Got Plans? Discuss great ideas for local entertainment and get a chance to win tickets to see Julius Caesar at the Shakespeare Free for All.

Aug 18, 2011

Join the Going Out Guide staff to discuss great ideas for local entertainment, dates and family fun, as well as a chance to win tickets to see Julius Caesar at the Shakespeare Free for All.

It’s not easy to secure tickets to the annual Shakespeare Free For All, which kicks off today at Harman Hall. To see this year’s installment — “Julius Caesar” — you either have to get lucky with the online lottery system or line up outside the box office for one of the roughly 200 tickets, which are available starting two hours prior to showtime.


But here's an even easier way to score seats: In the spirit of the Shakespearean tragedy, we're looking for your tales of backstabbing. Did some unnamed Brutus in your life wrong you in an utterally jaw-dropping manner? Submit an especially entertaining story and you could win a pair of tickets to the show on Saturday night. 

You answered my dress code question via twitter yesterday so thanks so much! But another question: what is the layout/setup/atmosphere at Phillips after 5? I have wanted to go for a long time but truth be told Step Afrika was the main cause for getting tickets tonight. On the site it lists the program and after each of the "exhibits" it says 'by donation'. What exactly does that mean? Are we expected to pay to be able to view the other works even though we paid for tickets/admission? I am just a little confused. Thanks so much...LOVE you guys!

You're so welcome. Lavanya and I went to Phillips After 5 a couple weeks ago and had a blast doing chair yoga, and I think tonight's line-up sounds equally superb. Here's the deal with admission: Going to see the permanent exhibition is by donation, while special exhibitions cost money, but your $12 entrance covers everything. As far as atmosphere, it's a big party, but with optional educational interludes.

Whoo, that chair yoga session killed me. 

I just moved to DC and am living near Adams Morgan and I was hoping you could give me some advice on where to start getting to know what's fun in my new neighborhood. Is there a "Top 3 or 4" list of bars/restaurants/clubs/etc. that I should try first before anything else? I'm open to trying anything. Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the neighborhood -- you picked a good part of town. I like the food at Casa Oaxaca, the cocktails at Bourbon, the beers at the Black Squirrel, the brunch at Tryst, the sounds found inside Crooked Beat and late night falafel from Amsterdam. And I'm sure Fritz would give a shout to new arrival MiG Bar.

1) Is a "Best Bets for Peruvian/charbroiled chicken" roundup in the forseeable future? It's one of the few big categories that I think hasn't received the BB treatment yet. 2) When is the Columbia Pike Eamonn's expected to open?

1) We have a whole hopper of future Editors' Picks lists that we're planning to work on over time, but Peruvian chicken wasn't on that list, until now! (Norky's in Bethesda gets my nod) 

2) The Eamonn's folks won't say, but we'll keep you posted.


I have a cute turquoise colored cardigan that is long-ish (lie a varsity sweater) that is cotton, but with a little weight to it. Is summery/srpingy, but I live in NC and it gets way to hot to wear a cardi much after April. Can I put this with khaki pants or other things for fall? And how far into fall before the color and fabric look too summery? Thanks

Khakis might seem a little dowdy with a longer sweater (unless the khakis are skinny/slim and ankle-length, which might work). I think you can definitely pair it with lightweight dresses and add flats or rugged boots for the transition into cooler weather ... I'd put it away when it gets cool enough for a coat (as opposed to a light jacket or trench).

My 5 year wedding anniversary will be over Labor Day weekend. We'd like to do something but a) want to bring our dog with us and 2) don't want to break the bank. Given that it will be a holiday weekend, do you have any suggestions for a 1-2 night trip (within 3 hours drive from DC)?

How about camping? Dogs are welcome at many camp grounds and camping is far cheaper than a hotel. Next week's issue will have a story I wrote about Pocomoke River State Park which is on the Eastern Shore and is pet-friendly.


Chatters, any other (perhaps slightly nicer) ideas?

It's been a while since I've been to H street, what's the attire (for guys and girls) on a Sat night? Is it as dressy as U street? Or more casual?

I feel like attire is pinned more to the bar than the neighborhood -- people heading to Policy or Lost Society are usually dressier than the crew at American Ice or Standard. That being said, most bars on H Street are on the more casual end of the spectrum.

