Got Plans? Discuss great ideas for local entertainment, dates and family fun.

Oct 27, 2011

The Going Out Guide staff discuss great ideas for local entertainment, dates and family fun.

Welcome chatters, to the terrifying (for us) Halloween edition of Got Plans! Today, we're fighting the good fight against bad costumes with  costume designer Kendra Rai and Backstage Inc.'s Sandy Smoker Duraes, who are online and ready to take your costume questions. And, er, the World Series is going on, so if you want a boxed set of baseball's greatest games, tell us your best Halloween costume of all time.  Let's get it going!

I was told the outdoor place next to Pulp on 14th Street (14th and S, I think) is a biergarten. Is that true? What is it called? Thanks so much!

Today might not be the perfect day to sit outside with slab of NC barbecue, a bratwurst and a liter of Oktoberfest beer at standard, but the beer garden should remain open for most of the winter, thanks to heat lamps on the patio.  -- Fritz

i have to go to a halloween party tomorrow night and have no ideas at all. i want something scary but cute. what should i go as?

Kendra says: I always think if you start by picking out your favorite dress, hat or those from you closet and base your costume on that. Then from there go to your local costume store and grab a fun wig/mask and be something orginal . Lots of people are doing Black swan and retro 80's cartoon characters, so i would stay away from those. Orginality is key at parties..." Hit girl" from  the movie "Kick-Ass," and   Zombies have been the big ones this year. The "Mad Men" look has also been hot.

Are there any Halloween events that would be good for a date? (Before you ask, I don't know what our respective costumes will be.)

I'll put this out there: I don't think that Halloween is the best holiday for a date, especially an early date. Parties are loud, crowded and you'll spend most of your time shouting into each other's ear. (Well, that's my experience anyway.) Now, Halloween can be a great time for singles to meet someone, since your costume basically stands in for your opening line.

Okay, enough doom and gloom. My ideal Halloween weekend date would be a trip out to the DC Brau brewery tomorrow night for a screening of "Shaun of the Dead." Special beers, dogs and jerky from the Red Apron Butchery, one of the greatest zombie films of all time -- sounds like a winner to me.

Also, depending on you and your date, tonight's Doggie Happy Hour Costume Contest could be a lot of fun. Or the pumpkin beer tasting at Bier Baron.

-- Fritz

Gurus- An unavoidable obligation has made it so that my boyfriend and I will have to miss the Holiday Wine Tasting this Saturday afternoon, an event we always looks forward to. So we want to feel better about missing all of the great (and some not so great) wine to taste, by going out later in the day to enjoy some wine and tasty food. Cork really fits the bill, but we were wondering if we were forgetting some other good options. We'd like to stick to DC. We'd probably be looking at arriving around 6:00. We don't want to feel rushed. And we like sitting at a bar, rather than a table, but that isn't a requirement. Thanks!

I can't help but think there's no better place to get together have this kind of date night is Proof. Classy, and there's no better place to be than the bar. And for all readers, be aware that Metro is going to be pretty screwy this weekend. Fritz wrote about some alternatives here.

Any suggestions for a displaced Cards fan to watch the game? Preferably sans Rangers fans, but whutyagonnado? Not sure there are many of us midwesterners in these here parts.

I haven't heard about too many -- okay, any -- Cardinals bars in D.C. There are a lot of mid-Westerners in town, as evidenced by turnout for Great Lakes beer events or even Bengals and Browns games...  -- Fritz

Some friends and I once dressed up in a global warming theme for Halloween. Costumes included a penguin wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a melting iceberg, and a smoke stack emitting CO2 and NOx. Nobody quite got the joke (especially not the iceberg), but we thought we were brilliant!

I like costumes better when no one gets the joke! I once went as a sign spinner, advertising subprime mortgages. My boyfriend warned me no one would get it.... and they didn't.

We're visiting DC for Thanksgiving - where is the best place to eat our Thanksgiving meal?

