Golden Globe Nominations 2011

Dec 14, 2010

Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes and movie critic Ann Hornaday take your questions about the Golden Globe nominations.

Hi everyone -- Ann Hornaday here. The Golden Globes nominations have been announced and Lisa de Moraes and I are here to answer your questions -- or at least scratch our heads along with you! Let's get started!

Was it a particularly bad year for comedies/musicals or did the HFPA just make terrible selections? "Burlesque" should be sweeping the Razzies this year, not up for a Best Pic Golden Globe.

Well, I'll admit I have a soft spot for BURLESQUE, but you're right, the comedy category this year is a true 'whaaa?!' moment. And I think you're on to something when you say it's been a weak year for comedies. We had DATE NIGHT, which was okay-not-great; MORNING GLORY, same; and DUE DATE, same. I like the new James L. Brooks comedy, HOW DO YOU KNOW -- despite being a bit uneven. I'm a little surprised the Foreign Pressers didn't give that one a nod.

Ann's review: Burlesque

Does Community have any chance at a Best Comedy Series Nomination? As well, does Joel McHale have any chance at a Lead Actor nomination?

Sadly, no. Nominations were announced this morning and he and all the other cast members -- and the show, for that matter -- were all snubbed.

Community is consistently one of the best comedies on television, but first the Emmys and now the Globes have left it nomination-less. When is it going to get any kind of recognition?

I'm guessing when it does that Very Special Episode on date rape....

Since when is "The Tourist" a comedy? And since when is this a film which is worth three nominations?

By far the inclusion of THE TOURIST in the musical/comedy category is the most controversial film nomination this year. Columbia Pictures publicity described the movie as a "thriller," and in press notes the filmmakers would only go so far as to describe it as a thriller that doesn't take itself too seriously (which is true). Basically this looks like a blatant ploy to get Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp to attend the awards ceremony. Nothing more, nothing less.

I get it. Cable shows have the best scripts the best actors and actresses the best everything. That being said, I've seen Covert Affairs and have seen Piper Perabo's acting and its not that great. If you were going to give a nom to someone who is doing great acting on Network TV (I know USA isn't network TV, but it sure isn't HBO or Showtime). Also some of the movie noms don't make that much sense, Burlesque and The Tourist? I would have loved to see Anna Torv in Fringe get a nod (hopefully next year, because this season she has been excellent).

If Piper Perabo deserves a nom for "Covert Affairs" then where's Mariska Hargitay's nom for "Law & Order: SVU"?  More seriously if I were going to give a nom to someone doing great acting on network TV I would have added -- in answer to your question, I think -- Archie Panjabi from "The Good Wife" among the supporting actress noms

The musical/comedy nominations are appalling. (Burlesque? The Tourist? Even Alice in Wonderland was not great) Why not simply give the award to The Kids are All Right and be done with it? I'm wondering how they're going to squeeze 10 legitimate Best Film nominations for the Oscars. Oh, and don't get me started on the acting nods for Depp & Jolie. I haven't seen The Tourist, but I've seen enough trailers and read enough reviews to surmise that they phoned in those performances.

Yes, including THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT in comedy is another stretch; clearly they wanted a way to recognize Annette Bening *and* Halle Berry, whose slot I think Bening would have probably taken if they had deemed KIDS a drama (it's really more a drama with comic elements, but who's counting?). As far as 10 Best Picture nominations, I don't think they'll have that much trouble -- KIDS can get nominated, as well as TRUE GRIT, which was skunked at the Globes this year (I was sad not to see Haillee Steinfeld get the nod for her supporting turn in that film). I think 127 HOURS also deserves to be on the Best Pic list. Hmmm, are we at 10 yet?! 

Where's the love for Leo DiCaprio? I personally thought he was marvelous in Inception, and popular opinion seems to be on his side for Shutter Island as well. In light of his Golden Globe snub, do you think his chances for an Oscar nomination (for either movie) are now diminished?

