The Bandersnatch Cummberbundery debate: Lisa de Moraes Live

May 11, 2012

This week's TV Column item about PBS's "Sherlock" second-season debut ratings caused an outbreak of Bandersnatch Cummberbundery on Twitter. Lisa chatted about it Friday.

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This Week in TV Column/Blog:

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NBC orders 14th season of 'Law & Order: SVU'


12 million people watch 'The Voice' finale


Photo gallery: What TV shows are on the bubble going into upfront week?


'Sherlock' premiere scores high ratings; plus, that whole "Bandersnatch Cummerbund" controversy


'Jeopardy!' announces broadcast order for next week's Washington "power players"


Bret Baier signs multi-year deal with Fox News Channel


'Dancing With the Stars' 2012: Roshon Fegan, Melissa Gilbert go home on double elimination night


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NBC orders comedy about dysfunctional First Family


'The Voice' finale performance show: A master class in passive aggressive behavior [VIDEO]


'Dancing With the Stars' 2012: Couples dance as trios before double elimination night


Lifetime renews Jennifer Love Hewitt's "The Client List"


NBC picks up shows starring Anne Heche, Matthew Perry; plus, a Ryan Murphy comedy and J.J. Abrams drama

Hi. Here is this week's reading material. Big week for the TV Column. Let's get started....

Pookie - I just read your defense of "Bandersnatch Cummerband" and I weep. I weep for you for having to write it; I weep for those poor souls who have nothing but a vast emptiness where a sense of humor belongs. How do we fix this? I'm at a loss. And my weeping continues...

Not so much a defense as an explanation for the utterly bewildered -- and, more important, a chance to give credit where credit was due -- to the serious student of television, who I hope has joined us on our chat today, who who came up with Bandersnatch Cummerbund... I'm hoping I can use it as my pen name when I start writing bodice rippers on the side....And, in case anyone missed it, here are some tweets on the subject, from the day my column published:

James Richards  @thejrich

Bandersnatch Cummerbund. (tears) My face hurts now. Thank you @washingtonpost. You've made my night.


Adam Ludvigson ‏ @flyoverstates

@Spelled_Latte don't worry, you have #BandersnatchCummerbund on your side

molly ‏ @politepunk

cumberdict bennebatch #bandersnatchcummerbund


Patricia Romero ‏ @patromero

Or #BaftacheeksCumberbound? @annapalay #whatsinanamemrcumberbatch #BandersnatchCummerbund


Anna Lozano  ‏ @annapalay

oooooh love this... PUNS ANYONE? RT @socratic Butterbeer Dumbledore #BandersnatchCummerbund @patromero

Adam Ludvigson ‏ @flyoverstates

Previous tweet misstated the actor's name as "Bendersnatch Cummerbund." The correct spelling is #BandersnatchCummerbund. We regret the error

socratic ‏ @socratic

Butterbeer Dumbledore #BandersnatchCummerbund


melliebu stacey ‏ @___ampersand

#BandersnatchCummerbund sounds like James Bond's Gotham City counterpart. Pretty badass typo if you ask me.

Laura Chilvers ‏ @monkeypop1997

#BandersnatchCummerbund I have no idea what this about! But I love the word! <3


Emmett AJ Trouse ‏ @Flemmboy

Best. Trend. Ever. #BandersnatchCummerbund


Philatitus Maximus ‏ @PhlatusMaximus

Yep, I pulled a real #BandersnatchCummerbund back there…

Josh Wright ‏ @joshwright111

Washington Post changes an already epic name into something even better? Kudos. #BandersnatchCummerbund


Jennifer Stumph ‏ @gwenifer84

highlight of my day: #bandersnatchcummerbund i literally could not stop laughing. #simplepleasures

Mary Beth Williams ‏ @embeedub

At last, I've found a use for my liberal arts degree.#bandersnatchcummerbund

Jessica ‏ @LarimarRoses

#BandersnatchCummerbund How can you misspell his name THAT BAD without you or your editor catching it?! [ Was it written on a Monday? ;-) ]

Alina ‏ @AliraRo

Washington Post writer turns Benedict Cumberbatch into #BandersnatchCummerbund ??????? ???! ?? ???? ? ?????? ???????? ?????))

