Lohan on 'SNL', 'The Voice' battles, and 'Game Change': Lisa de Moraes' TV Column Live

Mar 09, 2012

Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes chatted about the about all the drama, comedy and heartbreak of the world of television. See below to see what questions readers brought up and what Lisa had to say about in response.

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(Submitting early) Pookie, there's a brand-new episode of "The Mentalist" scheduled for Thursday, 3/8, at 10. Then a different brand-new episode is scheduled for Friday, 3/9, at 9. This sounds like a harbinger, not of spring, but of bad news for those of us who like the show. You've taught us well: Friday night is end-of-the-line-ville. But I can't find any news indicating "The Mentalist" is on the bubble, let alone cancelled. So what should we make of this odd scheduling? BTW, you look especially fetching today.

It does not mean it's on the bubble -- it means CBS is toying with the idea of moving it to Friday nights and wants to see how it performs there... Every year at this time, you see networks tinkering with their schedules like this in advance of the meetings they have to assess their weak spots, figure out what to move where, what to cancel and what pilots to pick up and where to schedule them....

You and they know who the bottom people are... the long drawn-out evictions are just boring. Wonder how many viewers might return just to see the final 2 ?

This week's performance show clocked nearly 19 million viewers -- a hefty week-to-week increase, though I'm guessing that was in part due to the "Whitney tunes"-ness of the episode. It will be the week's most watched program. And Last night's results show hung on to 17 million according to early estimates, which will make it the second most watched show of the week, behind only the performance night ("NCIS" and "NCIS: LA" were repeats this week). So it was a good week for "Idol". But I agree it's about time they livened up the results show ... and you saw some of that last night when Seacrest started suddenly telling people, willy nilly, that they were safe without all the pomp and circumstance of light dimming, etc. However,  I think his comment about how he warned us anything could happen on the results show -- and it just did! was sort of overstating the baby steps they were taking. Also,  having the judges decide who ultimately got whacked last night suggests the producers know the results show needs to be re-thought. 

When I read about this, I remember your earlier comment about how the latest adaptation of "Great Expectations" from Masterpiece has a Pip who is prettier then Estella. See if you can follow this since not even positive I'm able to... Actor Christian Cooke (who also in the upcoming latest "Mad Men" rip-off called "Magic City") has gotten a part in the new "Romeo & Juliet" film as Romeo's loyal friend Mercurtio (R&J screenplay is by Julian Fellowes of "Downton Abbey"). Now Cooke had been dating actress Vanessa Kirby for three years until she got cast as Estella and left Cooke when she fell in love with her co-star, Douglas Booth. So guess who is playing Romeo... the same Douglas Booth. And if you want another random coincidence, Vanessa Kirby's real life roommate is Jessica Brown Findlay aka Sybil on "Downton Abbey."

Well, this might explain the raucous 3 a.m. activity in the hotel room next to mine at  Winter Press Tour when PBS was at the tour to present, among other things, a Q&A session with the cast of  "Great Expectations"...ah, young lust...I still maintain he's prettier than she is, and doubt Dickens would have approved.


Maybe this is an odd question, and possibly not one you could answer, but ... I've noticed on Ghost Hunters (and its co-scare, "Ghost Hunters International") that there's an awfully high turnover in the cast. As of right now only two are left of the original cast of Ghost Hunters -- Jason and Steve (Grant has said he will leave). Do you have any idea why that should be? Some of the explanations are pretty lame, such as the always-popular "leaving to spend more time with his family." There also seems to be some hard feelings: Donna LaCroix, who had been part of the original team, has been very critical of the group.

Maybe when they wake up and realize the whole thing is hooey they are forced to leave...

Pookie, loved "GCB"! It was so over the top. But I'm hearing it's either a "love it or hate it" kinda show, based on the first episode. Are you hearing any chatter? P.S. My gal pal lives in Dallas and says there are women JUST LIKE THAT that live there.