What's the Textile Museum like? Is it worth a visit?

The Textile Museum is one of my favorites, partially because its smaller and quieter than most of the other museums. And the current exhibit "Green: The Color and the Cause," which includes an installation using real grass, is definitely worth a look.

My parents have unexpectedly decided to visit this weekend (yeah?!). I'm hoping you can help on two fronts. First, Friday night I thought we'd do dinner and music. My dad loves the Dubliner, but I wouldn't mind taking them someplace different. They like Irish music (clearly) and classic rock. And need to be able to sit. Any thoughts? Second, can you recommend a good breakfast/brunch place around the Newseum for Saturday morning? Thanks!

Do you mean a different Irish pub or a different sort of dining option altogether? For Irish Pubs a trip to Virginia may be in order to visit the Old Brogue Irish Pub in Great Falls, it's a really cool traditional Irish spot. You can also find great Irish music relatively nearby at the Four Ps in Falls church, and farther afield Pat Troy's in Alexandria. In the city, the Four Fields on Connecticut Avenue, which last I heard is set to close some time later this year, also has plenty of live entertainment options.

As for a good brunch around the Newseum, the dim sum brunch at the Source is one of the area's best Saturday morning options.

I remember live music in downtown during lunch hour. Still?

Indeed there is. Head on down to Woodrow Wilson Plaza. Shows start at noon, so I'm afraid you'll have to miss today's performance, but as you'll see, they have plenty coming up.

I think I've seen former fashion-chat questions here, so here's hoping... This may be a dumb question, but do I need to wear stockings to a black-tie-optional wedding? I'm wearing a dress that hits just at the bottom of the knee. Shoes will depend on the stocking question! Thanks. (FWIW, my husband is not wearing a tux, but I know a few other guests are.)

Fire away with all those former fashion-chat q's! I think that whether you wear stockings depends on a) the weather and b) your personal taste. Some people hate pantyhose; some people feel underdressed without them or have to wear them as part of a dress code (hence Kate Middleton's newly nylon-ed legs). If it's chilly and stockings will make you more comfortable, then by all means, wear them -- spend a bit more on a high-quality pair so that your legs don't look chalky or too shiny. But if you're comfortable without them, I think you're OK to go bare-legged. You can experiment with a leg makeup spray (Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs is an old standby) if you want coverage without feeling constricted.

Hi, loyal Logan Circle reader here. I have tickets to the Thievery Corpn concert on Saturday at Kastles but can't find any good information about show start times. I've seen that doors open @ 5pm, and also that they open @ 6pm... Any insight on the event and when the heck I should show up? Thanks much.

Doors open at 6 p.m. 

In case the questioner does not have all the "stuff" for camping, they might try renting a cabin. Many campgrounds have them now. But check that they allow pets in the cabins, as many don't. Or they have several cabins specifically set aside for pet visitors.

This crossed my mind, too. Pocomoke has cabins, but they book pretty early and I imagine that Labor Day would be no exception. Thanks for sharing!

I had a potential real estate client who set up an appointment with me, had me drive across town so he could see the property he was interested in, discuss a strategy for purchasing said property and then, at the end of the same conversation, tell me that he had opted to use another agent and already submitted an earnest money deposit because he preferred their company. So goes it in real estate :)

Harsh... and we are off.

The Post mus be in serious budget-cutting mode, huh? What's next week's giveaway, admission to the Smithsonian?

Hey, we didn't say it was going to save you a ton of money (we don't pay for tickets to pass on to you, dear reader, so it really has nothing to do with our bottom line). But it WILL save you from having to gamble on the theater's ticket lottery, or from having to wait in a standby line. 

Do you know how busy the Matchbox in SE near Eastern Market would be on a Saturday around 1:00 in the afternoon? I've never been down there on 8th street so I don't know if its chaos like up at Eastern Market or a little quieter cause it's kind of off the beaten path. Debating taking a group of 6-8 down there for lunch. Any advice.

I've gone to the Barracks Row Matchbox quite a few times for Saturday/Sunday brunch and it can be pretty hit or miss in terms of crowds. If you go and it's crazy, the good news is there are other good options nearby, including Ted's, Belga and Cava.

