Redskins-Giants postgame chat with Cindy Boren

Sep 11, 2011

Post blogger Cindy Boren will discuss Washington 28-14 win over the New York Giants after the game.

Welcome to the first postgame chat of the season. Sorry about the tech issues that require you to resubmit your questions...I think the Redskins' two-touchdown win was a jolt to our system.

So much to like in that game -- Grossman's 300+ yards; Tim Hightower; Fred Davis; Kerrigan/Nield...Sure, this was a Giants team that was beyond dinged up, but the bottom line is that the Redskins did what they needed to do and won it.

And, of course, I'm going to have to point out that

Does this win by the Redskins mean that Mike Wise will now be cutting a complete album of songs with "Rexy" In the title?

Oh, I do so hope not. It took me until 8 this morning to get "I want your Rex" out of my head and I had to run four miles to do it.

I wasn't able to watch the game, but was able to follow online. Did we, on TV, look as good as the simplified Gamecast made us out to be?

I thought they looked good. They were in control of the game -- it was close, but you didn't feel it slipping away. And even when Grossman fumbled, they quickly corrected court. Now, the Giants are one mess and Eli Manning is, well, you know, Eli Manning, but they did what they needed to do to win. And a couple of people stepped up: Chris Nield to name one.

I thought we started running the ball well early on, but seemed to stall later on. Good adjustments by the Giants or do we still have work to do?

I think they got away from that running game -- I'd have gotten Helu in earlier and kept churning the ball. Maybe they felt that they wanted to stretch a little and see what else they could do. Certainly momentum was in their favor with the score late in the first half and early in the second, so why not? I'd have preferred a grind-it-out running game rather than the adventure that is Rex Grossman at QB. 

Hi Cindy, Pretty simple, when Rex has time he is good. When he doesn't he can be brutal. We can win 9 games like this but not more. This defense can be special. What do you think?? Thanks for your work.

But what QB has all the time in the world? Stuff happens and then stuff really happens with Grossman. But that tendency can be minimized. The defense is becoming impressive, but I still have concerns about the secondary. A better team and QB might have made things more interesting. But, hey, 1-0.

What's your critique on how Cofield and Bowen looked? The talk around the league (i.e.: other team's fans and officials who'd speak) is that the Skins "overpaid" for those two. But they looked good to me and...for once the team signs two players who should only be getting better (rather than top dollar for guys who just passed their prime).

What's money? Grows on trees. I think Cofield's skills are a really good fit. I'm not as high on Bowen, but I want to give him time. He's dealt with a lot with the premature birth of his child and finally getting his family moved here. 

So, when are the WP writers going to say, " Hey, Rex. Nice game. Thanks and we're with you. Keep it up!"

I hope we never say "we're with you," but here you go: "Rex, it was a nice game." The guy had only his fourth game of more than 300 yards passing and there was a feeling of control, that it wasn't going to get away from the team. Props to him for a nice game. How's that?

I thought he had a huge day today - looks the athletic playmaker we thought we were getting when we drafted him. Less concerned about Cooley's knee now, but do you see this as a flash in the pan or a genuine step up for Davis? PS Watched the game online from my home in Scotland - HTTR!

In Scotland! Wow! You should be in bed now. Honestly, I've always liked Fred Davis and wanted to see him get more chances. Remember before the draft when people were talking about possibly trading Cooley because of the depth at the position? It' going to be interesting to watch the Davis-Cooley dynamic develop.

Listening to Grossman talk now -- he took some of the blame for his four sacks, saying he held the ball too long. He has a tendency to do that and it's good that he's aware of it 'cause that's when bad Rex surfaces.

Based on what you have seen, can this year's team avoid a last-place finish?

Um, well, it's kind of early, but I've felt that all along. I'm not saying I think they can win the division, but I could see them finishing third. The Giants are at a really bad place right now and let's see if they get straightened out. I thought they'd be 7-9 overall and I still think that, but I'll be happy to be wrong. I've watched so much fan angst here over the years, you guys deserve a winner.

Really nothing more to say -- they won in spite of a horrible game by most of that group. Very few good plays, either throwing or running. Hard to blame Grossman for almost any mistake or Hightower for poor average per carry.

The o-line is still a work in progress. Grossman generously took some of that on himself -- you can do that when you pass for over 300 yards and have a 110 passer rating -- but it's an area to be addressed for sure.

