Got Plans? Discuss great ideas for local entertainment, dates and family fun with the Going Out Gurus.

Jul 21, 2011

The Going Out Guide staff discuss great ideas for local entertainment, dates and family fun.

We've got a contest for you today, chatters. We have Big Boi tickets to gave away -- in case you haven't heard, he'll perform at the Park at 14th on Monday. 

In order to win them, we want to see how well you can turn an Outkast song lyric, album or song title into something that references the D.C. area. 


Be creative and as punny as you want. My personal favorite: Frankonia.



My hair is medium length and is greatly affected by NC humidity. What is your opion on the professionalism of doing a slicked back low pony tail for the office, which is not super stuffy, but more dressy than business casual. It seems my other option with the heat/humidity may be witch-like.

A sleek, low ponytail is on-trend for summer, and can look office-appropriate if your makeup is clean and natural. Borrow a tip from runway stylists and use a hair elastic that matches your natural haircolor, then take a small section of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to cover it. Secure it underneath with bobbypins and you're ready to go. One last tip: Probably the best anti-humidity fixes I've found is Living Proof's No-Frizz line.

Hi Gurus--Might be jumping the gun on this a bit, but   I believe that last year you had a list of the county fairs in the areas. Any plans for one this year, or any tips to offer? Plans to head to the DC carnival last weekend fell thru and now I'm craving some deep fried foods and games!

Not jumping the gun at all: We'll have a full roundup in tomorrow's Weekend section. In short, fair season gets underway on Monday with the Loudoun County Fair and continues until the Great Frederick Fair ends in mid September. Check out this list for all the dates, and let us know what the wackiest deep fried thing you find this summer is. 

I'm celebrating my birthday on Sat Aug. 13. I've always thought the people getting bottle service at nightclubs were kinda lame, but now I wanna do it. I live by Dunbar HS and want to know where the best deal for bottle service on a Saturday that I can walk to. Any suggestions?

The "that I can walk to" clause makes things a little more difficult -- as would knowing whether you're looking for a spot playing house, hip-hop, etc. -- but I'm going to go on a limb and say you should call Bar 7. It's a cool, intimate little spot that you definitely enjoy much more when you've got a table as opposed to just standing around and getting crushed at the bar.

Recently when walking past the Chinatown metro, I saw a big band jazz group playing that may have been the same group that used to play by Dupont Circle. I love the big band sound but really don't enjoy smooth jazz. Do you know of any place in or around the city that has big band jazz concerts?

The most regular offering is probably the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra at Bohemian Caverns. They usually play rather frequently. I would also check out Blues Alley, which has enough space to hold big bands as well. Anyone else have ideas?

Gurus, I know this is more of a Tom Sietsema question, but I have a last minute event to plan for the weekend. I was thinking vegetarian tasting menu at CityZen. Still good? Other recommendations? Thanks!

I haven't actually tried the vegetarian tasting menu at CityZen, but I wouldn't hesitate to make that reservation myself. I've only heard good things about it. From personal experience I can tell you that the vegetarian menus at 2941 and the Source are both great.

Gurus, we're attending the Bull Run reenactment on Sunday but find the information about it and related events far too confusing. Parking is at Jiffy Lube Live (yuck!) with a free shuttle to the battle reenactment. But does that shuttle go to the other events (1860s era baseball game, etc.)? Then on TV this morning, I heard there is parking at Prince Wm. Co. Fairgrounds to "seven events" but the shuttle costs $20. Still, I'd rather park in Oklahoma and take a shuttle than go to Jiffy Lube Live. Is there one place that coordinates all the events and travel/parking options together?

There are a bunch of unrelated (or not-so-related) events  going on in different locations this weekend. The baseball and living history events are in old town Manassas, which will mostly be shut off for vehicular traffic. The big reenactment is on private land -- shut off to vehicular traffic -- and you have to park @ Jiffy Lube Live. And the National Park Service's living history events are at the battlefield itself, which I will be will be a zoo to drive to all weekend.

But because all of these events are put on by separate groups, there's no uniting shuttle or transportation option that I've seen. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

Hello Mighty GOGs, Can you recommend an awesome bottomless mimosa brunch on Saturdays in DC (preferably in NW)? It seems that all of the places that offer bottomless mimosa brunches only do so on Sundays, but a group of us want to do it on a Saturday. Bonus points if it is reasonably priced (i.e. under $15 for entrees and $15 or less for the bottomless mimosa). Thanks!!