Hi GOGs, Can you hunt down a phone number or website for the grandstand at the Montgomery County Fair? Two summers ago, my hopes of seeing cars smash each other, things catch on fire, and gas tanks explode were dashed when I drove from NOVA to MD only to find out the demo derby was canceled due to rain. The main phone number and website were no help. It's the highlight of my summer! Thanks!

Here you go. Here's hoping you get to see some smashed metal this summer. 

Hey gurus, was wondering if you had any suggestions for good "day drinking" spots in the Logan/Dupont Circle areas? Not looking for food, just drinks...some place where we could find a fun Saturday afternoon crowd? Thank you!

I was just about to answer that a lot of  places don't seem to open early  for some day drinking on weekends. But then a half-dozen came to me offhand: Standard (I have day-drank there before), Bar Pilar (I have day-drank there), Maddy's in Dupont (err...check), St. Ex, Breadsoda in Glover Park, Bourbon (I'd choose the Glover Park on a Saturday). God, please don't tell I'm lame, because I already know, but you can get away with just a table of margaritas at Lauriol Plaza too.  Many of these  have food, but no one will look at you funny if you're just having drinks. 

I am in serious need of a hair cut and have heard great things about Bang. Is one location more recommended over another-- say, 15th st vs. verizon? Or stylists for a women's cut? Any help would be appreciated!!

I've gone to a bunch of different stylists at the Bang on 15th Street and have always been really pleased.

Holly, I know you've answered this question before, but I'm having a hard time finding it on the site. I'm trying to find a good tailor for men's suits - preferably in the District or Arlington. Sorry for duplication - Love the chat!

For men's suiting, I always recommend Christopher Kim or Do's Tailoring ... chatters, any other options?

Why oh why is it so hard to get a cab at the end of the night on H street? It reminds me of the pre-cabstand days in Adams Morgan. I live in Arlington (gasp!) but really like going out down there. I would do it more often (and stay later and spend more money) if it weren't so hard to get home around closing time. Any talk of developing some kind of organization down there anytime soon? If there is such a thing as a food desert, H street is a transportation desert, trolley cars be damned.

First, I totally feel your pain. I lived on H Street for a couple years, and from all the conversations I've had with reluctant taxi drivers going to and from the neighborhood, they still don't believe they are as likely to get a fare on H Street as they are on, say, U Street or in Adams Morgan. While I do think that some taxi drivers still aren't entirely up on the rapid development in that area, I also think there must be some element of truth to their gripes. Until H Street becomes just as populated as the neighborhoods it rivals, I remain less than optimistic that things will change. Of course, if it were easier to get there, it would likely get more traffic, so we're stuck with a bit of a catch-22 there.

This may not be the most intense backstabbing experience, but my friend and I were suppose to attend the annual Montana State Society testicle festival a couple years ago, I arrive only for her to be a no show. Our sole purpose of attending this event was to honor her home state of Montana. Although I was able to have a semi-enjoyable time by myself, meeting strangers and indulging in drinks, I later found out that her reason for ditching me was the spontaneous purchase of her new Great Dane puppy, which she named Brutus. Coincidence? Hard to say.

Wow. There are no words...

Never been in that theatre and Im going today for the Julius Caesar presentation. What would be adequate clothing for this place? Casual dress & sandals? Nice jeans? Black pants & blouse? Im clueless.

It's a new, pretty posh theater, but I think the fact that it's summer and the Free For All will mean a lot of folks will be a little more casual than is typical for the theater. Flip-flops and shorts are still a no-no, but a casual dress and (nice-ish) sandals should be perfect, as would nice jeans and a nice blouse. In fact, I think a black cocktail dress would be a little much for this event, but a-ok at say, "Uncle Vanya."

Appreciate your response, I should have said camping is a no go (we have no equipment and just not into it). Ideas for locations we might look into where we could find a pet-friendly inn/hotel would be great. What's wtihin 3 hours drive and worth visiting? You mentioned Eastern Shore?

Thanks for the update. I think Annapolis might be a good fit. Plenty of outdoor dining, places to visit and very dog friendly.  Consider staying at Loews Annapolis, which is so dog friendly that it is the site for a monthly canines and cocktails party.

