Chatological Humor with Gene Weingarten

Sep 22, 2020

You asked for it and you got it. Gene holds weekly chats every Tuesday at 12 p.m. ET, where he takes your questions about what's happening in the country — and anything else you want to discuss.

Here is Gene's latest column.

Good people. It is Teuffel among you once again, and once again we are delving into baseball history together with these pictures of Lou Gehrig auditioning for the role of Tarzan. I will only be taking questions about Lou Gehrig esoterica and erotica at this time. Thank you. 

Have we all seen the spike in Salt Lake City coronavirus cases linked to underground, mask-ordinance-defying dance parties organized by a company called Young and Dumb, LLC? Good. 

I sustained a walking injury last week and while I expect to fully recover, this week I am walking bowlegged like a wacky old man cartoon character named Horace Bumblebee. I am also doing the voice. 

I do not think it has been reported in this chat before, but Buster sleeps like a weirdo. 

Please take the poll! We start at noon. Thanks. 

Hey Gene! I remember a story you wrote a long while ago about someone who was the go-to guy for kids aged two to five celebrating their birthday. Have you followed up with that guy lately, or plan on doing a follow up with him?

Great Zucchini! Story here. It seems he is delighting the children via Zoom parties

No question; just wanted to thank you for tweeting that very important AITA on Thursday.

Here is the one. Clicking it means you will see a bad word. He's lucky she doesn't poop in a box. 

Don't blame the coronavirus spike in Utah on those of us in Salt Lake City! Those idiots are in Provo, and generally affiliated with BYU. Utah County (where Provo is located) is also where the county commission meeting about mask mandates in schools--that went viral because of folks crammed in a small room yelling at commissioners--took place. Don't lump us in with them. We have a mask mandate here in Salt Lake City and have generally been taking things seriously. Now, the state as a whole is not doing well due in no small part to our inept governor who is unwilling to do pretty much anything. But, that's a discussion for another day.

My apologies! 

I'm sure you're a very nice person -- probably. But let's face it, you're not a two-time Pulitzer-winning, multiple-book authoring, nationally renown journalist, humorist and political observer. Where's Gene? Have you locked him in the basement so you can take over his gig, or what?

AND locked him out of his Post email (though that is working now).

He will be back soon, two weeksish. He's taking the time to make some nationally renowned journalism, humor and political observating. Apparently he can't do both at once. I can refer questions to him. 

Hi Rachel, Thanks for doing the chats in Gene's absence. Like a lot of people, I'm heartbroken over RBG's death and the weaselly response by Senate Republicans. I worry about the future of our country, and can't understand people who don't see this (such as my family, who are all Trump voters). I worry about the slippery slope of packing the Court, but it seems like the only response to Republicans' hypocrisy; plus, we're likely past starting down the slope, due to the abolishment of the filibuster for judicial nominees by Harry Reid in response to past Republican intransigence on judges. It's just very depressing, so what I'm trying to say is thank you for the pictures of Lou Gehrig as Tarzan -- as a baseball loving, middle age woman (Go Os!) I think I need to bookmark those for some future viewings.

Lou Gehrig dressed as Tarzan has always been the answer. We just didn't know the question. 

Is there a plan at WaPo to kill the chats? First the number of chats was reduced, now links to the chats have disappeared off the homepage. If killing them isn't the goal, then somebody needs to let the WaPo web gods know that this is sure what it looks like. Also, I know that I can just bookmark the chat index page, but that's not how I use the Post -- I keep the WaPo homepage open in a tab all the time, so eliminating the chat list means another step for me. Or maybe *that's* the goal -- it's a sneaky way to gin up clicks. Conspiracies abound.

Ha ha! There is no conspiracy. We just really happen to like clicks. 

The WaPo home page has no links to the chat -- not just you, but all chats. Are they trying to get rid of you? Are they ashamed?

We are the resistance!

So do you think it would make you sound better or worse if you explained this ridiculous email account situation?

Can anyone imagine an explanation that would make him sound better?

