Meet the Ice Cream Guy: Zach Burroughs

Jan 28, 2011

Zach Burroughs found himself on the front page of the Washington Post yesterday. Holding an ice cream cone amid drifting snow, his photo became an Internet sensation.

I have a two parter: I hate to sound like your mother, but where are you gloves, coat and hat? And has your mom seen this and scolded you?

What was your favorite meme on Buzzfeed?

Hi Zach! You and I have something in common--we've both been splashed across the front page of the Washington Post, above the fold, for no reason other than being in the right (or wrong?) place at the right time. My moment of "fame" was very short lived. I was looking crushed because the Terps were getting slaughtered in the Orange Bowl in 2002 and there was no viral internet component. How do you plan to extend your instant celebrity into years (or at least weeks) of fame and fortune?

You got any endorsement offers from @BaskinRobbins, yet?

Are you a time travelling tourist from a place where global warming has made January a month hot enough to wear that outfit and want ice cream? Or are you from the southern hemisphere where it's summer now? Inquiring minds want to know.

If you were going to brave the cold and snow, at least you could have gone to a real ice cream store, not a pizza place. I think this calls into question your true ice cream-fandom. Just sayin'.

Zach, Why didn't you make up a better reason for the ice cream emergency (e.g. It was a child's last wish to have a pistachio ice cream). ? ;) -Maj

Do you have a girlfriend?

Please explain, in detail, the maximum effort you would expend for a Klondike Bar.

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Zach Burroughs
Zach Burroughs's photo first appeared on the front page of the Washington Post yesterday. The photo of Burroughs running through a snowstorm with an ice cream cone was later PhotoShopped onto various backgrounds dozens of times setting off an Internet meme. Burroughs is an attorney who works on 15th Street NW, near the Post's office.
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