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May 19, 2011

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The Going Out Guide staff discuss great ideas for local entertainment, dates and family fun.

Just so everyone's clear: This is NOT the Kegasus chat. If you're looking for Kegasus, he's in the other room.


But this is your Thursday installment of Got Plans?, which means it's time to talk about leisure and frivolity for the next hour or so. 


We have a nice chat prize today: Two tickets to the Decemberists show, June 13 at Merriweather. And in the spirit of the hyper-literate songwriting of Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy, we have a bit of vocab homework for you.


You see, the world is supposed to end on Saturday, and we want to know how you might spend your final hours of leisure, should it ever come to that. 


Here's the kicker: If you want to win the tickets, you have to give us your answer in a style similar to the overwrought, vocabularific prose of the Decemberists. 

The thesaurus is your ally.  Can't wait to read what you come up with. Let's go. 

I'd watch the plane's fly in And contemplate my sin Along the GW parkaway Near boat and plane In case things get insane I'll make my quick getaway Dinning on oysters and beer With nary a fear Of stomach hauntings the next day I'd watch the plane's fly in And contemplate my sin Along the GW parkaway

Alright, this is a good way to get the ball rolling. I like your use of the word 'nary' and the pluralization of 'hauntings.'

Hi GoGs, Do you know of any Saturday evening boat cruises? I'd like to get a group of friends together to have drinks and see the city/monuments at night from the water; it doesn't have to be a full-out booze cruise, but I would rather not do dinner. Something leaving from DC would be great, but I'm not finding much... Thanks!

The Potomac Riverboat Company, which is best known for its water taxi between Alexandria and National Harbor, has a special "Monuments by Moonlight" cruise that they offer over the summer, which leaves from Alexandria or Georgetown. You can buy wine and beer on board; If I remember correctly, they had popcorn and chips, but no other food.

I'm contemplating going to the Biergarten on Saturday during the day. Would it be safe to make the walk from Union Station?

Safe? 100 percent yes. In the event that you don't feel like walking the 1.5 miles, however, you can always hop on the X2, which runs along H Street. 

I think if the world is ending, and you're going to die, you make like a death row prisoner (and aren't we all prisoners of this mortal flesh?), and request a last meal. If Saturday is indeed the last day on earth, I would find a way to get to Minibar, and make that my last meal since I've been meaning to go for YEARS.

Speaking of, did anyone see Jose Andres gave away two seats at Minibar on Twitter the other night -- and then PAID for dinner? You might want to follow @chefjoseandres in case he does it again. (And follow @goingoutguide while you're at it.)

Upon us is the rapturous season, Beuracracy ceded eternal life, Terra left to idolatrous heathen, A Washington of peace, without strife. Without sovereignty there is no treason, Carousing on the White House lawn will be rife With indulgence.

Sir/Madam: You certainly came to play this afternoon. I particularly enjoy that your plan takes into account the lawlessness that would afford revelers some unique pre-rapture opportunities. 

This weekend my mother is going to be in town. We have plans for Saturday, but Im stumped as what to do with her on Sunday. It is suppose to be really nice this weekend so something outside would be nice. Something low key and not very structured would be best. Any ideas if there are any fun festivals or events that fall into this category on Sunday? Thanks for your help!

If you are willing to jump on the Orange line, the Taste of Arlington will be going down in Ballston. That will get you 8 tastes for $25, and I know the snowballs from Bayou bakery (about which I have a blog post coming right after the chat) are worth a ticket or two.

i've been tasked with finding a HH place tomorrow evening. i'm looking to Courthouse area. i know Continental is not too far away in Rosslyn, but wondering of some places that may have an outside area just in case the weather cooperates tomorrow ;p

Whitlow's on Wilson's roofdeck was the scene of our most recent GOG happy hour, and it seems like a perfect spot for a HH gathering down in the Clarendon area. You could also check out the outdoor patio at Lyon Hall, but that's another Clarendon pick. A bit closer to Court House is Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill

Interesting news about Thievery Corporation pool parties! What impact do you think the new management will have on the crowd?

