Got Plans? - Where will you be watching the World Cup?

May 20, 2010

The Going Out Guide staff discuss great ideas for local entertainment, dates and family fun on Thursday, May 20, at 1 p.m. ET.

Hey people, it's chatting time. Sadly, it's the last chat for Julia. She is leaving us. I know! We're still in denial. So everyone get your goodbyes in. Plus we have a giveaway: D.C. United vs. AC Milan at RFK Stadium on May 26. We're giving away two VIP packages that include match tickets and on-field passes for warmups so you can get up close to Ronaldinho, Alexandre Pato and the rest of the Rossoneri. Tell us where you're going to watch next month's World Cup and why. The two best/most original responses win the ducats. Cool? Off we go...

During the Group Stage, I plan on wrapping myself in flags and wearing revolutionary war costumes, and travelling to various English Bars (Againn, Commonwealth, Black Rooster) to proclaim American dominance over the three Lions. If I survive this adventure, I may need a different strategy for the knockout stage. I'm thinking of potentially recreating a sinking of the Maine in the Dupont Circle fountain prior to a match with Spain to rally the faithful!

First, the Black Rooster is *NOT* an English bar. (Neither is Elephant and Castle, which is a Canadian-based chain. Canada didn't even qualify, so what fun would going there be?)

Also, I have a feeling that the first round is going to be somewhere between Saratoga and Long Island.

But I do like this answer.

I'm planning a family picnic in the Sculpture Garden on Saturday, but it looks like it may rain (oh no!). Are there any places in the National Mall area where we could safely "picnic" indoors or under cover if the weather turns? I was thinking the Kogod courtyard, but not sure if they allow outside food in. Bonus: if the weather's ok, do you have better ideas than the Sculpture Garden? Thank you!

I think Kogod Courtyard is your best bet for indoor picnicking; it's such a cool space. I checked with the good people at the American Art Museum, and they want me to mention a couple of things about bringing food in: Make sure your food is concealed until you get into the courtyard (no eating or drinking in the galleries!). Also, once inside, sit at the tables on the west side of the courtyard; tables on the east side are for cafe patrons.

Hi, Gurus! I'm going to Dierks Bentley's concert at the Historic 6th and I Synagogue. I've never been before, and I was wondering what it was like there, concert-wise, and what time you think I should get there to get seats closest to Dierks!

It's a very pleasant place to catch a concert but I definitely recommend getting there right around when doors open if you want a good seat. Some of the seats up in the balcony don't have the best sight lines, so you'll want to be on the lower level. Plus, opener Hayes Carll is worth getting there early for.

Hello gurus! I'm going to a concert tonight at the 6th & I Synogogue. I've never been to a show there before and understand it is general admission and pew seating. If the show starts at 9 pm, when should I arrive to make sure I get a good seat? How early do the doors open prior to the show? Many thanks!

You're totally right about it being general admission and pew seating. And since tonight's Dierks Bentley  show is sold out, I would totally shoot to get there early. Anywhere between 8 (when doors open) and 8:30 should work fine; I've always found that I stress out and get there way early just to stand in line, and then there are plenty of good seats available inside -- the pews can fit a lot of people. (And I've always been perfectly happy with my seats.) If you want to be somewhere in those first five rows, getting there at 8 won't hurt. But bring a book, or plan to make chit-chat for an hour, because there's no bar, so it can feel like there's not much to do.

It's called "Hot Monkey Love." I have a friend coming in from out of town, and she had this beer in a brewpub up in Baltimore last month. She's slightly obsessed with it, so I wondered two things: is it available anywhere locally (DC or NoVa preferred)? and is it available bottled? She wants to take some home to a friend of her's who is a beer buyer. Thanks!

Hot Monkey Love is a product of Charm City's Oliver breweries, who make beers for the Wharf Rat and the Pratt Street Ale House in Baltimore, and send kegs to a handful of  D.C. bars, including CommonWealth and ChurchKey. (I had it at ChurchKey last month, as a matter of fact.)

