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This week in TV: Lisa de Moraes Live

Jun 08, 2012

The Post's TV columnist Lisa de Moraes discussed the latest in TV news - on and off the screen.

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Any idea when we can expect HBO to broadcast Season 3 of Game of Thrones? Thanks?

No announcement from HBO but, given that season 1 started in mid April of '11, and season 2 in mid-April of '12, I'm putting my money on mid-April of ' about you?

That is all.

And I you!

Lisa, please clarify something for me. Was "Awake" originally envisioned as a miniseries, or was it an unintentional miniseries? Or, did they really not have any idea what they were doing?

I'm going with the last scenario, in part because it was exec produced by Howard Gordon, whose "24" was so not-thought-out the lead characters daughter got kidnapped three times -- in one day. Now there was a show in in which the creators were clearly winging it... But it was a fun ride and did not require a lot of thinking. Unlike "Awake" which was a sad ride and required a mess of thinking...Anyway,  "Awake" was the latest TV series created by Kyle Killen, who appears to be obsessed with men leading double lives -- his previous TV series being Fox's also short-lived "Lone Star,"  about a guy with two lives and two wives, in Texas. 20-20 hindsighting on that one was that viewers couldn't root for him, since he was a con artist and a bigamist, among his issues.. So, in "Awake" the star was leading a double life through no fault of his own -- car accident, two "realities": one in which his wife but not his son survived, other in which his son, but not his wife survived -- and a shrink to help him cope in each "reality."  Expert 20-20 hindsighting on this one, including some NBC suits, was that this story was too dense and too complicated for viewers in this TV environment...My take: it aired on's very hard for a network that's getting so few viewers -- albeit upscale, well-educated and, I'm sure, all very good looking viewers -- to effectively launch and grow a show that's such a tough sell... I'm sorry it did not survive, though I was among those who, early on, subscribed to the notion the guy was, in fact, the dead one and it was all very "Sixth Sense."


Season 2 was great, but they only had 10 episodes! Will HBO give them more eps next Season? When will it start?

I think we've agreed to put our money on mid-April...

Pookie, We've had to live with two weeks of Network Repeats! When are "Suits", "Burn Notice", and "White Collar' coming back?

"Suits" and "Burn Notice" on June 14. "White Collar" on July 10. You are welcome

I complained to WETA on their web site about them changing Create/How To to UK. I got a rather lenghty e-mail from a program director explaining the change, saying they were having "overwhelming support" for it (I call bull hockey) and a lot of double talk that I took to mean Create was asking for more money than WETA wanted to pay, so they went with a bargain basement network. I politely thanked them for taking the time to explain the change, and let them know I would no longer be providing them with financial support. I suppose at this point there is nothing else I can do?

Not much..I'm .try to focus on the positive -- Jeremy Brett episodes of "Sherlock" ...

Is anyone watching DUETS? It was off my radar, but I noticed it last night so pulled up the first ep On Demand and found it unwatchable. I didn't even know who 2 of the stars were. Meh. Oh, and you look lovely today, Pookie.

Not sure which two you do not recognize, but, FYI, the four "stars" on "Duets" are first "Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson, R&B singer Robin Thicke, country star Jennifer Nettles, and surely you recognize superstar John Legend...oh, and thanks for noticing I put on a dress and brushed my hair...

....has been gone so long I forgot about it, until I read about the accolades it just received. Have The Powers That Be announced when it will return?

"Homeland" returns Sept. 30....

Clearly, Joss Whedon needs to be the new showrunner. Not only does he have experience with musical comedy, but he has the inside track on the best possible new character, as he showed when he wrote one of the summer's best lines: "Hulk? Smash."

really? I thought it was a reference to Hulk being a smash... anyway, are you not a fan of Josh Safran, of "Gossip Girl" fame? He's the new showrunner... and off to a great start, having sacked half the characters -- especially the evil and annoy Ellis...

Is Peggy gone for good?

Interesting question. Jared Harris, whose Lane Pryce character committed suicide last Sunday, told The Daily, when asked if the other cast members made a fuss over him after his last episode:  

"Actors are always ending jobs. It isn’t a big deal in that sense. Also other people had left the show that had been there since the beginning. Elisabeth [Moss] left the episode before and she’d been there since the beginning. Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey) left in season three [though reappeared for one episode this season]… Bryan Batt. People leave and it’s just part of it. They didn’t make a giant fuss."

