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Aug 05, 2010

After being eliminated from the NBC reality show "The Biggest Loser: Families, " Stacey and Adam Capers continued to work out and have lost almost 150 pounds combined. The couple owns I Can Do Fitness, which helps aspiring weight-loss losers get in shape. She discussed how to get fit while hanging out at home.

Hi Everyone!  I'm here!!!  A little technical difficulties but I am getting to your questions! <3

We have witnessed lots of people, Oprah for instance, who have lost lots of weight, and then they started gaining some of it back. I am glad Drew Carey lost a lot of weight and that you have kept the weight off. Is keeping the weight off more of a mental struggle or phsyical struggle to keep exercising, or what does it take to keep weight off?

Not sure what happened to my first answer but I will type it again.

I was just telling someone the other day that it is a true mental test to both lose and maintain weight-loss.  It is a constant battle to make the right choices about what to eat and motivating yourself to exercise.  It is best conquered by making healthy eating and an active lifestyle part of your routine; that way you can stick with it.  Find those things that motivate and inspire you to keep you going!  I'm now taking a liking to triathlons so that definitely keeps me in the gym!

I think that mentally, I am my own foil when it comes to keeping in shape during my "staycation". When I do stay home, all I want to do is sleep, stay in bed, watch tv/movies with my boyfriend, etc. While I try and eat as healthy as possible (although there is definitely some more snacking than usual), I NEVER get out to exercise. It's like my brain is telling me that its a "holiday" so you deserve a break. Any advice on how to break out of this mental cycle?

I totally understand where you are coming from!  It is hard in our culture to find a good balance between work and home life so we find ourselves "vegging out" and lifeless on vacation.  However, once you have incorporated an active lifestyle in your routine, you'll be surprised that even on "staycation" you will have energy and want to do more things.  Plan your days in advance to you can stick with it.  Go for a walk -- or if it is scorching hot like it has been this summer, go for a dip in the pool.  It is ok to get some "R&R" of course, just find balance!  Watch those snacks!!!  That's how people gain weight on vacation!!! :o)

Hi there! I just wanted to share a potential launching-pad-into-fitness strategy for staycationers. It seems that a week at home would be a good time to try out nearby gyms (if memory serves me correctly, WSC gives potential members a week to work out for free). You might be able to test out different classes/teachers and find out what activities you want to work into your regular schedule. Also, a couple yoga studios have discounts for new members. I just got the $25 one-week pass at Sacred Space Yoga and have been really enjoying it. I've tried three classes so far, and each instructor seemed highly knowledgeable, yet very different, even though all the classes were mixed-level Vinyasa Flow. IMHO, it's nice to have that kind of variety of perspective available. Also, Thrive Yoga (also in Rockville) has $10 community classes, and I think there is one on the schedule every day. Thanks for the great columns! The print package today was very nicely designed, too.

Fantastic idea!  Way to go!!  Thanks for sharing!

What do you think about all of these home workout programs like P90x? A lot of people claim to be getting serious results, but I am still a little skeptical. What is your opinion on stuff like this?

Funny... I was just thinking about ordering  the Insanity series!  Honestly, if you look at the people featured in those videos they are in decent shape.  So, it is not a product that I would suggest for  someone just starting out.  They are targeting people who are looking for a challenge to take their fitness to another level.  At 221 pounds, I would have never considered it; but now at 165 pounds I would. 

I have met real people that have done the workouts and know trainers who use the techniques with their clients.  They do work; they are not geared for weight loss but for toning and muscle definition.  You will likely lose fat but not a lot of "weight" because you will gain muscle.


Videos also offer some variation to working out.  Plus, it is easy to roll out of bed on staycation and pop in a DVD!


I'm reading Dr. Ian's Smith's "4 Day Diet," and I love it. It's a really good guide to stay healthy mentally and physically. However, I just want to know how to handle cravings? I have a serious sweet tooth.

I haven't read the book but I'm a BIG fan of "Celebrity Fit Club"!  The contestants that follow his diet seem to get great results. 

