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Jun 10, 2010

The Going Out Guide staff discuss great ideas for local entertainment, dates and family fun on Thursday, May 20, at 1 p.m. ET.

Hi. Welcome to the pre-World Cup edition of Got Plans. We've got a LOT of soccer questions in the queue, so let me start by giving you a link to my Where to Watch the World Cup story that will be in tomorrow's Weekend section. We didn't have room to list every bar in the paper, so we're also putting up a special online-only guide with way more info. Look for that later today. (Best World Cup news: Biergarten Haus is definitely opening tomorrow, and word from the friends-and-family previews has been overwhelmingly positive.)

And if you need an extra reminder, we're hosting a baseball-themed Going Out Guide Happy Hour tonight at the Bullpen from 5 to 7. Stop by for free hot dogs, $4 beers and a couple of games of corn hole in the Gurus' private area of the bar. And at 7, we're heading across the street to watch the Nats beat up on David's beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. Hope you can make it.

Hi Gurus! I know the topic of doggie happy hours was discussed last week, but i'm still looking for some more info about them. Do some (which?) restuarants with outdoor seating allow you to bring the dog during non-designated times? I'm from Annapolis and this was VERY common. Specifically, I'd like to go somewhere Sunday afternoon for lunch with my pup. What about the Gtown waterfront? Also, do you know if the National Arboretum allows dogs? Or the zoo? Sorry, I'm a new owner & I want to bring her everywhere! Thanks!

The Zoo does not allow dogs.

Old Town Alexandria is very dog-friendly, with many bars and restaurants allowing well-behaved dogs on their patios. (Pat Troy's, for example, even has a doggie menu.)

But since I'm dog-less, we'll open this up and let chatters share the restaurants where they bring their pets. Chatters?

Hi GoGs! I've missed your fantastic information the last two years! I just moved back to DC from Mexico where I fell in love with Spinning. I am looking for a gym where you can pay for individual classes or a low cost membership that includes classes. Do you know a place on the Hill or the Red Line with Spinning classes for around $50/month? Thanks! Repatriated Gringa

I'm a member of the Cult of Spinning too (yea!), and I have heard that the Bally on L Street is super-cheap compared to the other gyms around here. I checked and there are definitely spinning classes a few times a week (and looks like there's a special right now).  I go to a different gym, so I can't speak for the condition of the bikes or the instructors. Maybe give it a tour before you sign up?

Will there be beer trucks in Dupont for the games on Saturday?

No beer trucks, because no alcohol is allowed in the circle. If you want to drink, you'll have to go to one of the nearby bars showing the match, like Bar Dupont.

Hey Gogs! Love the chat. Weather looks great this weekend, so was thinking about hitting up the pool party at the Liason this Sunday with my GF. What's the deal with seating arrangements? Can I get a pair of lounge chairs or a couch without dropping $500 for bottle service? How does the venue work, most people at tables? Need to bring our own towels?

The Liaison has very, very limited seating if you don't get bottle service. Most people wind up standing around. And yes, bring your own towels, though few people do more than put their legs in the water.

I'm not even sure what time the opening ceremonies will be on Fri. But, where can I watch the Mexico vs. RSA game? I'm looking for a rowdy place, rather watch it at a Mexican or South African place. Preferably, in Northern VA.

Babylon Futbol Cafe in Falls Church caters to Latin American soccer fans, and they expect to be crowded for the Mexico game.

In the past, one could pick up tickets to the Post-sponsored Carter Barron free concerts at the Washington Post building. This year I saw no information about that option on either the Post or Carter Barron website. Is the Post pick-up still an option? Thanks for your repsonse

If you've called the Post to ask about our weekly summer concerts at any point in the past two years, I'm the guy who has given you the following well-rehearsed spiel:

Tickets can only be picked up on the day of the performance, in-person, at one of two locations: The Washington Post building at 15th and L streets NW beginning at 8:30 a.m. or at the Carter Barron box office beginning at noon. First-come, first-served, maximum of four tickets per adult.

Oh, and for reggae night (June 25) you best come early, because those tickets were gone by 10 a.m. last year.