Mary Beth Williams ‏ @embeedub

BOROGOVE TUXEDO #BandersnatchCummerbund


Mary Beth Williams ‏ @embeedub

JUBJUB SPATS #BandersnatchCummerbund

The Mighty OCD ‏ @MightyOCD

Engelbert Slaptyback #BandersnatchCummerbund


Carolyn Kellogg ‏ @paperhaus

No matter how else I may fail today, I did not mistype anyone's name as Bandersnatch Cummerbund.

Lisa Gold @bylisagold

@paperhaus Apparently it was intentional and not a typo:

Carolyn Kellogg @paperhaus

@bylisagold In that case, I should change my tweet to "at least I didn't type Bandersnatch Cummerbund on purpose, thinking it was funny"


Meanwhile, some enterprising member of Team Bandersnatch was already selling t-shirts by that afternoon.

Have you heard anything about "The Killing" triggering bouts of Seasonal Affective Disorder?

I think it's verisimilitude -- it's set in Seattle, so you need to have loads of rain and dark skies, right? How clever of me to have worked in "verisimilitude"  so earlyinto the chat...

The UK's Daily Mail has picked up on your use of "Bandersnatch Cummerbund" I must admit, it is now actually difficult for me to remember what his actual name is... Now that it's crossed the pond, maybe we can make this a global "thing"

The Daily Mail story was my favorite -- thank you for sharing... And yes, the report about my having referred to "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch as Bandersnatch Cummerbund was trending worldwide on Twitter...keep an eye out for a  surge in babies being  named Bandersnatch...

Lisa, dear, would you like someone to refer to you as someone other than Lisa de Moraes without any explanation?

Glad you asked... It happens all the time. My fave to date is "Lisa deMoralize" which was some mail I got ages ago.,, it still makes me laugh....

Hi Lisa. TK little here. I watched the first episode of Sherlock on PBS last night, and I feel that the writing and performances make it some of the smartest and most captivating television on the air right now. Add some other BBC shows, and it seems like quality TV is firmly settled in across the pond. Do you think American networks are underestimating the intelligence of its viewers by constantly throwing "reality" programming at us instead of thought-provoking stuff?

I think you aren't taking advantage of your  TV menu like you ought if you think that's what is going on... There's pots of interesting scripted fare on the American TV landscape-- In addition to the broadcast networks, and PBS which you mentioned, I invite you to also sample HBO, Showtime, AMC, FX, USA, TNT, TBS and so on and so forth...and, of course, the always brilliant TCM...

I love this show....What are the ratings like? Will it get renewed?

ABC picked up a mess of shows last night but "Scandal" was not among them... That does not mean it's toast...The network picked up, "Modern Family," " Suburgatory," "The Middle, " Castle," "Revenge," "Grey's Anatomy" and "Once Upon a Time." 

I write for a living, and frankly it takes some of the enjoyment out of watching TV and film. Usually I watch something, and I think, I could do that. But there's no way in a million years I could ever write something as fast paced, witty, thrilling and, well, just all around **good** as this Sherlock. I've watched them over and over, and they still astonish me.

Have you seen the Jeremy Brett "Sherlock" series done years ago? Writing on that one was terrific too...And I know how you feel -- I have the same reaction every time I watch the old Lombard flick "Nothing Sacred"... Ben Hecht -- brilliant...

For those who don't know, he is the "co-exec" behind the current edition of "Sherlock"  airing on PBS...and apparently needs to lighten up....

Lisa, I feel like I'm going crazy. My friends disagree, but I say the quality of "Modern Family" has dropped a lot this season? Thoughts, pookie?

I hope not... Frankly they're clogging my DVR since I recap "Idol" on Wednesday nights...but the episodes I've watched so far this season were great... Anyone else out there disagree?

Is it bad that my least favorite part of FOX's New Girl is Zooey Deschanel?

Not at all -- great ensemble cast....

So we heard about "30 Rock" (one more year!), "The Office" (one more year?), and "Community" (13 episodes?!?). But nothing about the future of "Parks & Rec." Is this the end for Leslie Knope and company?

Given that NBC is going first at Broadcast TV Upfront Week, they certainly are drawing out the process of making these decisions...

I stand with you, Pookie!

Pookies United in Bandersnatch...

Whither Community? When will we learn its fate?

We already has a 13-episode order for next season, which means that, like this season, it will share its timeslot. It also means, like this season, that when it takes a midseason break, fanboys and girls will get the vapors and start tweeting and blogging that it has been cancelled... this is why covering TV is best left to professionals...