And others from the south insist there are no such women.... It does seem to cause extreme reactions which, based on my acquaintance with ABC's programming chief Paul Lee, is just what they were looking for.

I can't even read about "Idol" anymore (sorry, Pookie), never mind watch it with my own two eyes. And now ABC is adding another such show? I don't even like most duets! I'm hoping they schedule it on an evening when there are good options elsewhere, and don't force me to use my DVR library before I'm ready.

Dueting with Kelly Clarkson is an act of pure courage. She has such a powerful voice....In the trailer one of the celeb singers mentions something about mentoring for "a month" which I'm hoping means this show has a short run each season. That could be fun-ish...

The Voice: It was about the Voice to get on the show, Not so much anymore. At least one judge sent home the duckling instead of the goose. I'm over it. You look wonderful! Can I give your dog a bath?

I'm confused. Is the duckling less attractive than the goose? Isn't the goose fatter? And older? Have I mentioned I have a soft spot for geese -- have an antique one in my house. Wouldn't that mean they sent home the better looking person (duckling) to keep the better singer (goose)  who didn't look as hot? My head hurts....but thank you for noticing I put on a dress and put a comb through my hair today -- and Winkie sends his regards....

Did you notice that they replayed a couple of taped bits from prior weeks? One of them was Hader and Armisen in a cell phone store that was a riff on how people don't understand 4G iSpeak. I thought at the time that it might be because Lohan didn't do well enough with all of the skits during rehearsal so they needed last-minute filler.

Or because they discovered the skits they had for the show weren't, you know, funny?...No, that would never happen. No, I had not noticed.

Hey, Pookie: :) I know you watch a lot of TV ~ from the good to the bad to the really rotten ~ so we don't have to. However, I've often wondered: what show is your "guilty pleasure" to watch when there's nothing on worth watching, or nothing you have to watch and review? Mine is "Chopped" on the Food Network. How about you?

"Episodes" on Showtime... It's the best skewering of Hollywood in ages...

I like it on Justified when the main guy shoots someone. But once or twice a season, there's an episode where he doesn't shoot anyone. At all. For season 4, do you think the producers could tell us in advance which episode won't have someone getting shot? Because I have other things to do that night.

Can't you just keep a shoot-em-up episode in your DVR and watch the shoot-out to get your fix on nights when they have a shoot-free episode? I'm frankly mystified why they wouldn't have him shoot someone every week, given that it's his greatest talent. That's like having Placido Domingo on, and not letting him sing... It's like having Ann Curry on, and not letting her lean forward so her beautiful hair brushes her cheeks and look at you earnestly....really, I'm utterly baffled.

Pookie, you look marvelous today but I have to defend comments from last week's chat about Katherine McPhee. I've seen Megan Hilty on Broadway; she was adorable, but was in a really bad show (9 to 5 The Musical). As a major visitor to Broadway, I'm not sure I can forgive her for that. I loved McPhee on Idol and she's the major reason I started watching Idol (and still watch, even though you do so I don't have to.) I was late to the party but while channel flipping, saw her OVER THE RAINBOW and was hooked. The only part of SMASH I'm not enjoying is the tension with Julia and whatshisname. On a related musical note, I thoroughly enjoyed THE VOICE during the blind auditions. But I hate, Hate, HATE the battles. It's no longer about just "the voice". I think it would be much better if the judges never saw the winner until the finale. They can still hit their "I Want You" button, but never turn around. Ever. I think I'm going to break up with THE VOICE despite the ratings success.

We're just going to have to agree to disagree on McPhee. She has a lovely voice, I'll grant you that, but not a Marilyn voice. And -- can't dance. At. All. And her character can't figure out how to text her boyfriend to let him know she has to stay to "rehearse" with the director when she's supposed to be at big dinner with boyfriend -- in my book, that's a dump-able offense. On the bright side, we are in complete agreement on "The Voice." I have always wished the judges never saw the competitors and it was entirely about their voices.. Only I'd like them to not see them in a different way each week. One week it would be the hideous pleather chairs. The next week the mentors would have to wear shrouds that covered their whole head. The next week the singers would only appear as silhouettes behind a screen. And so on.... I wonder if this explains why the head of reality TV at NBC always gets this sort of frightened look on his face when he sees me approaching.


