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Aug 11, 2020

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Here is this week's poll.

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Good afternoon. 

The pandemic lockdown tends to give people a little more time to themselves, and an opportunity to visit, or revisit, pursuits.  In my case, I am renewing my favorite, and only, hobby: Repairing antique clocks.  I just bought my first one in ten years, on ebay.    It was made around 1910.   You will see why I bought it. Here it is. 

This company, which killed and diced up pigs, did a lot of self promotion, including this little item for kids, by which time they had learned punctuation. 

 Take the poll; your judgement has been seriously off -- reprehensible, so far -- on one group.  Can you see which?

Okay, that's it.  See you at noon here.

You're on the record as finding "moist" to be funny, for reasons that are lost on me, so is that it?

No.  See below.  Warning: the correct answers follow.  

what could be funnier than "moist"?

Moist is funny, but it is not among the funniest.  I wanted to avoid seeming presumptuous, so I consulted the world's leading authority on funny words, Dave Barry.  His choices and mine mostly correlate.    Judiciously, he counsels that context matters, but with lack of context, here are his picks: 

epididymis, spelunking, lobster, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Thursday, rectum and pantaloons. 

My thoughts:  

1. Yes, I misspelled epididymis in the poll. 

2. Dave's picks are excellent, and one of them exposes you all to ridicule. "Lobster" may be the funniest word in the language, and if you don't see why, no explanation will suffice. 

3. Longfellow, he says, makes the cut because of "Wadsworth."  I reluctantly agree, though I am inexorably drawn to Jacques Offenbach, and that would have been my choice. 

My addition: Thursday is indeed a funny word.  But we cannot forget that Saturday has "turd" in it. 

Thank you.

Yesterday my heart leapt with joy as I glimpsed the breaking news that Trump had been escorted out by the Secret Service. Then I read further and my heart fell with a thud as I realized that it wasn’t out of the White House permanently, but merely out of the briefing room temporarily. Oh, well, I suppose the Secret Service is practicing for, and slowly ramping up to, the big removal January 20th. Question for Gene and others: What is the most memorable erroneous conclusion you leaped to, only to immediately discover that you were wrong?

That the World Trade Center was hit by a plane whose pilot had had a fatal heart attack or something.  Then the second plane hit.  So my confusion lasted about 1 minute. 

Do you think there are more pro-sin evangelicals, or more anti-sin agnostics and atheists? (For sins I’m thinking of the basics - lying, stealing, and killing people.)

I think there are more pro-sin evangelicals, and I say that for three reasons.  

1. The more publicly God-fearin' you are, the more you are afraid of eternal damnation, the less you are being motivated by an honest desire to do good. 

2. There is zero correlation between being an atheist and being a sinner.  

3. I'm hoping Newsbusters picks up on this answer and skewers me in their ridiculous site. 

Someone just asked a VERY interesting question on Petri's chat: Do you think Trump listens to music, and if so, what kind?

No, and moot.  See below for an elegant elaboration. 

Someone on the Petri chat asked whether Trump listens to music, but it was too late to get a comment under the wire on that forum. I believe he does not listen to music because he does not respond in any way to the value it brings to human life. Here is a quote that explains the disconnect—I found it on GoodReads(dot)com: “The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils; The motions of his spirit are dull as night, And his affections dark as Erebus. Let no such man be trusted.” -- Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Also, the man hates animals and never had and loved a pet.  These two things are more revealing than they might seem on the surface. 

I was doing fine, just dandy, with the pandemic, with working remotely and self-quarantining and all that, but it seems like I hit a wall about a week ago. I'm listless, and feeling like J.P. Sartre: I just don't see what the point of all this is. We're all going to die, and... for what? For THIS? So I can sit home and do the right thing, while glass bowls go out and drink margaritas at outside bars? What's the point? I'm hoping that a break in the heat -- this summer has been awful -- will help, will recharge my batteries a bit. But I'm also wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way: we're all tired of this, but is there anyone else who seems to have run out of gas in the past week or two?

