The Shutdown Lowdown: Latest News And What To Expect (video)

Apr 08, 2011

The Post has the pulse on the latest news about the government shutdown in this new daily video chat series.

Ed O'Keefe of The Federal Eye will gave you the latest government shutdown updates, forecast the events of the day, and took some of your shutdown questions.

Will the shutdown have any impact on the stock markets, regarding the U.S. and the world stock markets?

How will a shutdown affect government payments to Medicare/Medicaid?

Any truth to all these budget discussions just political grandstanding by both parties? In reality there was really no danger of not reaching an agreement today?

Is there any chance the government can be held responsible for contractor backpay, like BP was held responsible to pay back the fishermen they put out of business?

That's it for today! Thanks for joining us for our "shutdown day minus one" chat. Our next shutdown chat will be on Monday at 9 a.m.

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Ed O'Keefe
Ed O'Keefe serves as The Federal Eye, updating the blog several times a day with news and analysis from across Capitol Hill, the White House, the 15 major departments and dozens of smaller agencies. Ed previously covered the 2008 presidential campaign for and The Washington Post. He wrote about political advertising for The Trail and Channel '08; contributed reporting to the newspaper; produced and edited video reports from a dozen states along the campaign trail; produced and hosted the daily Post Politics Podcast and weekly "Post Politics Program" for Sirius/XM's POTUS channel. He previously served as a producer and fill-in anchor for Washington Post Radio and as an overnight homepage editor.
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