I feel like I mention these places all the time when asked this question, but Red Rocks, Vinoteca and Scion should match all of those criteria for a Saturday.

I've been seeing events for trunk shows and wanted to know what do you wear to one since I've never gone...can you dress up a nice pair of jeans or do you have to don a dress?

Trunk shows are casual shopping events, so you can wear whatever you normally wear to shop ... no need to force yourself into a dress, but you won't feel out of place wearing one, either.

I'm planning a bachelorette party (between 10-15 people) and think my friend would love to do karaoke. Are there places in DC that could accommodate our group that have karaoke on Saturday nights?

I'd look into Muzette in Adams Morgan, where you can book private rooms. Other options would be Cafe Japone and Peyote Cafe.

My boyfriend and I have plans for a special occasion dinner at J&G Steakhouse on July 30th at 8:15. We're hoping to also have drinks at POV, but reservations aren't available. Does a reservation at J&G get you an as a walk-in at POV more quickly? And would you recommend we try for before or after dinner (before AND after is also an option knowing us). Any tips you have for making this reservation a special time would be appreciated. You guys are the best!

The answer to this is "maybe." I think it's a similar situation to something I've done a few times -- dining at Restaurant Eve and casually asking the hostess/server (around the dessert course) whether it's possible to get into PX for drinks afterwards.

If you're having a special dinner at J&G, I'd definitely mention to the hostess or your server that you were hoping to have a cocktail at POV later, and would they be able to find out if there are any open seats or cancellations? Or show up a little early for dinner, and say, "I know we're here a bit early -- would it be possible for us to have a drink at POV while we wait?"

Can tickets be purchased in advance? If so, details PLEASE!! :-)

The Park's people have told me a few times that tickets are by invitation/pass only, unless you want to spring for bottle service.

Or unless you write a really good DMV/Outkast reference here.

At the last minute I find I'm going to be in DC over the weekend and would like to find a good brunch spot (not too noisy for senior citizen mom & son to celebrate her retirement at long last!!) in the Adams-Morgan or Dupont Circle area since my attempt to get reservations at Tabard Inn was not successful.

In Adams Morgan I can see having a celebratory brunch at Cashion's Eat Place. In Dupont I enjoy the brunch offerings at Hank's. It's a bit out of your geographic area, but for something really special you could head to the Source (I know, I know, I just recommended them) for the fantastic Dim Sum brunch. Just look at these pictures.


Too bad about the Tabard though, it really stands alone when it comes to brunch.

Me and you, Obama and them Pub'cans too Rollin' down the debt cause we're poor Taxin' up, slammin' Medicare doors

I was trying to come up with a way to spin this one yesterday but could do no better than switching "Elevators" to "Escalators" since they seem to be in the news these days. I'm not very creative.

Hi GoGs - I haven't been on the bar/club scene in quite some time, so I don't know what 'getting bottle service' means. And i imagine i may not be the only chatter in that position, so could you explain? Thanks!

Bottle Service: A table with reserved seats that's yours for the night as long as your group agrees to spend a minimum amount of money, usually $250-$1200. To hit that level, you purchase full bottles of alcohol, which are delivered to your table along with bottles of mixers. You pour your own drinks without having to wait for a bartender -- and you do all the work, which means most people don't make anything other than gin and tonics, Red Bull and vodkas, champagne, whatever. Bottles cost $150-$250 each (usually) but what you're really paying for is reserved seating -- really at a premium in most nightclubs -- and the right to skip the line and not pay a cover charge.

I need a recommendation for a good Friday happy hour in Northern VA. I live in Reston, but anywhere in a 20 minute radius would be fine (fairfax, sterling, falls church, etc). Any suggestions? Thanks!

My favorites: Cheap beers and drinks in a neighborhood atmosphere at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon, pool and beers at Carpool in Herndon, or the awesome house-brewed beers at Mad Fox in Falls Church, which are only $3 from 3 to 7 p.m.

What are some fun events going on tonight in honor of Belgian Independence Day? Thanks.