But when the surprised blogger asked the obvious follow-up, "Oh, is [Moss's character] Peggy dead from the show like Lane is" Harris backpeddled madly, saying,
"Um... I have no idea what [show creator] Matthew Weiner intends to do and even then I couldn’t tell you."

Moss's Peggy did not die -- she just quit, one episode earlier -- it's been a busy could weeks at the agency. Anyway, conventional wisdom has Moss taking time off to star in the new BBC six-part miniseries "Top of the Lake," in which she plays a detective trying to solve the mystery of the a pregnant 12 year old in some remote area of New Zealand who disappears after insisting nobody is the baby's father.




Poor Layne! I had heard there was going to be a death, but I was hoping for Pete Campbell to fall down an open elevator shaft. Do you think Don will tell the rest of the office why he did it in season finale this Sunday?

I hope not, since Don promised to let Lane leave the company with his reputation intact, though I don't think Don was thinking Lane would leave the company in quite that fashion....

It was one thing seeing in season previews that Kim Kartrashian was going to be on Drop Dead Diva but it's a whole 'nother ballgame with her being on the show more than once. It appears she may be there the whole season. Not cool. She aggravates me which is why I don't watch Keeping Up with Them. I can't not watch DDD.

I think she's only signed for three episodes -- so hang in there and she'll be gone before you know it!

Will you watch? Have you ever been to the actual South Fork Ranch? We did a company party there. It is surprisingly small, outside and inside, but they put on a good BBQ / two step party. I still have my boots and hat which I pull out every Halloween up in New England. And, yes, I am all hat no cattle...

Isn't everything in life always smaller, inside and out, than you envision it? No, I have not been to the actual South Fork Ranch, though I did meet Larry Hagman at a shop in Summerland once -- his wife wanted to purchase a chair I was paying for at that exact moment -- awkward....


I'm watching it right now. I'm enjoying the restarting of ancient shows I used to love - I've seen the first episodes of To the Manor Born and All Creatures Great and Small this week - but I expect to get very sick of them very soon. And, wow, do they look ancient. I mean, bad youtube quality.

Haven't you already seen "to the Manor Born" like a hundred times? (asks the chick who watches "Random Harvest" about once a month for the past three years)....My mother would be like a pig in mud with WETA/UK...tragically, she moved from Baltimore to Denver years ago...

Anything interesting coming out on TV for this summer? Mini-series? I guess there will be Olympics but that would be tape delay at night in the US.

First, NBC is streaming Olympics live..but that's another story... In answer to your question, there is SO much you need to watch this summer. It's a great summer for TV:  Aaron Sorkin's new what's-wrong-with-TV-news drama "The Newsroom" debuts June 24. USA's "Political Animals" debuts July 15, starring Sigourney Weaver as not-Hillary Clinton, and the wonderful Ciaran Hinds as not-Bill Clinton. Charlie Sheen's new FX trainwreck "Anger Management" debuts June 28. "Snooki & JWOW" kicks off June 28. Final season of "Breaking Bad" debuts July 15 though you, like me, may be kind of over that one. Let's see, what else? Oh yes, Bristol Palin's latest reality series, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp" debuts June 19. But, aren't you already watching Fox's new meat-market reality show "The Choice" which debuted last night? Personally, I can't wait for the Joe Jonas episode...

I love ballet, so I decided to watch the first episode of Bunheads. The dialogue was fun (very Gilmore Girls), but I found the plotline to be a little disturbing. The main character gets drunk, marries the man who has been stalking her, and moves in with him (and his mom). Why is this acceptable for ABC Family?

Ah, here is where you are mistaking ABC Family for a network that caters to families... ABC Family targets young women, grooms them for ABC broadcast network which is totally chick-targeting too...The first episode of "Bunheads," as you described, is a bulls-eye for ABC Family.

So who got the chair? Readers want to know!

I did, because I was paying for it. As I recall, his wife was lovely about it and Hagman asked where was the nearest bar, though I may have dreamed that....The chair became the favorite resting place for my wonderful crazy Jack Russell, who was named Violet. She'd sit in it all day...

Will he just not be satisfied until he hosts the Oscars?