Wellllll, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The team behind Eighteenth Street Lounge and Marvin is taking over the Saturday AND Sunday pool parties at the Capitol Skyline Hotel this summer, beginning Memorial Day weekend. There will be DJs and live music every weekend, and yes, Thievery Corporation will be performing sometime this summer, though the date hasn't been nailed down. But with DJs like Jahsonic, Will Eastman and Tom B on deck, it's anything but a Thievery Corporation pool party.

As for how it will change -- I'm expecting it to be a little older, actually, than the Brightest Young Things parties of the last two years, since ESL and BYT draw different crowds. Possibly a little more suburban, if the weekend crowds at Marvin are anything to go by. I'm just happy to see that it's not more expensive than last summer, though it would be nice if that $15 got you a free burger or something, a la the first year of Spike'd Sundays at the pool.

Hey all. I'm looking for a good outdoor date activity/location in Alexandria/Arlington late Sunday morning/early afternoon to take advantage of the great weather. I don't cross the river much so I have no idea about what to do in that area. I'm looking for something a bit more interesting than the average brunch, though that's not out of the question. Dog friendly would be great, but not necessary. It's not a first date and casual is definitely in order. Thanks!

Man , I know I just used Taste of Arlington as an answer, but it would be great for this.  There is also a non-average doggie friendly brunch in Old Town on the patio at Pat Troy's Irish Pub (complete with a doggie menu). That has the added bonus that walking around Old Town after your meal is a little bit better than walking around Ballston after your tastes.

Need help for 2 couples in their 60's with a 6:00 dinner reservation at Proof, looking for a music venue for later in the evening. Jazz, Blues or Piano bar would be fine, but I'm having trouble finding any of the above in DC or Northern Virginia. Not looking for a concert due to timing of dinner, more like a bar or lounge setting. Any ideas?

Try the Black Fox Lounge in Dupont for good vibes and live jazz and cabaret singers, or the newly-relocated HR-57 on H Street NE. (Actually, that's probably closer to Proof than Dupont would be.)

What I WOULDN'T do on my last day is deal with the traffic and parking out at Merriweather .... so I guess don't give me the tickets!

Nobody said you had to spend your last day at Merriweather. FYI. 

Hey Gurus, it's going to finally stop threatening to rain this weekend. Any scoops on places with outdoor pools that will be open to the public? Really don't want to buy a hotel room to use the pool, but I gotta get my tan on! Thanks!

Around here, Memorial Day weekend is when pools -- public and private -- open. I was trying to think of a swimming hole or something, but the ones I know of (including Cunningham Falls and Lake Anna) also open on Memorial Day. I think you're going to have to try to find a friend in burbs with a pool. Readers, anyone want to help a fellow chatter get a tan?

Is taste of Arlington worth checking out this Sunday?

Probably. It will be a beautiful day, which adds to the draw. But if you are looking for alternatives, Soundbites at the 9:30 club honestly looks like the more interesting event. It's 25 restaurants, 5 food trucks and 5 bands for $40, with proceeds benefiting DC Central Kitchen, and the list of participating places includes names like Kushi, Jaleo and Jackie's.

Do you have any suggestions for petite work-appropriate clothing, besides the well-known (Banana, Ann Taylor, Talbots etc.)? Something more interesting than button-down shirts and boring suits, but that also is professional enough to convey some sense of authority. Online stores are fine, maybe even preferred. I'm in my early 30s so nothing too stuffy, please! Thanks!

You'll have to do a bit more sifting, but Chadwick's has some work-friendly petite options that are cute and very reasonably priced. They're not geared for petites per se, but I like the casual workwear options from Land's End Canvas and LL Bean Signature, two relatively new diffusion lines. If you can find great pieces on sale, it's worth it to have a tailor make some minor fixes, like hemming trousers. You might also want to try Club Monaco and Theory for sharply-cut, minimalist basics.

