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Dec 14, 2012

Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes discussed all the latest in TV news - on and off the screen.

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Update: The chat will start in 5 minutes.

I stumbled across Mockingbird lane and really enjoyed it. Is NBC going to pick it up or what? Seems to be a lot of controversy.

(Note: Because of tech problems in LA, Lisa and I have had to create a system in which she sends answers to me, and I will publish them.)

Lisa de Moraes: Hi! Thanks for your patience -- major tech issues with chat from Los Angeles. The "Mockingbird Lane" you saw was the pilot and NBC has said they are not moving forward with it as a series and aired that as a one-off... Of course, AMC also said it had cancelled "The Killing" , only to change its mind and the writers reportedly are back at work.....

I understand consumers will have to report the lawbreakers to the FCC. I hope that they'll follow the law now that they know it will be enforced. But if they don't, let's all make sure we turn them in. Please.

Lisa de Moraes: The WaPo TeamTV Ad Noise Vigilantes -- I like it...

I've recorded Christmas in Connecticut and White Christmas. I avoid the colorized version of Miracle on 34th Street. Are there any other titles that I should search for on the TCM and AMC program guides?

Lisa de Moraes: AMC is doing a boatload of Xmas flicks which I can't search for now because I'm having so many tech problems from Los Angeles. TCM usually does "Remember the Night" this time of year and you should snag that one too.

Seriously. I'm not a big conspiracy guy but if any other network were hosting the globes, would Smash have been nominated? Also, how is Game Change still eligible, it seems like ages ago since that came out.

Lisa de Moraes: Conspiracy theories always welcome when it comes to the Globes. Yes, it's a bit odd that a show so broken they've replaced the show runner and half the cast for the next season should be nominated, but isn't that one of the things that makes the Golden Globes so exciting/charming? It's like the Mat Hatter's tea party of trophy competitions.

Pookie, you look marvelous today! Thanks to your suggestion, I've become addicted to The Neighbors - it's funny and quirky, and the alien family is just awesome (favorite line from last episode - "Larry Herbert Walker Bird!"). I also appreciate the relative lack of male pattern optimism in casting - Jamie Gertz is gorgeous, but age appropriate and non-surgically altered as the mom. Is this show going to get picked up for another season? Or do I have to resign myself to getting attached to yet another show that is just a bit too good/smart/unique for the broadcasters to buy into?

Lisa de Moraes: Thanks. Nice to know I still look marvelous even when madder than a wet hen about this week's tech snafu. Anyway, I wouldn't give up on "Neighbors" yet.

Don't want to be mean about it, but I was delighted to see Simon's little boy band get the boot last night on "X Factor"! They were so obviously his chosen ones, and his annoyance at having the can't-possibly-win girl group go through instead was palpable. You could see him thinking that he should not have helped the girls be quite so adorkable on performance night. That said, the boys showed an unexpected grace in their loss.

Lisa de Moraes: Simon looks puffier when he's annoyed, doesn't he? It was like one of Shakespeare's particularly yeasty tragedy scenes last night in the final moments of "X Factor", with Singing Competition King Simon railing against The Fates for having dashed his dreams of having One Direction -- or, as I like to call them, One Dimension, perform at the very moment Emblem3 was being annointed The New X in the finale.

Lisa, have you investigated the city skyline shots they use in Arrow? This past week, they were all at night, so... for all I know, they could have been from Hong Kong... One of them was definitely Baltimore though, and the rest definitely weren't.

Lisa de Moraes: I confess I am soooo not looking at the skyline...I'm entirely focused on the star's rippling muscles and anticipating that episode's workout scene. I'm not proud of this, but...

Is this the last season of Grey's? I still like the show - unlike Private Practice which I hate but feel compelled to watch.

Lisa de Moraes: Not of "Grey's," but of "Private Practice" for sure. ABC announced its finale date: Jan. 22.

What's wrong with Up all night? Why is it so bad? I watched it last night for the first time in a long time and it was horrible. It has a likeable talented cast and presumable good people behind the scenes. Christina Appelgate, who is usually very personable and funny, is not at all in this show. I'm not sure what is wrong and it seems they've tried to retool this many times, so maybe it is unfixable.

Lisa de Moraes: You're in luck. When it comes back in the first quarter, it's going to be a multi-cam show with a live studio audience and a laugh track!

Pookie -- Mandy Patinkin out-sang Stephen Colbert and Michael Stipe this week. The beard may be scary, but the voice is still angelic.

I missed them singing on "Colbert Report" last night, but it's not hard to imagine Patinkin outsinging the other two. And the scary beard is "Homeland's" fault. I am unfortunately going to have to sign off -- on my way to Kimmel's offices. Terribly sorry I got to so few questions and I hope to have the tech problem solved so that we can do chats during Winter TV Press Tour 2013.

Oops -- that last question was in fact answered by Lisa, not me. Thanks again for everyone for sticking through the tech problems!

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