Hot Monkey Love is not available in bottles, unfortunately, so if it's not on a CK or CommonWealth (or Birreria Paradiso), then it's not available. Do like the Olivers Three Lions and Dark Horse, though, both of which I've sipped recently.

Hi Gurus! Love your column and need your help! I have a friend coming into town the weekend of June 4th and as he is such an awesome dancer I'd love to take him somewhere we can two-step. I live in Sterling, but am willing to travel, I have looked up Cancun Cantina but was hoping to find something a little closer. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give!!

Nick's Nightclub -- the best place on earth.

So im actually going to South Africa for the month to watch the matches, so does that count as the best place to see it? :)

Guess it depends which matches you're lucky enough to have tickets for. Actually, no it doesn't. Take us with you.

Love the chats! Where to go for delicious Sunday brunch? Preferably in NoVa -- maybe Arlington? Not Alexandria, please, as we'll be there for dinner the night before. We like good food first, ambience a second, and something we can't make at home also a high priority. We'd like to be able to make reservations. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Never been to Eventide for brunch, but both food and ambiance are good there.

I'll add Tallula. Been there a couple times for brunch this year and it was good each time. Though I will caution that their bloody mary is not to be taken lightly -- it has a kick.

Fado is going to my watching spot. They're showing all the games live, and it's close to my office so I can duck in pre-work for the 7:30 am games, or sneak out for the afternoon games. Not sure about drink specials at that hour though...

I don't recall many pre-work drink specials during WC2002, but Fado's was a pretty popular spot in the early hours.

Hi- Do we send our responses under "submit your question"? We'll miss you Julia!

You do! And thanks for the love! I'll miss you guys too.

Where are you headed? Your recommendations were always spot-on! Best of luck in your new endeavors.

Aw, thanks guys. This is so sweet. I promise not to turn this chat into the Julia show, but this short answer is I'm sticking at the Post, just switching departments. I'll be working as one of the editors on the mobile team. So, as I plan on saying in a blog post that'll go up later today, if you have ideas for how we could better hook you up on your mobile phone, holla at your girl. julia.beizer (at)

Where can a fan of the DFB Eleven catch some World Cup games? Looking for a place that will keep the entire game on! Preferably in the District, but am willing to venture to Arlington if necessary...thanks!

Fans of the Nationalmannschaft can catch Germany rolling over Australia and Serbia at the Goethe-Institut, which had LOTS of German-speakers during the last WC, and the will-open-eventually Biergarten Haus is promising to show games on large screens in its courtyard.

And if you don't need to be around people singing Das Deutschlandlied (the national anthem), you'll find all the games on at Lucky Bar, Capitol Lounge, Public Bar, etc.

I've actually never been to a show at Velvet Lounge. I must say, their website is terrible! No information provided, so I thought I'd ask the gurus the procedures for buying tickets for Wheatus at that venue. Are they available online somewhere or only sold at the box office? Also, any ideas on when the box office opens? Thanks!

If you think their Web site is bad NOW, a year or two ago it was text-only, no links, updated maybe once a month. So they've come a long way. The Velvet doesn't do advance tickets, so you just get them night of show. And there is certainly no box office. You give the doorman $10, he'll draw something on your hand and that will complete the transaction. In theory the bar opens at 7:30 but if you get there by 8:30 or 9 and you should be fine.

Hi Fritz, A month or so ago, you mentioned that Marvin had Affligem on tap at their roof-top beer garden. Sadly, when I went a few weeks ago, they had replaced it with Leffe Blonde. Do you know anywhere else in the city that has affligem on draft? I've found it many places in the bottle, but it's just not the same. Thanks!

Really? Ouch. Leffe Blonde is not as good as Affligem. You can occasionally see Affligem on at Beck, though I don't think it's available now, or Belga Cafe.

I'm looking for a good place to grab cocktails with another couple. Somewhere we can sit down, enjoy some drinks and each other's company. Trying to avoid the usual loud crazy bars. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I really like Urbana for this. Met my girls for drinks there not too many weekends ago and had a delicious morel soup.