I just read Dana Milbank's article about Republicans reaction to RBG's death. It's a beautiful column and has left me in furious sadness. I recommend everyone read it. I do hope to see some humor here today though.

Some George Will for you, too. 

I'm missing the usual word-fussing pedantry, so I decided to do my part. When I voted this morning I noticed that the redistricting question refers to "citizens" of Virginia. Is there no one in Richmond who knows that Virginia has residents, not citizens? Only nations have citizens. Whew...there, I feel much better now.

As do we all. 

Buster's bizarre sleeping position suggests that he trusts you--feels that you will not attack his soft underbelly, however tempting it might be to rub/tickle/brush it.

It is extremely difficult not to disturb him. Especially since, if you disturb him, he makes a little noise. 

Do you mean to imply that when Gehrig role-played Tarzan, he, Jane and Cheeta had a threesome?

I mostly want to get that phrase onto the internet. 

While reading a book about hoarding, one researcher who had looked into the relationships between people and their property was named L. Furby

I don't get this. 

I believe Buster is reading an invisible book.

But what book?

In response to all the hate in this forum last week, the Yankees won like 10 in a row.


Can the next poll just be 1 question? Should Rachel replace Gene permanently?

I'm not playing fair with the cat pictures. 

I found it hard to answer questions 1 and 3, since even before the corona-craziness I could not imagine myself being at an indoor party at a friend's house, much less one where 12 people are invited, or making any travel plans that stretch my budget, much less plans that have a nonrefundable deposit. As you can imagine, the last six months have not resulted in a major change in my social activities.

Well, excellent! We should all strive to be more like you. 

...are exactly what Putin wants, right? Do you think he cares as much who's president, as much as America remaining deeply divided? Good job, chatters!

Dammit, Putin! Okay, let's do what he doesn't want. 

Any more odd coincidences?

Faulkner has a Nobel, and Gene does not.

I think it is too much to expect us to endure the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the horrific destruction of our country, the persistent threat of covid19 and its attendant restrictions AND the loss of the list of live chats on the WaPo home page. WHO DID THIS? We need MORE chats and we need them NOW and they need to be easily available on the HOME PAGE. I cannot take one more thing. Muttering, muttering, muttering ...

Good news for you in the next question. 

Go here.  Easy peasy! Thank you to Rachel for filling in.

Here! Thank you to Rachel for not making a your mom joke about filling in. 

I live in a recycling wasteland. Plastic-wise, I am only able to recycle #1 and 2 plastics. As a result, I have spent the last 18 months or so collecting all other plastic in a very large bag in my garage. I am making a more concerted effort to not buy things that aren't #1 or 2 plastic, but that doesn't do anything about the plastic I already have. I have thought about dragging this bag 400 miles to my parents' home in MoCo with its expansive and wonderful recycling, but they have expressed hesitation about having to manage that much extra recycling. It is possible that there is a Whole Foods near me that accepts #5 but I am not sure I am prepared to walk into a Whole Foods for the first time with a bag of recycling that is near to me in size. So do I give in and go to Whole Foods? Or do I just admit defeat and start trashing this plastic as dictated by my local recycling? I cannot help but feel that Mother Nature is so disappointed in me...

This is a question from last week. I am thinking you google recycling centers near you. It sounds like you have a car. Can you find the nearest municipal recycling center that takes 5s? Or bring it to a MoCo center, rather than your parents' house? 

My cat is 16 years old. He was diagnosed with kidney disease about 2 years ago but was being controlled by special [read expensive] diet. He was doing wonderful until the first week of April of this year. The vet told me that they can hide not feeling well until they can't hide it any longer. His kidney numbers were sky high during a blood test. I took him back to the vet 4 days in a row so they could give him subcutaneous fluids then they allowed me into the office one day so I could learn how to give him the fluids at home. Anyway at that time in April they told me he would probably live 1-2 months at the most. He was not eating much and lost almost half of his weight but, he was happy and didn't seem to be suffering.