Your Royal Pookiness, what color and size would you like your Bandersnatch Cummberbund t-shirt in? My treat as a huge thank you for your snarky humor.

You are very sweet, but please don't spend $25 on a T-shirt for me!... Instead, how about taking yourself and a friend out. All I ask is that when you're having your cocktail,  raise your glass and make a toast to Bandersnatch Cummerbund

Lisa: Have you read Hugh Laurie's "farewell to House" piece in Entertainment Weekly. He seems a touch wounded by critics who dumped on the show in its later years, when the novelty had worn off, by saying it was the same thing every week, and he tried citing a number of high culture touchstones, including Shakespeare, to say that stories often repeat themselves. But, oddly, he left out the one that really would have made his case and with which he is intimately familiar. HOUSE: Patient comes to hospital with mysterious ailment, nears death, much squabbling, House pulls himself together to make miraculous diagnosis, patient saved. THE BERTIE WOOSTER STORIES: Bertie decides to do something foolish, valet Jeeves tries talking him out of it, Bertie does it anyway and lands in the soup, Jeeves rescues him and peace is restored to Eden. Of course, Wodehouse has been read for going on 100 years. Not sure we'll be watching holograms of House in 2112.

By the end of its run, "House" will have amassed 176 episodes. How fortunate Mr. Wodehouse did not write 176 Bertie Wooster stories, and how fortunate Fox did not air 176 Bertie Wooster episodes. Had Fox done so, I'm guessing even Wodehouse fans would have logged the same complaints after about, oh, say Episode #100...Mr. Laurie is very familiar with the British television landscape, in which shows tend to last for a much shorter time than they do here. "The Office" is a  great case in point. The Brit version will go down as brilliance. The U.S. version will go down in history as one that stayed at the party about 2 seasons too long -- three if you count next season. And yes, even some hardcore fans of "The Office" are saying so. I hope Mr. Laurie takes comfort in the fact that critics are saying anything about the run of "House" as it prepared to sign off, because it suggest they think the show is still culturally significant. How much worse it would be if they wrote nothing at all...

We seem to have lost her. She's the most interesting character on the show. Megan appears to be getting all the attention lately. Maybe January Jones didn't feel like spending any more hours in makeup for that fat suit.

It's all about the clothes -- all about the clothes...

I fell asleep (otherwise known as "not Awake") before the episode ended. Can someone tell me what happened, and was that the end of the season? Was the short, pointy-chin guy really Rumplestilskin? When I nodded off, the detective was freaking out because he was only waking up to his wife, never his son ... pointy-chin guy (who used to be on "Alias") was materializing out of nowhere ... and the detective had just started quizzing people about pointy-chin as part of the episode's murder investigation, to the chagrin of his young partner. Thanks!

Holy cow, do I have some catching up to do... Sounds more like an episode of "Once Upon  a Time." But I thought we'd already decided that the whole thing would turn out to be "Sixth Sense"-ish and he's really the one who died in the car accident...

Has Tommy Hilfiger been exiled to Elba? How will he escape?

I know! He just vanished from "American Idol"!...perhaps someone in his company figured out his "fashion mentoring" of the Idolettes had become the stuff of "SNL" skits. I miss him....

At least David Cook and Kris Allen had engaging personalities and creative song interpretations -- even Adam Lambert said that Cook opened up the scope of the show to the point Lambert thought it was worth auditioning. Phil is marginally more talented than Lee DeWyze but that was a weak field Lee's year. Not so this year. All I can say is if he wins, he better be one hell of a songwriter because Jessica and Joshua will have the best pop-r&b people clamoring to write for them. They're going to be huge stars. Phil? I don't t see it once a few months have passed.

I think it's a given that he will win -- he's the only member of the Top 3 who has never been in the Bottom 3 during the season. And, he's a safe, scruffy white guy with big eyes and a guitar... darn those voting tweener chicks! But, really, the winner doesn't necessarily wind up with the biggest career right? Tayler Hicks is about to star in an episode of Fox's dating competition series "The Choice" -- I rest my case...

Add me to the list of people who thought it was funny. He is a little too big for his britches, isn't he?

You think he's come down with the Star Trek bug?

