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Sep 28, 2012

Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes discussed all the latest in TV news - on and off the screen.

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How is "Go On" doing in the ratings? I've been pleasantly surprised by how the show has managed to take some of the real issues one encounters while grieving---such as dreading having to tell a person the news and endure their outpouring of tender emotion, no matter how well-intentioned---and handling them with a light, deft touch. Will this show last? Can I keep watching it?

I vote "yes" though it did drop this week, when finally faced with new-season material from other networks. It scored around 7 million viewers this week, compared to 9 million previous week when its "The Voice" leadin was also much higher and  it did not compete with the season debut of "New Girl," etc...

I saw a preview today for a really horrible looking movie where Kevin James something like a cage fighter and I think his wife/girlfriend in the movie is Salma Hayek. Talk about male pattern optimism at it's height! Does he (Kevin James) have a really good agent like Carson Daly? I really don't understand why he keeps starring in movies, even if they are terrible.

The movie in question is "Here Comes the Boom," It's about a high school biology teacher who's trying to become a mixed matrial arts fighter to raise money to prevent extra curricular activities from being asked at his cash-strapped school.  Hayek plays the school nurse, which has to be every young guy's fantasy. Clearly this flick is targeting young guys and young guys would definitely buy into Male Pattern Optimism. I think it's what gets them through high schoo, right?

All over the internet today, people are talking about how "Elementary" is inferior to the BBC's "Sherlock." I say they cannot be compared and everyone should just get over it. Jonny Lee Miller is Sherlock in the same way that Patrick Jane, Monk, House, and Gus Grissom are Sherlock. JLM has a luminous quality that made "Eli Stone" work and gives his Sherlock some humanity. Don't worry about where he stands on the "Sherlock scale" and just enjoy the show.

I've said before and I'll say it again. I prefer "Elementary." So, apparently did about 11 million people because that's how many more people watched "Elementary" than the latest round of "Sherlock." My guess is those "all over the internet" talkers is actually a very small group of people in the much larger broadcast TV firmament.. Kind of like gnats flying around the picnic table... Or, TV critics..

Hi Lisa, you made me a cub reporter last week when I told you Blue Bloods was taping outside my window (I prefer the title East Coast Correspondent). Nothing too exciting happened, but I did see one of the actors (I looked him up and think his name is Will Estes). He was really cute. They had nice trailers for the actors but hadn't set up food service yet, which is what I was most interested in seeing. The PA's were polite when trying to herd people away (it's a really crowded neighborhood in Queens). Unlike the jerks that were filming something called "Zero Hour" a few weeks ago. I think it's an upcoming tv show. It was hilarious - the PAs were trying to be all tough and not let people walk down the street to their homes and they were such jerks about it and no one listened to them. The people from Blue Bloods were much more professional and people actually seemed to be having fun and smiling at each other. But I wanted to see some explosions. Nothing will ever beat having Spiderman filmed in my neighborhood - that was incredible to witness.

Wow, you guys really live large in Queens! Glad the "Blue Bloods" folks were pleasant... but sorry to hear the people working on ABC's midseason show "Zero Hour" were jerks. They've got their nerve, given that they're working on a show about a guy who sells, you know, CLOCKS....

My friends may hate me for it but I don't really like the UK's Sherlock. I find the main character's protrayal to be a little annoying. Now the American version came out last night, and I missed it. I was wondering if it was worth watching? Is it at least fun?

I prefer it... Among other reasons, because CBS will not torture me with only three episodes and then leave me wanting more... I hate relationships like that

I actually watched "The Neighbors." For fifteen minutes, I kept asking, "She wanted me to watch this?" but by the end I had laughed several times and become deeply fond of the chief alien. I can't believe I'm saying this, Pookie, but I'm probably going to watch it again. What do you think its chances are of lasting more than three episodes?

I've promised to make up my bed every morning and brush my teeth THREE times a day if it lasts all season...How about you?  Meanwhile, I'm so glad you stuck with the episode and your reaction to the pilot episode was exactly my reaction.... I found its silliness (gosh that spelling looks wrong, but what the heck) ultimately irresistable and yes, the chief alien sells the show...

Hands up all of you who think Ted Danson is actually very good as a Las Vegas CSI. I will admit that I am pleasantly surprised. I could do without Elisabeth Shue though. Are the ratings up on this show?