I agree with you that DiCaprio's work was terrific in both those movies (although I wasn't a huge fan of SHUTTER ISLAND). It's also true I haven't heard much buzz for him getting nominated this year. Even when INCEPTION came out, the movie itself rather than individual performances was getting all the attention. Probaby unfair. Maybe he'll have better luck when he plays J. Edgar Hoover!

The Tourist is a comedy?

Chatters? All together now? "NO!!"

That said, it *does* have playful elements and a winking, jaunty tone. But no, it is not a comedy. No.

Lisa, do you expect Edie Falco to take umbrage again about her show being nominated as a comedy?

I'm hoping someone explained to her that she doesn't stand a chance of winning a trophy show in the category of best drama actress and that she should knock it off and be thankful for any trophies that come her way.  Her "acceptance" grouse/speech at the most recent Emmy Awards -- she won the Emmy derby for best actress in a COMEDY series and then whined that she was in the wrong category because the show's not a comedy and she's not funny --  was very disingenuous, because no publicist would dare submit his client for anything without running it by them first for approval...And here she is, nominated AGAIN for her COMEDY work. If she tries that speech out again at the Globes in January, I hope show host Ricky Gervais spits in her eye.

I'm kind of surprised "Treme" didn't get nominated. Poor David Simon. He's like the anti-Matt Weiner.

And yet, AMC's zombie show gets nominated....sigh

Loved, loved, loved her in The Kids... I always thought she deserved the oscar both times she lost to Hilary Swank - but I suppose her subtle greatness isn't apparent enough for most Oscar voters. At least Swank's not in this category! Your thoughts?

I know I love her too -- and it would be great to see her win an Oscar after being nominated so many times. I'm gathering that it's lining up to be kind of a horse race between her and Natalie Portman, but who knows?

For years, the GGs (and the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., which bestows them) were considered to be on about the same level as the People's Choice Awards. But for about the past 5 years or so, they have been taken seriously by the film and TV industry, even though the nominations are often bizarre and the categories are as endless as the Grammies. Why the respect?

Because everyone in Hollywood wants it to be legit because they can use the wins to their advantage as marketing tools... AND because the show, a number of years ago, moved from cable to NBC and now gets a substantial audience, which means viewers take it seriously too. Last year's show clocked 17 million viewers.

No Winter's Bone nomination!?! Winter's Bone is one of the best movies I have ever seen, it's just absurd that it wasn't nominated for ANYTHING. Wow, the Golden Globes really are a joke.

WINTER'S BONE was definitely a critical favorite this year; I myself was not as big a fan of the film as most, but I did admire Jennifer Lawrence's impressive performance. When you put it up against the movies that did get nominated -- BLACK SWAN, THE FIGHTER, THE KING'S SPEECH, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, INCEPTION -- I'm not sure which one you'd leave off to make room for WINTER'S BONE. Pretty heavy competition.

Can that be right? The entire fabulous cast was overlooked for individual nominations? Have we checked the ballots for hanging chads?

No, that is not correct. Sofia Vergara is nominated for best supporting actres and Eric Stonestreet is nominated for best supporting actor... those are strange categories because they combine thespians for comedy and drama series as well as movies and miniseries... I know at Emmy time the entire cast decided none of them would submit themselves as lead actor or actress because they wanted to be seen as an ensemble cast and I applaud them for that decision

The Golden Globes always seem to get their drama nominations right on, but what is up with the comedy categories?

They seriously couldn't find any better movies than "Burlesque," "The Tourist," "Alice in Wonderland" and "RED" (which I did like, but not award-worthy like)?

You know, just because there is a musical released doesn't mean it has to receive an award. What about Date Night or The Other Guys? You know, movies that were actually funny and witty. Or is this a case where everyone knows "The Kids Are All Right" is going to win, so it didn't matter who the other nominees were?

The TV comedy nominations weren't much better - the male acting category seemed to be a retread of shows that people expect to be funny but really weren't during the nomination period. As someone who really enjoys her comedy, it's disappointing to see, once again, people put so much more thought into drama and give comedy short-shirft.