I keep feeling I am going to run out of gas.   Having blistering deadlines helps.  

Go ahead and try us. Educate the ignorant masses.

Hipster.  And the like. 

I can understand the appeal of tinkering, and the satisfaction of seeing a broken clock restored. But what do you do for parts?

You can usually find them online, or you make them.  Gears can be repaired.  Requires soldering.  

if the bidet seat is nice for bits other than just the anus? I'm not sure if the spray is wide enough to rinse off the rest of my sensitive parts. Or, if you were just going in for a pee, would you have to adjust the nozzle? Thinking of going for a hot and cold water version. My building's unheated water is tepid this time of year, but in the winter that water can be very, very cold.

I can answer this without consultation.   You shift around a bit and everything is covered.  And ours (Toto Washlet) has a separate button for ladyparts.  

Cantaloupe is better than watermelon. Also a funnier word, though standalone melon is pretty good, too.


A GREAT cantaloupe is better than a great watermelon.  But if they are both mediocre, the watermelon wins. 

I am the proud owner of an authentic once-trendy Spiro Agnew wristwatch produced by the "Dirty Time Company". Unfortunately I need to eventually get it repaired when the pandemic ends, as the second hand has become completely unattached from the movement. Do you think anybody still remembers these?

I remember these. 

2 horse tranquilizers? We’re going to need some additional background here. Tranqs!

You are referring to this column.  I was a major league druggie in college.   Heroin and everything on down.  It is a miracle I am alive.  (I did contract Hep C.)

Until COVID hit, I still considered George W. Bush to be the worst president of my lifetime (born during the Reagan years). But a majority of the public seems to have forgiven him. My question is -- what chance do you think Bush publicly endorses Biden? Bush himself hasn't attended a GOP convention since 2004. The only Bush active in GOP politics these days is George P. Bush in Texas, so not much family pressure to stay silent.

I think the chance is strong.  

Intentional? Or are WaPo copy editors asleep at the wheel?


A shoutout to the person who wrote the headlines for the letters in Saturday’s Free For All. The first three about pictures, taken together, worked well. But the subtle dig at the letter writer who pointed out a misapplication of Star Wars arcana on the comics page was outstanding. Unfortunately, the online version changes it from “It’s all Klingon to us” to “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

SEO has destroyed headlines.   That might be irrelevant here, and we should point out that "I've got a bad feeling about this" is also from Star Wars. 

See, and I feel like there is a 100% correlation. Because for an atheist, there is no such thing as sin, so 100% of atheists don't sin.

Joke understood, but well, you would be wrong.  

Atheists are as moral as most people, but they are doing it not out of fear of punishment but out of a conviction of what is right. 

I remember reading a lot of Pete's stuff when I lived in the NY/NJ region, sorry to hear he passed away. When reading his obit in the Post, it linked to an article he wrote in 1969 The Revolt of the White Lower Middle Class and as the obit said, it was prescient. The attitudes of these New Yorkers sound like Trump voters today, most of the issues they are complaining about are exactly the same as what you hear from the typical rural Trump supporter now. A fascinating read if you haven't seen it.

It's really good and well written and prescient.  Obviously, a terrific writer.  As a journalist with some experience...I worry about the quotes. 

What is her deal? She's had a column for like 25 years and seems obsessed with Hillary Clinton.

This is not in defense of this gaffe, which was pretty ridiculous, but all columnists have occasional d'oh moments.  

Have you heard of this young man who edits the USA Today puzzles?  

No but I love his hair. 

I saw this, thought of your "OTOH, Mr. Hitler contends ..." formulation. {by Odoobo C. Bichachi, in The Daily Monitor, out of Uganda) "A famous quotation attributed to retired American journalism professor, Jonathan Foster, perhaps best illustrates the folly of pursuing balance literally. He said: 'If someone says it’s raining and another person says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them both. It’s your job to look out the window and find out which is true.'” 