I have a wicked sweet tooth as well!  I have found creative ways to swap sugary desserts for something sweet but healthy.  I have a recipe for my version of s'mores that includes low-fat graham crackers, dark chocolate pudding and fat free whipped topping.  Check it out at!

Usually throughout the day I am very disciplined when it comes to eating well. I pack my own lunch and snacks for work, and I keep a food journal. However, if I go a day or two of being very good (i.e. only having one small piece of dark chocolate as a treat or something similar), I find myself craving junk food and by the end of the second day, I've eaten half a pint of Ben and Jerry's. It's not that I don't know how to eat well. My meals are well balanced with lots of veggies, fruit, lean proteins and whole grains, and I am conscious about packing similarly healthy snacks. It's that my body seems to cry out for lack of sugar/salt. How do I get myself to stop feeling like an addict?

I think most experts would say that addictions are triggered by a catalyst, whether it's stress, sadness, whatever.  I never thought that I had emotional eating issues.  Through my weight-loss process, I figured out that I ate less when I was stressed and I ate more when I was happy.  Get in tune with what your triggers are.  Replace the pint of B&J's with fruit or jello if you need something sweet.  Try not to let one bad day or bad choice be the end of your committment.  Re-focus and get back on track!

Hello! Love the chats. Glad I am able to make it. I will start fasting next week and have a question about working out. Currently I am going to the gym four to five times a week and doing heavy weights and cardio. I know I will not be able to keep the same regime going throughout ramadan, however I want to do something. Any advice on how to at least keep the flab away from the abs and possibly maintain the shape I am currently in? Thanks so much.

Be careful during your fast.  Listen to your body!  If you decide to workout do so after you are able to eat.  Good luck!

I wanted to download a copy of the seven days of suggestions for the staycation, but there's no link to it. Is it posted somewhere? Thanks.

The fact of the matter is that fitness is a lifestyle choice. If one has to sit around on the Internet talking about what kind of exercise one should do, rather than going out and simply doing it, then one already is displaying the lack of necessary mental commitment to a lifestyle of fitness. News flash: The workout you imagine yourself doing will never be even remotely as effective as the one you actually do.

This is a quote for my "ToughLove Tuesday" post!  But I must say, everyone has their own journey to travel; people who have struggled with obesity (like I did for YEARS), don't just jump up one day and change their lifestyle overnight. 

It is truly a mental comittment that many don't understand because it is easier not to have to think about what you eat; it is easier not to have to think about going to the gym.

I applaud the people who do seek help. That is the first step towards the committment.  Yes, there are people who "talk" about losing weight and exercising  but they may be afraid of what is on the "other side," especially if you (like me) were never fit before.

For the past seven years I have been struggling with my weight. I am most motivated when I have someone to workout with. What can I do to keep myself motivated to go to the gym alone?

Ask yourself: Was it really the other person being their that made you go to the gym or was it that you wanted to change yourself?   Workout buddies are an excellent idea, but if someone falls off the wagon, you need to become your own best friend!  If you need to workout with someone, make friends with someone that is ALWAYS at the gym, like a trainer or the owner... 

How do we manage conflicting diet triggers and exercise options in the same house, not to mention that one loses weight twice as fast?

Losing weight in the same house should be easier since you should have each other's support.  Men do lose weight faster than women. Thank Mother Nature for that.  But, that should not keep you from finding your own plan that works.  My husband and I workout VERY differently. We enjoy different workouts and workout at different times of the day.  Plus, I have to work that much harder to keep the weight off because I am smaller than he is.  It is just a fact of physiology.  You can't change it; you can only work with what you got!  Find the options that work for you and make it happen!

Thanks for all the great questions!!!  Take care!

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After being eliminated from the NBC reality show "The Biggest Loser: Families, " Stacey and Adam capers continued to work out and have lost almost 150 pounds combined. The couple owns I Can Do Fitness, which helps aspiring weight-loss losers get in shape.
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