The ratings improved when Danson joined, and again when Marg Helgenberger left (thank you lord) and Shue joined the show...

Have you seen any of PBS's "Wallander" series? Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet playing a modern Swedish detective. I've never seen so much scenery-chewing in my life.

I know! I love it! Scenery chewing in Sweden with all that gorgeous, depressing, scenery... It just doesn't get much better...

I noticed something called Animal Practice on my DVR. Should I watch it or reprimand my husband for recording shows without consulting me first?

Watch it.. Crystal the monkey is the season's breakout star.. If this show doesn't survive, she'll wind up on something else soon....

Pookie, in an otherwise frenetic day here in my office (I work with IDIOTS!) your chat is my only bright spot. So let's recap Law & Order SVU's 2 hour season premiere Wednesday night. Dick Wolf is a genius. Best. Episode. Ever.

I don't suppose you're going to tell us where you work? Oh well. Anyway, thank you very much for calling my chat the bright spot of your day. I have not yet watched Wednesday's premiere -- was recapping "X Factor" which is in some kind of trouble this season, I'm here to tell you... Anyway, recap away -- I don't mind spoilers at all. In fact I LOVE spoilers. What happened?

Pookie, Do campaign strategists look at the list of shows that skew one direction or another when they are trying to choose when to purchase ad time? I ask because one of my favorite shows, Castle, I think skews more conservative than liberal (which makes me laugh for some reason) so while sitting through the mutch anticipated fall debut, I found myself having to suffer through more Romney ads than I've seen in a while. Or was it just a coincidence? I suppose I just need to suck it up and deal with the onslaught of campaign ads until after the election if I want to watch something in real time.

Yes you do, and no, it was not a coincidence...

After watching the Emmys, we had to wonder how it was we didn't hear about the various short series that were up for awards. Of course it's because we DVR everything and don't see the promotionals. What's a good source to find out what's coming in new short series (and just as importantly, when the reruns will be)? I'm good with the World Series, but other than that, we got shut out last year.

I'm not sure what "short series" means? Are you talking about "miniseries"? If so, the tv movie and miniseries categories were mashed together last year, or was it the year before... But, then you mention World Series, which has nothing to do with the Emmys... I give up. I don't understand this question. Can you try again?

Any improvement in their ratings? Do you agree with Tom Shales that GMA is exploiting Robin Roberts?

No improvement, other than the expected Olympics bump. Yes, GMA is getting ratigns mileage out of Robin Roberts' temporary leave -- she was diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) and is taking time off now for a bone marrow transplant, while various  celebs including Stephen Colbert, the cast of Modern Family, Rob Lowe, Oprah, fill in for her -- who are also "exploting" the situation, if you will. But what's "GMA" supposed to do -- pretend she's not missing in action? And Roberts seems fine with how ABC News has been handling it -- she was tweeting like a maniac, etc... Yes, GMA's handling has been a little uncomfortable making at times, but, on the bright side, it's hopefully raising people's awareness about the disease. So, why not. 

Does Charlie Rose have an ego that might cause him to banish Nora O'Donnell? I like them as a team but notice that when they conduct two-person interviews she will hardly let him get a word in. It appears to me that it's more enthusiasm on her part than trying to dominate but I'd hate for her to lose that gig because of it.

I had not noticed, but will watch carefully next week... My guess is she's the new kid trying to prove herself...

Is it too soon to ask about the prospects for "Mob Doctor"? Or maybe I should state my real question, which is: when is "My Boys" coming back?

Mob Doctor did not do well in its second week. One week ago, it clocked 5 million viewers off of Bones' 8 million. This week it fell to under 4 million viewers off of Bones' nearly 8 million viewers... Meanwhile, "My Boys" is never coming back and we need to move on to something new.. Maybe Crystal?

Pookie, thank you for the shout-out to Jean Arthur in your post-Emmy chat. You are right that she made everything look easy, but all you have to do is compare her work in, say, Mr. Deeds or Mr. Smith to Shane or Talk of the Town and the skill is palpable. You are right that Ed O'Neill is a "victim" of his own skill, and I'd suggest that a lot of performers are victims of this sort -- especially comedy actors who don't go over the top (Amy Poehler, Lauren Graham) but also Jon Hamm and even Tom Bergeron.