Annapolis is also a quite dog-friendly town, so I imagine the Annapolis CVB could point you to some inns, B&Bs, and hotels that allow dogs. Many restaurants have outdoor patios specifically to accommodate dogs, althuogh over Labor Day weekend it is likely to be pretty crowded.

I swear I saw this after I wrote my suggestion!

Pretty much any campground in the vicinity will require a 3-night minimum during Labor Day weekend unfortunately, so not an option for those just looking for 1-2 nights away.

True. Darn holidays. Thanks.

My manager let me work on a prestigious fellowship application for three weeks before telling me he had to ask his manager if he could sign off on a summary of my executive abilities. Turns out, they made the decision not to fund people from our office for this fellowship based on the threatened budget cuts from the House side of the Hill (to which the fellowship was for). One manager has been through the program and one colleague is currently there. I wasn't even allowed to apply for the selection process. Meanwhile they are looking to hire at least one, and when they found out I'd interviewed (on the Hill) they asked if I was leaving so that they could ask to hire a second. As Hal would say....once more into the breach boys...once more into the breach!

I don't quite understand this one -- I havent been on the Hill in oh, 10 years -- but I'll take your word for it that it's just like "Julius Caesar."

Hi Holly, I will be wearing a long grey silk chiffon bridesmaid dress this fall, can I get away with wearing flats or is that not dressy enough? Any styles to recommend? (I figured that since I won't be able to breath with the built in corset, at least my feet should be comfortable...)

Hmm ... this actually sounds like a question for the bride. You might want to find out how particular she is about what shoes her bridesmaids are wearing, and if she cares whether you wear flats.  For what it's worth, I think a long silk chiffon dress + a built-in corset + wedding day + wedding-party status seems to merit heels. No reason why you can't change into comfortable flats after the ceremony ...

Also Jack Rose's roofdeck, Cashion's for just about anything, the Diner for brunch, and Muzette karaoke.

More great Adams Morgan suggestions.

I had a second interview with a local university department. I thought it went really well, but was told they were choosing a different candidate. Fair enough. Until I go on the WaPo job search the next day and the same job had been reposted! Talk about crushed!

Very sorry to hear that, but we are glad you use the WaPo job search. Thanks!

Hi Gurus! Hoping you can help with this one. I'm meeting up with a friend & her 3 kids (ages 5, 3, and 1) on Sunday. I figured we could have lunch and then go let the kids play & explore at the Nat'l Building Museum, but I'm stuck on a kid-friendly option for lunch. They're coming in via metro, so somewhere near the museum would be ideal.

In that neighborhood, I'd probably head to Ella's for pizza. Matchbox or Nando's would also fit the bill.

I, too, am looking for a good tailor - reasonably priced in the North Arlington area that does well with women's clothing.

I've heard good reviews of Millie's Tailoring ... chatters, feel free to chime in with other recommendations.

Gurus, We in Ledroit Park and Shaw are still waiting for Shaw's Tavern to finally receive its liquor license! Do have any updates? We need this restaurant and bar to open!

The "update" is that the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration will issue a ruling in the next 90 days. In the meantime, Shaw's Tavern can sell food but no alcohol.

Honestly, everything I've heard about the situation (both on and off the record) is so not good that I'm not holding my breath for Shaw's to serve me a microbrew anytime soon.

(For those who haven't been paying attention, the Tavern, at 5th and Florida Ave. NW, has had a number of problems with getting its licenses in order. It's charged with serving alcohol before it had a liquor license and also falsifying documents in order to obtain that liquor, which it then served to customers. Pretty serious charges on both counts.)

If the original poster doesn't have camping gear, almost all of it (tent, camp stove, etc.) can be rented from REI.

A great point though it sounds like they are just not into camping for their anniversary. Fair enough.

As someone who lives off of U Street, I always wonder why I see groups of people all dressed up on the weekends. It shouts bridge and tunnel to me, "Hey! Let's go into the city to U Street tonight and get all glammed up!" Wear what you want to wear to any neighborhood, and you will look more like a local.

Haha, I have a habit of dressing down when I go out, too, and I think it's because subconsciously, I feel the same way. Besides, no one looks good hobbling in 6-inch heels you've clearly never worn before.   But I mildly regret wearing a sweatshirt to an inauguration party.