Fritz covered this in Nightlife Agenda:

Continuing on the Belgian beer kick, Thursday is Belgium’s Independence Day, and there will be parties at all the Belgian restaurants in the area. From 5 until close, Brasserie Beck is offering all beers for half-price ($3-$6 each), passing around free appetizers and giving away glasses, T-shirts and other swag. The Rusticos in Alexandriaand Ballston will be hosting parties with specials on the malty amber Palm Ale and giving away glassware for every beer purchased. AndBelga Cafe is the site of the traditional end-of-the-night party with music, dancing to a DJ and lots of beer.

Hi GoGs - I took your advice (last?) summer and went to see one of the evening concerts at the Air Force Memorial. The band was from the military (I thought army, though air force would make more sense) and played big band music. I'd like to take my elderly aunt to see them - either at the memorial or elsewhere; do you know if they're repeating the summer concert series at the memorial, and/or where else that group might play? I know the details are a little vague, but appreciate the help!

The band you're speaking of is the Airmen of Note -- probably my favorite military ensemble. There's a full schedule of their appearances -- a tribute to Stan Kenton! -- on the Air Force's Web site.

Bombs over Ballston!!!

Seen a few variations on this theme, but I really like the Ballston/Baghdad comparison.

For the first time Monday, I'm heading down to the mall for the outdoor movie (Some Like It Hot!). What's the best metro to use? How early should I get there to avoid being jostled by crowds as I find a spot? Is alcohol allowed? So many questions!!! Thanks, Gurus!

I hate to burst your bubble, but I think Monday's screening is "In the Heat of the Night" (you had the hot part right, though). SOTG takes over the Mall between Eight and 14th Streets, so the Smithsonian stop will be your best bet, and since it's Park Service land, alcohol is not technically allowed. It's going to be crowded, so just prepare yourself. That being said, usually I try to get there an hour or two before the screening to secure a decent spot.

Are the Hirschorn After Hours no more? I know there are now Night at Museums, but they are way to pricey for my blood.

Hirshhorn After Hours is alive and well. The next event is scheduled for October, although I don't think a date has been officially announced just yet.

My parents are coming to visit for four days (Fri-Mon) and we planned to hit some of DC's monuments and historical sites but the 100+ temps have destroyed that plan. Any suggestions on indoor events/activities that might be appropriate for mildly active seniors? Interests include photography, history, and dancing. Thanks!

I don't think you necessarily have to abandon the plan; the monuments and sites are actually really lovely at night, especially at dusk, around 7:30 or 8. And we recently did this story about local tours, which seem like they'll really be worth the money this weekend because they'll cut way down on your walking. I like Open Top because it hits every stop you can think of.  During the day, how about museums and movies? For art, I'm thinking they'lll enjoy the National Gallery or the American Art Museum/Portrait Gallery, which keeps late hours. (The Portrait Gallery even has a hand-dancing event on Saturday.) Then perhaps  you can sneak over to Zaytinya or Jaleo for lunch? "Oklahoma" is at Arena Stage; looks like tickets this weekend are available but pricey, but do call and inquire whether they're still offering the "pay your age" deal, which might put you ahead.

Hey Gurus - I'm turning 25 in two months and am thinking of booking a party bus. I haven't celebrated big in a while and am out of town every other year working campaigns, so wouldn't mind spending some of my own money to reduce the cost for my friends. Any recommendations for companies that operate in DC? If the service doesn't typically last the whole night, any ideas for places to go afterwards with a larger group? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I've done the Boomerang Bus before -- you ride around with up to 40 people, and it stops off at 3-4 clubs over the course of the night, usually for an hour or so at each place, and you can usually decide to stay at the last club for the rest of the night. Definitely an option.

Chatters, any other buses you'd recommend?

Thanks for the article on the 9:30 club today. There's a show in the coming months I'm interested in seeing but-I will be very pregnant, as in less than a month from my due date. The show is on a Monday night. What would you recommend?

In case you missed it, I wrote about the food at the 9:30 Club in last Friday's Weekend section. 

Whether you attend the show should obviously depend on how you're feeling at eight months preganant, but the folks at the 9:30 Club are extremely helpful and accomodating, and if you explain your situation, they'd probably be happy to arrange something seated for you.