I was totally on board until you got to Amy Poehler and Lauren Graham, then you lost me. But I'm very glad you're a Jean Arthur fan too. She's one of my all time faves.....

How is Major Crimes doing? I miss The Closer, but I'm finding this show likeable, even without Kyra Sedgwick. I hope it gets to stick around, as there are fewer procedural crime dramas around these days.

You're in luck -- renewed for another season...

You're stranded on a desert island with a tv that is stuck on one channel. Which channel would you want it to be and why?

No brainer: Turner Classic Movies... for obvious reasons.

Pookie, Thanks for the tip. Watched the show and enjoyed it. JLM is channeling Hugh Laurie a bit, with the day-old shave. Glad he kept his British accent. Will watch again.

Delighted to have helped... He's very good and I was not a fan of Eli Stone.... His performance in this show surprised me...

Did you see this week's New York magazine profile of Crystal, complete with glamour shots? The author was just as mesmerized with her as the TV writers. But will she be enough to make Animal Practice a success?

The show is struggling, but she transcends the show.. She's a star...

Hi Pookie. I'm posting early so I can have a sense of accomplishment for the day. What do you think of the Mindy Project? I watched the first show wanted to like it as I think she's great, but it seemed to be all over the place and trying too hard to be funny. I hope it gets better in subsequent episodes. Does it?

I have not seen too far into the future on this one, but my guess is if you did not like the pilot you won't like the show. Everyone seems to fall into two camps on this one.

1) People who are Kaling fans and wanted to like it, but did not, and

2) People who are not Kaling fans and were surprised that they did not hate it.

I'm a member of 2).

Awaiting your thoughts re the first episode-my opinion-this series is a definite maybe...

See previous answer... I'm going to stick with it. But then, I liked "Ben and Kate" too, so what do I know. Let me clarify that: I love the Brit gal pal on "B&K"....

So... I watched Last Resort last night- kind of wondering how they evolve the movie Crimson Tide into something more. I was actually intrigued. But my real question is ----->>> do they write shows (this being a perfect example) with a season shelf life? Because I'm sorry- there is NO WAY this show lasts more than a season with any sort of acceptable storyline. I pretty much predict the rest of the season to be Lady Officer: "oh look, the military is coming" Captain: "OK launch another missile and really let them know we mean business." Lady Officer "Ok captain."

And yet, "Lost" lasted how many seasons? You can always have holes in the universe that take you to other storylines entirely...don't you think this show will morph into more of a Swiss Family Robinson thing? Wouldn't that be funny?

I watched it and enjoyed it a lot. While I find Robert Downey Jr.'s take on Holmes as an abomination, I liked this updated version, and I loved Jonny Lee Miller in Eli Stone. I hope it will do well. It's on my TiVo list. I have yet to see Mr. Cumberbund's version, but I have liked Basil Rathbone, Peter Cushing (The Hound of the Baskervilles), and Christopher Plummer (Murder by Decree, with James Mason as Watson). I also liked Brent Spiner as Data playing Holmes on Star Trek: the Next Generation.

Catch Cummerbund while you can because he's a big movie star now, so he may have played his last Sherlock on the small screen.. He's not bad, really.

What possessed him/her to green light "The Neighbors"? I watched it and it was awful...

I loved it... Clearly I'm taking whatever he's on...

Hey Pookie, I've been out of pocket since 9/7 and have to put this topic to rest, since you were so perplexed by my previous comments. My basic point is this: I find it annoying that Hollywood CDs think ALL British actors/actresses are great and castable for ANY American part. Whereas, American journeyman actors -- NOT stars -- aren't afforded the same opportunities to play Brits. I mean, really, they couldn't have found an American actor from NYC or Jersey for Made in Jersey? Really?! Kat Dennings -- or someone like her -- would have been a much better choice, in terms of casting.

Kat Dennings can't act and would have been the death of this show. I take your point, though that there are probably people in this country who could have played the part. There are also American actors who could have played Dr. House... and there are plenty of accomplished actors in this country who can't get work in Hollywood because they're too fat, too old, too "ethnic" (translation, not white enough) or too -- well, I could go on and on. Life is not fair. Hollywood is really not fair...