Ahhh, THE OTHER GUYS! A movie that made me laugh! I agree, these comedy noms make no sense whatsoever. On the TV side of things, I was surprised that COUGAR TOWN -- a critical fave -- didn't get any love this year. Lisa, do you have thoughts on this?

So true -- Jim Parsons of "Big Bang Theory" was the only "new" name on the list this year and he's hardly a fresh face at this point. And Laura Linney as the "fresh face" in comedy actress? For all the talk this year about comedy making a comeback, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association doesn't seem to see it...

Especially since the last few episodes he not only played Dr. Walter Bishop but also "Walternate," a radically different character. I think he's amazing. Anna Torv as Olivia and "Fauxlivia" would also have been nice.

He absolutely deserves a nomination and I do not know why this show is shown absolutely no love

Lisa, "Temple Grandin" or "The Pacific"?

I'm going with "The Pacific" ...I can't explain why except it's about WWII and Globe AND Emmy voters seem to be suckers for WWI movies, particularly when they have "Tom" and "Hanks" attached to them....

No nomination for "Outlaw"! 'Tis a crime!

You're kidding, right? I really hope so....

Chris Colfer?! REALLY? That kid is terrible AND he can't sing. Here's a hint: Just because a show is popular doesn't mean you have to pull out a nomination for someone in each category. Ugh.

You're kidding, right? I really hope so... (one more of these and we have a trend)....

SOOOO glad Animal Kingdom got at least a remembrance. It deserves about 10 awards (including Best Acotr for the kid and Best Supporting for Guy Pearce, who is always stellar). Best film I have seen in a long time. Just wow.

I cannot tell a lie: I haven't caught up with ANIMAL KINGDOM yet, but I know lots of people really admire it, as well as Jacki Weaver's performance. Here's The Post's Stephanie Merry's review.

I love Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons; but, feel that both are usually passed up. Any chance either of these are contenders in their respective categories?

Wow -- it's like you're psychic! Oh wait, the nominations have been out for a while. Never mind. Anyway, you are batting 1000 -- BBT is nominated AND Jim Parsons is nominated. Ironic, since this is the show's weakest season by far. They seem to have given the show to one of Lorre's B-list writers and/or made a decision to "broaden" out the show's comedy when they moved it to Thursday. It's a pity.

Somebody goofed.

Her husband "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter -- the guy who says he doesn't give a hoot about trophy shows because he's a renegade, an outsider, blah, blah, blah -- has tweeted about his wife's nom "thank you foreign press. can you please call the emmys and help them not be retarded"...I thought he didn't care about Emmys?

True Grit was conspicuously absent from the nominations. Was it not eligible? It's getting buzz for picture, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and the young supporting actress ( can't remember her name).

That was one of the head-scratchers in the drama category, although again that was a strong field. Hailee Steinfeld is the young actress, who's terrific. Bridges is appropriately crusty in a performance that recalls Billy Bob Thornton's character in SLING BLADE; and Damon steals just about every scene as a vain Texas Ranger -- comic relief in the best sense of the term. But come back to the Post Web site on the 22nd to get my full review!

Which one is Chris Colfer?

He plays Kurt Hummel. Kurt is the gay student who has tranfered to a private school after being bullied at McKinley High. He has the voice of an angel...

Nope, wasn't kidding about Chris Colfer. Do people actually like him? I find him insufferable.

He has a terrific singing voice. I frankly find a lot of the characters on "Glee" annoying

I have long admired the work(s) of Toni, Tina, Laura and Edie -- don't know much about Lea. These are women with a good deal of talent, time-tested and true. Who's your best guess for an award this year? And who would you cast for your secret, as-yet-unwritten, but excellent movie/television script?

Toni or Edie... my secret as yet unwritten but excellent movie/television script would be cast with Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Jeremy Northam, Hugh Laurie, and Stephen Fry...I have absolutely no idea what it would be about, but there's the cast.

I just started to watch "Glee" (because of the photo spread of the dark-haired girl) and I thought they were purposely writing the characters as completely unlikeable and annoying.