Hi Gurus! My boyfriend's parents are coming to town during restaurant week and will be treating us to a dinner, which is great, but since I am the resident food enthusiast, they asked me to pick the place, which is stressing me out. They are in town from Oregon and their go to is a steakhouse when they want a special meal. This time they insist they want something (a little) more adventurous. Should also be some place that is not going to be too hip or loud. Can you think of a place that would fit the bill for this type of crowd? DC preferred. Many thanks!

There are a lot of good choices among the participating restaurant for your group. Not knowing your specific date/time/cuisine requirements I guess I will just try and help narrow it down. I would look at places like Againn (may be a little loud), Ardeo+Bardeo, Bourbon Steak, Et Voila, Kellari and the Oval Room.

ChronoMETROphobia btw, I happen to LOVE Idlewild

Had this one too; I'll admit to not caring for "Idlewild" but this one was too good to pass up. Had to go re-listen.

Why don't people dance in clubs anymore? Most places I have been are more loungey with overpriced cocktails and minimal dancing. Where can 20 somethings go to dance in DC without worrying about being the only ones on the floor?

Which places have you been? I've seen people dancing a lot of different places -- U Street Music Hall, Glow, Ultrabar, Rumors, Clarendon Ballroom, the Black Cat and even Velvet Lounge recently. If you're going to loungey places, like Current, Josephine or kstreet, then yeah, there's more lounging than dancing.

What's a good bet in DC to go for a non-touristy sit-down birthday dinner (2 people) where you can still wear flip-flops and shorts? Something a bit more formal than Nandos or Tackle Box? Would Palena Cafe work?

I almost dismissed this one -- formal-ish dinner in flip-flops? But I've got it: Bar Pilar. Really, the food is divine (i never leave without eating the beet salad and fried, aoili-smothered potatoes). And it's totally unassuming, particularly if you beat the bar crowd and get there around 7.

That said, I'm hoping swarms of people don't show up at bars to eat in flip-flops and shorts.  Fashion-wise, we've come so far as a city; i'd hate to see us regress.

Seeing lots of DMV-ed rap lyrics, but not as many horribly punny Outkast song titles as I expected. I can't be the only one who thought "Jazzy Belle Haven Marina" was funny, am I? I probably am.

I saw that you just mentioned hand dancing. Is this inside or outside?

Thankfully indoors, inside the museum's Kogod Courtyard.

Gurus, a few friends and I are thinking of braving the heat and heading to Annapolis on Saturday for dinner. Do you have any restaurant recommendations that will keep us in the $15-$20 range for entrees? Thanks so much!

Depends on what your want, honestly. When I go to Annapolis, I'm usually focused on fresh seafood, so I'm going to Boatyard Bar and Grill or O'Leary's in Eastport, or McGarvey's by the dock. Tsunami on West Street is where to go for some really good sushi. Level is a nice locavore spot for small plates, with the benefit of a great cocktail lounge upstairs. And I don't think you beat Davis' Pub for Maryland-style pub grub -- I have dreams about their crab balls.

Try the Keg Bus ( Used them for my 30th birthday, and they were great- easy to work with and we were able to make several different stops around the city. I believe they were flexible on the amount of time you could rent them for- we booke them for the whole night.

We've got a couple of comments recommending KegBus.

I work in Reston & I usually go to the Town Center for HH. Jacksons has a great atmosphere & McCormicks has great food specials. For cheap beers & apps I go to Prime Time Sports Bar in Fairfax. Its an upscale sports bar thats great all around!

Agree with you on Jackson's -- probably the best spot for happy hour in Reston.

I haven't been to Prime Time since last football season, but I wasn't exactly blown away. Wings were good, though.

Orishwild: A musical set in the Prohibition-era DC, where a speakeasy performer and club manager Swampoodle must contend with gangsters who have their eyes on the club while his piano player and partner Martian O'Malley who must choose between his girl and his father. Winner, winner Big Boi dinner?

It's been a while since I went to a show at the Black Cat... what time should I get there, and what time is the show likely to wrap up?

Doors at 9, See-I probably on around 11 or so, show should wrap up by 12:30 or 1? That's what I'd approximate for a mainstage show on a Saturday at the Black Cat. 