Sometimes I laugh at where ads air. For example, one day I was on a Pretty Little Liars Hulu binge-- and it was all Republican ads, all the time. I guess I thought all Pretty Little Liars fans were too young to vote!

Okay, that's just weird...

I was such a fan of the Jeremy Brett "Sherlock Holmes" that even the new British series has been a bit of a let down. I was really skeptical of what I feared would be gimmick casting of a female Watson, as it seemed fraught with so many potential pitfalls. Let me just say that I take it back: I was pleasantly surprised both by the character herself and Lucy Liu's personification of her.

You had the same reaction I had. And I too am a big Jeremy Brett fan...

It was so lackluster -- UNimaginative in its resolution (so obvious) but I do like the main characters & the actors -- the writing/plots needs to improve if I'm going to stick with it I think.

preaching to the choir. Pilot episodes are always dicey.. And, don't forget, it's on CBS, where neat wrap-ups of crime stories are a trademark...

Should I be embarrassed that I liked "Ben and Kate," too? The male lead edges a little to close to being obnoxious, but overall I enjoyed it, especially the absurd little throwaway bits such as him trying to turn his car around on a suburban street and the Brit giving the child a makeover.

I re-watched the makeover several times. Brilliant bit of business..

Would they make coconut grenades like in the Disney version? And have the logs roll down the hill over their nemeses? That would be cool.

I know. I'd love it...

Every week, Washington sends in some person/animal/Robot with a plan to take over the sub, they get close to breaking the case on the conspiracy, and then the XO blows it for them, leading Capt. Chaplin to hit him over the head with his hat. ......either that or a Polar Bear shows up.

I'm liking this show more and more!

In my world Lost ran for two seasons with a "finale" many years later. I stopped watching after season 2 when it was apparent what the story was and that the writers really didn't have a plan (despite their continued protests otherwise). I'm sure if Last Resort survives, they'll just run around in circles for a few years like the Losties did.

Yup, and fangirls and boys will write about how it's the best new show of the season -- they're out there already...

If Washington DC is being threatened with getting nuked by a rogue submarine every wekk............. ........can I finally find a 3 bedroom townhouse that I could buy with a VA Mortgage?

I'm sure they'll be plentiful in Georgetown....

He's on record as saying he'd love to keep doing "Sherlock." Surely three episodes a year won't conflict with making films.

Three episodes a year doesn't do it for me.. How about you? I want more....

What on earth was she doing at the Emmys? Granted, she looked amazing, and showed off her, er, assets, but really, being the worst actor on a so-so show earned her a trip to the Emmys? I can understand why we had to endure Hayden Panetierre (ABC was host network) but why Kat?

Because her show's a hit and she has the show's best, um, assets... I think she was really just there to show off her shoes... and she sure enough did that...

Any info on this? Worth DVRing (with presious little space available at the start of this new season)?

Starts this Sunday and clear out some space on your DVR for it..

A peice of advice: get a dvr, we never watch live TV any more and it's wonderful!

But you're missing all these wonderful political ads.... I hope they put them in a time capsule and stick them in the cornerstone of some building to be dug up decades later...

I am inordinately excited about the Season Premiere on Sunday. As I love this show, and usually only love shows that get canceled too soon, is "Once Upon a Time" a success for ABC?

Yes it it.. You've finally loved a hit...

I watched the last five minutes of the premiere and all I could think was, "do they realize how hard it will be to start their own country?" I blame my inablility to suspend disbelief on the fact that I lost a few brain cells while watching Vegas (on the DVR) beforehand.

Vegas is mind numbing, isn't it.. such a waste of Dennis Quaid... Somebody please put him in a comedy...

The show moved sooooo slow. I probably won't be watching it. But I, too, love Lucy Punch. Everyone go Netflix "Hot Fuzz" for her Juliet in the the local AmDrams.

I liked how slow and quiet and low key it was... and I love Lucy

But the way Kat Dennings' shoes were hanging out was pretty gosh-darned tacky. Why would you make your entire persona be about your shoes?

Because that has landed you a starring role in the country's most popular new comedy despite your utter lack of acting skills? Sounds like a good strategy to me.

I can't wait for the Halloween episode where they give out fried eggs and beer.

I too have high hopes for the show's skewering of American holidays and other institutions...

Wasn't she electro-shocked last season? How is she going to come back from that?

By staring at things with wild looks in her eyes and jumping as slight noises... the usual...