Yeah -- you keep on thinking that and you're gonna love this show!

They nominated "Glee" for the pile of crap they've put on TV this season?

Wow -- there are a whole lotta "Glee" haters on this chat...

The comedy side of the film nominees feels particularly thin this year, with the notable exception of The Kids Are All Right, which I would personally consider to be a drama, but I guess it could go either way. A shame though to see Mark Ruffalo not among the supporting actor nominees.

Of course I agree, as anyone who knows about my Mark Ruffalo Problem will have predicted! It looks like they called Michael Douglas a supporting actor in WALL STREET, even though by most descriptions he as a lead; perhaps to make room for Kevin Spacey in the *wildly* uneven and tonally off CASINO JACK?!

Happily, Ruffalo was recognized by the New York Film Critics Circle yesterday, which was really nice to see. He had kind of a thankless role in KIDS, and I thought he acquitted himself with honor and skill and subtlety (as always!).

Why should I watch a show with annoying people when I already work in an office full of them? And, no, I am not in the cast of The Office.

To which show are you pointing?

I admit I missed it in theaters, but "Easy A" seemed to get very good reviews so that film could've supplanted Burlesque.

Very good point. I also missed it and intend to see it ASAP. I loved Emma Stone in last year's ZOMBIELAND (which, come to think of it, was another good comedy!). Eager to see EASY A, thanks for that reminder!

Why did Temple Grandin and You Don't Know Jack receive nominations for the 2011 awards when I recall them being nominated or winning awards this past year? I assume it was for a different award show and possibly has something to do with the cut-off dates for the following year?

The eligibility time for the Globes is the calendar year. THe eligibility dates for the Emmys are the TV season. It's very confusing. It appears that movies and miniseries win for multiple years when in fact it's just about the two different time frames...

I thought that the "edgier" HFPA would reward this brilliant British reimagining of the famous sleuth in the minseries category. Apparently, only stale British period pieces need apply for consideration.

Yes, HFPA, like the TV academy, loves crunchy gravel movies and miniseries.... I too have really enjoyed the "new" Sherlock Holmes

Which season are they getting nominated for? If it's this season, I don't know how "The Big Bang Theory" and "Glee" could get a nomination. If it's last season, I don't know how "30 Rock" could get a nomination.

It's for 2010, which can mean the second half of last TV season and the first half of this TV season. Confused enough?

You want an actress doing fabulous work in a network TV drama? How about Connie Britton in Friday Night Lights?

She was nominated for an Emmy last September but did not win. I think that ship has sailed on this show, which has now been cancelled by another TV network. NBC scrubbed it, then ABC Family cancelled the RERUNS because they were doing so badly. DirecTV has said this season is the last....

I was surprised that neither Robert Duvall or Bill Murray were nominated for "Get Low." What do you think are their chances for an Oscar nomination?

I think Robert Duvall absolutely still has a chance of being nominated (deservedly) for GET LOW; he's received some critics groups' nods. As for Bill Murray, he seems to be getting overlooked, which is too bad -- he was terrific in this quiet, affecting little film. (I'll probably mangle it, but my favorite quote was when he turned to his colleague and said, 'Is it me, or can he be very articulate when he wants to be?' Vintage Murray.)

I had such high hopes for this show when the pilot aired: I made everyone I know watch. Now that they're hooked, I'm embarrassed for my role. The show was snarkily brilliant early on (VERY early on), but now is a mess.

Preaching to the choir, pookie. But let's cut them some slack -- who's got time for storyline when they're trying to produce all those production numbers and cough up 22 episodes a season. I wish they'd cut the series order to about 12 per season -- like cable...

Well, at least they didn't nominate "The Office," am I right? Though I think a Carell win for lead actor would also be very undeserved as well and ever since "Modern Family" debuted I've been unimpressed with Carell in comparison to Ty Burrell.

Steve Carell has always been a lightweight and so has the show. There, I've said it. Oh, and neither Barbara Walters NOR Oprah Winfrey is the best interviewer on TV, while I'm getting things off my chest...