My husband's birthday is next Sunday. All he wants as a gift is to go out for crab legs and beer (he REALLY loves the all-you-can-eat crab legs, as he is a frugal, hungry man). Can you make a recommendation? I can't find anything definitive about which crab places are actually good!! Gold stars for pitchers of beer and all you can eat, but I'll accept quality over quantity. Many thanks!!

I have to admit that while I probably love crabs more than any other guru, I never go out for crab legs -- round here, we eat blue crabs, and what you're talking about is Alaskan or snow crabs. Most of my go-to crab shacks (Mike's, Cantler's, etc) don't do those.

You can try the Bethesda Crab House, where I've done Maryland crabs and pitchers of beer, or maybe Buddy's in Annapolis; they have an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet between 4 and 9 on weekdays that might have crab legs as part of it.

I'm dying to experience FatBack DC this weekend, but haven't met anyone who's attended. Have any of you attended and can vouch for how fun the party really is?

I've had a great time, but it is what you make it, isn't it? The thing the DJs do so well is they tend to stick to songs that have been around for generations -- if you can't have fun dancing to James Brown or "I Heard it Through the Grapevine," then you're incapable of having fun.   Oh, and just so everybody knows -- this weekend, Fatback is at the Uncapped Live space Friday, and back at Liv on Saturday (my money's on Saturday...)

From the Carillion in my orthopter I gambol 'Cross the turbid riviere, over the cenotaph of our sixteenth Casting about for a Luther and a cask I alight near Lafayette Park My machinations interrupted--Obama's sentinels Cleave my skull upon a White House plinth.

So I think what you're saying is ChurchKey. Nicely put. 

Dear gurus, Help! I have a birthday coming up and am looking for a great place to have dinner and drinks with friends. Here's the catch-- I also have a 3 month old baby who will be coming along! I'm the first of the group to have kids, so there won't be other children at dinner-- just a group of late-20-somethings, most of whom I haven't spent much time with since the baby was born. I'm NOT looking for your typical "family-friendly" restaurant. Ideally, I'm looking for something where we won't stick out like a sore thumb with a baby in tow, but that is really geared more toward the grownups (i.e. has good booze and lots of it, and an innovative/interesting menu). We'd probably like to stick to NoVa, since it's a little closer to home. And metro-accessible is always preferable, but not required. Thanks!!!!

Two related restaurants in Arlington (right at Clarendon metro) that are very good for this sort of outing are Liberty Tavern and Lyon Hall. The staffs there are good with kids and their needs (which aren't much for a 3-month-old), and the restaurants have good food, great beer, wine and spirits lists and don't dumb down the food. Lyon Hall also has plenty of shaded outdoor seats if you want to go that route.

I've attended various poetry open mikes in NYC. Anything similar going on in DC? thanks Bethesda

To name a few, Bohemian Caverns has the Up and Up Open Microphone on Tuesdays and Everything Verses on Wednesdays. Busboys & Poets has an open mic on Tuesdays. The DC Poetry Project seems to have the lead on several more.

There are plenty of outdoor happy hour options in Rosslyn/Courthouse. You might consider Piola or Cafe Asia, which both have outdoor seating. Piola has drink specials and free (yes, FREE!) appetizers - pizza, wine, cheese, etc, during happy hour. Up closer to Courhouse, there's also Ireland's Four Courts and Fireworks Pizza, which both have patios as well.

My vote would be for Fireworks, actually -- you don't even have to cross the street to get to Courthouse station. Great beer list, solid happy hour deals, good pizza, and there's a nice large patio if (fingers crossed) it stays dry.

Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill is an interesting space: On the first floor, there are TVs everywhere and a huge bar. Up two flights of stairs, there's an enormous rooftop. That's what you call a backup plan.