Luckily I was working from home at the time so was able to be with him 24/7. I would never let him suffer so I kept a good eye on him and really I notice even a small change in him. I thought about 6 weeks ago that I would have to say goodbye but the vet thought otherwise and I increased the fluids for a while and that worked. I purchased steps for him so he could still get up on my bed and the furniture. He doesn't want to get on the chair because that is the chair I use to give him the fluids.

Trying to make this shorter so I will skip to today. He has stated to gain weight and is eating more. I usually don't have to use the appetite stimulate that I had to rub on his ear any longer. He is so active that he won't let me work for more than 5-10 minutes before he wants to climb up to sit on my lap, usually by way of stepping on my keyboard. He is a wonderful cat and I will be devastated when I have to say goodbye to him. I don't know how much longer I have with him but he still has some of his 9 lives left.

Also from last week, and wonderful. Something has gotten better! 

So my wife makes a great chicken stew. I had two bowls of it on Saturday, great stuff. When I went to put the remainder in the fridge, I noticed they were stacked on one another -- not an ideal arrangement for food you want to cool. In fact, they were both still warm in the interfacing sides.

When I opened the first, it looked like someone had just mixed in a can of soda. Carbonated soda. Uh-oh. Second one -- same thing. Oh dear. I'd just botoxed my guts.

Since then (it's Thursday as I type this), I'm mostly OK, and I've always been suggestible, but things down there just don't feel the same. Not working, in the sense that it's not working.

A perfectly rational woman who's always been a bit lax about leaving food out is now verging on full Botulism Denial. I can't even. This [stuff] used to kill half the people who got it, before antitoxins. So, you ask, how can any sane person like Trump? They need to have a vested interest in that position that blinds them to the overwhelming historical record.

If I am getting your metaphor, you're saying that you would eat four more years of your wife's chicken stew because you love her. And so far all the damage has been temporary. 

Agree or disagree: People would like me better if they knew what I was really like.

Wow, this is very tricky! I think disagree, but it's hard to be sure. You'd like to think more knowledge about someone equals more empathy. But we go through a LOT of work to keep people from knowing us unvarnishedly. Maybe I'm only speaking for me! 

Okay, I think in general I would like people better if I knew what they were really like. But it's better no one finds out what I am really like. 


That's actually not true. The Constitution provides that people are both citizens of the U.S. AND the state "wherein they reside." 

Oh no, a fight!

if the Yankees make the World Series this year and they allow fans in the stands (socially distanced of course) would you go? Assume no vaccine has magically appeared that you could get before the game.

From Weingarten: 

No, I would not.  I have never actually felt that being at games -- football, especially, but baseball to a lesser extent -- was an appreciably better experience than watching from home. 

I have tons of friends who will vote badly this year. They’re the same ones who voted for She Who Insisted It Was Her Turn Last Time, and we’re still friends now. We have more in common than just politics. We don’t talk politics much, but we respect each other’s rights to be wrong.

As Tucker Carlson says, life is bigger than politics

Portland (along with NYC and Seattle) has been designated as an "anarchist jurisdiction" by the DOJ. Are there specific anarchist tourist sites I can visit? What about group "anarchism tours" that might be available? I can hardly wait!

It is very hard to lead an anarchist tour group. 

I can't imagine wanting to press my lips or body to any man who would support and vote for Trump. Ever. This is not a "reasonable people can disagree" issue.

Well expressed!


Now we are Ruthless and

Grieving collectively,

Our task is large.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was


That’s how we’ll work until

Biden’s in charge.

From Weingarten Prime: 

A dreadful, horrifyingly inept attempt at higgledy meter and higgledy meaning.  A horrifying effort, devoid of skill, absent any intelligence, blithely ignoring all rules.   Try this:

Higgledy Piggledy 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was 
History's giant at 
Just five foot one. 
How do we magically 
Add to her legacy? 
One. Term. And. Done.  

I'd venture either "Puss-In-Boots" or the collected works of T.S. Eliot.

Too bad Busterfer Jones is taken. 