Go see Angie! She's awesome... I trusted her enough to chop off 17 inches of my hair, if that tells you anything!

That was very brave of you...

I have a client in town from overseas that I am entertaining over the weekend who has told me that he likes Blues Guitar. He is in his forties, and likes to have a good time. The only place I can think of to take him was Madams Organ which has great Blues, but I'm not sure that 18th Street on a Saturday night is "client appropriate" though I stopped going out in Adams Morgan on the weekends a few years ago. Any other suggestions you might have would be much appreciated.

The crowd at Madam's on weekends is more age-diverse than the neighborhood as a whole. I've seen people in their 40s/50s there. You should also check out the blues jams at Zoo Bar, too, and maybe JV's, depending on what night you're going out.

This was back in 7th grade so I hope it still counts...I had been friends with 2 girls in my neighborhood since preschool. I was much closer to friend A than friend B but in 6th and 7th grade had drifted a bit from friend A because she had become best friends with a snobby 'popular' girl I wasn't friends with. Friend B called me to talk about Friend A. She egged me on a bit asking me things so I would vent about friend A. Then, suddenly, Friend A speaks through the phone "Thanks, now I know how you really feel." They were both on the phone line and after that I wasn't friends with either one of them for awhile.

So seventh grade. Sorry to hear that.

Which Beer Week event should I attend today? Hopefully trying to avoid anything too crowded or that have beer that is widely available year round. Cheers.

My picks would be tastings of D.C.'s two newest breweries: Try two 3 Stars beers at Kramerbooks, meet the brewers and even try the grains they used to make the beers, or be among the first Washingtonians to sample a pair of brews from Chocolate City Brewery, which is selling pints for $4 all night at R.F.D.

For cool and rare beers, it's going to be hard to beat the 16 beers from Seattle's Elysian brewery on draft at ChurchKey or the 25 Schlafly/Allagash/DC Brau taps at Meridian Pint -- I'm told most of the Schlaflys have never been in D.C. before -- but I fully expect those events to be mobbed.

More of my picks for D.C. Beer week.

Hi. I'm visiting DC with my mom and sis next week. We've never been. Were maybe interested in a theater show. Suggestions on where to go to see what's playing? Also, any discount ticket sites? Any other helpful resources on touring DC in general. We're staying at a B&B at Logan Circle. Thank you!

That weekend you have a couple options for free Shakespeare, including the aforementioned Free For All and Olney Theatre's annual outdoor show. Other promising and wallet-friendly plays would be Something Past in Front of the Light and Happy Days (tickets are pay what you can that weekend for preview performances). Lavanya has also seen some good deals on Oklahoma! and other shows on goldstar, so that would be worth a look, as well.

My sister ... we weren't allowed food in the living room when we were younger. I was mixing my Kraft mac & cheese when she enthusiastically called me in to see something on TV. I quite consciously stood just outside the living room, well away from the carpet, mixing my mac&cheese and watching whatever it was that had gotten her so excited. Later, my mom found one of my sister's candy wrappers in the living room. When confronted, my sister dramatically pointed at me and said "I thought it was okay to have food in here since she had a whole bowl of macaroni." My mother swiveled onto me, and despite my protests that I never actually had any food in the living room, my sister snuck away upstairs and avoided the rest of my mom's wrath. I felt so set up! We all look back with laughter now, but boy was I angry at the time!!!!

I tried to set my sister up, too, when we were younger. It failed miserably when my mother told me: "No one likes a tattletale."

How do you guys usually get home after going out? Since driving isn't the best option..

Well, usually my chauffer shepherds me home, but if he's unavailable, it's bike, foot or taxi...or a combination of eyeballing the Next Train Arrival page on WMATA's mobile site, timing it so that I arrive on the platform two minutes before the train and then hoping there's no scheduled track work. 

Hello GOGs, My friends and I are really looking forward to Monday: the day that Fat Tire will finally be in DC for good! Do you know any bars that will have it on draft starting Monday? We'd like to celebrate the day with a pint or two. Thanks!