Since the weather's going to be less than awesome this weekend, what are some good indoor activities for an active toddler? Bonus for anything free or cheap.

This isn't particularly cheap, and I've talked up this place before, but indoors and active toddlers makes me immediately think of JW Tumbles. My little guy loves that place. They have a schedule of classes and activities at each location on their site. 

I am going to be watching the preliminary games in the public squares in the Netherlands. I want to feel the paasion that a country has for the game/event.

Well this just makes me jealous.

I plan on sporting my Irish jersey and wrapping myself in the Irish flag when I head down tot he Alliance Francaise to watch the French team embarrass themselves in front of the whole world...and hopefully make some friends in the process! I'll be proud to show everyone that the Irish are never sore losers...

Nice idea, though the Alliance hadn't finalized any WC viewing plans when I last spoke to someone, and it's not on their calendar. Maybe you head to Bistrot du Coin instead?

Gurus - We have tickets to Soundbites on Sunday. Do they have free drinks to go along with the free food, or are they charging 9:30 Club prices to buy a drink? Thank you!

Yup, you will have to pay for drinks, which will be onsale at "9:30 Club prices," as you say, at the bar. 

Hi! Some of my coworkers are on a mission to find great wings. Do you have any suggestions of places in DC where we could find some? Our office is near Smithsonian, so our preference is for restaurants downtown.

I like the wings at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern, which is near you. Cleveland Park Bar and Grill has my favorite fiery wings, but that's a bit further uptown. Fritz?

I plan to watch as many games as possible with the American Outlaws DC Chapter at Molly Malone's in Eastern Market. Since joining this supporters group of U.S. Soccer last year, it's really the place to be and I cannot wait to join with fellow soccer fanatics to cheer on our team with gusto and patriotic pride! Since I cannot afford to go to South Africa, it's the next best thing!

Molly's is a great destination for U.S. fans, for sure.

Hi Gurus, Love your work. Not sure how I got into this but I am going to the Strathmore to see Diana Ross next Tuesday night. The show starts at 8. We are looking for a pre show dinner venue. No chains, basic American cuisine, 6 people. I tried Black Market Bistro but they were booked up. Thanks so much for your help!

About a half-mile north on 355 from Strathmore is Addie's which serves the basic American cuisine you're looking for. For my money, it's the best restaurant in an area of town where the only real competition comes from the Cheesecake-PF Chang's-Bertucci's triumvirate at White Flint.

My money's on Commonwealth being a great spot to watch the England games. I'm pushing for fish and chips with a nice pint for the afternoon games, and a nice greasy English-style fry-up for the early ones.

This, because I could really go for some black pudding and bangers right about now.

I just saw the weather for Saturday. Looks like rain. Is there a rain date or is the Recess Pool Party on no matter what? I just bought my tickets and excited to go!

Saturday's Recess pool party at the Liaison (featured in the Nightlife Agenda) is on rain or shine. Just hope for the best -- I know I am.

During the first two rounds, I plan on watching all games in spectacular big-screen HD from the comfort of my own home. However, during the knockout stages and quite possibly during the semis/final, I will be watching the WC on tiny slow-def tube TVs in the hospital's delivery room as I assist my wife into bringing our first child into this world. She is due July 7th. Yes, perfect timing! Indeed!

That's a tough spot you're in there. But at least there's a better-than-average chance your firstborn will have an innate love of the Beautiful Game if there's football on the tele in the delivery room.

Don't worry too much, I've been there! I watched my beloved Caps come back from down 4-0 against the Rangers to win in overtime on a hospital TV when my son was about 8 hours old. The only thing you have to worry about is cheering too loudly, there are some pretty sensitive sleepers in that wing.

I work in Penn Quarter, in an office that is completely unsocial and near none of my friends. Sometimes during the week, particularly on Fridays, I just want to a grab a drink solo and check out the scene, but I'm intimidated about going to bars by myself... So, I'm asking you Gurus: Where would you go nearby for an after work spot with a youngish (25-35) crowd, good drink specials, and a place where you could come alone without feeling awkward?