I've just started putting together my annual Thanksgiving blog post, so I don't have a complete picture yet, but favorites from previous years have been the likes of Bourbon Steak, Addies and Rasika. Among those I've verified so far I like what Art & Soul is offering (a very down-home traditional meal for $55 per). And if you are shopping for a pie you absolutely must get in touch with Buzz bakery to pre-order one of pastry chef extraordinaire Tiffany MacIsaac's many holiday pie offerings.

Do you have any suggestions for a last minute costume that doesn't require a trip to Target or a Halloween store? I was thinking of going as a zombie but I'm not sure how to pull this off with the clothes I already have. Thank you!

Kendra: I have done  this one, and paper towels and lots of clear tape are key.

Wear a white long sleeve shirt and white/cream pants, then start wrapping. Do each appendage seperately, and tape as you go...

One layer is enough. Then paint your face white, or use your face power to lighten up your face as much as possible, then use a gray eye shadow around eyes to look sunken ---Or shadowy eyes if you want a sexier-looking Zombie.  Sandy suggests cutting up sheets and use those strips to wrap, which may be more durable.

Meeting high school friends-all from DC area but we haven't been in DC for years. We are looking for good drinks, a good wine list and appetizers that are priced to keep out the interns. No free tacos! Thank you!

Aw, man. I love free tacos.

If you're looking for a place with great drinks and good bar snacks around Dupont, I don't think you're going to beat the new lounge at Hank's Oyster Bar, which I just reviewed for the Weekend section. Pleasant punch, tasty wines by the glass -- great all around. I'll throw Heritage India and Kramerbooks in there as plans B and C.   -- Fritz

A haunted walking tour could be a good date idea. I've found Washington Walks' tours to be well done

Great idea. There's also a really cool party at the Congressional Cemetary, called Ghosts and Goblets. Totally great fancy date, in an utterly Washington locale. A little pricey though, but it's for a good cause.

Sandy from Backstage has a nice little costume suggestion for the budding couple, too: Go as a "Mad Men" couple.

She says all you need is a tight black dress, pearls,  tease up your hair and put on some heels, and have your partner wear a suit and tie and buy him a fedora and call it done.

Last year a group of firiends and I went as a "cocktail bar" and each dressed up as Bombay Sapphire, Champagne, Sex on the Beach and a Dirty Martini. Bombay Sapphire dressed in blue/Indianesque clothing, Champagne dressed in sparkly gold with a bubble blower, Sex on the Beach wore a Tshirt representing the beach with two barbie dolls going at it. Dirty Martini wore an olive hat and lots of dirt smudges on her cheeks.

That. Is. Awesome.

My dream beer costume (which you can feel free to steal) is still dressing up like a bellhop, cap and all, with dirt smudged on my face.  -- Fritz

I'd be Smuttynose Porter.

I see your point, but Great Lakes Brewery and the Browns are in Cleveland, Bengals in Cincinnati and the Cards in St. Louis. Technically all the Midwest, but when you have to pass though two states, can they really be thought of in the same breath for rooting interests?

Well, it's all the midwest. That's all I was saying.

I mean, I've seen Royals fans at Ventnor (technically a Phillies bar), and they're just at the other end of I-70, right?

Looking for advice for pair of late 30-something couples. I've aged out of the bar crawl, monster bash scene, but still want to celebrate Halloween this weekend. Can you give your opinion on some of the other more seemingly adult activities such as events held at the Newseum or Crime Museum? Tahnks

Newseum is going to be a young crowd, because it's 18-and-over. Most of the Brightest Young Things events generally are. Crime Museum tours are a little corny, but draw a crowd that's a little older than the Nightmare on M Street bar crawl. ChurchKey is doing two nights of Halloween-themed beer tastings. The Passenger is having a toga party (seriously). And if you still want the big-party atmosphere, I always feel like the annual Things to Do party at the Hard Rock Cafe skews mid-30s to 40s.   -- Fritz

Hi GoGs! This may be a little bit out of your realm but I'm hoping you can help. I'm trying to plan an office "teambuilding" activity that we can do for around 8 or so coworkers, either during the day or after work. Metro accessible is ideal but not a deal-breaker. I was looking at some of the offerings of the Spy Museum, but the reviews on some of those are wishy-washy. Some other teams are going bowling, but I'd love to plan something different. The only other requirement: $15/pp (and no alcohol since this is company sponsored). Any ideas are welcomed!