I said right now, and that's true - I just booked non-refundable airfare. However, I only did it because the airlines have dropped fees to change your booking. That's a big factor.

I would only plan a nonrefundable trip for right now. I know more about now than I do about a month from now. Of course I don't know as much about right now as I will in two weeks. So ideally you'd plan a right-now trip two weeks later, when the data catches up. 

If the Senate confirms a new justice before the election, how many wavering Trump voters do you think may decide there's no longer a need to actually vote for this guy again?

I think zero. 

Our response to Question 4 concerns me. Greatly. As of my writing, 83% of us would end a relationship because the other person (likely) voted for Trump. Think about this. We're holding it against someone for voting for someone who didn't even win?!? We, your followers, Gene, are a really petty bunch. If two people who are otherwise enamored with each other refuse to move forward because someone voted for a losing candidate, what does this mean for the Union? It's like we want a civil war, "with malice toward none, with charity for all" be damned.

It's scary, isn't it? I think one reason he's so polarizing is he's made himself the most important issue. The GOP didn't even have a platform at the convention, just Trump. All issues are Trump. Like he said, probably kidding, his people would stand by him if he murdered someone. If you like him, he likes you, no matter what else is true. Maybe nothing else is true.

It's why there's been essentially no response to the POWs are losers/suckers quotes. If you support him, everyone else is lying. There are no other things. You support him. Which means by definition you don't have anything in common with people who don't. 


Maybe I missed where supporters have acknowledged the comments and dealt with them. I hope so. 

If I met someone in 2021 who--after all that's happened so far (and goodness knows what awful things to come)--somehow supported Trump (the opposite candidate), I can't imagine wanting to know them more or what I'd hope to get out of it. I mean, it's one thing to have supported him in 2016; it's another entirely to have lived through this and said, "Yes, I'd like more of that". It would reveal a deeply callous view of fellow Americans and a lack of true patriotism (i.e., wanting to better America for everyone). At best, it would reflect an unserious mind; at worst, it could be Stephen Miller-levels of psychopathy. Why build a new relationship with someone I can't respect?

This is the more common answer. 

I present to you a 2 part series about the lack of Bobs in sports these days. 

Thank you! We will reach 100% baseball content by 2031. 


Ruth Bader Ginsberg, she

Lit up our highest court

Left us too soon

Leaving the Donald and

Mitchell the hypocrite

Free to appoint

A republican goon.

Weingarten Prime: This one is good!  Missing the single dactyl word, but good.   

It's still summer, really, so many of us are thinking about ice cream. A few easy, fun, light ice cream questions:

1. What's your favorite ice cream flavor, or, your several favorite flavors?

2. Similarly, what's your favorite, or several favorite, ice cream toppings?

3. What's your favorite ice cream brand?

4. Where'd you like to get ice cream out when you were growing up?

5. Seriously--what's the most ice cream you've eaten at one sitting? Thanks!

I've been on the hunt for high fat, low sugar ice cream for awhile. But also Jeni's for flavors and, currently, Tillamook for vanilla. Jeni's will deliver but at $12 a pint which seemed reasonable to me at the time. 

A recent American transplant in NZ for a few months now (released from immigration isolation on the 4th of July); found a kindred spirit brewery that might bring a smile to the chatters in this ever-more-trying 2020 (RIP, Notorious RBG): Here, here, here


You must be 18 to enter! 

Had a similar experience to the one you wrote about Sunday. I bought a CD called "Unmined Cole," a group of Cole Porter rarities, arranged for voice and piano. Sung by a soprano, the words were difficult to hear, so I looked for them online. The pianist, Judy Brown, was the major researcher for the album, so I searched for her. I got a news article from 2005. Seems this pianist, a Cole Porter expert, when she was 61, beat her brother-in-law (who was 88) to death -- with a candlestick. Yes! Like in the game! Seriously. She got ten-to-twenty years. I had no clue...

I'm thinking you still listen to the album? Perhaps in the conservatory. 