This summer, I saw all episodes of "Friday Night Lights" for the first time and now am a Connie Britton fan. Is "Nashville" worth watching?

you betcha... very campy soap.

1. A Russian cosmonaut lands on the island. 2. A rock band lands on the island. 3. A surfer lands on the island. 4. The crew discovers a jungle boy living on the island. 5. The crew discovers a Japanese soldier who thinks it's still World War II on the island. 6. The crew hears a radio report that causes them to think they will be rescued, but it later turns out to be a hoax. This thing is going to run for three years.

At least!

Hey Pookie, the craptastic version of Annie on last night's X-Factor, complete with the munchinland invasion from from backstage, was among the best in worst TV ever. I DVR'd it so I can wear Depends on future viewings.

I was pleasantly surprised they poked fun at Simon with that ending -- complete with fireworks...there may be hope for this season, after last season with its "Look at me and my big mansion, hot car  -- and swimming pool!" ugh.

I was embarrassed FOR Micheal J. Fox as he was receiving the standing ovation at the Emmys. It just seemed so condescending. He's a really good actor, but let's face it -- the only reason they stood was because he has parkinsons. I would think he would have preferred that any standing O's were based purely on merit. I know that isn't reality, though. Just sayin' is all.

I had the same reaction -- lump in my throat while rolling my eyes... and now, we take a break from our regularly scheduled chat to bring you TeamTV's Emily Yahr making her Washington Post Web site on-camera debut, talking about why TV charcters who are best friends are always punching each other in the face. It's epidemic, in case you have not noticed...

How did DWTS do this week? I'm not really interested in watching former contestants. Plus it was being aired at the same time as a thrilling sports event (one that vindicated a wee bit of the poor refereeing suffered in Super Bowl IV). I might end up watching future broadcasts, but I couldn't even gather enough interest to watch the Tues awards show. I think I like watching unknown 'stars' starting from scratch, and rather than famous-er people who've done this all before.

Yeah, all-stars edition isn't doing it for me either....

The only funny part of the opening was the group of former Emmy hosts popping up over the bathroom stall. The rest of the bit made me think "uh oh, it's going to be a long painful night." Kimmel was barely funny, and his fake "in memoriam" was very inappropriate. Does the host write this stuff, or is the writing done by one of those non-blamable committees? It just stopped short of dreadful.

I'm sure it was Jimmy's writers.. A lot of his gags were like stuff straight out of his late night show, which was the point of having him host -- ABC is giving his show the 11:30 p.m. timeslot in January, where he'll now play with the big boys...

She wears that dress and you notice her shoes? Unless by shoes you're referring to her 'assets?'

Oh yes. Welcome to the chat. Like with my recaps and column "shoes" is part of the slanguage...

It worked better for me on Tuesdays. Now I have to decide between that and the "REVENGE!" Drinking game. If Vegas dies, will CBS finally give up?

CBS is never going to put Good Wife back on Tuesday night.

There, I have just done the best I can to insure that CBS puts Good Wife back on Tuesday nights. You are welcome.

So how did you like Sarah Jessica Parker on "Glee" last night? She was an early Annie on Broadway, ya know!

I only caught a second of it -- was walking Winkie after recapping "X Factor" -- and I liked what she was wearing. Does that county?

Lisa, I enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel's hosting, and some of the filmed pieces were great--especially the Modern Family "Aubrey is a Monster" one. Even the Big Bang "CPA!" spot was funny. Best moment for me, though, was Tom Bergeron's win. His speech was so smooth and clever, and only reinforced why he is the best host on TV.

I've been saying it for years....glad the academy finally woke up from its Jeff Probst nightmare

Yes, that was one of the charms of "Ben and Kate." I just loved how the brother breathlessly said, "We have to save your mom!" and then spent agonizing minutes trying to turn the van around. On another show, we would have seen 5 seconds of him turning, cut to another scene, returned him still trying to turn, etc. That they spent maybe a full 90 seconds on him laboriously trying to maneuver the car made it very funny.

I'm with you...

Two words: Irradiated vegetables!

Works for me -- February sweeps, when people's thoughts turn to gardening...

When they make a silent movie of their trials and tribulations, will it win an Oscar like "The Artist" last year?