There's are some fun class-type events around Washington; $15 per person is a little hard for this, though... But why not give it a try. At Hello Cupcake, you can see if they'll set up a cupcake decorating class for you. Here's a schedule of previous classes, and a story we've written about it. There are also chocolate tastings you can arrange at ACKC. You could also consider a fun workout or group yoga experience.  Im sure plenty of yoga studios would be willing to arrange that.

I'm running the MCM on Sunday so can't go out on Friday or Saturday. Are there any fun Halloween events planned for Sunday or Monday nights, preferably in the U St area?

Not as many as on Friday-Saturday -- I'm guessing bar owners don't think people will drink as much on a school night. The Spirits in Black heavy metal party on Sunday is the standout. Could also do some bar-hopping on Monday: Blackbyrd Warehouse, Marvin and Lost Society will all have DJs.   -- Fritz

A friend and I went as contestants on The Price is Right. It wasn't without some effort because we made bidding screens out of particle board and hung them around our necks, and also cut out some name tags for ourselves. But we got to wear what we wanted (we went with our college hoodies and jeans) and it was really comfortable, minus maneuvering around with the boards. And most people got it when you gave them a second. Another costume I've considered is the dancing iphone commercial figure: wear all black and attach your white headphones to your ears and dance around all night.

I saw a bunch of those dancing iPhone ad costumes a few years ago (maybe 2005)? When the ads first debuted. Now it will look like a tribute to Steve Jobs.   -- Fritz

For my hipster costume I have: My beard unwashed skinny jeans fedora

You still need chunky black glasses and a skinny striped T-shirt. And Toms. Sans socks.

For my hipster costume I have: My beard unwashed skinny jeans fedora hat fixie Bike U-lock stuck in the crack of my skinny jeans Overpriced button down plaid shirt that should have costed $15 Talk about how the bar was better before all the hipsters arrived. What is missing?

How do you know my boyfriend? You are missing really dorky, plastic framed glasses. See: Dan Deacon. And you're also going to need some tattoos all over your forearms. At least one has to be the D.C. flag.

Any ideas on watching the game (hopefully games) p eriod? Run into a lot of of every other sport being shown, including the World Series of POKER. Reallllly???

That's awful. My favorite bar deal so far is at the Pug on H Street, where they're offering $2 Shiners and $2 Budweiser during the games to honor Texas and St. Louis. And they'll have the game on all their flatscreens, naturally.  -- Fritz

My costume: huge hamburger. My husband's costume: the hamburgler. I think it's hilarious, but normally I just get a weird look and an "omg"

We absolutely love this idea. As long as your Husband is the vintage/more sinister Hamburgler, and not the kid-friendly, cuddly Hamburgler 2.0.   -- Fritz

Back when I was growing up, my mom made AWESOME Halloween costumes. The best remains a tie between the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and C-3P0. Both were a pain to walk in (C-3P0, especially, had paper tied around the suit), but were remarkably realistic. My brother dressed the same year as Slimer.

Love this. Enough, in fact, that we asked Kendra and Sandy how to do Stay-Puft. Here's what they said:   We here at the store were stumped for a second, but then it cam to us...How about Quilt batting?
At any fabric store, you can by different weights of batting. There is a very thick weight that could be wrapped easily around ones body the tied at neck and waist. It would look fluffy and round and be easy.


Dark sunglasses, window treatments worn like a sandwich advertisement, a white cane and tin cup - wandering around asking for "Alms for the venetian blind."