The traditional one hour drama tended to have four breaks, roughly once every fifteen minutes. I think that "The Good Wife" and most of the CBS procedurals follow that forumula. However, I have notifced that other dramas seem to have commerical breaks much more offten. On "House," it seems to really destroy the continuity of the program. The most amazing is "Harry's Law" which goes to commercial every time the camera flashing on Harry's shocked expression.

I haven't checked lately, but it used to be that networks did not load too many ad breaks in new shows, so as not to annoy prospective regular viewers, but once a show became a hit -- l ike, say "Desperate Housewives" in its heyday, then the loading up began... I don't know if that's still true today, what with DVR-ing etc... I do know that "Harry's Law" has one of the biggest audiences on all of NBC's post-football primetime, behind two nights of "The Voice."

So NBC is looking to give "Parks and Rec" some sort of gentle hospice-care exit from its schedule of winners like "Betty White's Off Their Rockers"? I'm assuming there will be twittered fan outrage, followed by some new shot of revenue by NBC's new apparent financing partner in quirky shows heading off the air ("Chuck", "Community", prolonged by the sandwich artisans at Subway), followed by... TBS? Showtime? ABC? ANY chance of anyone else keeping Ron @#%#$ Swanson in my life?

NBC is the master of product placement ... my guess is you're right...

I really grew to like Whitney Cummings sitcom. It got much better as the year progressed. But the show seems to be on the fence. I would settle for a 13-episode run (ala "30 Rock," "Community") rather than cancellation. Will Monday's announcement make me happy?

No final word on "Whitney" yet... NBC did order a whopping number of new comedies... six as of last night...

How will the remaining 13 episodes be scheduled next season? Will they be run in the first half of the season and another comedy will take up the second part of the season? This is the ONLY show I watch every week, so I do care how they go out.

NBC will probably discuss that Monday when it formally presents its new schedule to advertisers... typically a show bows out in the May sweep -- see "House" and "Desperate Housewives" -- but since "30 Rock" has such a tiny audience, that may not be the plan.. also, advertisers seem to like "30 Rock," and networks usually put their most advertiser friendly stuff on in the fourth quarter, to help them sell their schedule "up front" , which would seem to argue for it being on in the fall... maybe a split season, a la cable?

This week Hollie seemed no better / no worse than any other week of the year when the judges fawned over her. Now the judges gang up on her and decide that she sucks while the other three are the greatest singers in the history of the world. If I were her, I would have been pretty ticked.

She's very lucky to have lasted as long as she did -- it will open up avenues to her... Remember, it only takes a million in sales for an "album" to go platinum... presumably, when there are 40-50 million-ish votes coming in on a week of  "Idol" competition, it means Hollie has appealed to a boatload of people, by music industry standards... broadast TV is the hardest place to survive -- the parameters for success are so tough (though they're ticking down daily)...surviving to the Final 4 on "Idol" is a great way to try to launch a music career...

Regarding Downtown [sic, sic, sic] Abbey's ratings for its season finale and "Sherlock's" first episode ratings this year, would the fact that Downtown ran in mid-winter and Sherlock in spring have any impact of the number of viewers. Don't more people watch TV during winter than other seasons? I seem to recall that part of the huge numbers the original series Roots did were attributable to a blizzard that hit much of the country during its run.

Typically, ratings for broadcast networks dip when Daylight Savings kicks in, but I'm not sure if that's as relevant to PBS programming, which tends to be short burst and very much appointment TV, particularly for the "Masterpiece" franchise. It's very hard to come by PBS ratings -- those numbers I wrote about were provided by PBS, not Nielsen... Nielsen does not distribute PBS numbers to the press... even when Nielsen issues its "State of the Union Address" cumed audience stats, it excludes PBS coverage of the president's speech...

I thought last night's finale was really cute but I'm coming to the end of my patience with Mayim Balik's character. I don't believe the Sheldon/Amy "relationship" and she too one-note. Heart that you wrote Bandersnatch Cummberbun and got knickers twisted. I knew it wasn't a mistake. I felt like such an insider.

You are an insider!...and, in re "Big Bang," the ratings are still strong, so I'm guessing there will not be too many changes...

shonda rhimes doesn't seem to like wives. In "Grey's Anatomy," Addison was intially the Wicked Witch of the East who cheated on McDreamy with his BFF causing him to leave her and shack up with Meredith. Now in "Scandal," the First Lady is putting that cartoony evil Chief of Staff to shame in her awfulness (saying she only had her childress to further her husband's career, faking a miscarriage to gain electoral sympathies, etc). C'mon Miss Rhimes, everytime the mistress isn't really the bad guy and the wicked wife meaning it isn't really adultery are getting a bit old.