If outdoor seating needs to be an option, I wouldn't gamble on the Four Courts -- there are what, five tables on the sidewalk? -- or Piola, even though I love the servers who walk around with free pizza at happy hour, and the cheap margaritas are good too.

Can you tell me more about HR-57? When is it open? is it crowded? prices? etc? thanks!

As of now, HR-57 is open Wednesday through Saturday nights. Wednesday and Thursday nights are open jam sessions, with an $8 cover. Those nights tend to have less of a crowd, and feature many of the musicians that headline the club on Friday and Saturday nights, in addition to whoever else wanders by (singers, several jazz students from Howard are regulars, etc.) Friday and Saturday night acts usually have about a $15 cover. It can get crowded, but I wouldn't worry about not being able to get in. The place is fairly bare-bones, as in, folding chairs and SOLO cups from the bar. But if you ask me, that's part of its charm. Oh, and there is one food item: a plate of red beans and rice, chicken wings and collard greens. They also have a BYOB policy -- for a $3/person corkage fee, bring whatever shmancy bottle of wine or liquor you want and they'll give you, um, SOLO cups to drink it out of. Read more on our blog. I have to say I love this place and dig the music.

How do you know that people at Marvin are "a little more suburban"? Based on their looks? That's judgmental and rude.

Not looks, necessarily. It happens with any place that's been around for a while -- there are early adopters (yes, some from the burbs), but most tend to be people from the neighborhood. Then everybody else shows up, including, yes, many people from the burbs.  (Just stand at the door for a minute and scan the IDs, seriously.) If it makes you feel better, I live in  Dupont, I'm regularly made to feel like I came from the burbs on H Street NE. 

No tailgating so they dont get my business. Jimmy Buffett is seriously considering cancellng his show.

Yeah, lots of people are pretty steamed about this. If you take the venue at its word, it's a matter of public safety. Based on the reaction I've seen around the comment boards, people aren't really buying that rationale. Here's Chris Richards on the subject

I've seen online a couple of canoe or kayak rentals in Shenandoah. Do you have any recommendations for camping and kayaking there or somewhere else near DC? I need to get out and enjoy the weekend weather.

Jack's Boathouse is a favorite -- it's in Georgetown.

My friend's birthday is coming up and we want to go out dancing. About 10-15 guys and girls in their mid 20s. She loves hip-hop, dancehall, and reggae but doesnt want anyhthing too swanky, just people drinking and dancing and having a good time. Any thoughts?

Three words: Patty Boom Boom. No high cover, dress code or pretentious vibe, just great DJs spinning reggae, dancehall and rocksteady every weekend. Grab a couple of cups of rum punch and you're set.

Bottom of the Bay in Laurel is a good recommendation for the person asking about crabs. It's no nonsense - not much to look at, just tables covered in paper, crabs, pitchers, hush puppies and fries.

Crabs, pitchers, hush puppies and fries: What more do you need?

You can also head to the Quarterdeck. They have an all you can eat blue crab feast, though the entire table has to order it.

darling mine, so far from my eyes you've been, so far from my arms aching and weary. rolling ocean, dark and deep, keeping me from the love i seek. i weep and wail and still am left pining, on this dark and dusty shore. my love, if the day of rapture were awning, i'd upon wings of feather fly far and wild go sprawling, desperate journey of a life near ending, past chasm and sea, so that into your loving arms i'd be ending.

That's deep and real and very moving, Colin. 

Any suggestions for what to do as a group (mixture of guys and gals, ages 27-35, in DC or Arlington/Alexandria to celebrate a birthday over Memorial day weekend? I am at a loss for ideas. We are a fun bunch. love to sit around chat, drink, play games (cornhole, pong, etc) HELP!

Okay, next week happens to be the kickoff of Jazz in the Garden on Friday -- how about you start there, get loose on sangria and cupcakes (you can get them from Red Velvet; picnicking is a-ok at the sculpture garden), and then move the party to Iron Horse Tavern, literally down the street? (Yes, there are games, and they're cool with your big party). For Jazz in the Garden, you're going to want to get there early with many blankets and stake out a big spot.