You mean you think he's just hosting all these other shows because what he really wants is to host the Oscars? I too would like to see him host the Oscars but my guess is he actually enjoys hosting the Tony Awards -- assume you're asking because he's doing that on Sunday. The recap he sings at the end of the trophy show, of all the wins that have happened during the ceremony, is wonderful -- I know I'd like to see that kind of a finish to the Academy Awards, which needs all the help it can get -- last year's Billy Crystal hosting? Ugh! Year before, with Ann Hathaway and James Franco hosting -- the worst ever...The movie academy would be lucky to get Harris...

I liked this show very much and would have continued to watch next season -- although I can't imagine how they would have had him go back into dual realities after revealing at the end of this season that it was all a bad dream and his wife and son were both alive -- and him, too.

My theory is that was a last ditch effort to turn the show into something far less confusing next season -- in hopes there would be a next season...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for pushing Veep...I gave it another try and am really enjoying it. I especially love all the different ways they manage to insult each other. Now I'm seeing all these commericals for it worth my time? Thanks!

It depends on how great is your tolerance for Celebrity Nepotism TV -- and for watching chicks you want to shake until their teeth rattle...

Breaking Bad will be coming back for what's announced is its final season. The catch is, they're going to split the season -- half of the episodes will be aired now, and the rest not until next year! Don't they realize this breaks the storyline continuity, and they have to bring us back up to speed by rerunning the previously shown episodes? Why don't they just run the entire set of episodes as one unit, a week at a time, like it used to be done?

Breaking "seasons" in half is, in fact, a time honored tradition in's really hooey -- and a great way to get around price hikes from season to season. It works like this: a network agrees to pay $X for the next season of a show. Then the network orders 20 episodes and airs half of them in the fall as Season Whatever, Part A -- and the second 10 episodes one year later as Season Whatever, Part's a good rule of thumb when dealing with TV networks:  It's not about viewers -- it's about business...

Dear Lisa - Do you think the rabid fan base will support "Community" without Harmon as the show runner? As a moderately rabid fan, i am not too optimistic.

I think it does not matter at all. NBC has moved "Community" to Friday nights in much the same way Fox moved "Fringe." It's the night of low expectations. It's the night you move a show to that would not otherwise survive on the schedule, so that the producer can churn out enough episodes to make the show a good sell in syndication. Period.  "Community" is produced by Sony; it has about 70 episodes. And 80 episodes is the bare minimum a studio needs to sell a show well in syndication, etc... 100 episodes is ideal, but 80 is critical... I'm sure NBC got a good deal on the coming season. Again, remember: it's not about the viewers, it's about the business...

It wasn't a bad dream at the end with his wife and son still alive. It was him having a dream that they were still alive to escape the reality in which he has just realized they were dead.

still a stab at creating a much simpler show for next season which, alas, is not to be...

Who's awful idea was this? I hope they have women sit in the chairs and swing around and have the pic of the litter. I thought it was pretty ofensive. How about you Pookie?

In order:

Mike Darnell.

Yes, they will do one episodes in which chicks do the picking.

Not so much "offensive"  as very out of step and off-brand.

Could Miss Pennsylvania have given The Donald a better present? He loves attention and she gave him an excuse to be interviewed on the morning talk shows about this vitally important national issue. Gak. Having said that, gotta say I love Andy Cohen more and more.

It's not as good a talking point as the franchise would have had, had the transgender competitor won Miss Canada. But it's good enough. But what does Andy Cohen have to do with the story, or were you just saying?

So what is this about NBC actually showing the games as they happen like every other sports event? Did Bob Greenblatt finally release us from the Tyrrany of John Tesch videos?

NBC has said they will STREAM all events live but will NOT archive those webstreams. So if you miss women's beach volleyball live, you will have to wait to see it until NBC airs it in primetime. I think it's a very happy compromise....

Please explain. I am not with it. How is "Girls" nepotism? I have only watched a couple of episodes and I don't think I am their demographic. Altho I loved the first episode when the parents break it to the daughter that they are going to stop supporting her. Her sense of shock and outrage of was hysterical.

*Lena Dunham = daughter of artist Laurie Simmons

*Jemima Kirke = daughter of drummer Simon Kirke from Bad Company

*Zosia Mamet = daughter of playwright David Mamet

*Allison Williams = daughter of news anchor Brian Williams

Has there ever been a bigger train wreck than the Choice? I felt sorry for the pseudo celebrities, but I just wanted to pull poor Cat out of there. What did she do to deserve hosting such a mess?

I don't know -- she seemed pretty okay with the arrangement on-air last night... Is she that good an actress?