My wife and I came of age post-college in DC, moved away to have kids and now visit on periodic childless weekends. On an upcoming weekend we will be in Clarendon on Saturday evening and 14th street on Sunday evening. We're in our 40s so not looking for the post-collegiate scrum. Ideas? So far thinking EatBar, Lyon Hall and Eventide for Saturday, Churchkey, Masa 14 and Cork for Sunday. Thoughts and/or additions?

I'm a fan of all those places you mentioned. If you like Japanese I would also consider Kushi. Its new, chic and offers good sushi and Japanese-style bar food. Well worth a visit.

After much speculation, looks like we have something open in the old firehouse. Despite the name, they don't appear to have their own brews. What have you heard -- is it worth checking out for happy hour or am I setting myself up for disappointment?

From what I've heard, it was going to be associated with the locals at Hook & Ladder brewery, but that didn't work out. Their house brew, an IPA, is instead being produced by Red Brick Station, which operates out of Baltimore. Haven't been their myself yet, but the menu looks like scaled-up American pub fare. I'm looking forward to my first vist. Any chatters tried it?

GoGs, I've lived in this town for a while and think I lose perspective sometimes by going to the same places. I'm looking for a place that will hold 30-40 of us, preferrably in Penn Quarter (not Clyde's or Bar Louie, please) as it's right in between the lobbyists and the Hill types that will make up the majority of this group. Ages will range from 25-45 and this group knows how to have a good time. Any suggestions for this in-a-rut organizer? Thanks!

Iron Horse Tap Room would be my first recommendation. It's roomy, there's skeeball, shuffleboard and Big Buck Hunter to keep people busy, plus plenty of seating and flat-screen TVs.

If you'd rather be outside, try the huge courtyard patio at Poste.

Good riddins!!! I took my family visiting from out of town there last year, and the service was the WORST! Food was pretty bad too. Very glad to see it go......

I don't think you are going to wring much of an argument out of anyone here.

Do any of the outside bars at the Gtown waterfront offer any drink specials? If so, when? I've never paid attention to that and always end up with a super huge tab!

I don't believe Nick's or Tony and Joe's have happy hour. There seem to be plenty of people willing to pay full price, so why would they offer specials?

not really a going out question, but figured chatters might have some ideas on, i need an awesome office prank to play on my officemate. he is in europe for two more weeks so there is quite a bit of time. i will have some helpers and nothing is really off limits. just needs to be good. really good.

Since you've got plenty of time you could always do the whole wrap-his-or-her-entire-office-in-aluminum-foil gag. That one never gets old for me. Any other mischievous chatters out there?

My area of DC has a lack of thrift stores. Where can I find thrift stores, flea markets, salvation armys, etc?

There's a DC Goodwill on South Dakota Ave. in NE, otherwise you've got to get out to the 'burbs. Fortunately there are good options close to the city. Just over the line in Hyattsville, Langley Park and Bladensburg you've got two Salvation Army's and a Value Village.

Georgia Avenue Thrift is the joint if you want high-end finds. I remember really liking this old Sunday Source story, too -- all about thrifting.

You're right, Old Town Alexandria LOVES dogs and I love watching people with their pets. I think it's such an accepted practice in Old Town that most restaurants don't have a problem with you dining outdoors with your dog. Just bring your pooch (and a poop bag, please!) to Old Town and see which diners have their pets with them, or ask any of the very friendly residents walking their dogs where they like to go.

Good advice. You might want to stop by the doggie happy hour at the Hotel Monaco on Tuesday and Thursday to do some research. That place is PACKED with dog lovers.

Help! My cousin and her two teen-age boys (15 and 18) are coming to visit for 10 days! I am trying to plan their visit. I have included all the typical DC stuff - museums, White House, Georgetown, but I would like some unique ideas that will appeal to the boys. One is particularly interested in poetry readings and open mic performances; the other is into martial arts. Metro accessibility is a must. Thanks.

I'm not sure when these guys arrive, but I'm going to assume it's soon. Poetry is a little easier to come by; you've got Iota Poetry Series, a poetry reading in Rock Creek, Mother Tongue at the Black Cat and Bloomsday (though that's literature, not poetry -- does that count?). As for martial arts, the best I can come up with is the new Karate Kid.

Looking for a place either in N. Arlington or in the city to watch the game Saturday in a pro-USA bar that won't be so crowded that I can't hear myself cheer but will at least offer good food/drink specials. Thanks!