In the early/mid 80's, when we we little, my brother was a Rubic's Cube and I was a Polaroid Camera. My Dad made the costumes from cardboard and spray paint and they actually looked really, really good. Too bad we didn't save them because they would totally be relevant now as a retro costume!

... and people would be all, "Hey, cool Hipstamatic costume!"

But those sound awesome.  -- Fritz

But I hope you'll consider it anyway! My SO and I are so tired of our usual hits in the western burbs/66 corridor--dogfish head, dogwood tavern, madfox, lost dog, etc., and I'm wondering if you can recommend something different for dinner in between foggy bottom and tysons (and ideally not in the mall itself). Something casual, comfortable, and tasty would be nice, ideally with table service (not fast foody). Is that picky enough? :) thanks in advance

I think I can help. I am pretty familiar with the general Falls Church area (which seems to be the center point of focus for your examples), and I can vouch for the following:

La Caraquena on Broad street for tasty saltenas, arepas and other Latin American favorites.

Harth in Tysons for thoughtfully re-worked American favorites.

Elephant Jumps just appeared in Tom's Dining Guide, and is putting out some of the best Thai cooking in the area.

Bangkok Golden has a Thai name and a Thai menu, but their Lao cooking is what's putting them on the map.

Pupatella near Ballston makes some of my favorite Neapolitan pies in the area.

And if you are looking for something a little tavern-y, Thirsty Bernie is a sports bar and grill whose food will catch you by surprise.

Hi GOG, I have friends coming from San Fran this weekend and want to take them out someplace with a fun atmosphere and great food. Haven't been out in DC in a looooooong time, so anything besides Old Ebbitt would be new to me. No food restrictions. Thanks!

San Francisco is a serious, serious food town.  If you really want to rep D.C., I'd consider taking them to Brasserie Beck, Blackbyrd or Hank's Oyster Lounge, where you can get a lot of East Coast-sourced seafood, all of it in a really nice atmosphere. The vibes are very different, so that should be your deciding factor.  Some other foodie spots that would impress: Graffiato, perhaps even a night at the bar at the Passenger eating superlative bar food.

For last minute costume ideas, which do you prefer, thrift store or one of the Halloween shops? One seemingly requires more creativity while the other is more selecting based on price and want.

From Kendra and Sandy: I think when you are so last minute, the best bet is a Halloween shop first, so you can look at a lot of costumes, and start those creative juices flowing. As for the creativity between a costume shop and a thrift store, I think both are creative and  can be used together to make your look.

Editor's note: For all our dear procrastinators, if you want some advice from the pros in person, Kendra and Sandy are both burning the midnight oil at Backstage Inc. in Capitol Hill -- but Sandy says the stuff is flying off the shelves today, so go ASAP. 

Hello! My mother is coming to visit in early December (Nov 30 - Dec 5) and I need to come up with some seasonal activities for us. She'd like to do some holiday shopping and generally get an East Coast-y Christmas-y experience. I think the Round Robin Bar would be perfect -- and maybe going to see the Christmas Tree on the Ellipse, if that'll be up? -- but need some more ideas. Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center would be perfect but she's a few days too early. Where would be a good spot to go for holiday shopping and a nice dinner at a place she wouldn't find back home in the midwest? We are open to going somewhere for a day or overnight -- what do you think about Philly? Annapolis? As you can see, I'm looking for pretty stereotypical mother-daughter activities (I'm in my 20s, she's in her 50s). Thank you!!

Your timing is great: White House Xmas tree is lit on Dec. 1 (and you can apply for free tickets starting Nov. 3). I usually do a Christmas Tree/Willard combo, because they're so close and the Willard is so festively decorated.

I like the Annapolis day-trip idea -- the downtown is so festively decorated, and there are lots of great little shops (especially on Maryland Ave.) where you could find presents for everyone on your list. You can see our guide to the town here; I'd probably suggest McGarvey's for dinner.

Another old town that gets in the holiday spirit is Leesburg, so you could go on Dec. 2 for their First Friday celebrations -- stores are open late, offer free coffee/cocoa/snacks, etc.