Are you suggesting Shonda is recycling storylines among her many shows on ABC? Perish the thought....

I'm sorry that "Alcatraz" won't be renewed; I enjoyed it, I'm a Sam Neill fan, and I wanted more questions answered. I'm also sad that "The Finder" won't be back. It's basically a laid-back show with appealing characters that maybe should be on USA or TNT. I found it to be a lot like "The Glades," which I also enjoy.

I'm sorry you are disappointed, but "Alcatraz's" future got dim when Fox picked up "Fringe" for another season....

Is it just me, or did anyone else find "The Voice" badly miked? The operatic guy who came in 4th was the only one I could hear clearly. On AI, I can hear all the singers, so I don't think it's me or my TV, tho anything's possible.

See, and I have trouble hearing the Idolettes when theyr'e trying to sing over an orchestra and a gospel choir.. Why is this so hard for a major broadcast network to get right?

Pookie: Could you explain what the 13-episode pick ups for "30 Rock" and "Community" mean? I know what a 13-episode pick up means for a new show -- see how it does in the ratings and then decide whether to pick up the rest of the season. For established shows like "30 Rock" and "Community" does it mean 13-and-done?

Usually, yes.. It means NBC suits were uncomfortable putting too much new product on their primetime schedule -- way too hard to promote in the fall, what with all the networks rolling out so much new product, but they recognize that their Thursday comedies are all on their last legs, so they wanted to have them return, but also wanted to be able to try to launch new comedies on the night, with more than 6-episode runs...

Pookie, I don't like it when my favorite actors behave badly in real life. Sean Bean is making it difficult for me to like him. It seems like he needs to get help for an alcohol problem considering all of his antics occur when he's drunk.

I take your point but actors are human too... can't you think someone is extremely talented as an actor, though maybe a bit dubious as a person?

BREAKING NEWS: Lifetime has picked up a Whitney Houston family reality series.  "The Houston Family Chronicles" and will be headed by Whitney's sister in law who was also her manager, rather than her daughter Bobbi Kristina -- though Bobbi Kristina will also be included in the show. The show also will follow Whitney's  niece, her brother, and her mother... Ten epsiodes have been ordered and it will premiere this calendar year...

Ugh. Shoot me. Shoot me now with a bandersnatch cummberbund.

What a concept... A lethal bandersnatch cummerbund.

Hi Pookie! Wondering if you had followed the latest "Biggest Loser" season at all. I've never seen such entitled whiners on the show before (maybe I don't watch enough reality tv in general...) They were mean, unpleasant, downers and I didn't even care about the walkout or the pathetic half-length finale. I don't know if this was NBC's way of trying to up the drama or what, but it failed miserably in my case. I don't even want to watch next season now.

If they were trying to up the drama to up the viewing levels, they did not succeed. This show took a dive this season.

Pookie, what surprised you the most about this past season. The official network TV season that is? And now that the traditional network TV season is coming to an end, what should I be on the lookout for during cable's summer season? Or do I just resort to reading? Owe the humanity!

What surprised me the most was that the traditition Daylight Savings Kickoff ratings dip was not followed by the traditional Daylight Savings Kickoff ratings recovery... people at the networks also are scratching their heads over this ...

The show is not clever enough for him to be a ghost everyone interacts with. It's something else. Like, maybe he really is dreaming the entire thing and will wake up as a frightened 10 year old girl on a Tuesday.

Sort of like "St. Elsewhere" which had the best series ending in the history of series endings...though some say this was..

I just read the NY Times interview. He comes off as somewhat insufferable, right? I liked the first season, but now i'd like to punch Mr. Cummerbund in the nose.

No violence, please! He appears to have contracted the "I'm now a JJ Abrams Star Trek movie star " bug, and its more to be pitied than censured...

Much as I, too, want "Parks and Rec" to come back, surely Ron Swanson would kill himself and the entire cast before he'd promote SUBWAY, right?

want to bet?

I actually prefer "Sherlock" to "Downtown Abbey". Is there something wrong with me?