I like the sound of the Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse parties -- showing all U.S. games on a movie screen.

Molly Malone's is going to be packed with the American Outlaws supporters group. I think Bourbon and Capitol Lounge will be very U.S. friendly as well.

Since Liaison doesn't have a plethora of chairs for those of us without bottle service sized wallets... would you recommend the Capitol Skyline Party? Is Spike still doing it on Sundays? What's the crowd like?

Yeah, Spike's still doing the Sunday party. Haven't been this year, but last summer's parties were fun, a little less hipster than the Saturday BYT events.

Do call the restaurant and ask if they allow dogs. Some people seem to think that just because a restaurant has an outdoor patio, that dogs are welcome there and that is not always the case.

Very good advice. Pre-planning never hurts.

The National Arboretum does allow dogs - other good places to take them are Teddy Roosevelt Island, Jones Point, Dyke Marsh, and the C&O. Just be aware of everyone else around and maintain control of your dog on the bike paths because it's not fair for everyone to maneuver around your pup.

As for patios, Old Town is super dog friendly and there are dog friendly patios but there is also a size limit.

Also, can I just respond to the person from last week who said it's mean to keep big dogs in apartments? The equation of big dogs = more energy is false. The bigger the dog, the calmer the dog and the less need to run around/etc. I have a greyhound who does nothing but sleep all day. I had her for a month before my neighbors knew I had a dog because they honestly and truly don't do anything but shift from napping on the sofa to napping on the rug to napping on their bed. Big dogs are also less likely to be barkers and every single complaint my condo board gets about barking, noise making, property destroying dogs are the small ones. The false information just bothers me because you see a lot of small dogs returned to shelters because they are yippy/too high energy/destroyers as people assume they are better fits for small places while larger dogs wait and wait because the assumption is that they are too much handle. Trust me - 5 mins of chasing a ball at the dog park and my greyhound is done for the day but that same 5 mins doesn't put a dent in the energy of my neighbor's Jack Russell.

I knew the dog owners would come through. Thanks.

Other than the bars, where is a good singles scene in DC today?

I'm a big fan of meeting people in a place that you actually want to be -- volunteering, playing sports (there are so many softball, kickball and even skeeball leagues to choose from) or taking a class (DJing, anyone?).  For one, you're far more likely to meet someone who has something in common with you.  And while it might take you a while to meet someone, in the meantime, you'll  be having a good time on your own, and making a few friends in the process. And a lot of people are really attracted to that.   (Plus, it makes a lot of sense to meet someone this way if that whole "couples that play together..." business is true.) Wow, did i just totally do a bad Hax impersonation...

I may be headed to Biergarten on Saturday too watch the world cup game with a small group. Two questions: 1. Is it going to be obnoxiously crowded because it is just opening. 2. Do you have any idea how the food will be. Not worried about the beer I am sure it will be great and I plan on drinking as much of it as possible but I am a bit worried abou the food.

1. I'm expecting it to be a freaking madhouse for the first couple of weekends. Going Sunday to watch Germany, and already steeling myself against the crowds.

2. Have not been or tried the food, but the chef is coming from Vermilion, so the menu should be good.

I recently moved to Court House from DC and am trying to get used to the fact that I now live in VA. I would love your tips for the best bars and resturaunts in the court house/clarendon area. Thanks

Luckily for you there is a lot to choose from, so it depends entirely on what you are looking for. Eventide and Tallula serve up good contemporary American, the Delhi Club is great for Indian, Me Jana has you covered for Lebanese and Pho 75 does its name proud. Of course you are also close to the Arlington Ray's properties and the newly opened Lyon Hall. For bars my tastes run to the Galaxy Hut, Eat Bar and Jay's. That covers you for beer, wine and true dive.

I'd avoid Liason at all costs. I loved it last year and hate it this year. It's not crowded (maybe sophomore slump?), drinks are weak, you can't sit down unless you spend $$$, and the vibe is way too techno. I'd recommend Skyline or even better the Donovan House (also not crowded but better feel).

And don't forget the new Saturday rooftop pool party with DJs and grilling at the Embassy Row Hilton. (All the details are in the Nightlife Agenda.)

World Cup in Dupont Circle. Great idea or going to packed beyond capacity?