I am waiting for a TV series to try it. Pretty sick of  the "let's do a musical epsiode" gag..

Could you please link to a particularly egregious photo of Kat Dennings and her "shoes" from Sunday's Emmys?

Here's a pretty good one....

Obviously a "newbie." (Rolls eyes)

Hey -- we welcome all newcomers. No eye rolling please...

Didn't Sophia Vergara have "shoe malfunction" where they had to go behind her and sew back her "heel"? What do we call the backside "Shoes"?

This is  getting too complicated and scary.... I'm having a nightmare imagining  someone's breasts winding up where they sit... I think we'll just agree to call that a heinie incident...

The "shoes" bit started when Kellie Pickler made an appearance on "American Idol" after she had made some money in the music biz. She was noticeably chestier than she had been during the competition and Seacreat, staring at her meaningfully, asked what she had been spending her money on. "Shoes," she replied. And he deadpanned, ""

Yes.. all of our sly references are steeped in television history.. you can learn a lot on these chats...

So what does that make the Bar Girl? Is she Ginger or Mary Ann?

My vote: Ginger


Golly, that episode was so painful, I'd actually blocked it out.. thanks for reminding me...

Ok so I'm a little slow on the up-take. Not really talking about shoes. Got it. But speaking of shoes how about the pair Christina Hendricks was wearing WOW!

You're not slow at all! I just forgot about Buffy's "silent" episode (gak)....And yes, every year at the Emmys, everyone waits and waches to see how Hendricks is wearing her shoes this year....

Joss Whedon did it in the fourth season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," in 1999. So it's been 13 years. Probably not time for another one yet.

Yes, and please, next time, in a comedy...

is getting rid of nightline?

Flip flopping timeslots

And yet the look on her face in that photo is, "I despise you for staring at my shoes."

That's always her look. In fact, it's her one and only look.... I think it's called Method acting...

All I can think of now is "did her shoes match her dress."

Hendricks' did... she was so monochromatic it was hard to tell where she stopped and the dress started....

Why does "Modern Family" win shelves full of Emmies and rave reviews, while its same-night companion "The Middle" gets basically nothing, ever? I really like the Hect family better than that bigger one. Am I hopelessly out-of-touch, or what?

I love "The Middle" and wonder the same thing myself...

As teed off as I was when he won the Emmy, I was won over by his acceptance speech. He just seems to be a class act who realizes that he was hit with the lucky stick.

I think he gained a lot of fans with that speech....well played on his part.. and, seriously, the least the TV academy could do to acknowledge his having survived the Charlie Sheen years...

Look, you can't force these things. No one sat down and decided to call "shoes" shoes; it evolved naturally out of the situation on the show that we were discussing. (Actually, it was a blog post, not a chat. If you were around, you remember.) Some day we'll have an appropriate code word for backsides; until then, all we can do is say that Sofia Vergara had a wardrobe malfunction. Genius doesn't follow a timetable. (See also: the coining of "Bandersnatch Cummerbund.")

Thank you for putting this in perspective..

but a quick thing about Electro-shock. It's not like it was in the One Flew Over era. Scientists have learned that you can "jump start" a brain to rewire connections like you do with a heart defibrillator. In the old days they used MUCH TOO MUCH POWER and did it too frequently. Probably treated folk with mental illness badly in a bunch of other ways, too.

Then why are Clare Danes' eyes spinning around in their sockets throughout the whole first episode of the new season?

I love how she poses after she delivers a "zinger" line. It could be a great drinking game, but after one episode, I'd need a liver transplant.

New Drinking Game is born... hooray!

You should.

What a brilliant idea... I'll take it to management as soon as this chat is wrapped...

Buffy had one? What season was that on? Are you sure you're not confuising it with the Musical Episode "Once More with Feeling"?

No, it was the episode in which Joss Whedon taught us, well, whatever he taught us. Really, the guy makes me tired...

I seem to recall that Bob Newhart's classic sitcom where he played a Chicago shrink (with Suzanne Pleshette as his wife) never won any Emmys, although "The Mary Tyler Moore" won slews of them.

It's true, loads of really good shows, and actors, never won Emmys... ditto Oscars. Including the aforementioned Jean Arthur... Which I think is a lovely name on which to wrap this week's chat... Thank you for joining me. Hope to chat with you next week. Have a lovely weekend....

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