And, of course, closer in, I think Old Town Alexandria is a perfect holiday destination. Hit all the King Street boutiques, then dinner at the Majestic or Virtue Feed and Grain.

I've done my two favorites in years past. One year I went as Surly Duff (I bought a beer bottle costume and redid the "label" on it, wore white gloves, and acted surly) and the next year I went as a Wonder Woman Pez dispenser. Surly was my all-time favorite, though.

Surly Duff! That's rad.   -- Fritz

Hi everyone! My best friend and I are going out to support her husband on Sunday, who is running in the Marine Corps Marathon, and I've been assigned the job of finding a place within walking distance from the finish line (so, somewhere in Rosslyn or Courthouse would be ideal) where we can get brunch or lunch and drinks after the race. To complicate things just a bit, one of us will need a gluten-free menu, or at least a restaurant that is willing to accommodate a Celiac diner. Aside from hiking up to Whitlows, does anyone (GoGs or other chatters) have suggestions for a worthy Sunday brunch?

In Courthouse, I like the casual atmosphere and brunch menu at Bayou Bakery. I just put in a call to them to ask about gluten-free options, and in they assured me they have a few in addition to salads and yogurt parfaits, including a their Sunday Grits, a brunch-only item. And the options expand when it comes to sweets: David Guas's chocolate crack cookie, pralines and heavenly hash are all Celiac-friendly.

How about a Breakfast Burrito? Wear Pjs, add some aluminum foil, have a sombrerro and/or an OJ-based cocktail and you're done. Also haven't tried this one yet - going as a Well-Dressed Burrito (same foil but sub in formal-wear). Only the coolest people in the know about tasty, tasty burritos found in an alley will get that one.

I'm always amazed how many people don't know about the Well Dressed Burrito. Or Pedro and Vinny's cart, for that matter.   -- Fritz

Lucky Bar?

Sure. The Cards do need luck on their side tonight. And, you know, $3 Buds all night.    -- Fritz

Like Facebook, it would be beneficial to allow other users to comment - make recommendations, reply to GOG responses... probably not first time brought up but an FYI

But you can! We frequently post comments just like this one, easy since we're live. So by all means, fire away!


How about the Exorcist steps? Dress in all black and use duct tape in decreasing widths - for perpesctive- from your toes to your head (your head being the top of the steps) Paint your face green-ish like when Reagan was possesed in the movie.

I'm going to say this falls into the category of costumes no one will get.  But only because it's so clever.

Also consider Bibiana and Jose Andres' temporary restaurant at the Cafe Atlantico location: America Eats Tavern (I think that's the name?)

Excellent suggestions! Thanks! Our brains were in full Halloween mode. Um, for many of these, however, a reservation is a must. And the original poster should start ASAP.

I'm a stay-at-home mother of a 2-year-old, and I'd love to introduce him to theatre. We couldn't get tickets to any of the Euro Kid Festival shows that catered to his age, but I understand that DC has a lot of children's theatre anyway. What are some good theatrical performances in the area (VA preferably) that cater to the younger toddlers?

Stephanie, who's our Guru Expert on all things theater for all ages, suggests the Puppet Company theater at Glen Echo and Imagination Stage in Bethesda as the perfect jumping-off point for your little one. She also suggested checking back with the Adventure Theatre at Glen Echo. Their current production is ages 4-and-up, but the schedule varies: In March, they're performing one of my all-time favorites, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."    -- Fritz

Nothing says a great start to a relationship like going as people from a show where everybody's unfaithful to everybody else.

Aww.  Now we feel bad.

Friend in town from NYC. Want to have a good time, but have limited funds. Staging near Foggy Bottom Metro; willing to travel. What's happening that's fun tonight after 10 p.m.? But doesn't require a cover.

