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Jun 12, 2014

Every Thursday, the Going Out Guide staff discusses concerts, happy hours, cheap date ideas, weekend getaways, new exhibits and other ways to have fun in the Washington D.C. area.

Welcome, everyone - and apologies for the late start. Have you checked out our World Cup guide yet? This week also brings us Brookland's Finest, a pop-up from the Angelika movie theater, and a super-luxe Wagyu tasting menu. Send us your questions, rants and raves.

Not sure if you are going to cover this in your World Cup guide, but I'm having trouble finding a central list of bars in the area with outdoor TVs so you can watch the matches while enjoying the weather. I know of Biergarten Haus on H St, Velocity Five and Arlington Rooftop in Court House... what else am I missing? Thank you!

There are outdoor viewing options all over the area. A few: The rooftops at Cleveland Park Bar and Grill, The Brixton, Nellie's Sports Bar, Masa 14, Local 16 and Roofer's Union,  or the patios at Union Pub on the Hill, Flanagan's Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda, the Bungalow Lakeside in Sterling, 

Me and my wife are not soccer fans but we love checking out the atmosphere (and food) at other countries bars or restuarants during the tournament. However we always feel guilty that we are taking a couple highly sought after seats that would otherwise be filled by some diehard ex-pats. Are we being overly self aware?

No way. If you're spending money and enjoying yourself, you have every right to that seat. I mean, over the next month, I'll be watching everyone from Argentina to Uruguay, and I don't consider myself a particular fan of either of those teams. I just love the sport.

If you're at a sold-out Phoenix concert, do you feel bad about taking a ticket that could have gone to someone who bought "United" when it first came out? I would hope not.

Just moved up to Brightwood, north of Petworth. Any nearby bars/restaurants that the GoGs would recommend?

I have to admit I don't know of much in Brightwood, though I once looked at houses up that way. Other than that short stretch of 14th near the Bus Barn, such as the cute, cheerful Highlands Cafe, and the excellent wings and mumbo sauce. Smokey's Fried Chicken, I'm kind of at a blank between Petworh and Takoma.

However, I bet some of the chatters can share a gem or two. Chatters?

Hi Gurus, I'm planning a work happy hour tonight for about 20 young people. We would like to go somewhere in DC that is easily accessible from Arlington. We were planning to go to DNV Rooftop but are reconsidering since we'd rather not get completely soaked. Any tips? Thanks!

Yeah, I don't think Donovan will work with the rain forecast for the rest of the night. 

If you're in Arlington, you might be able to get 20 people into the main (second-floor, non-rooftop) bar at Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill, depending on the time. I'd start there, maybe the Odd Bar on the first floor of Eventide.

Hello GOGs and Fritz particularly - just an errant comment. When recommending drinks, how do you not recommend the salt foam margaritas at Oyamel? I had them during Jose Andres' dine and dash and they're one of the best drinks I've had in DC all year!

Because until the recent bar expansion at Oyamel, it was usually not fun to try to get a drink there -- so crowded. I do love those Salt Air Margaritas, though. And grasshopper tacos.

Thank you for your article on where to watch the World Cup matches with discounted food and drinks, however I am looking for places in Virginia -- specifically Old Town. Where are good places to watch the matches in Old Town, bonus if they have discounted drinks. Thanks!

Both Daniel O'Connell's and Murphy's Irish Pub will be showing the matches with food and drink specials. Of the two, I'm partial to O'Connell's for soccer viewing -- more TVs, lots of little nooks, huge bar counter.

Two weeks ago I asked about where to grab dinner before a show at Catholic. I wanted to report back that we wound up at Little Ricky's on 12th Street NE and were quite charmed. It's a cross between Southern and New Orleans cuisine with some potent cocktails prepared by Paul. My red beans & rice and crab/fried green tomatoes dish might not be something I'd cross the city for, but I'm more than happy to go there again the next time we're in that neighborhood. (Also, Step Afrika is always worth crossing the city for.)

Neighbors were talking that place up when I was at Brookland's Finest earlier this week. (I mean seriously, Southern/Cajun fusion with cocktails should be enough to get anyone interested.)

Alas, I haven't had a chance to dine there *or* at Brookland's Finest, which pinched its chef from the Barracks Row Matchbox -- but I hope to remedy both of those problems soon.

Weather is looking iffy. Any thoughts on good Friday night dates with a rain contingency plan?

The Angelika Theatre popup a block from Union Market is leading my non-World Cup date ideas this weekend, especially if you toss in dinner and drinks at Rappahannock Oysters or Red Apron in the market beforehand. (Cocktails outside at Suburbia first if the weather holds.)

If it's a romantic date, you might want to check out the honey-voiced soul singer Irene Diaz at Artisphere. Her latest EP, "I Love You Madly" is slow-dance heaven. 

Seeking Father's Day ideas! We aren't the most mobile pair for long walks or events that you can only stand at, but we've got a car and a willing spirit!

Do you and your dad like soccer? Take him to one of these bars, where you guys can cheer on your country of choice. For something a little more literary but still keeping with the day's theme, at Politics & Prose, Luke Russert will be reading from his father's book "Big Russ and Me: Father and Son: Lessons of Life." You could head to Buck's Fishing and Camping for a meal afterwards. Father's Day can be so personal, so without knowing what you and your dad are into, it's hard to offer more specific suggestions - feel free to chime in with some more details!

TJ Stones will have it and they tend to have sound on during the big games.

True, with $4 Budweiser aluminum bottles and food specials. I just have never thought of Stone's as a soccer bar, honestly. 

I'm looking for a good spot, preferably in Montgomery County or NW DC, to watch tomorrow night's Stanley Cup game - any recommendations? While I like Bugsy's, it's just too far of a trek. Thanks!

The only place I've ever watched hockey in Bethesda -- or heard people talking about watching hockey in Bethesda -- was Union Jack's. I think some of that was association from the old Ballston Union Jack's, which was a great Capitals bar. 

I bet you can enjoy the game at the Stained Glass Pub in Silver Spring, though. That place does all the basics well, even if it's not a "hockey bar," per se.

Hi there. I'm watching two kids, in addition to my own two. I'm looking for events this evening and tomorrow evening. Any ideas? We're in Rockville, so somewhere around MoCo would be great. I welcome indoor suggestions too!

How old are all of the kids? Without knowing that -- and because it's probably going to be raining -- how about "How to Train Your Dragon 2" at your nearest multiplex?

I took my nephews to the Rockville indoor ice rink. They were ages 7-12 and loved it. We had 4 kids and two adults (but I could have done it solo if the little one was a little more stable). A great activity and not that expensive.

Okay, we need to run. Thanks again for joining us, and look for daily World Cup happy hour updates and tips on our blog, and we'll have our weekend Best Bets up shortly.

In the meantime: Post Points code is GG8326.


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