I'm trying to get a full list -- I missed the New Belgium "press preview" last night because I was at other beer week events. (Also, I think I've had all the NB beers that are coming in.) My guess would be the Black Squirrel, for sure; a lot of the major beer bars I've talked to are more excited about getting the Lips of Faith beers or the Ranger IPA instead of Fat Tire, even though they're all sure it will sell like hotcakes.

I know you answer scads of questions about "Where should I go for a daytrip/weekend getaway", but I'm hoping you can do it once more. My anniversary's coming up on 9/10, and we've traditionally done a big trip to celebrate. This year, though, my wife's 4 months pregnant, meaning physical activity needs to be low-impact, and costs need to be kept down. Friends tell me Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, for beer sampling and roller coasters is a somewhat inconsiderate idea. You have any better ones?

I actually think that might be a pretty good weekend for a  leisurely beach trip - it'll be less crowded, you could spend some time in Assateague, maybe even take one of those "eco" kayak tours, have some good food and get a little sun and relaxation -- even do some yoga on the beach. Since it's still early September, there should still be a fair amount of things going on, but you may be able to snag a deal on a beach house. Check out some of the stops on this year's beach guide, which focused on a lot of new places. 

Oh mighty Gurus, I'm going out Saturday night for restaurant week and my date tells me she also wants to go dancing. Can you tell me where a late 30s-early 40s couple can get there groove on this weekend?

Need more specifics -- what kind of music do you like?

Have you been day-dranking today? That is some mighty fine grammar!

From the dictionary:


vt. drank. 

Drunk as the past tense is listed as an archaic usage; currently, it's the adjectival form of drink.  Don't mess with the former copy editor.

I used to work with a guy (who really liked soap operas) and I think he was trying to create his own equal amount of drama at work (because work got in the way of his soap opera watching). Before we caught on to him, he back stabbed all of us in one way or another. He would come up to you and start bad-mouthing "Ralph" -- saying how horrible Ralph was, that Ralph was an idiot, how they should get rid of Ralph, etc. And then would turn around and tell Ralph that you said he was horrible, stupid and they should get rid of him. One woman left because his lies about her made her look so bad to the higher ups (but luckily she moved on to something better). Eventually, we all caught on to him and would just change the subject when he started but it created an unnecessary soap opera at work.

Nobody likes a "Ralph."

Going to dinner really early tomorrow in Penn Quarter, what's the best Beer Week event going on later (around 7ish)? Any daytime beer week activities on Saturday or Sunday? Thanks!

R.F.D. is offering local cask ales for $5 all weekend and Iron Horse will feature Flying Dog ales on Friday night.

Not a ton of events going on during the day on the weekend, though I'm really, really excited about the Mid-Atlantic Brewery event at Smith Commons, which starts at 5. All the D.C./Maryland/Virginia brewers will be there with beers on draft and in bottles.

U St has obviously been blowing up with a ton of new rad venues...Of all of the places that have opened in the past 6 months to year, where should I go tomorrow night? I've been to American Ice Company a handful of times (heart), but would love to try something different but of the same-ish vibe. Or, should my friends (probably 4-5 of us, guys and gals) just hit up The Gibson b/c none of us have been there yet...I know, lame. Thanks! You guys are fantastic.

I've been to Blackbyrd Warehouse a few times and like the vibe there -- a little more laidback than Marvin, with a raw bar (and late-night oyster happy hour!) to boot. Great deck, too.

For the AmIce vibe, though, I'd say Dodge City is your best bet. Love the patio and the fantastic beers.

More DC snobbery in the chat, as usual!

Nobody who's from D.C. (and thus worthy of being a D.C. snob) would use "Bridge and Tunnel." That makes sense in New York, but here? I definitely didn't have to use either (a) bridges or (b) tunnels to get to Silver Spring the other night.

Sorry, can you recommend another brunch option? If you didn't gather by the Irish theme, they are more meat/potatoes types. (Although I will now be trying the Source's brunch!)

No problem. The Newseum is only a handful of blocks away from Gallery Place, and there is no lack of brunches in that neighborhood. You might want to take the folks to try the brunch offerings at Poste, Matchbox, or even the jazz brunch at Acadiana.

Due to coincidental scheduling quirks, my girlfriend and about 8 of my closest DC-area friends will be out of town this weekend, so I'll have most of the weekend to myself. Anything going on around town that would be suitable to attend solo? Within walking/biking/Metroing distance from Dupont would be preferable.