For good food, people watching and other solo fun in Penn Quarter, I like grabbing a seat at the bar at Proof or Iron Horse Tap Room, maybe the Passenger. Buddha Bar has quite the Friday happy hour scene (or did last week), so I'll throw that out there, too.

Hi Gurus! And bye Julia (sniff). My friend and I are looking for a new spot to hit up for the Saturday night drinks and flirting game. We usually go to U Street, Dupont or Waterfront. Any thoughts

Sniff, indeed. It's kind of a bummer of a day over here in Guruland. As for girls night out alternatives, what about H Street? I always have fun dancing at Rock and Roll Hotel and Little Miss Whiskey's...

My birthday's in two weeks and I'm trying to figure what would be a good, cheap, roomy restaurant at which I can try to get friends to congregate on a Friday night. I live in Capitol Hill, so Eastern Market and H St. are most convenient, but I'm not wedded to my neighborhood. We're all young and poor professionals, and I'm not sure how many people would show, but I like the idea of a place that maybe has large booths where people can come and go. Any ideas?

Bars with better than average food might be a good place to start, as it's easier to keep costs down and let people come and go as they please. Lola's has above average bar food and the kind of booths you describe, but space is pretty tight, so I don't think that'll work, depending on the size of your crowd. Molly Malone's is nearby and a lot bigger. I don't like the food there as much, but it's also better than average bar eats. If you go early enough, it won't be a total bar crowd.

In this same vein, but out of your neighborhood, is Maddy's in Dupont. That might be another one for you to check out.

I work in an office that is blessed with satellite TV hookups in most offices...combine this with the fact that I have been getting my boss (a Brit) so riled up (leaving clippings about the Terry/Bridge saga in his office, pictures of Becks on the ground after his injury, etc) about the WC that he actually has blocked time on our calendars with the game times (dorky...yet awesome). So while I may not have access to good booze during the games, I also don't need to leave the office...gotta count for something.

This sounds like an awesome place to work. But what's going to happen when England gets knocked out early?

Hi Gurus! My boyfriend and I are going to see Mumford and Sons tonight at the 930 Club. Never been and wondering if there are fun bars to go to before the concert! Thanks!

If you'd asked us this a few months ago, we'd have had far fewer options to give you, so this is kind of exciting for me. I'd hit Dodge City, a really cool little bar that just opened recently, doesn't have a sign, but is easy to spot -- it's  next door to Velvet Lounge at 917 U St. My guess: You'll really like it.

Never been to Nick's, but definitely want to give it a try. What is the best night to hit it up?

Tough call. As you can see from Nick's site, they have events pretty much every night, so there's always something going on. I usually go on Saturday, when there's a line dancing class, live music later on and karaoke. Cup runneth over.

I know that the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse is showing the Lost finale on Sunday, but that is a bit far from the city and not metro accessible. Is there any where in the District or closer to at metro station that is planning to show the finale? I would love to watch in real time, so there are no spoilers on the Monday morning, but I don't have a tv.

Among the places showing the "Lost" finale with full sound and various food/drink specials are Social in Columbia Heights, Duffy's Irish Pub by the 9:30 club, and Public Bar, which is actually turning the night into a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Eventide! hit it up last weekend. that place is doing everything right. service was great, food was great, roof top scenery awesome. Get a reservation to ensure you get a nice spot on the roof and order a side of the potatoes.

Dave Pressley, is that you? If not, a rave review of Eventide.

WC Base camp At Ghana cafe since Africa knows how to party, flag-colored shooters for all goals, Churchkey beer runs at halftime to hoist two from the game-day countries, Caipirinha/samba after-party at Grill from Ipanema, cause Copa time = Brazil time = Winner winner who needs dinner Hammer time.

Now THIS sounds like a plan, my friend.

At work! I am lucky to have a workplace with several televisions, and a boss who is totally into it. We have employees from all over the globe - well represented for the teams, and I am in charge of doing something fun for all of us.

Nice set-up. They should mention that in job postings as a perk.