I actually kind of want this birthday party for myself.

Hi Gurus, I have to admit that I'm disappointed about the new pool parties planned at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. I always enjoyed Spiked Sundays, where you got more of a laid-back Capitol Hill vibe with delicious burgers and a focus on the sun and the pool. Now I'm in search of a new location. Can you tell me more about East Potomac Park Pool? Do they sell alcohol? The review says to bring your own lounge chair... Can you actually do that? Thanks so much for saving my summer sanity!

I'm taking a wait-and-see attitude about Sundays, but I know what you mean -- they were always much more laidback than the high-energy hipster vibe on Saturdays.

I love East Potomac Park -- huge pool, less crowded than, say, Volta or Francis, as far as public options go. The gold course's snack bar, which is located right next door, sells burgers, chips and cheap pitchers of beer, though you can't bring them into the pool, so be prepared to walk a little. As for bringing your own lounge chair -- never heard that, but it could be a good idea.

Oh come that wretched day When she'll be moving on I'll help carry her Life from U to Dupont For lord knows at the end she has promised beer and a breakfast fit for champions I can't wait any longer And then we'll hunt for meat To grill and still we'll drink More beer or something stronger I can't wait any longer When the world ends A world unconquered I'll have beer in hand I can't wait any longer

Moving Day waits for no rapture! 

Just had to tell Holly that I wore a vintage hat to a wedding this past weekend (cream straw with pink and fuchsia flowers). Got some compliments on it, as well as the vintage purse I carried. So much fun to use these things and an easy way to look different and polished.

I remember you! Glad you had a great time.

I am going to visit relatives in England next month. Instead of picking up a bottle of scotch in the duty free shop, I thought I would bring them a bottle of good ol' American bourbon. Any recommended brands? i don't drink bourbon so all I know are Jim Beam and Makers Mark from their advertising.

I'm sure Fritz knows a lot more about micro-labels with ultra-rare recipes. But for my own personal enjoyment, I've always been satisfied with Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek, which are both, I'd say, a step or two above Beam and Makers. You can find either at just about any liquor store.

I'm being horribly pragmatic here -- I went to the Web site for Gerry's, my favorite London liquor store, to see what they have in stock and what they don't. And they have EVERYTHING, from Elijah Craig 18 Yr to Knob Creek to freakin' Pikesville Rye. So what I'd do is head to Ace Beverage in New Mexico Ave. and see if they can sell you a good, inexpensive bottle of Willet, which is hard to find and very popular with in-the-know drinkers, or a special bottling of Knob Creek or something similar.

What about Quarterdeck? Would they have what the other poster is looking for?

Maybe, but I hesitate to recommend it because I've never had anything than blue crabs there, and the poster is clearly asking for Red Lobster-style jumbo crab legs. Two very different things. I do know that the Bethesda Crab House has them.

Check out Captain Pell's in Fairfax. They do all-u-can eat crabs, not crab legs & I believe you can choose the size of your crabs. I went there for a company event & the crabs we had were huge!

This is what I'm talking about -- if someone said, "I'm looking for all-you-can-eat crabs in Northern Virginia, I'd certainly steer them toward Captain Pell's, but as you said, it's about crabs, not crab legs.

Be nice to fellow patrons and please dont take your baby to a bar. Its the worst thing ever. And for the "adult" restaurants (like the one Justin listed) please nothing after 6-7 in the evening. It just looks bad - and even if the baby is sleeping you still feel bad being around a baby in a bar. Thanks!

I'm not a big fan of babies in bars either, unless the bar has a baby-specific event. I also think you can stretch this rule for lunch and brunch depending on the specific venue.

Who needs a pool to work on their tan? Just put down a towel at your local park. Half the nieghborhood can be found sunbathing at ours on good weekends.