Ah, the mass exodus of August. You could start with our list of best weekend events, plus this week's Nightlife Agenda. I guess it really depends on what you like though; can you give some more specifics? Outdoorsy, arty or something else entirely...?

My roommate and I mutually decided not to continue living together - our schedules didn't mesh and I got the feeling she didn't like me anyway. I made arrangements with another friend for the next year, and thought everything was hunky dory. My soon-to-be roommate told me my current roommate called her and told her I was horrible - did drugs, had constant overnight guests, etc. etc. These things were all straight up lies, not even exaggerations. Fortunately my soon-to-be roommate knew they were lies, but I had to live with someone willing to tell lies about me for no apparent reason.

That is bizarre. And possibly psychotic. Glad it all worked out...

So, i had been dating this guy, we'll call him Pat, for a couple of months and up until that point we never really had the exclusivity "talk". one of my "friends" we will call her Mary, had the idea of asking him about our status while i was not around (although i am not in sixth grade, sadly at the time i thought this was a brillant idea). anyhow, i got a text from her over the weekend after her chat with him telling me that Pat and I were, in fact, exclusive. interestingly enough, shortly thereafter, i received another text from a friend telling me that Mary and Pat had been spotted making out several times througout the day and went home together. that's what friends are for...?

My back hurts just reading this.

Events at the City Paper sent an email last week that said the Biergarten Haus would have half price select beers Aug 14-21. Do you know what those beers would be? Or if it only applies at certain times?

As part of DC Beer Week? I was there the other day and didn't see/hear anything about it, and they're not listed on the official schedule.

Bartender did tell me about the updated Monday-Friday 4-7 p.m. happy hour: Paulaner Pils, Franziskaner Hefe and Hofbrau Lager for $5 per half-liter and $10 per liter.

Hi Holly! Any suggestions for a fun outfit to wear to my husband's 10-year high school reunion? It'll be held at an outdoor (but upscale) steakhouse in Phoenix at the end of September. I'm dark-haired and olive-skinned and can pull off most looks but don't like showing a lot of leg or bosom. Apart from the standard LBD, I'm really not sure what would work! Any tips?

I vote for color over the same LBD that 95% of the other female guests will be wearing. With your coloring, I'd vote for coral, plum, turqouise, olive, kelly green or bold red -- keep the silhouette simple and opt for a sheath, A-line or shift dress. If you're worried about showing too much skin, add a tailored blazer or cropped  jacket in black, camel or ivory. With some classic, understated accessories, you'll look put-together without being boring or over-the-top.

I know, I know .... thought that when I said it, but didn't see a need to censor, but Ahem, a group of fancy-pants-and-sparkly-attired folks on U street on the weekends screams "we don't come here often."

Yeah, I know a number of Adams Morgan residents who avoid their own neighborhood at all costs on weekends for just this reason. Or they just go to MiG Bar/Bedrock/Josh Rose.

I live out near Dulles, and I keep seeing road signs saying, "Special Event 8/19, 12pm-7pm, expect delays, use alternate routes." Would you happen to know what the special event in question is?

There's a 9/11 tribute ride tomorrow, which could do some pretty interesting things to traffic on 66, among other places.

Approximately 15 people are going out next Saturday night for my friends 30th. We have a limo picking us up from a family-style meal at Carmines. What bars should we go to? Dancing is a plus for the girls but not mandatory. The birthday girl prefers mixed drinks to beer. I was thinking Adams Morgan for a bit of a bar crawl but would love either specific bar suggestions or another area to check out! Thanks

I think if you're turning 30 -- well, you don't want to do the same things you did when you turned 21 or 23, so Adams Morgan should be out, especially if (a) you have a group of 15 on a Saturday night and (b) you'd rather have mixed drinks than beer. Class it up a bit: Cocktails at Church and State (especially if you can get the Confessional room) or Smith Commons, then drinks/dancing at Little Miss Whiskey's, the Queen Vic or Rock and Roll Hotel.

Is this the place owned by the same who own Birchmere? Will the drill be the same - show up early, get a number, enter when number called?