Heading to a BBQ this weekend hosted by a co-worker who's really into good beer, particularly IPA. Any recommendations for where to pick up a classy six-pack, preferably in the District or close-to-Metro-station Arlington? Thanks!

My go-to for interesting beer is Chevy Chase Wine and Spirits -- best beer selection in D.C., and you can mix six-packs if you want to give someone six different IPAs to sample.

I'm also a fan of D'Vines/DeVino's in Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan, though I think the former has the more interesting beer cooler.

This isn't metro accessible, but the Westover Market in Arlington has a crazy good beer selection. And Friday beer garden happy hours for those happen to be out that way.

This is probably the least original suggestion you get, but possibly the most romantic. I will be watching the World Cup at the Lucky Bar as I met the woman who is now my wife watching the 2002 Brazil v Germany final there. In honor of this occasion, I wanted to cut my hair "Ronaldo style" for our wedding, but was advised against this.

Or a German-style mullet.

Gazuza Lounge will also be showing the LOST Finale. They are doing sushi and hookah specials that night. Just another option!

Good to know. Thanks.

Does anyone know a reliable bar or pub to watch the Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich this weekend? It's on at 2.45pm. There are plenty of places in DC where I could watch the game but I need to be at a BBQ in Silver Spring shortly afterwards so thought it would be better to watch it there.

McGinty's will have you covered on the Champions League in Silver Spring front.

So, where is Julia going? I'm a faithful reader & although I'm not getting married anytime soon, I am still going to miss Julia. She's a true expert on weddings in this area.

Sweet to hear you say this! My husband would probably laugh. I was the least-organized bride on the planet back in 2008. But I managed to remember a whole lot from the process that has served me well in Got Plans.

What are your favorite sections? Most scenic? Less traffic/gapers? Etc.

One of my favorite sections is by Old Angler's Inn; take a right when you cross the bridge for some pretty scenery. As for crowds, it all depends on where you go; the earlier the better. Chatters, what are your favorite spots?

OK, so my boys are coming down from Phiily and I want to show them a great time during the weekend. I need your help to find a Saturday pool party during the day and somewhere to go Saturday and Sunday night. We are mid 20's and are pretty casual, and prefer lounges without covers and dress codes. Help me make this a crazy weekend.

For Memorial Saturday pool parties, the only I know of thus far is the Brightest Young Things Summer Camp event at the Capitol Skyline, with DJs, drink specials, grilling, lots of people watching/eye candy.

As far as lounges go, I'm still waiting to get info from various places about what they're planning for Saturday/Sunday nights, but I expect plenty of parties to be going on. (Since I'm waiting, I don't want to speculate about which ones will or won't have have covers.) You might want to just make it an H Street bar crawl -- a burlesque show at the Palace of Wonders, DJs and such at Little Miss Whiskey's and Rock and Roll Hotel, pints at the Star and Shamrock or Argonaut pubs, etc.

Dinner at Sonoma on Capitol Hill with friends this weekend. What are some fun/not to crowded bars to hit up afterwards for more libations and good conversation?

I've always liked Capitol Lounge for this sort of thing -- if you don't mind switching over to beer after dinner. 

The best place to watch the USA's biggest match (against England) is Yorktown, VA. After a pre-match lunch next to the Victory Monument and a tour of Cornwallis' cavern, I would head over to the Yorktown pub for an American beer to enjoy the US's second greatest victory over the Brits.

You're putting Yorktown under the Battle of Saratoga, right? I mean, we can take the sole credit for that, but the French navy (and the bad weather) played a major part at Yorktown.

All historical geekery aside, this is a great idea.

Any places in D.C. showing the match? I assume Lucky Bar, but would prefer somewhere else. thanks!

Public Bar is, for sure. CommonWealth too.

I might go with Bedrock Billiards, though. They're opening early (at 2) and you can bring your own food.