It did not get off to a great start. 7.6 million viewers -- which isn't even as good as its leadin, the limping towards death "Desperate Housewives."  "DH" logged 8.2 million viewers that night.  Even more troubling for ABC, "GCB" only got a 2.2 rating in 18-49 year old demo -- barely ahead of CBS's "CSI: Miami" in the timeslot. If "GCB" can't even attract a lot more viewers than David Caruso, it's in trouble. Here too, "DH" beat it, with a 2.5 rating... I'm assuming ABC debuted "CGB" on Sundays in hopes it's the new "DH."  Only, turns out, not so much.


It's interesting, but does it have a chance?

I know this will sound like I'm contradicting the answer I just gave about "GCB" but "Awake" opened with about 6.3 people watching and that's good. The reason that's good is because it's leadin, "Up All Night" only logged 3.4 million viewers so "Awake" had to "self start." Now, "Awake" was carefully scheduled to debut against weak competition -- ABC's rerun of its Jimmy Kimmel late night post-Oscar show which only attracted 3 million viewers, and a rerun "The Mentalist" which logged around 9 million.  And, more important to NBC, "Awake" won the Thursday 10 p.m. hour among 18-49 year olds....

For what its worth (not much), I thought she was awful. They seemed to know it since they didn't let her do too much. They didn't really even let her do the opening. On at least one skit, she was desperately looking at the cue cards in a distracting/lame way. I was sad because she used to be so great. I guess she's done.

Oh, paleeze... if I had a buck for every star who did a lame job on "SNL" and got caught desperately looking at the cue cards I'd be a rich chick....that's all just par for the course.. I think she did just fine for "SNL" -- which is setting the bar very low I know.... And I also think that many TV critics who said she tanked had written their leads in their heads before the show even started to air...But, I'm old enough to remember when Robert Downey Jr. was "done" -- and look at him now....


thank you-- I will!

Hardly anything to resusitate a career with! She'll need another Playboy Spread, I think.

She showed up, and delivered some lines. Mission Accomplished.

Should I be worried that many "Downton Abbey" actors are signed through a fifth season? I love the show, but I wonder if the third season should be the final season.

Of course it should....but who's going to walk away from these ratings, if what you say is true... That said, Fellowes is a fine writer and I'm sure a fifth season of "Downton Abbey" would be better than many other series in their fifth season.

Pookie, I fully embrace my cheesiness and my love of "Glee," and I balance it out with other, more serious shows. I am counting down the weeks until it comes back. I don't understand why there is so much hate for "Glee" now - the first season was better, it's not the same, blah, blah, blah. I still think it's a really good show, for what it is. What are others seeing that I don't?

Among other things, they're seeing the same storylines over and over and over -- and over...the song covers, however, are great...

*My Boys *Terra Nova *Downton Abbey

Not. Not.  Early next year.

...how The Middle is doing, ratings-wise. Just love the show -- its got a great cast -- and I think is having a great season so far.

It's doing very well. ABC's second most watched show of Wednesday night last week, behind only "Modern Family"...

Pookie, why was it okay for characters to say the b-i-itchy word out loud during the show, but ABC felt compelled to abbreviate the title? Is this ABC being wimpy (read: frightened), the FCC being picky, or something else entirely?

All of the above -- and add: network sales department being knicker-knotted...yes, it's silly.

Pookster, in your last question you mentioned ratings for GCB and Awake. But what I'd like to know is how the networks factor in a viewer (moi) who got the full episode of Awake 2 weeks ago On-Demand. Yep, there it was (locally here on Cox) and I was looking for something else but went ahead and watched it then (mostly because I have a little crush on BD Wong, but I digress). How is my viewing counted in the ratings battles?