I'm sorry, but I have to say this: Justice Ginsburg was selfish for not resigning at some point during the Obama administration when Democrats controlled the Senate. Her decision to remain on the bench after multiple bouts of cancer is going to cost millions of Americans their health care, Roe will be overturned, the EPA will lose its ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, advancements in gay rights may be overturned, and the constitutional principle of "one man, one vote" is at grave risk. As a fighter for gender equality and the second woman on the Supreme Court, her place in history was secure. But now, a lot of her work may be undone. And for what? Another decade's worth of dissents no one will remember, much less read?

I wish she had called

What are you expecting to see? Click on this link.  I discovered this today.

This is beautiful. 

That's one of my favorite shows of all time. It's quite a shame that it's unavailable to stream anywhere. I really need to buy the complete series on DVD.

Or perhaps your local public library has them available. 

I was on a Zoom call and saw that one of my colleagues was trying to execute a brilliant strategy. He was using a picture of his office as the Zoom background. It surprised me, because his office is down the hall from mine and I hadn't seen him in the office that day. Then I looked more carefully at the picture. It was of his office, taken from the door. It also showed his desk and the empty chair behind it....

Was he in the meeting at all? 

Years ago I thought RBG should have retired early in Obama's second term. You were on the record saying RBG should stay a few more years well into her late 80s. So now the conservatives will lock up their majority for the next few decades. A few extra years of RBG vs a few decades of a conservative majority. That's the dumbest trade ever for liberals. And we told you so.

You did. 

I live in Ohio. There are no such wonderful recycling centers as exist in Maryland. It's a tragedy. This is why it is harder to get excited/motivated about driving 400 miles to deliver the recycling--whether to mom and dad or a transfer station.

Oh. Well, if you'd thought of googling already, I don't think I can help. Anyone?

Perhaps refers to the Furby toy craze many years back. We had one that ended up on a shelf child couldn't reach as it drove us all crazy, including child. Mistakingly recently donated it to Goodwill and then found out ones in original box were going for over $100 on Ebay.

Oh, for a hoarder! Good. 

How does someone in the prime of life sustain "a walking injury?" I hope that the recovery is prompt, and is not accompanied by a sitting injury. : )

There was some stupidity involved. 

"Agree or disagree: People would like me better if they knew what I was really like" writes the person who is definitely hiding something.

It's best not to know. But to speculate. 

Do you and Gene have an opinion about the disappearance of links to the chats from the Post's home page? You can still get to them via "Live Chats" in the pull-down menu, but obviously only if you know about them and are looking for them. The Travel chat yesterday had lots of posts about this. Is the Post planning to unplug the chats?

I think Gene is responsible for this, but it was an accident. 

I don't want one. Is there a good way to convince a person who thinks you need a cat that you don't like them? It seems the world is very set in their ways about the need/lack of need for cats.

I will need five pictures of cats to answer this question. 

Perhaps we can pair this with the Bea Arthur erotica referenced in the movie "Airheads."

That voice! 

He looks like a slimmer John Goodman as Fred Flintstone. Yabba-dabba-dooooo!!!!

Then who is this

No. He sleeps like a cat, or more specifically in one of the many cat sleeping positions. He looks comfy rhere.

I lounge corrected. 

Our dog does the exact same thing. He sometimes even suns himself on the lawn in that position. Pictures available on request. :-)

Sunny belly is an excellent game. 

Lou Gehrig 's disease is the only one containing a first name.

Seems true!

I said "no, of course not" because of the candidate. In past years, for example 2008 or 2012, when the Republican candidates were McCain and Romney, I wouldn't let that stop a relationship in it's tracks. But Trump is so extreme, I can't see cozying up to someone who supports him.

This is most of us. 

Did you know you can get high on penguin poop? And that time used to be a series of tubes?

Briefly, in the 90s, time was a piece of wax. 