I live out in Fairfax, so I'm going to go to my favorite dive -- The Buffalo Wing Factory and Pub! They have 30 flavors of wings and 30 wings on tap. With 32 teams in the tourney, that's 30 teams that don't make it to the finals. I'll toast each one with a different beer as they're knocked out -- a nice little "soccer pub crawl" in only one location! Where applicable/available, I'll even use a beer from their country of origin! And with all the TVs they have at the place, it'll be pure soccer heaven. Soccer, beer, and wings -- THAT is how you get America interested in the World's Greatest Game!!

That's no small challenge you've got there. Good luck finding a quality North Korean brew to toast the Korea DPR side.

I'm going to celebrate the United States team and the great melting pot we represent by partaking at H St's Star and Shamrock. USA! I'd consider stopping by the new biergarten place to celebrate my own heritage too, but it seems like it's never going to open!

Very good idea. What says melting pot like Jewish food and Irish beer?

Should we try again? A few years ago, we had a birthday gathering at New Vegas Lounge, but sadly it fell short of anything resembling a celebration. We were prepared for the cover and moderately surly bar staff, but were totally unprepared for the completely empty bar. So empty in fact, that Monsters, Inc. was on the television, sound and all. (Honestly, I could not make this up if I wanted to.) The band came on when the movie was over, but the place never really got grooving like we had hoped. We'd love to try again... to here some great soul and blues music, but were wondering if there was some secret knowledge the gurus held about details. Is a Friday or a Saturday a better option? What time should we arrive to be sure we all make it in the door but are not forking over a $10 cover to watch a movie which sadly, I own.

Whoa, what night were you there? I've been to New Vegas for jam sessions, and I *never* recommend it outside of Friday or Saturday. (I think Friday's the better night, personally.)

I'm trying to come up with an idea for a first date this Sunday afternoon - something different than just sitting at a table with drinks and food. We were supposed to go to Taste of Arlington last Sunday, but I got sick. Any ideas for something casual and fun? This seems to be the only weekend with nothing much happening. I thought of the Nats-O's game, but the logistics are a bit too much for a first date and I have weather concerns. I live in Fairfax, he's in Haymarket (yikes) but we're good for anywhere in NoVA. Thanks!

Good call on trying to avoid to avoid the ol' dinner-and-awkward-conversation trap. There are a few more food festivals this weekend if you wanted to stick with that idea.  A Food Festival of the Americas will be held outdoors (and is for charity!) at the Organization of American States in D.C on Sunday. Since rain is in the forecast, though, I'd think indoors.  How about Screwtop Wine Bar in Clarendon, or maybe even taking in a show at Iota? Oddly enough, there's a  concert at 2 p.m. this Sunday -- Last Train Home. Then be sure to go for a long walk to explore the neighborhood, but also just to talk.

Well my mates and I are new to the area, so we booked a trip to Canton, Ohio to the Pro Football Hall of Fame under the assumption there would be some sort of World Cup viewing party. Turns out American "football" is not "football." So as it stands we'll be viewing the World Cup on a rubbish TV in a room in the Canton Marriott. Probably should have stayed in DC. Chalk one up for England, but we'll get the better of them come June 12th.

I don't believe for a minute that this is true, but it's an awesome story.

There once was a man from Nantucket Who sadly did not buy a ducat So where should he sup To watch the World Cup With TVs and beers by the bucket? The Gurus have opened their chat To give him ideas about that There's res'traunts galore And bars by the score Thanks gurus, here's a tip of the hat! [Does this qualify for the free tickets!? If you need a place to qualify: Buffalo Wing University in Fairfax City. Awesome stuff, and close to my work!]

Pretty impressive. But can you write a world cup haiku?

I plan to be off work the opening day of the WC. I am going to wear my beautiful jersey & head out to Summers or Babylon and watch Mexico beat RSA & the following day to watch USA vs. Eng. I am also having parties at home for some of the other games. If Mexico advances, then I plan on wearing my beautiful jersey, along with my USA passport around a chain on my chest (so it's easily visible) & heading to Phoenix to celebrate there.

I like what you did with that right there.