OMG, you were totally right -- Now there are shows about dogs! Were you joking when you predicted that a few months back? Will there be shows about cats next?

No, I was not joking... and I don't think cats can be wrangled as easily for TV....

Pookie, consider yourself lucky that Mr. Hagman didn't express his disapproval of you stealing the chair by relieving himself on everything in sight (like his ''I Dream of Jeannie'' escapades)

He was much older, and more mature, when I encountered him...

Wasn't she covered under "Teen Moms"?

This new reality show is the one she was going to do with Kyle Massey, who she met while doing the reality series "Dancing with the Stars" only it got so skeevy Massey backed out and it was re-worked and now Bristol's going to LA with her younger sister Willow....

Is ballet the new vampire? First Bunheads, now Breaking Pointe? What's next--Two for the Tutu?

I see a vampire ballet show on the horizon...

That is what he had to do with it.

Oh, of course! I need more coffee....

Did Safran really get rid of Ellis? I need to send that man a muffin basket or something. Who else is on their way out for Smash season 2?

No, I'm not kidding. Ellis is really out.. Also gone will be both of the men in Debra Messing's life: her husband and her boyfriend...Also gone: Katharine McPhee's fiance, which is a shame because he was the best part of McPhee's storyline, until, that is, they had to turn him into a serial philanderer in order to make McPhee's character sympathetic....

I caught the first episode of the new season of Love in the Wild the other day. Jenny McCarthy was painful to watch. Terrible, terrible host. Just awkward and fake campy. At one point, I swear I caught her doing an Ace Ventura voice. As if people needed more reasons not to watch this show.

People did not need more reasons not to watch this show -- the debut clocked 4.8 million viewers on Tuesday -- off of an "America's Got Talent" leadin audience of 12.6 million. That's a pretty strong statement by viewers....

As you mentioned Baltimore, do you have any idea whether it's being carried on Comcast there? Thanks.

It appears Comcast is carrying WETA/UK in Baltimore on channel 265....let me know if that is not the case...

It's summer!!! Will we be seeing Big Brother again?

Yes, on July 12, and, if CBS can't stop it, another "Big Brother"-like show, called "The Glass House," on ABC, which is actually debuting first, on June 18. CBS is trying to block the show in court, saying it's theft... so far CBS is not having much luck...

I still see it as more plausible than the plot of "Smash"

If by that you mean more plausible than the notion that a hotshot Broadway director and a bunch of hotshot Broadway writers and producers would fall madly in love with Katharine McPhee to play Marilyn Monroe, instead of Megan Hilty, who's got Marilyn down cold -- I could not agree more...

Hey, if your mom was Peter Pan, you'd act weirdly too.

Are you blaming Mary Martin for Larry Hagman's having apparently relieved himself on the "I Dream of Jeanie" sets? I'm intrigued -- tell me more...

Could you explain how there is a Miss Canada in the Miss USA contest? I wasn't aware that we had joined the USA. Signed, Curious in Ottawa ON

There is a Miss Canada in the Miss Universe Pageant. The Miss USA Pageant, which aired recently on NBC, is also a step toward the larger pageant, and Donald Trump co-owns Miss USA and Miss point was (I think -- it was so long ago!) that the Miss Universe Pageant, which I think is scheduled for December, would have been pretty much guaranteed a large audience if Miss Canada was a transgender competitor. This is the first year the pageant allowed a transgender contender... But she did not win that competition....In lieu of that, there is, as a rule, nothing like a little controversy to gin up viewer interest in a TV show...

When do the nominations come out? Think the girl from the Middle has a chance. I only know her as Sue Heck. Is that a bad sign if people don't know the actor's name?

No, it's not a bad sign, unless it's Teh People's Choice Awards... The Emmys are decided upon by TV Academy members.. and the noms will be announced July 19...

We need a TV show where the dogs get wise to their owners and refuse to let the humans be their masters. Oh wait, that's already real life...

Winkie? Is that you? Thanks for joining us....

but, but...I love LOVE in the WILD. It's just so trashy and JM is perfect as the host.

I'm sorry for your sake it did not attract a larger audience....

Let me start by saying that Community is the only show I have ever bothered to purchase on DVD, and I have yet to tire of watching the D&D episode. But I want it to end next year when they graduate. No dragging it out, no disappointing decline (I'm looking at you, how I met yr mother...). 4 and done. And no, no movie. But I'm guessing most other fans of the show don't agree with me?