Hey Gurus, My BFF's ex-husband is marrying his mistress this Saturday so we're taking BFF out, hoping to keep her thoroughly distracted. She's requested a drag show, which totally isn't my scene. The only one I can find online is Ziegfeld's/Secrets. The group will be mixed, over 40s and mid-30s. Good place? Safe parking? Honestly, I'd prefer some place on H street where all the good restaurants are, but it doesn't look like that's an option. Thanks for any help you can give me!

I would probably suggest Town over Secrets, mostly because I've seen more groups of straight women there. You're also near all the U St./14th St. restaurants, since dining's a little thin on the ground near Secrets.

Town has a pretty fantastic show, too. Doors open at 10, the show starts at 10:30, and you get reduced admission and $3 drinks if you're there by 11.

Brave the heat and go to jazz in the garden or not? That is the question...

It all depends on how much you enjoy sweating, I guess.

Hi Gurus--Can you give any more details about the party tonight at Belga Cafe? Time? Cover? Attire? Thanks!

I went over late last year (post-Beck, maybe 10:30 p.m.) and there was no cover and free beer. The bar just confirmed that admission will be free, and the DJ starts around 10, but they're still working out other details.

Attire? Your favorite Eden Hazard jersey or yellow/black/red outfit.

Fritz, I was at Tsunami over July 4th weekend, and we had some pretty crappy sushi. The rice was hard and dense. I wouldn't recommend it. OTOH, the sashimi was good and the side of spinach with bacon was baconlicious.

Ouch, sorry to hear that. Last time I was in (and not drinking), the sushi and sashimi were tasty, but you've been more recently. Let's give it an asterisk.

So this is awkward to ask, but I figured ya'll would give me good advice -- this weekend I met and was talking to an attractive bartender at a Logan Circle establishment (won't specify which one in case he's reading). It was early in the night so we had a chance to talk a bit and I found him really attractive. Would it be weird of me as a girl to have left him my phone # or asked him out or something? Do bartenders get hit on all the time? Since I always go by the principle (however stupid) that if a guy likes me, he'll ask for my number -- would bartenders get in trouble if they hit on customers like that? Thanks in advance.

So, as the girlfriend of a bartender, I'm really of two minds on this. On one hand, I don't want to discourage you because I kinda met my boyfriend at his bar, and we're now in it to win it.

But I think you're asking all the right questions about the whole exchange. It IS weird to leave your number or ask him out; bartenders DO get hit on all the time; and he totally might get in trouble for hitting on you. My boyfriend always tells me that I should think of the bar as his office and that the same rules  apply whether you're serving drinks or in a cubicle.

Also, your particular bartender might have a significant other at home (waiting up till he gets off at 4 a.m., mind you); it's hard to tell because his job is to kind of to talk to you.  I don't want to totally discourage you, though, so i'll say this: You could always go back to said bar sometime soon, and see if he remembers you/talks you up/buys you a drink. Then maybe it'll feel natural to ask him out.

I know from talking to bartenders (in D.C. and elsewhere) that while most bars encourage the staff to chat with customers, they draw the line at bartenders asking customers out. I've heard stories about women putting their numbers on the bill/receipt, but I have no idea what the success rate is.

If you go back and you're chatting, you could casually tell him how much you like the bar, or the drinks he recommended, ask him to recommend some bars he likes to visit when he's not working. Maybe he'll extend an invitation.

Are any bars/restaurants doing anything for the final weekend of the Tour d France?

Meridian Pint was showing it last weekend. But! They open at 10 a.m. so if watching the tour live is your primary objective, you may want to stick around for one of the replays they say they'll show.

Summers in Arlington opens at 8 a.m. on weekends though I had a friend try to watch the race there last weekend and found they didn't open the doors until about 8:30 or so. 

Can you suggest a day trip that is pet-friendly? Aside from a hike.. I'm not sure if there are many options.

A lot of the Virginia wineries are pet-friendly, so that's an option. Off the top of my head, the only one I know for sure is Bluemont, but you could always call a few others to figure out which ones will let you bring your pup.