Little Red and the Renegades are playing hot zydeco at Bayou on Penn (two blocks from Foggy Bottom Metro) with no cover charge.   -- Fritz

Post MCM is insane. From experience, I would suggest taking the bus over the bridge to Georgetown (or walking if Mr. 26.2 is up to it) and getting brunch there. Then get a cab home from Georgetown vs. dealing with the thousands and thousands of people still trying to get out of the area right around the race.

This is an excellent point.

Do you have any suggestions for tattoo parlors? Anywhere in the D.C. area is fine. Things to consider are professionalism, price, and artistry. Thanks!

My inked-up friends have great things to say about Tattoo Paradise (Adams Morgan) and Jinx Proof (Georgetown). Chatters?    -- Fritz

My boyfriend and I are considering being a magician and his white rabbit for a Halloween party Saturday night, but it's taken us so long to even get to a decent idea that we're running out of time for prep. Ideas for how to pull this one off with wardrobe basics? We could hit up a costume store in Georgetown or Arlington if absolutely necessary for details....

From Kendra and Sandy:  Great idea. You can get the black cape, top hat and wand from a Halloween store like Backstage.
A cape is also very easly made...If you have a black skirt at home or black sheets, those can easily have a tie safety-pinned on. A dowel rod painted black with a white tip would work for the wand, but a top hat is better bought. The white rabbit-ear headband and the tail would be very easy to find at any costume shop.  As for the main outfit for the bunny, how about a hot little white dress from any store that looks great with white tights white heels and your favorite jewlery.  Some pink lip stick can be used for the tip of the nose in a triangle and some brown or black eye pencil  can be  used to draw on some whiskers. Here again, go with what you got and just grab accessories from you local costume shop.

A little extra tip from Sandy:  Some people like the bunny to be in a black leotard and fishnets, but that seems more Playboy bunny to me. And not all people feel good wearing a leotard all night.

As a kid I went one year as a California Raisin. Stuffed garbage bag, black sleeves, white gloves, sunglasses, and microphone. I think it'd be even better now than it was when it was culturally relevant. You'd probably want to conceal some Ipod speakers with "I heard it through the grapevine" ready to go.

THIS. (And don't forget, SNL had the Raisins on dancing on the most recent episode of "What Up With That.")    -- Fritz

Classika Theate in Shirlington. The also offer classes so the kids can go onstage.

Ah, thank you!

For something more like lunch than brunch, I highly recommend Fire Works (pizza and a divine chocolate chip cookie dough sundae), Pete's (more pizza), and Restaurant 3. Actually, I believe 3 also has GF options for brunch - although I guess that's more Clarendon than Court House.

Thank you for the suggestions!


I've been on and enjoyed the Old Town Ghost tours, but wondered if there were others in the area that were based on (at least somewhat) reality to consider exploring?

If you like history as much as ghost stories, you should check out the Haunted Lafayette Square ghost tour. Everything from Lincoln's ghost to the congressman who killed his wife's lover in the Square. Highly recommended.    -- Fritz

One year I painted my very unimpressive male upper body green, put on some ripped-up purple pants, and ventured forth as The Credible Hulk. Going shirtless when you're out of shape doesn't help too much with the ladies, but at least once I'd had a few I got to wander around the bar yelling "Hulk Smashed!"

"Hulk smashed!" is the clincher. Well done, Drunk Hulk.    -- Fritz

Did I miss it this year?

Yes. It's always -- always -- the last Tuesday before Halloween. But you can see photos on the GOG Blog.

Thanks for taking my question! A small group of 30-somethings looking for something on Saturday night in the area (DC/VA/MD). We would love to find some drinks, fun people, and maybe even a cover band but don't want to fight crowds. We want to be able to talk with each other and see great costumes, not spend the whole night waiting on line for a drink. Any suggestions?