I'm glad Inception was recognized for best movie. I think Tom Hardy had a strong and memorable supporting role in the movie. Why is there never any mention of him?

Tom Hardy was fantastic in INCEPTION, and has actually enjoyed a nice career bump on its heels -- he's rumored to be playing Hugo Strange in Nolan's upcoming Batman flick THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. If you want to get completely blown away, check out BRONSON, an amazing movie he did a few years ago about a British criminal/psychopath. It's a tour de force, he's truly amazing.

Would a show like "Louie" or "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" ever be considered? I know they are very crass, but they are actually funny, as opposed to some of the other nominated comedies.

I'm guessing they don't throw good enough junkets/parties to be viable Globe contenders.....

Lisa, you're the best. Never, ever change

I have no idea what this is in response to, but I endorse your suggestion...thanks!

Any idea when I can actually go see Black Swan in a local theater? Your review made me want to see it, but I didn't want to travel so far to do it. By the time it comes to me, will I even remember what it is about?

Not sure where you're writing from, but BLACK SWAN should be close to completing its roll-out. If you let me know where you are I can try to find more specific information for you.

What about the final season of "The Tudors"?

Now that one getting snubbed baffles me. It exudes crunchy gravel, it's star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Irish, it's on Showtime. It's the Practically Perfect Globe Nominee...

"Lost." Even the most illegitimate awards show on the planet couldn't find room to nominate one of the best shows ever created.

Best guess: the producers and network threw NO junket/party for the Globes people because the show was terminal...

What does it take for the critics to take seriously the actors in the blockbusters? For example: Emma Watson's work in Deathly Hallows was so superlative that even during the shoot the cast and crew watched, stunned, as she was doing her work. The odds that the five Supporting Actress nominees all outperformed her is exactly zero.

I completely agree with you that Emma Watson was fantastic in DEATHLY HALLOWS. But even looking at the Globes supporting actress list, I'm not sure who I'd leave off -- not to mention Barbara Hershey in BLACK SWAN or Hailee Steinfeld in TRUE GRIT (the Academy might even throw in Julianne Moore from KIDS). Very crowded field.

the best interviewer on TV? oh, wait - craig ferguson, right?

Well, yes, I did say that but I should have qualified that I was talking about "pop culture" interviews. I wouldn't expect him to do a stellar job interviewing, say, Putin. Actually, now that I think of it, that would be entertaining. What I like best about Ferguson is that he appears to listen to what the person he's interviewing is saying and asks follow-up questions in response. Which appears to be a lost art. I've seen Craig toss out all his prepared questions and wing it based on what's going on, on stage.. That virtually never happens any more in news interviews...

I would like to praise all the chatters who are speaking out against the catastrophe that is "Glee." Stay strong. The rest of the world will come around eventually.

Hi Dan.... we are apparently a strong voting bloc...

Two of the best comedies of the year that were left off the list... "Scott Pigrim vs. The World" and "Kick Ass" Why does the media contiue to give the Hollywood Foreign Press publicity? They are the biggest JOKE in Hollywood!

Well, alright then! I wasn't such a fan of PILGRIM, but did succumb to the sublimity that was KICK-ASS -- which reminds me, Chloe Moretz totes deserved a supporting nod for Hit Girl, and/ or a nomination for LET ME IN. She was fabulous in both.

"Black Swan" absolutely took my breath away and is my favorite to win... except, I haven't seen "The King's Speech" yet. Do you know when it will come out in the DC area? Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

Yes it's coming to DC this Friday, Dec. 17th. And it's quite wonderful. Just a terrific, all-round film, the kind of movie that just about anyone could love. Come back Friday and read my review!

I'm a Doris-come-lately to Glee, as my daughter & son-in-law love it. I have mixed feelings about it. There are some beautiful voices, especially Lea Michelle's. I enjoyed their Rocky Horror show, but I didn't like the musical numbers in Gwyneth's show at all. I would have preferred a straight Singin' in the Rain to that mishmash they did. I'll watch tonight's Madonna & Britney shows and decide whether or not to give it up. That said, I did like the duet of Baby, It's Cold Outside.