Not at if you told me you prefered "How to Be a Gentleman" to "Downton Abbey"  it might be cause for alarm...

Hey Pookie, is it just me, or are alot of shows ending their season early this year? It isnt even the middle of May and most series have ended. Have you noticed this too?

Yes and I'm guessing they're just trying to get out of the way of the crush.. And, of course, that way the network has paid for one or two fewer original episodes... But, did you know that the official TV season used to end in April? It's true.. I think the first season I covered TV may have been the last season that was the case, or one of the last...

Is this not the same chat that wants to drop a damn piano on Ellis' head? HA HA HA

That's a public service, not an act of violence...

Please object to this practice and maybe it'll go away -- Remember how tv shows used to take up the whole screen, until someone figured out the credits could be shmushed to one side while ads ran on the other? Well, now that "30 Rock" is in syndication, the last scene -- the one that used to be "the one French fry at the bottom of the bag" -- is so squooshed, I can't figure out who's on screen or what they're doing, except insofar as the dialogue makes it clear. I think this happens to other shows, too, even during their original runs. Please, bring back full-screen shows! I'm guessing the people whose credits are now unreadable would also appreciate it. Thanks, Pooks!

I'm with you..

I feel like normally all the season finales happen around May 20ish or so. This year everything is already wrapping. I find that kind of annoying AND lovely all at the same time! Anyone else? :)

I've heard from some other people who feel the same way... already answered one...

I just glanced through your latest postings on new shows, and you mentioned one about a doctor with Mafia ties. Does the Mob have its own doctors, as well as lawyers, to patch up their soldiers after shoot-outs with rivals or with the cops? Because that would be awesome!!!

In this case the doctor -- Jordana Spiro of "My Boys" fame (phew!) -- is some hotshot surgeon who has 'mob" ties in her past. I don't think she's a mob doc per se....

Dearest Pookie, I'm the original poster who wrote "Bandersnatch Cummerbund" to you. You know what? I was just in a huge hurry to type my question and submit it to the chat that day, and couldn't recall the actor's name (hardly easy to remember) off the top of my head. Plus, I was in the midst of writing a literary analysis (how dull is MY life?) of a short story that in part pays homage to some of the works of Lewis Carroll, so my mind wasn't far from "Frumious Bandersnatch" anyway, so that term and the actor's name became conflated inside my addled head. No malice was intended at the time toward (now I know his correct name) Benedict Cumberbatch. I confess that the last time I used "Bandersnatch Cummerbund" I was feeling a bit snarky toward him because he'd just bad-mouthed "Downton Abbey," when instead he should've been inviting its fans to come enjoy his 21st-century Sherlock series as well. Dang, after seeing those T-shirts online, I could just kick myself for not copyrighting ""Bandersnatch Cummerbund"!

Hello! So nice to hear from you again...I assumed Bandersnatch Cummberbund T-shirt person was you... sadly, that appears not to be the case...

But it's no My Boys.

already taken care of, but thanks for thinking of me -- and the universe!

Lisa, love the tweeters who got all huffy when the joke had to be explained to them. "That's not funny!!" I have noticed that Bandersnatch and Sherlock fans are hyper-defensive; now it seems that the showrunner himself is a bit touchy if you dare to have any fun with Sherlock.

Yes, there is enough sadness in this world already without picking on our poor Bandersnatch...

I love Modern Family, but whenever they do shows where the cast goes on location, such as a dude ranch or (as they did this week) to Disneyland, it brings back memories of the Brady Bunch going to Hawaii, etc. and it makes it more difficult to enjoy. Stay home, MF. (Uh, you know what I mean).

"Modern Family" airs on ABC, whose parent company is Disney. Consider yourself lucky it doesn't happen monthly... maybe that's because the show is produced at 20th Century Fox -- not Disney...

Please, PLEASE tune in to "30 Rock" for all the remaining shows including next season's 13, so it'll get good ratings and be saved! Think of the bleak alternative: Mockery-free broadcast TV! (except for campaign ads, that is).

Pookie, it's over... the show is too expensive, the ratings too small and, as of this season's finale they will have made 125 episodes -- more than enough for a  viable syndication library... I'm out of time... I'm heading to NY tonight to cover the Broadcast TV Upfront Week. Will be attending all the presentations and will chat about the new programs, and the dead ones, on Friday. Hope you will join me.. Thanks for chatting today...

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