No, Birchmere is a locally owned venue. This is owned by the Live Nation/Ticketmaster conglomerate. It's also much, much larger. I haven't heard anything about the entry policy, but I'm guessing it will be similar to the 9:30 Club, the Black Cat, etc: First come, first in.

I'm thinking old school hip-hop, R&B - but she's more into top 40.

What if you compromise and go to Fatback, the monthly excursion into all things funky at Liv? It doesn't matter whether you like Ke$ha or R. Kelly -- it's impossible to stop dancing when the huge team of Fatback DJs is dropping Motown/'70s funk/'80s R&B/New Jack Swing bombs all over the place.

And it's free.

We are celebrating my friend's 23rd birthday tomorrow night with an 80's-themed party, and after some drinks we would love to go out dancing in the NVa/DC region. Any suggestions of places that might have good 80's music playing, or at least good for a bunch of people dressed up in 80's style?

Head over to Clarendon Grill, where a local cover band called the Reflex is playing. They're the kind of group that wears Max Headroom-style sunglasses, Vuarnet shirts and parachute pants while performing songs by Van Halen/A-Ha/Duran Duran/etc.

Eeek! I know this isn't Dr. Gridlock, but I just saw your post about the motorcycle ride tomorrow and am freaking out. I live in McLean, and was planning to drive and park at National for a flight that departs at 6 pm tomorrow. Do I need to leave a ridiculous amount of time to get there?

It's looking that way. But I could be wrong; best advice I have is to look at the traffic map and check back with Dr. G tomorrow.

I believe many of the Kimpton hotels are dog-friendly and there are a ton in this area and in almost every major city now.

Another tip for the love birds with the puppy!

Right, and several years ago they were planning to open another place in SS.

Yeah, but it went nowhere and they're going to open in College Park instead. Fillmore is a completely different beast.

My ex took the truck. The dog went with the truck.

This one gets my vote.

The policy at my last job was no travel unless you had to present research. I did a month of research work that my boss claimed as his own, which he then proceeded to use so he could take work-paid trips to San Diego and New Orleans. Then when a potential promotion came up, he didn't allow me to interview for it because he didn't want me overshadowing him. To explain this to his boss, however, he claimed I didn't deserve the promotion because he said I hadn't done my work--namely, the research I did that he had stolen.

Oy. Please tell me you've found a new job...

I'm trying to show off DC to a friend who rarely crosses the Potomac. I am trying to find a late happy hour (one that runs until 7:30 or 8) Downtown tomorrow (within a 15 minute walk of McPherson, blue or yellow metro access). Ideally this place would have cheap drinks, decent food, and a lively atmosphere. For what it's worth, we typically go to Front Page or Fireworks in Arlington and are looking for a similar vibe. Any suggestions?

The Mighty Pint has the atmosphere and the cheap drinks (happy hour runs until 8) but the eats are just okay bar food. Madhatter has a Front Page-ish vibe and happy hour runs until 8; I like the sandwiches and burgers, but I'll confess that's about all I've had.

A friend and I would like to give our husbands a nice afternoon out before the second set of kids arrives. Do any of the new DC breweries offer tours? If so, which would you recommend, and any suggestions for pairing with a nearby watering hole? Many thanks from two pregnant ladies.

Both Port City and DC Brau offer tours; the difference is that Port City has a tasting room where you can sample all the brews on tap. DC Brau only sells beer in growlers and cans for off-premise consumption. For that reason, I'd probably do Port City, and then take a short drive into Old Town Alexandria for beers at either Rustico or Virtue Feed and Grain.

HR person reporting directly to president. Had a problem employee (seriously out of control - screaming at subordinates, cursing at clients), discussed w/ Prez and our attorney. Course of action determined and agreed to, so I deliver the probation notice. Employee goes to prez who claims he knew nothing and I'd gone rogue. He backed her completely. When confronted by our atty, his response was "I didn't want her to be mad at me". Yes, I left for another position.

That's ... wow.

What do you plan to do with the New Belgium list that you are putting together?

It'll be on the GOG Blog.

And the winner is...the guy who heckled us for giving away free tickets. Just kidding! We don't reward uppity behavior (and there was a lot today -- what is up with you guys?) The real winner is the person that was abandoned at the testicle festival, of all places. Email us at events at washingtonpost dot com to claim your prize.

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