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Jun 14, 2018

JoJo Fletcher, a native of Dallas, is a home design expert who is a pro at flipping houses. Fletcher starred on season 12 of The Bachelorette and since then has done real estate development and partners with Sherwin-Williams on creative paint palettes to help DIYers more confidently select colors.

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JoJo Fletcher, a native of Dallas, is a home design expert who is a pro at flipping houses. Fletcher starred on season 12 of The Bachelorette and since then has done real estate development and partners with Sherwin-Williams on creative paint palettes to help DIYers more confidently select colors. Send in your questions now.

JoJo will be with us shortly.

Hey guys! Super excited to be here. 

Hi JoJo! I adored you on Bachelor and Bachelorette, so glad you found a great guy :) My husband and I recently moved into our house, and I want to paint an accent wall in our living room. The wall I want to paint has a decorative fireplace that's white marble with gray and a tiny bit of pink throughout. I was leaning toward a dark blue wall, so really make the fireplace pop, but do you have any specific color suggestions? I'm open to other color suggestions besides blue, too. The room itself has huge windows and tons of natural light. And any ideas for what to do with the inner part of the fireplace? The sides were covered up with yellow brick, something I'd love to hide but I'm not sure how. Thanks!!

Yes, i think that is going to look so good. One of my favorite navy colors is In The Navy by Sherwin-Williams. It's the perfect accent to go with all of those other neutrals you have. 

Hello I would love to paint my half bath ceiling a dark navy or black paint. I unfortunately have the awful textured 8” ceilings. Have you ever painted a textured ceiling a dark color? If so, did it work? Or are my options to leave it white or remove the texture? My walls are a medium grey.

I haven't tried that yet, normally I would suggest removing the textured ceiling if possible. If you're looking for a good dark color, I think Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams would be amazing. 

My 6 year old daughter is ready to graduate from pink paint and wants to repaint her west facing room (lots of direct light) in a lavender shade. I was thinking of BMoore sanctuary, but fear it may read too sophisticated. Do you have any favorite shades?

For a light and airy feel, especially in a room with lots of light, Queen Anne Lilac from Sherwin-Williams is really pretty and I don't think it would be too sophisticated. 

Which is better quartz or granite to cover kitchentops?

I really love using quartz. It is durable, resilient and I find in my projects that it can be more cost effective. 

The second floor of my townhouse is open concept comprised of the kitchen, dining area and living area. Plenty of natural light with large east and west facing windows. Also an open staircase wall from the 1st to 2nd floor. Looking for a color to unify without being boring. Currently it is all painted with BM’s Swiss Coffee but I need a change...suggestions?

That space sounds amazing! With so much natural light like that, I like pretty neutrals that with a hint of color, like an icy gray. 

I have a small house but tons of clothes. How can I create more storage space without bursting the bank?

I struggled with the same issue in my first home! An easy solution would be to compartmentalize using containers to to store items in concealed areas, such as under the bed, in drawers, etc. 

If you could only use one paint color for the rest of your renovations, what would it be?

I would definitely go with a safe neutral. I love Eider White by Sherwin-Williams. 

Sadly, removal is not in my budget. I'm having my home repainted (gray walls / white ceilings), and am considering using high-gloss paint on the ceiling to help brighten the space. Good idea? Thanks!

In my experience, I've found that high gloss finishes are great for adding a bold statement to a room, but they can pull out the texture even more. I would suggest using an eggshell finish for the ceilings. 

Hi, I have a Dualit toaster that needs to be repaired. Do you know of anyone in the DC area who does small appliance repair? I'm having a hard time finding anyone since most people would just buy a new toaster... The only place in the US which seems to repair Dualit toasters is in New Jersey. Thanks!

Does anyone in the DC area have a suggestion?


Can you suggest a true light grey color that would match with a tan tweed couch, but that also has a coordinating dark grey for an accent wall?

I love that two tone color combination, especially with a tweed couch. Crushed Ice contrasted with Gray Shingle from Sherwin-Williams for the accent wall would be neutral and clean. 

Hey Jojo! We want to remodel our kitchen, but that is too big (and pricey!) of a project to undertake at once. Do you think painting the kitchen walls or cabinets would have a bigger impact and what color would you suggest?

Painting the kitchen cabinets can have a huge impact, but also simply replacing the hardware will give it a more clean and updated look. And then when you are ready, tackle the walls. 

Hi!! We have wanted to paint our front door for the last two years, but can't decide on a color. What color would you pick for a pop of color, but not too bold? Thanks!