Hi, I know this is off topic, but the apartment living column ended years ago. I'm apartment hunting, but I am finding the traditional sources lacking (and full of scams)... can you (or your readers) recommend a great alternative source, preferably web-based, that might list apartments that don't make the normal lists. Cheaper apartments preferred for a bachelor on a budget. Thanks

You've come to the right place. I like to move about every nine months, so I have all sort of tactics. I've had a lot of luck with Craigslist (yes, it does take some sifting to find the gems), but if you don't want to go that route, here's another idea: pick a couple of neighborhoods that appeal to you and take an afternoon wandering around looking for "For rent" signs. You'd be surprised how many places don't advertise, and you can find some good deals this way.

Gurus - question for you - please help! A few friends and I are looking for a bottomless-mimosa brunch Sunday morning followed by the Sex and the City movie. We need a brunch place within walking distance to a movie theater. Do you have an recommendations? Cleveland Park AMC theater isn't playing SATC - otherwise, we'd go to Ardeo and then that theater. Thanks!

Is Bethesda too far? Black's Bar and Kitchen does a buffet-style brunch with bottomless champagne cocktails, and the Regal Bethesda a brisk walk away is showing SATC.

I've had the most success when I combined Stephanie's advice. I walked around neighborhoods I liked, found a place I was interested in, and then if I needed a roommate in order to get a 2 Br in that building, I advertised on craigslist to screen potential candidates. I've done it twice with major success both times.

Great idea. Thanks!

Gurus, I'm confused. I know the restuarants are closing. Do you know when? The DC site is still advertising World Cup deals. I got the impression that the closings were immediate. Has Disney moved on to the next problem, forgetting about the website?

Word on the street is that they are closing on the 16th. So I guess that gives them 5 days to offer specials.

More importantly though, where are people going to find air hockey now?

Any word on whether Bar Pilar and Cafe Saint Ex plan to show the matches? They are not classic sports bars, but the European feel could make them nice viewing spots.

Saint-Ex is opening for all 10 a.m. and 2:30 matches, and they're adding new flatscreens for the tournament.

I will bet that Pilar will be open similar hours.

I am really excited about the World Cup, but am not really into crowded bars. I would watch from home, but I don't have cable. Do you have any suggestions for a more enjoyable watching experience?

Every single game of the tournament is on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2. Any bar with a TV should have those channels, so just about any bar would be a "World Cup bar."

But for the real World Cup experience, you need to watch with fans. See Holland play at Mackey's with Dutch embassy staffers. Cheer on the French at Bistro La Bonne. Watch Argentina at El Patio in Rockville.

Another idea is to bring him to a Parkour Gym to try out something new that isn't offered in his home area.

Another idea for the martial arts-loving teen.

I just got out of a long term relationship & I'm interested in meeting guys. I know you guys get this question a lot but I think it's mostly about which bars to go to. The problem is that I'm also cutting back my alcohol consumption to near abstinence so I would like to stay away from bars. I'm in my late 20s & I have single friends in their early 30s. Where can we meet cool, laid back sober men?

Did you see my previous answer? I think it holds true if you're a single lady or a dude. A great thing to do to battle the downer of coming out of a  long-term relationship is cultivate hobbies; get out to things you never went to while you were coupled up (museums, art openings, join a Meetup group). And if you want practice getting back into the dating world, you could always try the online thing (though I wouldn't do just that). I keep hearing about OKCupid -- lot of young-ish locals seem to be on it.

Do they check your ****  card at the door? Got suckered into the event by a friend. This was far and away the most obnoxious DC event I have ever been to, buyer beware. Get over yourselves, people (and your $500 sunglasses and fake spray tans, too). Ugh. I feel better, thanks. Does LNS sponsor this?

Do you actually know what Late Night Shots is? Smith Point, George, etc. are the antithesis of bottle service and techno. The Liaison has always struck me as more of a Shadow Room/Lima/Fly crowd.

GoGs, have you had the opportunity to sample Jaleo's Paella Festival menu? I'm heading over there tonight and we're wondering whether you have recommendations. We're all dventurous tapas eaters! Also, any recommendations for other tapas dishes we should order there?

An unfortunate travel schedule has kept me away this year, so you are going to be getting there before I do. Any chatters checked out the Paella fest menu yet?