You are correct...

The last episode had Harry toasting her colleagues for a good year and saying something like "If we're lucky enough to still be together a year from now ..." It worked great as a farewell, but I'm curious if that was just a coincidence. Also, I must've been in the bathroom when they resolved the false teeth story line, and -- before I go to the dentist again -- I would much appreciate someone telling me if the plaintiff won or lost his wrongful dismissal suit. (He was let go because he grossed out his office-mates by popping out his false teeth in front of them.) Thanks, Pooks!

I did not see the epsiode -- can anyone help out here -- but I can't believe someone would be fired for such a wonderful talent, even in David Kelley's universe. But I'm not impartial on this subject -- my Great Uncle Artie used to do that all the time when I was a kid, which terrified my younger sister,  which only made him more awesome in my eyes.

I am happy that you are back and joining us today. I have been clearing out the DVR and I have finally got caught up on Smash. I actually sucked it up and watched all the episodes and I will agree that the final episode actually redeemed the show, if they continue with the Katherine McPhee as the perfect Marilyn Monroe, I am dropping the show like a hot potato. This new showrunner has a lot to fix and I hope it hops off the crazy train before it crashes.

This seems to be a good first step....

From the previews, it looks like this is a remake of the show that was on when I was a kid. Are they doing anything new with it?

On the old, CBS show, the "beauty" was a district attorney"...on the new show she's a detective...

Finally watched the finale in the flickering hope that somehow there was redemption/retribution in the last act. Alas, no. So my question: setting aside the McPhee-As-Monroe (a Monroe shock absorber, maybe) debate, is writing for episodic television so much more challenging than writing a play? Teresa Rebeck is short-listed for the Pulitzer, but the proverbial roomful of monkeys could have written the "Smash" scripts after watching "All About Eve", "Stage Door" and a telenovella. Related note: To eliminate the already announced characters, will Brian D'Arcy James throw Debra Messing's piano out a window so that it lands on Elis?

Can we start a petition? I'd also be happy with a house falling on him -- just so we know he's really most sincerely dead and cannot be brought back for sweeps... as to the disappointing Teresa Rebeck season, I cannot explain it....

Lisa, what did you think of the season finale of "Modern Family"? I thought the last three scenes were great, but my favorite was Jay and Lily. Ed O'Neill made me cry (in a good way).

I have not yet watched it -- still catching up...anyone else out there?

it really was in the this week's teen wolf episode! I don't know if it was the first or second hour (I think it was the second) when at the beginning they were sitting at the table, isaac (?) and his dad were talking about dad threw some glass on the floor (now we know why it was so messy!). That was my kitchen. Was as in, we just sold the house and are moving to the west coast. but way too weird and cool to have my house on tv. and the web....


She was worried about the integrity of a beauty pageant? Really?

are you suggesting the two are mutually exclusive?

Pookie -- How much Jubilee coverage could you stand? The CNN hosts were annoying and the BBC1 people weren't better. Can we talk about the clothes instead? Loved Kate's red dress for the boat ride. The less said about Camilla, the better.

I loved watching Camilla "dance" in place while that one tune was being performed... she's like something out of an old Benny Hill episode...

What do Winkie and Vanderbilt think of the new summer TV series "Dogs in the City" (a/k/a the urban dog-whisperer)? I like the show, but imagine that canines regard it as nothing less than wholesale giving away of their secrets for mastery over their pet humans.

They have not seen it.. I encourage them to go out and play in the summer...

Unfortunately for me, it is ESPN Classic running reruns of her boyfriend (Coach Taylor--Kyle Chandler) on Friday Night Lights. If the situation was reversed I think she would not be as understanding as me...

Why don't you find out... is any network running old epsiodes of "Baywatch"?

Earlier poster may be enjoying seeing the series start, but will the episodes be kept in order when they're broadcast multiple times daily? WETA can't even keep it's regular schedule straight. I'm really miffed that they started season 3 of Doc Martin at 9:30 pm, then apparently moved it back to 8 p.m. (when they had been running repeats I'd seen 4 or 5 times) for the last week before Infomercial Month, er, I mean Pledge Month, took over. I refuse to make a point of studying their broadcast schedule to keep track of the ever-shifting schedule. And I won't be surprised if they start the whole Season 3 over once Informercial Month is over. Why they expect regular viewers to provide support when they mostly cater to the people who will only support the station when it runs informercials is beyond me.