I saw almost the whole game. Even though the Giants were in it a lot of the game, the Skins had most control of the game. I didn't understand why in the first half when the Giants were running through the Skins defense that they kept throwing so much. I'm glad that they did. Anyway, it's good that the haters (in the comments sections) will stop saying that the Skins are the worst team in the league - at least for a week!

Hey, Norv is on! Sorry...good ol' Norv. Couldn't believe that Marty was coach here during 9/11--that was a jolt to me. So much has happened in 10 years. And what's different now is the stability, the sense of control and dedication to a plan. Now, they may not win a ton of games, but you have to like where they are right now. I'm not a Redskins fan, but that was a pleasant game to watch. 

hi cindy thanks for doing the chat! and what a game especially the 2nd half. things are looking good... except the run blocking. i disagree when you say we got away from the run-- we ran the ball 26 times. to me if we got away from the run then it was because it wasn't working too often hightower was hit at the line of scrimmage if not sooner and there was rarely a play where he had space to make something happen. other than that(and gano's miss) it was a good day for the skins

I intend to watch the replay and see what happened. Maybe the offensive line got gassed. You're right about Hightower -- he was taking a lot of it on himself and still managed to rush for 72 yards. I liked him when he was with the Cardinals -- watched 'em a lot when they went to the Super Bowl -- and thought he was a great acquisition. Bet Zona would like to have him back.

Did our rookie 7th round draft pick nose tackle Chris Nield have more sacks in one game than Albert Haynesworth had all season last year?? Sorry about the Chiefs, are the Bills that good?

60? Why not 100? It's only money! With just his little finger, he outperformed Haynesworth. Well, maybe not. I'm sure that there'll be moments of anguish with Nield, when he'll make rookie mistakes, but he's a smart player. The Chiefs are just downright wretched, so it's impossible to tell if the Bills are "that good." Sigh.

I am very concerned about Williams - he whiffs alot, and the line allowed tremendous pressure from a banged-up Giants line. Whaddya think?

I share your concern because he's the key to keeping Rex Grossman making the right decisions and playing smart football. 

Trent Williams' pass blocking is horrible. He was beat by pierre-paul all game. Do you think its too soon to move him to right and brown to the left?

Too soon. Let's see how this plays out over the next few games. But, like you, I'm a worrier.

Sexy Rexy, what have you done? you made a fool of everyone. Stay on the scene. I like a Rex machine. I'm too Rexy. I wanna Rex you up. Birthday Rex, Birthday Rex. Wise can start a tour -- opening act: Rex n' Effect.


I just wonder what Rex's day would have been like if Tuck an Umenyiora were active today. A lot of pressure without their 2 starting DEs - that should worry everyone.

Yeah, this was not the Giants on defense. They've lost 5-6 starters and I kept wondering about what would happen next time the teams meet. Ayeesh. So I still am concerned about the O line.

cooley? armstrong? banks? torain? or are we stuck with this roster(and it's glaring holes at o-line and secondary) for the whole year?

Remember when, at the start of camp, everyone was depressed and ready to write off the season in an attempt to get Luck? Not such how much any of those guys, other than Cooley, would fetch.

let's remember that Brandon Lloyd went to the Pro Bowl last year. Maybe they're lazy. Maybe they're jerks. But other teams have found ways to make chicken salad from former Redskins.

Let's wait until tomorrow night and see if Haynesworth is over his "illness." 

With the win nobody talks about Gano but his FG was a bad miss. Go Skins.

Horrible! I kept thinking how nice it would have been if the Skins had been up by 10. Obviously, they didn't need the three by the end, but there's going to be a time when they need those points.

I know we're always told never to do this, that *no* NFL team ever does this, but... after a decade of kicking disappointments (and outright horror stories)... isn't it time for the Redskins to consider *drafting* a kicker? Even if we're talking the 6th or 7th round... or at least busting out the free agent checkbook, but doesn't this never-ending flaw HAVE to be fixed?

No. And yes. No to the draft and yes to filling Redskins One with cash and flying around looking for a kicker.

Rex Bomb!

You're going to do this every week, aren't you? 

A closing note: We have two chats scheduled for tomorrow that should offer you more chances to dissect this game -- as well as the Eagles-Rams, Cowboys-Jets and more ...


- Post columnist Thomas Boswell chats at 11 a.m.


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You can ask questions as soon as ... now. Hope to see you there.



Time for me to scoot along. Because of the tech issues, I didn't get a chance to welcome you properly and say how nice it is to be with you in postgame chats again this season. Hope you'll follow The Early Lead during the week; we can continue our conversation there and on Twitter. Hit me up. Thanks so much for joining me!

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