My question is this. Is the Americas Polo Cup still on for June 12th? The reason I ask is where it's been the last few years is where they are currently building the MLK Memorial. Plus the hosts (The Salahi's) seem to be in a lot of hot water. Have the Gurus heard whether it is on or off?

It's still fact, according to the America's Polo Cup website, the fun starts in only 22 days, 10 hours, 18 minutes, & 42 seconds...41...40...


Can you gurus give us an update to what are the current Doggie Happy Hours for this season? I want to go with my owner and sit on a patio somewhere and meet some bitches!

My favs: Cantina Marina on Monday, the Alexandria Doggie Happy Hour at the Hotel Monaco (tops inthe area) on Tuesday and Thursdays, Wisdom on Thursday, Argonaut on Saturday (noon-5).

I want to check out some of the new bars this weekend that I've heard so much about. Do I need reservations at places like Againn and Buddha Bar? Can I just sit at the bar at these sorts of hot spots? Thanks for helping me imbibe in a couth manner!

For the bar? No reservations. In fact, two friends and I did happy hour at Buddha Bar on Friday, then took off and went to Againn for more cocktails, and wound up at the late-night beer-and-oysters happy hour at Beck.

Anwyay, get to Buddha on the early side. It was slow around 7 but filled up fast afterwards. Againn is kind of the opposite -- busier at happy hour, with room at the bar for Scotch tasting later.

Fine. I will open myself to suggestions of what constitutes an English Bar, or at least find out where members of the Old Empire plan on going to watch their WAG-swapping players compete, and I will show them the limits of tyranny.

Last WC, tons of Brits at Lucky Bar and Summers. I expect this year to be no different.

There are several places that I plan to watch the World Cup. A group is securing permits and license to show several of the games in Dupont Circle. The new Biergarten Haus on H street is planning to show the games in their garden. And to see the game in 3D, I plan to go to BestBuy and beg the support team to let me have a 2 hour demo of the new LCD 3D Sets.

I love the 3D idea, but from what I heard from friends in England (where a couple of Premiership games were broadcast in 3D on ESPN this season), it wasn't as magic as they'd hoped.

The most scenic area is, naturally enough, Great Falls. Fletchers Landing is also quite scenic but getting in and out is tricky. I only go there on weekends. Both places get crowded, too. Best parking is at Carderock, but it's not particularly scenic. All three areas have good bathrooms which isn't particularly common on the canal and can be important.

Great suggestions. I like Fletcher's, too, though it's kind of a stomping ground for Team in Training marathon runners.

I live in Frederick so I will be heading to Bushwallers Irish Pub downtown on Market St. Bushwallers has a long standing as the pub to watch soccer at in Frederick. Most Saturdays and Sundays the Pub opens early and has English Premier League games on, and for big games they may even offer an english breakfast, and guiness at 8am. Bushies is also the main haunt for most British ex-pats in the area. The Pub also sponsers a local mens league soccer team (full disclosure, I play for the team) and proudly displays the hardware the team has won over the years. Durring the cup though the pub is usally packed durring the games, especially USA, or England games. So I am planning on getting a seat down front early on June 12th when the Us plays England as I am sure the crowd will spill into the street for this historical match.

I watched USA-Ghana there in 2006 -- that one still hurts -- and the place was packed for a 10 a.m. midweek game. Bushwallers is legit.

I'm planning to go with some friends this Saturday What will the music be like that night?

Lucy you. It's Wiseacre (of L.A.'s Funky in the Middle and NYC's Turntables on the Hudson parties). Expect plenty of house, broken beat and pure funkiness to get down to, with the always-awesome Donvonte McCoy Quintet performing jazz upstairs.

For next weekend, any beaches within 1-2 hours driving distance (and fun for the kiddies)?

The only close beaches I know of are two to three hours away, longer with summer Bay Bridge traffic. Fun for kiddies when they get there, but notsotmuch on the ride. But there is faux beach (real sand, of course) and waterslides and a huge tubing "river" at Splash Down Waterpark in Manassas. (Seriously, I kind of want to go there this summer.) Or, if all the fake isn't for you, how about tubing at Harper's Ferry instead? The kids have to be at least 4 to get a tube at River Riders, but if they're older, it's a fun day.