The network gathers all of those numbers -- including some numbers to which I do not have immediate access -- and then makes its call... for the most part, by far the most viewers of a  show episode watch the network broadcast of the episode, up to seven days after that broadcast on their DVR (that's called the live+7 stat), though viewing in other forms grows a little every year.

How is Alcatraz doing? I'm trying to hang in there and find out what the heck is going on with these inmates! The cast is solid though. I'm not as hard on the female cop as a lot of people are. Yes, she looks like a freshman in college, not a cop. But she plays her tough.

It's doing okay -- not a home run, particularly in the demo. I wish they'd write something into the show that acknowledges how like a college freshman she looks -- could have some fun with it -- rather than just pretend they don't notice...

Is it too soon to speculate whether or not Smash is renewed? I can't decide if I want it to continue, or if season 1 should be enough. But, if it is renewed, I hope that Tom's assistant Ellis goes away. Far away.

The Ellis character needs to die a terrible, funny, death...any suggestions?

The momma is a hoot, but I do wish they would have some balance in the accents. I can understand why the main character would have lost some Dallas twang in her years away, but it's an annoying contrast when she's moralizing in an East Coast accent

you could stop that sentence at "moralizing"....I find the whole show annoying....and I love the cast.

A fifth season of "Downton Abbey" would be better than many series in their FIRST season!

also true...

Sorry, but I disagree. I tuned in for the first time in ages to SNL because I was legitimately curious to see how she did. Her acting was downright terrible and stilted. I give her props for being sober and getting through the lines that were written for her (not her fault that the writing wasn't good), but her execution was very poor. I saw absolutely none of the comic timing and natural acting ability that she had in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. I don't think the SNL performance will help her at all in terms of getting real acting jobs.

she was not particularly good the other times she hosted "SNL" either... I think you're setting the bar too high. The goal here was to show up.

Crushed to death by a falling piano, of course!


Is DWTS gonna die this spring, without a truly controversial competitor?

It stands that chance... But I'm guessing they've insured against that by casting Maks with the former head of the Screen Actors Guild...

I first discovered him when I became addicted to the Scottish soap opera Monarch of the Glen (thank you Netflix Watch Instantly!). I wonder if he'll ever step in front of the camera for Downton Abby....

like Hitchcock?

Why did they bother bringing it back at all, if it was going to be like this?

I cannot answer that question. Oh wait! Yes I can: $

I'm hoping that he becomes so full of himself that he tries to choreograph a number for the Smash Dancers, falls down and they trample him to death.

also great....

If I were to recast it today, it would be Max Irons for Pip (as that naive innocence) and Isabel Lucas for Estella (great at disdain). Still, I always find in adaptations of "Great Expectations" that the story is more interesting as Pip as young boy with the escaped convict in the graveyard, his abusive sister and kind brother-in-law, and the initial meeting of Miss Havisham and Estella at the creppy Satis House are all way more interesting then when Adult Pip goes to London to be a gentleman.

I, clearly, would like to see Lindsay Lohan play Estella....

Does the other poster not watch SNL much? Because they frequently repeat taped segments, especially the fake ads. I watched the Lohan show and thought she did not do a great job, but also, she was given really poor material (with the exception of real housewives--disney which was brilliant). I wanted to cry out--Why can't SNL be better? Why? (please read in Nancy Kerrigan whiny voice).

I'm with you....

Chances for another season of "Happy Endings"?

absolutely. ABC execs happy with the show.

desperate dallas housewives subtitle: hairdos and floozies. ? i think the name is a loser but I like the cast members.

this one's easy: because of the very popular book of same name -- and the bajillion dollars worth of GCB merchandise out there -- T-shirts, bags, etc...

so true! I'm the one who wrote in about the Karen Carpenter name-association. so let's pitch an idea to the producers that next season should feature McPhee as the star of a new musical about Karen Carpenter (c) copyright Donna Noble 2012 (hee hee that's an obscure reference that only Dr Who geeks will get) it's really copyright 2012 you and me, pookie!