I've given this a great deal of thought, and it is clear to me that your antipathy toward Tom lies in your (perhaps not fully articulated) fears that Tom is actually the driving force behind your success as a writer. More than just your editor, he has been your sounding board, your guiding light, and indeed your tutor, one who has been a crucial influence in your evolution as both a writer and a thinker. Rather than fend off these fears, I urge you to embrace them and acknowledge Tom's role in your career. In so doing, Tom the Butcher may become Tom the Beloved, and you will achieve a spirtual and creative zenith. What say you?

I officially herewith name him Tom the Beloved, and so shall he be dubbed in Chatological Humor forevermore. 

Question 4 was interesting. If it was a romantic partner, someone I would potentially live with, and share the rest of my life with, then I think that would take them out of the equation. But a friendship? I think we would have to talk about it at least once, so I understood where they were coming from, and then assuming the answer was something I could live with, then I would just determine that this would be a friend I generally wouldn't talk with about politics. I know a few people like this now - people I know to be truly good people who would do anything to help a friend, neighbor, or even a stranger. I can't really comprehend their political views, but I would never cut them out of my lives because of them. It does probably put some limits on the depth of our friendship, as politics is pretty important to me, especially right now.

You're willing to invest in a new relationship across this gulf, which is rare among us chatters. 

In a June 2018 chat you declared that you would refer to Rachel as your “fnorf,” because "girlfriend" was a “ridiculous word to describe an adult person aligned with another very, very adult person.” At the time I shared this with the very, very adult person I was dating and we had a good chuckle because we had recently discussed that there isn’t a great term for middle-aged couples like ourselves. Fast-forward to September 2020 and we are still together and, without ever planning on it, regularly refer to the other as our fnorf. It’s become so common between us that when referring to my fnorf in third-party conversations I have actually hesitated because I don’t want to have to explain what a fnorf is, but “boyfriend” sounds not just silly but now inaccurate. He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my fnorf! Anyway, we’ve been meaning to thank you for giving us this perfect word, and as this chat will be on the anniversary of our first date it seemed like the right moment to do so. Thank you.

This is lovely. Fnorf on. 

Should football be played in the fall of 2020? Many folks think no--even if we're longtime fans. It just seems stupid to be worrying about football during a virus pandemic that's killed nearly 200,000.

I, of course, think no. But I cannot imagine being a professional athlete and willing to risk your heart and lungs. We don't know what this thing does. 

No way. My favorite coffee cup -- which I bought for myself -- says it all: "I'm not actually funny: I'm just mean, and people think I'm joking."

But you're so self-aware it's charming. 

"Like he said, probably kidding, his people would stand by him if he murdered someone." I'm curious if Gene agrees with you. As someone who grew up in NYC in the 70s and 80s, I already knew Trump was exactly like this, and I believe he was 100% dead serious when he said "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” He **LOVES** that kind of power, where he gets to flaunt the rules, and show he's above them.

Well, he got us good. Zing!

Lou Gehrig, in the pictures that you linked, was much more muscular than Johnny Weismuller. Gehrig also had a hairy chest. I wonder if those were disqualifying features back then, or maybe Lou Gehrig wasn't a good enough actor (though it seems there was a pretty low bar for acting in action movies, back in those days).

Yes, back in those days. I just love what a good time he seems to be having. Famous people being dorks is an excellent genre. 

I voted "yes, of course" along with 5% of the chatters...but only because I think Trump will win in November, strictly because he said he was going to end the pandemic. Not that I believe that, but...I can believe that, erm, more than 51% of the population might believe that.

This still seems optimistic to me! That a year from now we'll be forgiving and forgetting. 

If you click on it, you see this sentence describing today's chat: Gene Weingarten brings you his weekly Cthis wehatological Humor live chat.

Sounds about right. 

It's the moral issue I'm seeking an answer for. My state doesn't make it possible to recycle some of the most common plastics we encounter (beyond a possible nearby Whole Foods accepting them--unconfirmed). So technically I could get away with throwing them in the trash. But morally, the little Greta T on my shoulder makes me feel bad even considering that. So I don't know what to do. Walk into the Whole Foods with the 50 pounds of recycling and see what happens? I have never been in a Whole Foods but I feel like the reception might be chilly.

