Jim Riggleman Resigns as Nationals manager (video)

Jun 23, 2011

Jim Riggleman resigned as Nationals manager on Thursday, the day the team won for the 11th time in its last 12 games. Join "Lunchline" author and host Clinton Yates to discuss and vent about this stunning development.

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Jim Riggleman resigned today. Let's discuss.

Just a statement.  Clearly the upper management is not interested in a winning team if they let Riggleman go. 

Did anyone see this coming?

How many managers in recent memory have had their contracts extended before the All-Star break? How many that didn't break .500 til late June? It seems like Riggleman believed he was due something he hadn't totally earned yet. He may have been a good ways toward earning it, but still -- they don't hand out the MVP award in August for a reason. I'm just gobsmacked by the selfishness of this.

If Rizzo wouldn't even have a conversation with Riggleman, I don't blame him for quitting. Yeah, the timing sucks. But that's a pretty disrespectful thing to do. I just hope this won't have a negative effect on the Nats' recent success. Aside from this announcement, it's been a great few weeks to be a Nats fan.

Does this recent turn of events put the Nationals ahead of the Redskins for the most dysfunctional franchise in the District?

There are some pretty good in-house candidates for manager for the Nats, but could they go really out there and make Pudge Rodriguez a player/manager for the rest of the season?

Why couldn't a chat like this be done as text? More questions could be taken, the responders could take a few moments to compose their answers. The Washington Post is a NEWSPAPER not a TV station.

From @youraidiot: "WTF?" 

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