There are plenty, actually. If you're looking for something, like, now, there are a ton of dog-friendly happy hours, for one. You can take a dog cruise, too; and look out after Labor Day when a lot of pools (especially in NoVa) have a doggie swim day in the pools. And a boutique near Annapolis has a lot of stuff going on for dogs, from cruises to contests. And there's dog yoga! At the Monaco's dog happy hour (on the list above), they've started doing doga once a month. No date announced for August yet (I'm waiting to hear back). UPDATE: I heard back; Dog Yoga will be every other Thursday beginning Aug. 11 at the Monaco. Your dog will be so happy .... and  toned.

Is there anything to do in or near the Frederick area? I'm looking to venture out in my neighborhood and am ready to semi retire the DMV for somewhat different territory. Restaurants, night life, etc

Well, there's the stellar restaurant Volt, as for bars, Fritz likes Brewer's Alley and Bentz Street Bar, a bar called Tasting Toom. In the area, there are wineries too - if you're out there, you can swing up to Black Ankle and Elk Run, which I liked a lot; Linganore has festivals on weekends (and very sweet wine). 

Marteralla Winery in Warrenton is very pet-friendly. they have large outdoor patio (with fans) and even a brick oven for pizza. Highly recommend it.

Thanks for the tip!

Barrel Oak Winery (just off 66) is very dog-friendly.

And another one. And very dog-friendly? Does that mean they have milkbone tastings or something?

Sing it, sorry if I am resubmitting I'm sorry DC [OOOH] This is for real Never meant to make the new DC residents cry I apologize a trillion times I'm sorry DC [OOOH] This is for real Never meant to make the new DC residents cry I apologize a trillion times...

Can't publish the whole thing, but I do appreciate the fact that you wrote a verse about the actual DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles.

Hey GOGs, I got a buddy from back in the day coming to crash at my pad this weekend and see what DC has to offer. My SO is out of town and I want to make sure I show my bro a good time, but its been a while since I've been flying solo. Before I go crazy and keep going with lame jargon, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a brotastic weekend? I'm thinkig we can do some bar hopping and hit the rooftop pool during the day, but it would be agreat if you could give a heads up on any good parties, shows, or events this weekend. Thanks, homies.

Bro, we got you, bro. Alex, Justin and I wrote a story about bro-ing out earlier this year, but we have plenty more suggestions where those came from. (And I like throwing the rooftop pool at Donovan House into the mix.)

How about a tour and beer tasting at the new DC Brau brewery (open 1-4 on Saturday), steaks at Medium Rare, some giant steins of beer at standard (maybe with some barbecue, too?) or the new rooftop deck at Biergarten Haus....

Whoops -- hit submit too early. I'd also say the crab feast and country music show on the waterfront or the summer beer tasting happy hour in Chinatown sound like good options. And Justin says not to miss "sitting at the bar at Hill Country Barbecue, which is the bro-iest bar around."

I think you meant Barrel Oak which is dog centric, not Bluemont.

Nope, I meant Bluemont. Their site says vaccinated and leashed dogs are welcome. Although it sounds like Barrel Oak is another good option.

Can we all just stop saying DMV - that is the stupidest acronym ever.

And also apparently the most confusing since we're getting a lot of Outkast submissions about the Department of Motor Vehicles...

Hi Gurus--I know you guys do a great job of summarizing the DC pool party scene, but I'm wondering if there are any open to the public options this weekend that kids could go to? I'm thinking teenagers. VA preferable but we could do district too. Thank you!

Oh, man, I think a visit to a giant splash park is in order; check out this list. I really think Virginia has a ton of bigger pool/parks, and if you wanted to shell out a little more, I'd suggest SplashDown.

This isn't a going-out question, but ever since the Post started including your last names in the chat, I've been wondering... is Justin Rude frequently called "rudeboy"? It's too bad he's not a ragga MC or something.

I usually get Rudey, which I actually like, but the occasional Rudeboy isn't unheard of. It was especially bad in high school during the mid-90s ska revival. Honestly, anything is better than when its mispronounced Rudd, which happens way more frequently than you would think. I think people are worried about causing offense.

And yes, I also wish I was a ragga MC.

Elevators (DC and You)

Bombs Over Ballston


And the person who wrote the Ms Jackson-style ode to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If yours is one of the Outkast submissions listed above, please send me an email: 

Thanks for playing today; we've got an even bigger giveaway coming up next week, so keep your eyes on the Going Out Guide blog and follow us on Twitter @goingoutguide. 


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