Yeah, but you need somewhere to cool off every now and then, and unless your park has a nice fountain and lax oversight, that's not really going to cut it. 

I thought this same thing! Then I imagined myself laid out in Rock Creek Park in a bikini, and I was like, nooo. (Yes, I may be Indian, but I enjoy a good tan.)

Back in '09, Michael Babin of NRG/Churchkey got approval to put a large rooftop bar on the top of Churchkey. I know there were a couple structural issues, but I thought those had been resolved. How can we convince him to put the rooftop bar in? It would take a great place and make it one of the top bars in the country. And he'd probably make a lot of money off ot it to boot.

I've actually been up on the roof, and the views are *awesome*. The thing is, dealing with structural issues, building the deck, putting in bathrooms and extending the beer lines cost money, and the NRG group just opened the Ballston Rustico last year. I've been told that, if all goes well, we may see the ChurchKey roof deck in 2012, but not before.

It's the conclusion of the cosmos as we know it.

It's the denouement of the terrestrial sphere as we know it.

It's the cataclysm of the big blue marble as we know it.

And I discern crackerjack.

That high-minded treatment deserves one of these

Any recommendations on things to do tonight for a 20-something couple who hasnt seen each other in a week in DC? Outdoors (if the rain holds off), wine-related, and/or near Cleveland Park=bonus points!!

Rooftop deck of Ardeo/Bardeo. Bang. Problem solved.

If the crepuscular loam we trod on were to come to a conclusion I'd walk along the rows of the dead, those lacerated and tortured in our own actions of war Buried in a suburban cemetery, deeper than my own anguish I'd relish the solitude walking amongst those who are silenced My undertakings for naught in comparison

Ooo, dark and sufficiently creepy.

Before the world ends I would take the road down past the White House To see the monuments there They're more magestic with the lights on and it's night out It is so tranquil there Then I'd keep walking since the Metro's single-tracking And maybe try the new Shake Shack Though DC charm and college nostalgia that would be lacking I prefer to dine on Jumbo Slice instead

Impressive name-checking of various D.C. establishments. And hey, did you hear about that new Shake Shack place?? 

Now he's saying he wants to be near the water...annapolis? Help??

Call Mike's in Edgewater. You can tie up a boat outside.

If you feel bad about being at a bar at which there also happens to be a baby, that's your issue. Please don't make it about the mom, who sounds like she's really looking forward to some adult time, but also needs to bring the baby. I'm biased, as a pregnant woman, but unless a child is being disruptive or taking up huge amounts of space (think, massive stroller in crowded place), there's no good reason for him/her not to be in public.

Another take from a mom-to-be. But on that last point, there is the whole exposure to people's germs thing. Bar = petri dish.

Any insights as to when Jack Rose will open? I live down the street, love Bourbon in AdMo and am really looking forward to drinking cocktails on Jack Rose's roofdeck. The sooner the better...

Yeah, I tweeted this while I was out-of-town doing some unrelated reporting last Friday. Jack Rose has passed all its inspections and picked up its liquor license last week. The target opening date is June 1, though owner Bill Thomas told me there's a chance it could be open sooner, and they will be doing some private events leading up to the grand opening. (Honestly, if a bar/restaurant's open for invite-only friends-and-family dinners, I don't consider that "open.")

So plan on it being open no later than June 1st, though there's some wiggle room if it's ready earlier.

Um, I'd like to know what park this is! I did this exact thing when I first moved to DC a few years back. I got the strangest men coming up to me, either just flat out staring at me without speaking, or asking me out, of my favorite of the Dutch guy asking me about the Washington Monument ( I was in Lafayette Park) and then he asked me if he could rub my feet. I kid you not. Never went for sun in the park again.

This is exactly what I envisioned, albeit without the Dutch guy. Yes, I think the only safe solution here while we're waiting for pools to open is a spray tan.