I just don't think McPhee has the oomph you need to play Marilyn... and did I mention she can't dance? I'd love to see her cast in something else...or, play the actress who did not get the part because she was not right for the part -- instead of everyone on the show insisting she's perfect for Marilyn....

How's the River doing? The concept seemed off at first, but the show has grown on me particularly as the poor acting by everyone not named Bruce Greenwood makes the show really seem like reality TV.

about 4 million viewer-ish..which is sad, because it's one of my new guilty pleasures...

No joke: it was only three weeks ago that I realized this show wasn't called "Downtown Abby". That's what I get for not being smart enough to watch PBS.

you are in good company -- many people say the same thing...

Since third grade, when I was forced onstage to lipsync Delta Dawn (it was the '70s) I have hated talent shows and singing competitions. Naturally, I've been somewhat in TV purgatory these last years. How is the overall health of the competition genre? Any chances it will soon die?

None. ABC just jumped into the game... It's never been hotter... you have my sympathy. But why were you forced in third grade to lip sync "Delta Dawn" -- or any song for that matter. Why couldn't you sing?

Miss Havisham is way too pretty in Masterpiece's "Great Expectations." There are so many talented actresses who are "of a certain age" and physically unattractive that you rarely see and why steal the part of Miss Havisham from them. That and the Wicked Witch of the West is pretty much all they got. Gillian Anderson is not what I think of when you hear "old crone." Miss Havisham is not a goth kid.

It's even worse than you think -- she's doing a bad imitation of Helena Bonham Carter in the production. I'd much rather watch Helena Bonham Carter in the role....

I missed the first season of "Downton Abbey," and just finished watching the 2nd. It took a while to grab me, but now I'm hooked, and I look forward to the next season. But one thing I kept thinking was that the three sisters couldn't possibly have been brought up in the same town, since they have different accents (at least to me, an American with many English cousins). Am I the only one who hears this? It's a very small thing, but the show pays such close attention to detail, it's a little surprising.

I confess I had not noticed but that's probably because I'm paying such close attention to the costumes and the room settings, with which I am obsessed...

Haven't heard much about Season 2 of either of these shows...what say ye, o bearer of televised truths?

Both renewed. "Falling Skies" back this summer. No date yet on "Alphas."

How does "Private Practice" continue to survive? I get "Grey's Anatomy," which is still a very guilty pleasure, but precisely zero people on earth watch PP - the plot lines are absurd, even by Shanda Rhimes standards, and it doesn't even have some of the hipness that "Grey's" still holds (desperately) on to. I don't understand.

I was surprised to learn "Private Practice" was still on ABC's lineup. It is so off the radar.

Is that Coultrane guy the worst contestant ever?

Haven't yet watched this season -- tell me more.. Is he "wost" in that he's a skunk, or "worst" in that he's lame and doesn't know how to play the game?

Please please someone shut down "The Office" before its awfulness makes me lose all nostalgia for its early seasons. I watched it last night for the first time in forever, and couldn't believe how terrible it has gotten.

If we maybe strapped NBC suits into chairs and made them watch every episode this season. Or, strapped Ricky Gervais into a chair and made him watch....I've run out of ideas...

I thought I was going to hate "GCB", but watched the first episode because I like Kristin Chenoweth. Turns out, it's deliciously over the top with great zingers. Am I alone here?

Nope. It's one of those love it or hate it shows...

Also joke going around the web: "So I heard that Snooki is due on Dec 21, 2012 Well played, Mayans. Well played"

but wait. Isn't she four months along? Am I being too literal?

