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Aug 03, 2015

The Citi Open tennis tournament is one of only five tournaments in the United States, including the U.S. Open, at which you can see both male and female professional players. This year boasts one of its strongest men’s and women’s fields in its 47-year history with the announcement of its world-class roster.

This roster includes John Isner, the top-ranked American male in the world and a two-time Citi Open finalist.

Join him live at 1 p.m. p.m. for about 20 minutes today as he answers all your questions about tennis and life on the ATP Tour.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining us for the live chat with John Isner. He will be arriving in 5-10 minutes to answer your questions, so keep them coming.


How many fantasy football leagues are you doing this year? Who should be the overall pick?

just one league. There are prob 3 or 4 rb's that are worthy of the #1 imo

How has your routine/schedule changed with Justin as coach?

hasn't changed too much. My approach and tactics have changed, however

How closely do you follow the results of the younger Americans? Have any of them stood out to you?

Not too much actually. I do know that theres an extremely talented crop of young americans right now

Who is your favorite player to watch on the women's tour?


What is your favorite victory celebration?

I like the Randy Orton pose after a big win. I wanna bust out the Shawn Michaels pose but that has to be after a really big win 

Do you see a time when the majors will change to a best of 3 sets format? Would you support that change?

I would not support that change. The best of 5 set format in the mens game is very unique and shouldn't be altered 

John, good luck at the Citi Open and the US Open! What type of opponent do you least like facing: the ones who play your style (big serves, short points) or the ones who play the opposite (good returners, play long rallies)?

I least like to play opponents who return serve very well. Djokovic for example 

John, thanks for doing this chat. It seems lately that younger players are taking longer to reach the top levels of tennis and older players are staying at the top longer than ever. Do you think this change will cause more good young players to consider playing college tennis?

Thats def the case now. Ive always been a proponent on going to college first bc the landscape has changed so much in mens tennis

With all the long hours of preparation and intense training, Do you still find time for your personal life?

Yes, I do. Its very important to make time for that bc it cannot be all tennis all the time 

You have reached a career high by playing matches during the U.S. Open in 2012, in your whole career who would you say was/is your biggest competitor?

I always enjoyed playing Andy Roddick bc he competes so well. 

being that you are an American player, when you prepare for the Citi Open, does any of that American pride fuel you?

Yes, it absolutely does. I take a lot of pride being the #1 american now and don't plan on relinquishing that anytime soon 

John, The Washington DC tennis fans "love" you! What are your thoughts bout Washington DC?

I love them back! This tournament will always have a special place in my heart. Ive always played well here and this event kick started my career in 2007

What is it about DC and the Citi Open that keeps you coming back year after year?

Its the atmosphere and the fans. they're both great 

How much would it mean to you to finally win the Citi Open?

would mean so much! Ive been very close before. I will always believe that I can win this event 

Do you listen to any music that gets you pumped for a match? If so, what is it?

I listen to a lot of country music. Even before a match! 

John - Is your height an advantage - or disadvantage? John - What is your greatest memory of playing in Washington DC?

Both but a bigger advantage for me. Beating Monfils in 2007 was very special 

What do you do with all your clothes at the end of one tournament before taking the plane to a new destination?

great question! Try to get them washed if possible bc I cannot stand traveling with dirty clothes! 

You broke into the top rankings with your wild card win at DC's tennis tournament in 2007. What's it like coming back here to play? What do you think of the venue and the DC fans?

This tournament will always hold a special place in my heart. I love coming back and can't wait to be back this  year 

Do you have any thoughts on how the professional tennis community would react to an openly gay player?

I think the professional tennis community would accept that person immediately and there would be no issues

What's your training schedule like?

Depends where I am in the year. When I have a training block I generally practice for 1.5 to 2 hours and spend a lot of time in the gym and on the stationary bike 

Besides the American crew, which other player would you like to possibly team up in Doubles with sometime at a future tournament?


So how many pounds do you usually sweat off during one of your marathon matches?

So many. Especially if its very humid outside 

Hey John - i saw a nice pic of you and David Ferrer on Gimelstob's instagram. Are you guys buddies?

YEs, very good friends. He's a great guy 

How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically during the mornings of a tournament run? How does this differ from your everyday life? Good luck John!

I just try to get as must rest as possible bc I know I'll need every bit of energy that I have

Hi, John. When do tennis players get a chance to improve? The offseason seems to be really short, and I wonder if there's enough time in between tournaments during the season to make any real changes. I'm sure you have parts of your game you want to work on, so how do you handle this?

In the offseason and in training blocks that you make throughout the year 

Who is your favorite opponent?

I like playing bagdhatis. I have a very good record against him 

See any of the Washington sights while you're in town for the Citi Open?

YES! I absolutely love the sights here. This city is one of my favorites. The history and beauty of this city is second to none

Besides DC, of course, what are some of your favorite events to play in on tour?

Indian Wells, Atlanta, and all the slams 

Do you enjoy playing against Ferrer?

Yes I do bc its always a challenge 

Do you still think of that epic match against Nadal?

Yes, every so often. It was a pleasure to share the court with him that day 

John - who do you think rank in your closest rivals on tour? Kevin Anderson Marin Cilic Kohlschreiber

Probably Kevin bc I have played him so many times. In the pros and in college 

Besides tennis, which sports do you follow?

All of them especially football. College and pro 

Hey John - outside of the grand slams, if you could win any European tournament, which would it be?


What do you think of Reilly Opelka's game? Do you mind the comparisons to you?

Haven't seen him play that much actually. But I know he has a very bright future 

How do you feel about some majors having 5th set tiebreaks but not others? :)

I love the 5th set tiebreaker at the us open. I wish all would adopt that :) 

Epic match you had against Del Potro a few years ago here at Citi Open. Do you miss him on tour?

a lot! he's a great guy 

What do you think about Andy Roddick coming out of retirement to play doubles with Mardy Fish?

thought it was really cool. Having Andy around in any capacity makes the tour better 

Just what in the hell is Matt Williams doing with the Nats' bullpen?

Great question! Im not a nats fan by any means but you can't be happy with getting swept by the mets

Who do you consider your closest friends on tour?

The american guys. Querrey, Sock,  Johnson

Do you still keep in touch with Mahut from time to time? Funny texts?

Yes, i do. He's such a good guy 

Thanks for your questions, guys! I had a blast! Would love to do it again.

John I 

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John Isner is top ranked American male at No. 18 in the world. He reached a career high of No. 9 in 2012 and was a quarterfinalist at the 2011 U.S. Open. Isner recently won his third straight title in Atlanta and is playing this week at the Citi Open, where he is a two-time runner-up (2007 and 2013).
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