Bring a small bag in at first, and know that I'm behind you.

OK, just ARGH! He is not "flaunting" the rules. He is FLOUTING the rules. Not the same thing!

ARGH! I agree, but dictionary. Still, argh. 

This is the content we didn't know we needed. (Also, after 6 months without a haircut, my new nickname.) I loved in the video how the winning Head checked out the other one's shell after the battle. Nothing sarcastic about that.

He doesn't need sarcasm. He has that fringe. 

What's to stop Trump from challenging the election results & his stacked SC declaring him the winner?


What a coincidence: The commenter who submitted the poem that Gene savaged used the same single dactyl word -- "indefatigable" -- that I used the first time I tried to construct such a poem, when we were assigned the task in sophomore high school English. And I remember how embarrassed I was when my teacher informed me that the emphasis is on the third syllable, not the fourth.

Sometimes savagery is warranted. 

First a picture of your kitty and then a Dick pic. Today's chat ought to be x-rated.

It's why they've made it so hard to find.

He sucked in that role, mostly because he was role-playing a Yankee.


If you live close to the MI border, you could recycle there, and fund it by returning all your cans and bottles for deposit (carbonated beverages only, 10 cents each!)

Or could you ship the goods to Maryland? Is there a chatter willing to accept them?

I hate to be cynical, but you may as well just throw it out. There have been numerous stories about how most "recyclable plastic" never gets recycled, regardless of claims that it does

Oh NO.

This is an opinion piece, though. 

What is with these people who think Ginsburg should have retired earlier? Really? Are they aware of what happened with Merrick Garland? Are they aware McConnell was present in 2014, 2015, 2016? Why would he have been any more reasonable in allowing a replacement for Ginsburg than he was for Scalia? Answer: he is who he is. Yes, Ginsburg maybe was thinking/hoping that Hillary Clinton would be elected, but either way, she was absolutely right to stay on. She was an excellent justice; it is tragic that she died, but would have been even more tragic, in its way, had she retired and not been replaced at the time, which is certainly conceivable.

There is this. 

Honestly, I had stopped reading Gene’s chats, because they weren’t funny. On the one day I return, they’re still not funny. Such a waste of my corporate WiFi.

We tried to hide them. 

Perhaps it's because I grew up in an area where I was in the distinct minority for political allegiance, but if I had a rule that prevented me from being even friends with someone who voted for someone I didn't vote for, I'd have never made the lifelong friendships that I have. Regardless of who wins this November, we as a country have to start finding ways to get along with, and even enjoy the company of, people who don't look, think, act, or believe the same way that we do.

There's this. 

Sorry, Rachel. Flaunt is incorrect in that context. To flaunt the rules would be to wave them around proclaiming them. To flout the rules is to intentionally ignore them.

It's in there, but not the first definition. 

I'm just googling on the fly, and The Guardian sounded good. How's about this one

Good. And terrible. 

Feh. That's the book that allows "infer" to mean "imply." I spit on its flaunting.


I blame idiotic "purity" voters who stayed home in 2016, or wasted their vote. I blame people who didn't bother because it "doesn't affect them". I blame the 53% of white women who voted for a man who values women like he values wetwipes at KFC. I'm an old white guy so relatively insulated but this kills me. Things are going to stay rough for a long time, regardless of who takes the WH.

And there's this. 

When Biden's elected, are the bigots going to retire from the INS/Migra/Border Patrol?

I honestly cannot imagine December at this point. 

No, I can handle that, but these people have their own REALITY. You can't agree to disagree on that. And it's all those Lincoln Project people who have spoiled even the idea of trying to wrap my head around it. They have all kinds of different political positions, but they share the same basic facts of what IS with me.

Twenty bucks for someone who figures out how we go back to shared facts. 

Fnorf the rules!

That is filthy. 

Intellectually, I understand that our recycling systems have deteriorated but I cannot bring myself to just give up. Isn't that worse?

I can't even bring myself to answer you. 

Shutting it down. Thanks, all, this is fun. Next week

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