Hey Gurus, I was thinking of going to Arlington Rooftop tonight for the first time, but with the weather forecast, just planning on staying inside. My question is, is it worth it? What's the indoor scene like there? Should i go only when i can enjoy the rooftop or is it a good time inside too? Thanks for helping me make a decision!

It's okay. It's a large room, lots of tables, plenty of TVs, good burgers. I think it's one of the better places in that neighborhood for a group to get together. But that rooftop is the main attraction for me.

Why the hate for babies in a bar or "adult" (vs. what?) restaurant? I don't have any babies or kids but I think it's great to include the entire family for a celebration or a night out. What's the baby doing that's upsetting you more than, say, a bunch of loud obnoxious people possibly sitting at the table next to you? I guess I just don't get it.

I've had more nights spoiled by loud drunks shouting and fighting than by babies who are out with their parents at dinner.

Check out Captain Pell's in Fairfax. It is truly no-frills, but they have the best crab legs anywhere. They also do full crabs, but we always get the crab legs. Delicious and not as expensive as the higher end places. Perfect place for your frugal, hungry man! :)

... and Captain Pell's comes through. (Except now the poster wants to go to Annapolis. Next time!)

I saw the post about craft beer week events, but it only listed events during the week - is there anything going on this weekend? Thanks!

Not really -- most bars get too congested on weekends to make these specialist events worth the time. The only Saturday-Sunday event that piqued my interest is Saturday's Flying Dog brunch at Smith Commons.

Speaking of Smith Commons -- anyone else going to the DC Brau party tonight?

The poster asked for advice on a restaurant/dinner. There's nothing wrong with taking a baby to a restaurant, especially at 3 months old - that is the time to go - when they sleep all the time and don't mind the noise. It just gets harder when they get older. Let the birthday girl / new mom have some fun. Sheesh! I took my baby to Carlyle, Bangkok 54, Busboys and Poets, etc. and all was fine.

A few good suggestions here for the new mom... 

Hi! I'm leaving for the summer for work next week (I'll be gone two months), so I want to have one last happy hour with my friends. Where is a good place for happy hour on a Monday night for people that like to save money (can be as low-brow as they come and that's alright with us) and that can accommodate a group of 15?

You don't say where, but for good all-night specials, I'd suggest Townhouse Tavern, the Bottom Line, Jay's Saloon, maybe even the roofdeck of the Red Derby if you arrive early. (And Spider Kelly's in Clarendon, which isn't as packed on Monday as it is the rest of the week.)

This mother should either a) get a babysitter or b) be a mother and stay home with her baby rather than worrying about going somewhere with "good booze and lots of it." If I saw you at the bar, my friends and I would be privately criticizing you the entire night as would most of the bar. Seriously, a 3 month old? Grow up and be a mother.

As Justin just said, "In case you feel like letting the unspoken criticism from others dissuade you from doing something."

I don't have kids, but I don't mind parents bringing their children to bars, but there are rules. You can't tell people around you to watch their language because you brought your kids. Don't let your kids run around the bar. Step outside if your baby is crying like ... well a baby. I'll take the sound of loud drunks over crying babies any day.

"I'll take the sound of loud drunks over crying babies any day."

Apparently you weren't hanging out with the kickball teams and the burro on the patio of Town Tavern on Cinco de Mayo. A crying baby would have been sweet relief.

I've seen folks sunbathing at the park on Columbia Road near Kalorama / mintwood place (no creepo)

I don't know why, but my creep-dar is going off on this one. Does the helpful chatter happen to live at Columbia Road near Kalorama? Does the helpful chatter own binoculars?

Wow, you guys did not disappoint today with these wordy offerings. As always, we're really impressed with the quality of your work. But one stood out among the many excellent offerings: Would the author of LAWN'S DIVERSION send me an email, please: 

Thanks for playing today folks. We have more swag to giveaway today and tomorrow on our Facebook page, FYI. See you there. And (hopefully!) see you next Thursday!

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