Congrats Fritz on the opening of this Chat your "PRODUCER" status. Let's make a movie together or at least grab a drink! ;-)

This sounds slightly creepy.

Lavanya mentioned a DJing class...where does one take that? Any to recommend? That sounds like fun!

Here's my perhaps overly long breakdown of the school -- it's at Bach 2 Rock in Bethesda. I'm planning on signing up at some point, too!

We're heading to the Eastern Shore for an overnight trip this weekend, but unfortunately can't leave NoVA until around 11:30 Saturday morning. How bad is bridge traffic likely to be? And, any recommendations on how to time it coming home Sunday to avoid the worst of the back ups?

Expect long backups on a Saturday around noon.

My rule is always to come back as late as possible, although not so late as to be tired on the drive home.

Here's an idea. Grow up. This isn't a college dorm. People don't get in trouble for this kind of stunt, but, trust me, higher ups don't reward this kind of activity either. Do your job, and save the funny stuff for happy hour. My two cents.

It's this kind of attitude that gets people thinking, "Man, you're right. We need to cut out the horse play, act like grown ups and focus on our jobs." Perfect way to set them up for the ultimate killer prank!!!

Now, of course I already know about and intend to attend soccer on the circle, but I don't have television and want to catch other games--like the France-Uruguay match tomorrow. What are the soccer bars? Preference for Capitol Hill area.

See the big list I posted in the intro.

Capitol Lounge will be many Hill staffers' weekday soccer bar of choice during the World Cup.

I was all excited to ask you GOGs for advice on what to do for a second date this Saturday, but, well, he didn't call. So, I'm mostly just commenting on how bummed I am that I was all set to take your advice and now have no plans. Unless you want to recommend something for a single Alexandria girl to do this Saturday afternoon...?

Chin up, Alexandria. For starters, you could don your summer stripes and meet some fun people on the Seersucker bike ride. Or you could head to Dupont to watch the U.S.A-England match, which affords the opportunity of making up to 1,617 new friends (if Facebook is to be believed).

I like the aluminum foil idea, though if the person's office has a lot of windows or is near a lot of windows, you might find yourself constructing a very reflective office death ray instead. I personally have always wanted to fill a cubicle (or office) with balloons. Lots and lots of balloons, and then ones filled with helium and tied to various things in the office so they float up to the ceiling (or almost to the ceiling - hitting the ceiling could be a fire code violation) but don't float away. Also, since they're tethered, you can stagger the strings so it resembles the floating balloon mass from "Up" and your co-worker will be untying balloons for DAYS.

I like this -- though you have to get your timing just right. Helium balloons only keep their kick for so long, so you might have to get in early on the day your co-worker returns.

Help this southern, New Orleans' gal out and point me in the direction of anywhere that serves Firefly. There are people I know who've never had an Arnold Palmer...SCANDALOUS! DMV or Baltimore. Thanks!

Many bars have it, from Johnny's Half Shell to Russia House.

I like the Firefly and Lemonade at Breadsoda, personally.

Yeah, that dude was only 1/2 right...LNS bars and Liaison couldn't attract a different set of *****.

Ha. Point taken.

Relatives are coming into town and I'm taking them to Politics and Prose for a book event and some browsing. Where should we get lunch? They're relatively adventurous eaters, though no one seems to be a fan of Asian, Indian, or African cuisine. Needs to be within walking distance from the metro and/or bookstore...Also, we need to keep it budget friendly. Work your magic!

You'll find two fine restaurants on the same exact block.  Comet  serves amazing pizzas in a hip but family-friendly space. Buck's is finer dining for locavores, and it just got an amazing review. Either will please the adventurous-but-cautious relatives.

Hi Gogs - any idea where I can watch the games on U other than Momo's? Does anyone have extended hours for an early morning fix?

Patty Boom Boom will be opening at 7 a.m. Drink specials include $3 cans of Red Stripe and $3.50 patties.

My parents just abruptly changed their plans and announced they're coming to DC (after all) in two weeks for an early celebration of their 50th anniversary. My sister and her family will be coming in as well. Where should we take a party of 9 for dinner that Friday night? I'd prefer some place that isn't too noisy, and mom seemed to think that $40 per main course wasn't too much to spend. Dad prefers traditional (steak over sushi; Italian over Thai) but the rest of us will eat pretty much anything.