We blog Glee and so watch every episode and what it seems to have settled into is a show that has one good production number per episode and precious little storyline. I find the viewing experience more enjoyable when I have a good supply of dinner rolls I can throw at my set. And my dog, Vanderbilt, really enjoys picking up after me...

Did the HFPA even screen this film? It's on just about every top 10 list published, and on most of them, it's near the top. How can the HFPA be a legitimate Hollywood establishment yet overlook one of the best reviewed films of the year with incredible pedigree?

Honestly, I don't know! I quite liked TRUE GRIT, but I know among my blog friends it isn't universally adored. Maybe it lost a point for being a re-make? Even so, it's very well made, wise, funny and meaningful -- without the usual ironic distance that sometimes infects the Coens' work. As the Foreign Press Association members themselves might say, Tant pis.

Won a Peabody award for his interview of Desmond Tutu. Sounds like to me he can handle the serious.

Point taken....

"That said, it *does* have playful elements and a winking, jaunty tone. But no, it is not a comedy. No." That means the HFPA must think it is a musical, right?

Ha! There you go! (Wait, I could swear I heard Johnny Depp humming under his breath on one of those gondolas...)

For me, the key is the host needs to be better at pretending they're interested in whoever they're interviewing (or actually interested). While I wouldn't say he's the best at anything, I thought Jimmy Fallon's interview of Springsteen, someone Fallon clearly admired and cared about why he was there, was one of the better TV interviews I've seen lately.

Fallon is only good when he cares passionately about the person sitting with him and even then he's not great -- no surprising questions etc. Fallon's show is at its weakest when he's interviewing....

Black Swan is not available in any theater near the boondocks known as Annapolis, MD. The weekend showtimes aren't available, yet, so I thought you might know. But if you consider Georgetown & Arlington to be a complete release, I'm sorry to bother you from way out here.

...was subtle in American Beauty? With that primal scream housecleaning scene and the "your majesty" sex scene with Peter something, the guy with the giant eyebrows? Yes, very subtle!

That said, she is good in "The Kids Are All Right." I haven't seen Black Swan," but is Natalie Portman actually good in that movie?

Every movie I have ever seen her in she has been awful, and I feel like she gets a ton of hype because she's beautiful, was considered a promising child actress, and hasn't flamed out like her co-star Winona Ryder, or worse, Lindsay Lohan.

I know it's possible to be awful in something and good in something else, and it has gotten a lot of good reviews, but a lot of movie critics are men too.

Review: "Black Swan"

I thought Natalie Portman was fantastic in BLACK SWAN; here's my review.

Got it! I was thinking of the Emmys.

Trying to keep the Emmys and Globes straight can be confusing. You're sometimes left thinking a movie or mini has been nominated two years running which should not be....

I guess I was deluded to think this excellent little movie had any chance? Catherine Keener and Rebecca Hall turned in great performances, but no love.

Oh thanks for this -- PLEASE GIVE was one of my favorite movies of the year, and I agree it's been unfairly shut out/forgotten. For those of you who didn't have a chance to see it in theaters, put it on your Netflix list. It's a gem! Thanks for that reminder!

Once again, the cast of "Friday Night Lights" was snubbed - and Connie Britton is simply fabulous - and this from someone who watches all of the shows with actresses who were nominated - Britton is better than all of them.

This show is just "too over" to be a Globe contender. I'm out of time in re answering Globe's TV questions -- bye!

If there's a Bizarre Change from Original Story category. Alice and the Mad Hatter as action heroes? I get that Burton wanted to make Alice a modern hero (making her into Xena Warrior Princess and then a modern businesswoman), but her refusing to go into an arranged marriage with a dweeb? Wasn't that seen as somewhat cutting edge in, say, the 1930s? I preferred even the Disney version, though the original book was best.

I liked the movie, but I completely take your point -- and chatters, since we're running low on time, I'm going to publish your pithy observations and trenchant remarks without much blah-blah on my part. Thanks for your questions!

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