Some of the better "mid-sized" costume parties with bands would include Lethal Peanut at R.F.D. Washington and the annual bash at Clarendon Grill. You get to see costumes without trying to fight 900 other people at the bar. I also like the parties at Jimmy Valentine's and Little Miss Whiskey's because they don't over-sell admission.    -- Fritz

Two years ago I went as Dan Snyder, complete with a three-foot "Danny's To Do List" with all the actions needed to destroy a storied franchise. I'm a girl, and guys at the bar loved it, though it really just led to depressing conversations about how bad the Skins are.

I wonder if we'll get sued for publishing what sounds like an awesome costume idea.

Each year our family hosts a Halloween Party where we decorate our garage and have kids play games etc (and parents have adult beverages in the kitchen). I've run out of good game ideas (kids age 9-13) for activities beyond the standard bobbing for apples, wrapping the mummy , so welcome any suggestions based on friends or childhood memories.. thanks.

Ahh, I think since they're a little older, some of the silly ones (like putting on a blindfold and putting their hands into a bowl of grapes) won't make sense. How about Blind Man's Bluff, the game where they have a card stuck to their foreheads that they can't see? They have to guess what Halloween costume they are based on clues from others? And how about cupcake decorating with a creepy theme? You provide the cupcakes and some scary-ish nonpareils and candy like licorice (and paper and crafty stuff) and have a decorating contest.

So once a friend invited me to a Halloween party with the sales pitch that a cute girl I knew who had recently broken up with her boyfriend. I showed up - only to find him there, too, wearing two shoes tied around his neck. He was, of course, "Head over Heels" for her. I think she's engaged to him now.

Sounds like you may have lucked out, my friend.

To the Card's Fan I know the Blue Banana will be playing both the World Series and the Caps Games tonight. I already called them today to check. Plus it's 1/2 Price Beer all night.

... and the Blue Banana chimes in with World Series "advice" for everyone. But half-price beer and baseball sounds good, so what the heck?    -- Fritz

I just did a party for my nieces and nephews who are in the same age range. They really like the Halloween Charades game (i.e. trick-or-treating, mad scientist, carving a pumpkin, etc) and the contest for who had the best Mummy Moan, Witch's Cackle and Zombie Walk. Another game was "ghost face" where you put a stick of gum on a plate and cover it with powdered sugar. The first person to get the gum in their mouth w/o using their hands wins (kind of like a pie eating contest)

Awesome suggestions! Thanks so much!


I'm hoping the gurus can help me! I'm really excited for FotoWeek DC coming up, but I'm a little confused by how it all works. Their website has a link for you to "reserve" free tickets for their events, which seem to range between 3 different locations and over a week. What is the purpose? If you don't have a ticket can you not go to the exhibits? And the tickets are good for everything happening during this week? Thanks!

Last question on this awesome busy chat: I just checked in with FotoWeek, and they explained that the free festival pass that will be required this year to enter exhibitions is required, and is free. The purpose, they say, is to help see how many people are attending each of the exhibitions. A little Big Brother, yes, but it will help them plan for next year's exhibits and for grant funding. So be sure to get your festival pass; you can even just have it on your mobile and get it scanned at each location.


Okay, folks we're going to wrap it up. We hope we helped you find a better costume or a better Halloween party to attend. We loved all the costume ideas, but if we had to pick a winner, it's got to be the Hamburgler/Hamburger couples costume. Send your contact info to fritz [dot] hahn [at] washingtonpost [dot] com and I'll send you this awesome 10-DVD set of the best baseball games ever. (Hope you're a baseball fan!)

Thanks again for all your questions, and thanks to our special guests, costume designer Kendra Rai and Backstage Inc.'s Sandy Smoker Duraes. (Pro tips: They say three of the most popular costumes they're seeing right now are Moammar Gaddafi, the female vampires of "True Blood" and the cast of "Glee." You might not want to use those ideas if you're trying to, say, win $5,000 at Hot 99.5's costume contest or win $3,000 at DC101's Clarendon Ballroom party.)

Next Thursday, the Pink Line Project's Phillipa Hughes will join us to talk about November's stuffed-to-the-gills arts calendar, including FotoWeek D.C. See you then.

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