It's the ongoing debate about PBS at press tour: catering to pledge drive program viewers at the expense of regular viewers...

Am I a snob, or do lots of the contestants seem really not-too-bright?

...and you're just noticing this now? Or is this eighth edition the first time you've watched....

Why would Today bring back Meredith Viera for the Olympics? Aren't they just saying to viewers "Remember what it was like before Ann Curry took over?".

well, yes, now that you mention it....but Ann will be pitching in too....and, in fairness, Meredith never left NBC News -- just "Today" show..

I watched the first episode and, by golly, the scenery (filmed on the Wyoming/Montana border) is is totally breathtaking. I like Robert Taylor in the title role and, of course, he's an Aussie, because we don't have weathered looking American actors of a certain age who can effectively play rural sheriffs. (And I mean that.) Also like Lou Diamond Phillips as the Indian owner of the Red Pony Bar, but I could do without the blonde female deputy who supposedly spent 5 years on homicide with the Philadelphia PD and, miraculously, wound in Wyoming. But enough of my take. Did the first episode get decent viewing numbers?

About 4 million viewers -- a record for A&E and, as I recall, the best cable series launch this calendar year...

I really enjoyed the show. I was confused for the first two episodes, then understood who was whom in each world and thought it got better and better. The moment I found out it was canceled, however, I immediately deleted whatever was left on my DVR and stopped watching the remaining episodes. I just wasn't going to get any more deeply invested in the show when I knew I'd wind up with no answers at the end. I'm not likely to start watching a show with a central mystery again; it's just not worth it.

which is why procedurals are so attractive to viewers and to networks....

I'll probably watch the show to support the remaining cast next year, but with Dan Harmon gone, there's no way it will be the same. I consider this season's finale to be the show's finale.

Hope you are right... nothing sadder than to watch shows drag "House" did...

What do you think accounts for her success so far, despite her lack of acting skill?

She's very pretty and has a really lovely voice... She's not a bad actress, she's just not cast right as Marilyn, and she can't dance at all... There are many fine actresses who would be ill suited to play Marilyn Monroe....

Came late to the chat today. What's all this about Larry Hagman going potty on the sets of I Dream of Jeannie? (Damn that Friday conference call running late!)

Sounds like you got the basics -- I'll let you read it in the transcript. It was news to me too....

It depends on how you feel about the more "moving" flavor of the show this season. (You know, there are more emotional catharses and epiphanies, and tender music at the end.) If you don't like that direction, you won't like the finale. Personally I don't think it's overdone. I liked it, and even though I knew where they were going in the Calexico hospital it was still very funny.

Oh no! A hospital finale? What's next: a very special sweep episode on date rape?

I haven't seen this show, but you mentioned in a column that it stars Katee Sackhoff and Robert Taylor. I am sure Sackhoff is good, but Robert Taylor? The same guy who starred in "Quo Vadis" with Deborah Kerr and "Camille" with Garbo and (since this is a TV column) "The Detectives"? Isn't he, like, dead?

Well, Robert Taylor is a pretty common, it's not that Robert Taylor, thank goodness. Never did like him -- except when he played the thug husband in the melodrama "Undercurrent" with Katharine Hepburn.

Pookie, next Friday I fly back East (from LA) for my high school reunion. And since I work for "one of them" (studios, in finance, so far removed from the actual people) please give me something to say to my classmates when they ask for the dirt on their favorite shows.

Well, that's pretty hard to do without knowing which shows they're going to ask about...can't you just smile, Cheshire cat-ishly and decline to comment?

False equivalency, unless I missed an episode where Kyle Chandler was wearing nothing more than a Speedo (and if so, where can I get that episode, stat?).

Pookie, pookie, pookie.... don't you know that Kyle Chandler being all sensitive and inspirational and coach-like on "Friday Night Lights" was, in fact, chick porn? .. 

Only in Germany.

that could be difficult....

The dentist bachelorette was so not-bright, she made me scared about going to the dentist! How did she get through dental school? (Plus anyone with such horrible taste in men might have horrible taste in veneers, too.)

I think it's probably a good rule of thumb that you should steer clear of any professional  who appears on any reality show: doctor, dentist, hairstylist, tatoo artist, shrink, decorator, etc...My doctor has advised me not to use any specialist who sells their own products or appears on TV -- seriously...I'm out of time. Thanks for joining me and I hope you'll join me next week!

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