I agree that good cantaloupe (anyone still call them musk melons?) is better than good watermelon, but they seem to be harder get right (my guess is they don't ship well). Sight unseen, I'd pick watermelon because you have a better chance of getting a tolerable one, especially if you're shopping at a grocery store.


We have an antique clock that had been restored when it came to us @five years ago but is somehow not working properly now. A piece with family history so there's some feeling it might be better to just let it not work than risk damaging it by attempting a repair. But.

Are you in the DC area?   Edward at Ecker's Clock and Watch Shop in Bethesda.   It'll cost you and take time, but it will be fixed well.  And they have a FABULOUS parrot. 

I used to follow her faithfully but I gave up on her at least eight years ago. I don't know what happened. She's just gone off the deep end. Her column on trying out pot edibles should never have been published.

Just addressing your last point:  Yes.  I think she would agree, too. 

Do you have any strong opinions on who he selects?

Nope.  I'll be fine with just about whoever. 

I am consumed with envy of people like Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Randy Rainbow, all of whom have hair that just gets better and better as it lengthens.

I could be the antidote to your envy.    

Thank you for your comments about that. I have expressed surprise that he doesn't have a dog since dogs are generally slaves to humans and adore their owners/masters. You'd think Trump would like that.

I think he Doesn't Want To Be Bothered.   Also pets connect to you on an emotional level.  He doesn't have an emotional level. 

I don't know if Biden will have named his VP by the time of this chat, but you had mentioned last week that Susan Rice has Benghazi baggage. Does it really matter if there is baggage or not? The Trump campaign is just going to make something up anyway. He is so desperate, he just throws as much crap out there as he can to see what will stick. Like saying Biden is "against God." A life long practicing Catholic gets this said about him by a p-grabber who has never read a bible and only sets foot in a church for a wedding, funeral or photo op.

The only baggage that bothers me is baggage that sounds familiar and bad.  The Republican baddies made Benghazi a scary word.  

Gene! This morning, my republican boyfriend informed me, he was going to vote for the f***ing orange thing in the White House in November. He did NOT vote for him previously. I was so stunned I hung up on him. And then cried because I felt there was no way forward with this man. He KNOWS I detest that idiot and when we started dating, I made it very clear I could never date a supporter of his. Do I throw 2 years away because of this? Is there another way? I know I can still love him, but how do I reconcile that I can't respect him? We were actually talking about marriage this past weekend and are supposed to be buying a travel trailer on Saturday together. I'm in shock and need some guidance...... Thank you.


My voice has disproportionate strength in this chat, obviously, and I don't want to be That Guy in something that will really affect lives. 

Readers?  Please write in.  I'll probably weigh in at the end of the chat.  Or not. 

Why does "elbow" appear twice in the poll (questions 3 and 6)?

Because I erred.  See the Maureen Dowd answer. 

Did you ever make a decision about getting a bird?

Not yet. 

Is from the Star Trek universe. That's what makes it even better.


The inaccuracies of Hugh Hewitt's summary of Democratic policies aside, why do I feel like this is the precise wording of White House staffers' reports to Trump? "OK, Mr. President, repeat after me: "Hack." "Hack." "Pack. Pack." "Backpack?" "No, pack. PACK! Twice!" "Pack twice." "No. No. (Deep sigh). OK, Mr. President, let's start again. Hack. Pack."

He's a lock-step conservative. This is to be expected.  The column that bothers me more is the previous one, linked to in the column YOU link to.  You'll see why.  

There appears to be a group on Facebook called "Christians Against Dinosaurs" devoted to the proposition that dinosaurs never existed. Conspiracy theory, of course, with a thin layering of Young Earth Creationism pasted on. I think this kind of group, (Flat-Earthers, Evolution Deniers, Climate-change deniers, etc.) is a symptom of the times. We are so ready to believe in ANYTHING that somehow it has become fashionable, ala Trump, to make all sorts of elaborate and preposterous claims just to see what happens. This group appears to be mostly people arguing AGAINST the central premise, but with a liberal sprinkling of far-out weirdos who at least POSE as serious adherents of the 'cause.' Reminds me of the American Electorate. Am I hallucinating, or are we not in Kansas anymore?