Tom took a look at Bond 45 in National Harbor for Sunday's magazine and liked what he saw. Its a new place so it feels fresh and the food will please your traditionalists. Pro tip: grab a cocktail and make sure you save room for dessert.

Fritz, you're so annoying.

Just doing my job.

But if you want to slam an entire group of people (whether BYT hipsters, Late Night Shots readers, Liaison attendees, etc) at least have some idea who you're really talking $#@&! about.

Why would Dutch Embassy staffers go to Mackey's? That's nowhere near the embassy.

I asked the embassy staffers the same thing! Apparently they just like the pub.

Since when do you have to block the word "poser" from your chats?

As you may have noticed, we're not blocking much today. What is it with all the negativity today?

Thinking of Columbia Room but need to get a sense of how long the experience would be there ( a couple of hours?) and whether I should make dinner reservations elsewhere after. If so any suggestions nearby. Or other suggestions, we hardly ever get a babysitter so this is really special!

You'll need a couple of hours to really enjoy the Columbia Room experience. I'd suggest Corduroy for a good nearby meal.

What rhymes with the word(s) that you guys are blocking today? I have a guess given the context.

I bet your guess is correct.

Would you suggest the new Biergarten Haus as a venue for a birthday party for 30 people in late July?

It's not open yet, so I don't know what their large-party policy is. Check back in a week or two.

Where can I go dance to some Latin beats? I went to Caribbean Breeze in Arlington. That was nice. I went to Bravo Bravo years ago & the music was good. Are there any other places that I can go for either a live band or dj?

Best Latin club in the area is the Salsa  Room (formerly Cecilia's) on Columbia Pike. Great DJs Thursday-Sunday, huge dance floor, and plenty of special concerts, like Eddie Santiago in July.

Any suggestions for something, uh, actually in DC?

Wow, I'm sorry for suggesting an anticipated new restaurant just outside of town that our top critic just reviewed and liked.

Try Ris.

Hi there. Do you know if you can just drop in at a fire station any time to take a tour? My toddler would LOVE it and I would love anything to get us out of the house. Thanks.

Our real-deal EMT/writer on staff, Amy Orndorff, says you can totally do this.  Amy says the guys even sometimes hand out pint-size fire hats and coloring books -- at her station in Rockville, anyway.

And here's why I don't like the idea... Dogs shed, and drool, and have dandruff, and lick themselves. And they spread those things around on their own, even without the help of the owners who touch them, and pet them, and then touch the tables, and the chairs, and the glasses and napkins, and silverware. Throw in the fact that a nice gentle breeze can send shedded fur airborne into your food and drink, and that there is no way to police that people's dogs don't have fleas, or ticks, or other issues, and no thanks - I don't give my business to restaurants that allow this.

Not everyone Must Love Dogs, apparently.

(And yes, some of us do have dog-related allergies.)

Why is everyone so angry today? This is a chat about happy hours, bar specials, puppies, and pool parties, PEOPLE! Lighten up! We ain't discussing the Gulf, Middle East Peace, or politics. Geez.


So, we definitely want to watch Strasburg pitch this Sunday vs. Cleveland at 1 pm. Any suggestions of where to go, preferrably downtown to see if this baseball jeezus can keep up his amazing pitching?

Well, you're going to want to go to a large sports bar, because that's prime World Cup viewing time. Try Public Bar downtown, or the not-long-for-this-world ESPN Zone.

Gogs, I need your suggestions on the best, ahem, "mood setting" music? Suggestions?

Depends on what does it for you, right? (I, for example, like Iggy Pop).  But the Fatback parties always have people bumpin' and grindin' -- and they let you download their mixes on their web site.

I know what I am playing on the Juke Box at the next GOGS Happy Hour! (Sorry, is that creepy?)

Totally creepy.

Same thing can be said about little kids. That's why I think kids should not be allowed at restaurants. In many cases they have more germs than my hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, incredibly well behaved pooch - who btw is current on all his shots, flea and tick medicine etc...

Man, the chat is just full of people hating on people today. Must be the weather.


Anyway, that's going to do it for this chat. If you want to beef some more, we'll be at the Bullpen tonight from 5 to 7. Come have a beer and a free hot dog and hug it out with David and Rhome.  See you there.

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