant producer type. Blame Michael Patrick King

Why didn't the showrunners for Sleepy Hollow pitch a show where Ichabod Crane is freaked out by the Headless Horseman and supernatural scaries, instead of turning him into a crime detective? Washington Irving turn over in his grave.

If  Hollywood can turn Hansel and Gretel into gun toting witch slayers, why should they stop there? Why not Ichabod Crane as action hero? 

Oh the things I've learned in the course of your chats! His real name was Lancelot Brown -- "his peculiar nickname came from his habit of telling potential clients that their site had 'great capabilities'," according to

If my parents had named me Lancelot, I'd change it to Capability in a hurry too...

We really will.


Forget Inigo JONES. What about Inigo MONTOYA (prepare to die)?

and Mandy...

I'm not even going to look at it. It's in that Doomed 8pm Thursday Time Slot. I've been burned before (Flashforward, Last Resort, etc)

Ah, the female empowerment show....i'm sure it will do very well for ABC, based on the success of the mothership "Once Upon a Time."

They keep a HORSE outside their apartment in Brooklyn, and we're bothered about a secret room at the diner?

If you're asking me to explain anything about "Two Broke Girls" I'm going to have to take a pass... I'm out of time -- see you next week!

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