The Lady Magazine (which is actually mentioned in "Downton Abbey" in the Season One finale) did an interview with Shirley MacLaine so maybe this help to dissuade your apprehension or reinforcement them. Seems her part is already finished

I'll read it later -- thanks for the link. But I wish in the program they'd call the magazine  Milady's Boudoir ...

Is Britney that huge a draw that it sets "X Factor" at the top of the ever-growing heap? Or does this move have the potential to be a one time watch and gawk kind of deal for viewers?

I'm guessing the latter. She'd be even more ditzy than Nicole and Paula. That said, I do so hope it's true -- what delicious desperation on Cowell's part.

What has happened to this program? Please don't say it's canceled.

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves hinted recently at some investors confab, that he's looking to retire some older show on the CBS schedule next season. My money's on this one...

Earlier this week you reported that TLC is cancelling "All-American Muslim" after only one season. And now Bravo is going to dump "Shahs of Sunset" on us? Have you seen the trailers for this? And besides Andy Cohen, do they have a VP of Vapidness over at that network? "Real" housewives, "matchmakers" and now this? Rant over. Thanks for listening.

Delighted to be there for you....

Pookie, can you provide me with a really good excuse to give to my supervisor why I might be late finishing up this report today? Your chat is a way better use of this hour.

If you send in a few words about your report, you can say you ARE working on your report, and still be chatting.... the stage is yours...

Lindsay Lohan wasn't especially funny on SNL, but did she help her career simply by demonstrating that she can show up to her job sober and willing to work?

Yes. I think so.

Yes Douglas Booth is the prettiest of pretty boys. But could they really find a prettier Estella? Would you really want Megan Fox as Estella? Also kind of funny about the love triangles of Christian Cooke, Vanessa Kirby and Douglas Booth.

Yes, they could find a prettier Estella... you aren't taking the position there's a shortage of pretty young women trying to make it as actresses, are you?

What are the odds that The Killing Season 2 is able to keep the ratings its first season with the non-ending had? Don't you think they annoyed enough viewers that this coming season will have a severely diminished audience?

Viewers had no right to be annoyed --  and if they are, blame TV critics who did not pay attention when the exec producer told them at the press tour, before the first season launched, that there was a chance the killer would NOT be revealed by the end of the first season... It appears that critics not only did not convey this information to their readers, they did not even pay attention to the information as it was being told to them. I was surprised at how many critics got their undies in a bunch over the non-reveal ending. It would be lovely if people who are sent to the tour on assignment would pay more attention to what's being said to them at the press tour and less attention to the speed-tweeting competition in which so many of them engage. They might learn something.

SPOILER ALERT: Am I the only fan starting to think that Patrick Jane is actually "Red John" himself? After all, last night he said that he didn't take orders from RJ. "Jane" is a form of "John," so I'm wondering if Patrick means red in some language... (Paging "Bob" on "Twin Peaks")

you mean he killed his own baby and wife? Ick, ick, ick.

I need a break

But "The Daily Show" and "Colbert" would then have nothing to talk about....consider carefully here.  I'm hoping it lasts months more... 

Color me excited for the return of "Community" and the general resurgence of NBC Thursday. "30 Rock" continues to "Reagan" and "Parks & Rec" is as funny as ever. Sure "The Office" is 5 seasons past its prime but you can't have everything.

"Resurgence" you say?! Let's take a look at this past Thursday, shall we? CBS: 15 million viewers. Fox: 12 million viewers. NBC, which once owned the night: 4 million viewers. That's a great number -- for cable. Now let's look at the 18-49 year old age bracket which is NBC's currency. CBS: 3.6 rating. Fox: 3.6 rating. NBC: 1.8.....

I think I like this show. How is it doing? How will they keep up the storylines of these weird looking people?

I don't know, but whatever it is they're smoking, I want some....

Is the series headed to the execution chamber? If so, will we get to see any sort of "resolution" to the goings-on, even if it turns out that this is all just the fat guy's idea for using his Alcatraz reference books as the basis for his next writing project, namely a comic book for his store?