I love blues for front doors. It is easy to find a shade of blue that is universally liked. Anything in the blue or green family is a fun pop of color without going too bold. 

I would like to upgrade my kitchen to make it more modern and minimalist. What are some of the latest trends to make the space more contemporary?

Straight lines and modern shaker style cabinets with the right hardware can totally transform your space. Utilizing new light fixtures is a really good way to incorporate that modern feel as well! 

Hello JoJo! I have a guestroom with traditional style furnishings that I would like to paint with very rich earth tone colors. Don't want to make it to dark, just want a balance to keep in very sophisticated and relaxing.

Check out my palettes I curated for National Painting Week. Classic Act and Southern Charm have a number of timeless, rich colors that are approachable yet still sophisticated. 

My living room and dining room are open to each other; there is only a narrow divider between them, the outer 8" edge of the wall that formerly separated them. Should the two rooms be painted the same colour? Should their window treatments match? Right now they are quite different, independent but not clashing.

I would say to choose one color keep the space cohesive and make it look even bigger and brighter. 

Hi JoJo! Any tips for achieving a bohemian chic vibe in a home?

I love the bohemian chic vibe! You can achieve this with simple decor updates. It can be something as simple as layering rugs, utilizing neutral wicker textures, and incorporating greenery with fresh plants and pops of bright color throughout the space. 

Hi! I'm looking to transform my space, but not break the bank. Do you have any tips?

Painting goes a long way! That's something you can do yourself. If you have the time, that can make a big difference.  Other quick fixes such as updating hardware, lighting fixtures, switching out throw pillows or simply re-arranging your furniture can give it a refreshed feel. 

The timer on mine died and I was able to order a replacement part online. Then I followed a YouTube video on installation. Totally not a DIYer but this was surprisingly easy. Check out their website for parts information. Or eBay.


We will be selling our house next summer and are hoping to repaint the exterior to make our house stand out and boost the curb appeal. What exterior paint colors do you find are trending over the last few years?

White is classic. Neutral colors are better for re-sale because they are safer and more universally liked. The wood accents are a popular trend that I've seen a lot of the past couple of years. 

Our basement is currently unfinished, we plan to start framing in the next 6 months. Two questions for you - What color would make the basement feel the most open and what type of flooring do you recommend?

A lighter color would make the space feel more spacious, but if you want to have a little fun-- it's also a good place in the home for a pop of color. For flooring, I would go with a wood or a wood alternative. 

Hey JoJo - I know you have been very involved in flipping houses. Wondering which one was your favorite transformation? Any tips for those trying to get into house flipping?

The house that I'm currently working on is going to be my biggest transformation to date. It's a lot of work and a lot of fun. I got into flipping because I'm passionate about it. I wasn't an expert before, but I just went for it and did it!  I followed a contractor for a few months to learn some things, but your biggest teacher in this field is experience.

I want to expand my current home to extend the master bedroom to include more closet space and to add another bedroom. What are the critical things I should consider before I delve into this huge project?

Expansions are always great because they add value and space, but you have to do your homework. Do your due diligence to have your home inspected and make sure your foundation is good to go. You also need to consider your roofline as well, and make sure you have all necessary permits you need to get started. 

Re ordering parts -- yes, I have done that and did replace the heating plates myself. However, the switch also needs replacing, and I need someone with more expertise with electrics than I have to do it (it's complicated to explain, but has to do with the wiring connected to the switch). If anyone can think of someplace that would be willing to do this probably small job, I would be very grateful!


Hi JoJo - How can I get the modern farmhouse look in my house?

To create that modern farmhouse look, exposed wood is going to be your best friend. Incorporate exposed beams and floating shelves in your kitchen, or a subway tile. To get that modern feel, find the perfect light fixture to tie it all together.  

Great chat. Thanks to JoJo. Next week: Holly Heider Chapple whose flowers and event designs are in great demand by brides and others will be our chat guest. Until then, enjoy.

I saw someone on a tv show with a large part of their apartment painted a very pale mint green. I love the look and the color and was wanting to replicate it, but every sample i pick looks like I am living in an after dinner mint or a lime freeze -- it is just way too much. I think I need a white that skews mint? Is that too subtle for a living area? Too boring? My walls are currently a wheaty color that is a bit tired.

Not too boring at all! I would recommend Spinach White by Sherwin-Williams. It's a great white with green undertones. If you are finding it's too neutral afterwards, you can always incorporate a bright accent wall or wall art. 

A handyman should have the ability to repair the electrics.


I had so much fun chatting with you guys! Thanks for tuning in. Hope you're inspired to take on your next project and transform your space! 

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