Hi! I'm on a search for a combination that might not be possible, but if anyone can help it's you guys! I'm looking for a bar (or restaurant with good drinks open late) that has a nice, large-ish open space, with good (but not $20) drinks, that's not overly crowded so a group that might start out at 5 but could grow to 20 could congregate there on a Saturday night. And where we can actually, you know, talk instead of just shout. Oh and it would be great if it was metro-accessible. Does such a place exist?

One option: The bar behind the Clyde's of Chevy Chase, which is in a kind of veranda-style space, but has TVs and plenty of room. One of my favorite summer hideaways, and just steps away from the Friendship Heights Metro. (Also, it's not really crowded on weekends.)

I think we were definitely there on a Friday night - I remember going to work that day. But now that I think of it - that could have been the week of Pride. If we were to try again on a Friday night, what time should we shoot for?

11 p.m.

In a couple of weeks, I have several girls coming into town to celebrate my impending marriage. I have specifically asked not to be forced to wear a tiara/veil/t-shirt/boa, so it won't be that kind of affair. We're also not ones to put on our high heels and halter tops to go out to a dance club. With that said, we would like to dance but in a casual, more dive-y environment. Other than Black Cat (which is a totally reasonable option), are there other suggestions on U Street?

U Street Music Hall for house and electronic music, DC9 for Britpop and indie (on a Friday night), the 9:30 Club's tiny backbar, or the new Dodge City, which has been booking some interesting DJs, like Neville C. (of Saint-Ex's Brazilian night), the ladies of Kicks (usually at the Black Cat) and Kid Congo Powers (formerly of the Cramps, Gun Club, etc.)

I plan on watching at Ventnor's, on 18th St. Great food, friendly staff, and surprisingly fun place to watch soccer. Watched the US in the Confed Cup with a bunch of Brazilians. Plus, more soccer on tv means fewer Philly sports on tv.

So true (re: Philly sports).

What is the deal with the bus on Capitol Hill that takes people to Nationals Games?

Is this the beginning of a Seinfeld routine? No? Oh well. Anybody out there have any actual help? Figured this would be a good time to mention that the next GOG Happy Hour is June 10 for the Nationals game that night and a certain once-in-a-lifetime prospect is tentatively scheduled to take the mound for the Nats that evening. We'll let you know about tickets when we have that info...

For the Saturday Afternoon date - how about a Walkingtown DC tour? (assuming the weather holds) Then have drinks/snacks/dinner in the neighborhood!

Nice call!  Sunday-date seeker: Walkingtown is   Saturday and Sunday.  Cultural Tourism DC has the whole list of  tours on their site -- they're a lot of fun, and there are even some good "scandal" tours.

Hi Gurus, I have a friend in town from NY on Monday and/or Tuesday night. She's recently single so I want to take her somewhere with a lively weeknight scene. Unfortunately, I make it out on Mondays and Tuesdays about never, so I'm a bit at a loss. We are early 30's so I'm looking for a place in the city that's age appropriate, where we can have a nice dinner (or heavy bar snacks), some drinks, and that will not be a ghost town. I was thinking maybe the lounge at Source or Brassiere Beck. Do these seem like good choices? Other better ideas? Thanks!

I'd add Againn into the mix. Marvin, too, because after dinner you can head upstairs to the lounge for DJ Jahsonic's grown-folks-only night of hip-hop, soul, funk and R&B on Mondays, and Tuesdays are pretty tight as well. Proof is always good, and I generally eat at the bar.

So after a quick vote of the Gurus, we're going to give the two pairs of VIP D.C. United-Milan tickets to:
(1) The guy who's going to English bars dressed in Revolutionary War garb, and

(2) The guy who booked a trip to Canton to watch the games at the Football Hall of Fame.

Whoops --

Winners, please send your contact info to


We'll miss you!

Not as much as we'll miss her! Congrats to our winners, and we'll see you all back here next week...

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