Let's see, Fox has already killed "Terra Nova" and "House", so I'm guessing that with each announcement, the likelood that "Alcatraz" will survive went up about 15 percent. If "Fringe" bites the dust, as many suspect, I'd say the odds of "Alcatraz" surviving are good...

Do you think this show will get a third season? Season two has been dreadful-I know several people who gave up when they realized that Hershel's farm was a permanent fixture and others who watch it like porn--fast forward through the bad acting/dialogue until there is some action worth watching.

AMC does not care how viewers are watching it -- just that they are (though I love your porn analogy!) And the numbers on that second season, however lousy you think it was creatively, were very good. It will be back.

Thanks to Hulu, I did not have to endure the entire Lindsey Lohan show in order to enjoy the brilliant "Real Housewives of Disney" segment. Kristen Wiig has forever changed my image of Cinderella!

Why anyone watches "SNL" any other way than on HULU is a mystery to me. I really enjoy it when I can skip through to the good bits...

I don't understand this concept. Is this like a ghosts without borders thing? Do ghosts travel abroad?

Yes, though I hear they're really cracking down....

One of the things I love about the Toronto-based police procedural "Flashpoint" -- besides its being based in Toronto, of course! -- is that unlike most US-made police series, it's not unusual for no one to be shot to death in an episode. Instead, the highly-trained Strategic Response Unit tries to resolve situations with psychology and reason.

...and guns, right? Please tell me they at least carry guns...

Yes, the show (all of this kind, in fact) is hooey. But I love it when big tough cop Steve sees a bug and screams like a girl. Wonderful!

Reminds me of Winkie the first time he and a cricket encountered each other in my kitchen. I don't know which of them jumped higher....

Exactly. ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT: Last night FBI agent Darcy told Jane to his face that he was a psychopath.

well, we've known that for ages.....

Problem solved: Terra Nova Abbey

so how would that work: dinosaurs and big hats?

Now I have "Delta Dawn" stuck in my brain.

you have my sympathy.. But we're still waiting to hear from that chatter about why that elementary school forbid actual singing....

It sounds like strands of Dave -- wasn't her character named 'Ellen'? Anyway, I'll give it a look -- loved her since Alien (but not all her stuff of course). I love any strong intelligent woman lead in a TV show or movie especially since the republicans seem to keep trying to send us all back to the dark ages! (Glenn Close anyone?)

that's funny, I loved Weaver before "Alien." ....

As the Nationals' games are on television, does that make Ryan Zimmerman, Steven Strasberg, Jayson Werth, Tyler Clippard, etc, television stars? Would it help if Jayson "Werewolf" Werth transformed in the middle of a moonlit night game? Ryan Z could be the handsome hero, Stras the weird brother, Clippard the funny sidekick, etc. . .

is baseball really that boring? What about just bringing back the fireworks show at the end?

I never watch TV during prime time, so I only see prime time shows once they hit syndication. For example, this summer was the first time I saw Big Bang Theory, which I kind of like. And it was the first time I saw How I Met ... which is just abysmal. Anyway, what can I look forward to that's going to be new to syndication that you folks have been watching for years?

"The Middle" -- you're going to love it. Best cast ever.

I assume the previous chatter meant that one of the judges sent home someone with more potential (the "ugly" duckling that becomes a swan) to keep someone with less (the goose who will always be a goose). Because I do think that, in one of the matchups, the judge kept someone with less talent and sent the probably-better one home. And it's not as much fun since the auditions ended, but, having never watched last season, I'm willing to give it a few more episodes to see whether I like it.

Wow -- I sooo had another take on the whole duck/goose thing...but doesn't this scenario you just spelled out reflect reality? I mean, if people made it in the music business based on actual vocal talent, there would be no Rihanna... And, having said that,  I think I'd better run for cover before rabid Rihanna fans here at The Post come to thrash me...Thanks for joining me. have a lovely weekend!

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