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Jan 13, 2012

Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes chatted about the about all the drama, comedy and heartbreak of the world of television. See below to see what questions readers brought up and what Lisa had to say about in response.

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Good morning! Let's get started... Here's a list of links to our coverage of Winter TV Press Tour 2012 and whatever else is going on this week...

Have loved your columns about the press tour! So much snark!

Thank you. Press Tour has been pretty zippy. Last night HBO screened its new comedy "Veep" about Julia Louis Dreyfuss as VPOTUS and "Game Change" -- the Sarah Palin veep's HBO sessions should be lively...

I am SO disappointed to hear the rules on adult language & nudity were not relaxed this week. A decade ago (or maybe even earlier), I was watching one of the Canadian channels over-the-air, and heard the F word on Degrassi Junior High. I always thought of it as a teen show. Ever since, I've wondered: if it's okay for the youth of Canada, why is it not okay for adult Americans? I am nobody's precious snowflake!

Heck -- I'd settle for the rules on adult language and nudity to be relaxed at the Post...and, how did you know that  " Precious Snowflake " is  the name of my upcoming autobiography of my childhood years?

How can The Two Broke Girls be racist when it won the People's Choice award? Do you think The People are racist?

I defer to that great songwriter whatshisname from  "Avenue Q"  : "Everyone's a Little Racist."  gather you read our coverage of  TV critics going all Lord of the Flies on Michael King during CBS's "2 Broke Girls" Q&A....

Hello, Pookie. Have you or other Reporters Who Cover Television had an opportunity to view "Luck" from HBO with Dustin Hoffman? I'm a HUGE horse racing fan and hope it's good!

the crowd here seems to be split.. I should be asking each critic if he or she had a horse as a kid.. Maybe that explains the split...

Hi Lisa, so NBC has greenlit a re-boot of The Munsters?! Really? Why not just 21 primetime hours of aquariums and yule logs?

It's the perfect companion show for "30 Rock," don't you think?.. and, NBC would get better numbers on Friday with aquariums and yule logs....

Pookie, I saw this op-ed of sorts atyour old stomping grounds, The Hollywood Reporter, and it made me think of you. I hope this guy whomever he is bought you a round of drnks. 

Yes, the Reporters Who Cover Television seemed pretty steamed about it -- but of course it was right around the time of the '2 Broke Girls" session that it started spreading like wildfire among them at the Tour... So far, no official response from TV Critics Association

Pookie -- I've read the reviews and watched clips on YouTube. I know Season 2 is soapier/more contrived, but I don't care. Sunday's first episode was fantastic.

The second season may not be as good as the first season -- if I had a buck for every time that happened -- but it's still better than "2 Broke Girls"...take THAT Michael "I'm writing a screenplay for Meryl Streep and Oprah and how dare you question my sitcom" King!

I have a question about a new TV show that I am sure people are discussing for several other reasons. On the show where two unemployed men's unemployment compensation runs out and they can't find work, they claim that no one is hiring men, but that only women are being hired. I did not know that. Does the economic data show that is the case? Then they find work dressed as women in a company that hires only women. I thought there was a law against that. Am I wrong, or is the very premise of this show incredible flimsy? (Yes, I know fictional media asks us to separate reality, but it has to be beievable separation.) See, and I didn't even mention how much separation we have to make to believe that not one person can't tell they are men dressed as women. (I am actually more interested in the basic premise questions posed earlier.)

It's not just flimsy, it's moldy...the critics here seem to have decided this show "Work It" got on ABC's sked because the head of programming is a Brit and Brits love comedies with guys who put on dresses... seriously, it's come to that...

Just got caught up on the most recent season of Dexter. I'm a regular reader of this chat, but I wonder why no one mentioned Jordana Spiro, P.J. from "My Boys," had a small role. The Earth can keep spinning now!

Thank you for that...

Pookie - who do I need to call about Ann Curry??? I am so close to just not watching anymore because of her. Seeing Katie and Meredith this morning on the 60th birthday extravaganza made Ann's awfulness even more apparent. Did you see the other morning when they had Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton on? She said they had two huge stars coming up but not huge size wise!

omg, did she really?! How can people not love that? She IS the reason to watch the show, you never know what she's going to do... the HBO exec sessions are starting -- Ricky Gervais on the way.. I've got to run.. I will answer more of your questions and get them up, either here or in the blog. Sorry this chat was cut short -- serious wi fi challenges today...

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