Video: Previewing Titans-Redskins and more with LaVar's Hard Hits Live

Nov 19, 2010

LaVar Arrington hosts a live video chat, taking your questions about the what the Redskins have to do to overcome Monday's loss to the Eagles, what to expect against the Titans and more.

LaVar, give me one reason I should still watch/care about this team?

Donovan McNabb has taken a lot of heat the last few weeks, but last I checked, he wasn't responsible for tackling anybody or covering any receivers, right? Shouldn't the team be happy to have some stability at QB for once and worry about building the team around him?

Why do you think Mike Shanahan was able to turn so many guys into 1,000-yard rushers in Denver, but hasn't had the same success yet here?

LaVar, after last week, I need something to be optimistic about. What do you think is a bright spot on this team?

Ok, so should we be seeing Mike Shanahan's offensive scheme rather than Kyle's?

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LaVar Arrington
LaVar Arrington played linebacker for the Redskins from 2000-2005, making three Pro Bowls. He writes a blog for The Post, Hard Hits with LaVar Arrington) and his radio show, The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes, airs M-F from 2-7 p.m. ET on 106.7 FM The Fan.
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