This reminds me of a Bill Hicks routine.  He postulates that there were no dinosaurs, but God sprinkled the bones around to fool us.   "A prankster God," Hicks said.

Gene, I am a literate person. I write fiction and have been published and won awards. I may be 61 but I am all there. And yet, no matter how hard I try, over the course of my entire life, I can only do the Monday NY Times crosswords. Maybe the Tuesdays if I'm lucky. So--is it a learned skill? Or am I one step away from taking Trump's cow-horse-hippo test?

It's partly learned, but mostly innate.   I compliment you for admitting to this. 

Rachel and I do the Monday and Tuesday by covering over all the Across clues.  We always solve them. 

I'm sorry.  

Do you think his pick could hurt him? Not that supporters would turn around and vote for Trump, but just that they would stay home?

I haven't seen a name that I think could hurt him.  But whoever he chooses will be savagely and sexistly attacked. 

Jacques Offenbach takes a distant second place to Heywood Jablowme.

It's Jablome and there is no contest.   Being real elevates all humor.  

A lot of these are subjective, no? I can't help but giggle every time I hear uvula because I think of Bab's uvula and how funny that skit is. But someone who's never seen it may go with carbuncle.

You're like my clock! 

It's Babs's ! 

Err… that's not an apostrophe in the word "Hams" on you clock, is it? If so, does the restorer leave it? I would imagine it would bug a writer.

THAT IS WHY I BOUGHT IT.  It has no apostrophe where there should be one, and an apostrophe where there shouldn't.

I can't hear that name without thinking of Hermione Gingold in The Music Man. Methinks the writers got one in over the censors.

I think so, too!

Monica Hesse's piece on the coming coverage of the female veep candidate is one of the best I've read in a long time. Full stop.

It was.   Monica's columns range from very good to great.   

Thanks again. Not having an emotional level explains it. I hope Melania has one because poor Baron needs someone who loves him.

He looks emotional but isn't.  She looks emotionless, but isn't.  (My guesses.)

My first thought was he was uncomfortable with the marriage discussion and making a big purchase and is doing something to sabotage the relationship where it makes you look bad for breaking up with him. Often I and my fellow men are asshats.

I had the same thought. 

He is either woefully ill informed, distinctly lacking in analysis skills, or agrees with that team. Which is it: ignorant, stupid, or Sociopathic? Which of those do you want to live with?

I agree with this, too. 

I refer you to Aristophanes' play, Lysistrata.

But what would she be withholding sex FOR?  A lie that he has changed his mind? 

I guess it depends on the reason that he is voting for the Orange One. If it's because he thinks Biden is Satan or will shred the Constitution more than Trump has, then I might not break up. On the other hand, if he doesn't think Trump has shredded the Constitution, then you definitely need to break up. I mean, better that you throw away the last two years of your life than the next thirty to sixty.

I love your last line. 

Where does he live? If Maryland it does not matter. Maryland will never go for Trump. I even voted for Perot one year because I disliked both major candidates. But I know it would be a Democrat from Maryland,

I accuse you of not understanding the dilemma. 

Prankster! Is that like hipster and lobster? (I confess I am not seeing why these are especially funny, but I'm kinda dumb about jokes.)

It is, and you are excused. 

My great-great-uncle used to make these really ornate clocks, one of which I inherited 25 years ago when my grandfather passed away. It's been sitting in my basement wrapped in bubble wrap ever since. It's not my style at all and I have no desire for it, but it doesn't seem right to donate. Is there an online market for antique clocks? Should I sell it on eBay? How can I get rid of it while honoring its heritage?

Whether you will get a good price on ebay depends on what company made the movement.  I assume ggu made the case but not the movement, right?

Every columnist may have a d'oh moment, but does it usually happen simultaneously with every editor and other newspaper employee? As someone who works on websites and social media, I'm amazed that no one--even an intern--at digital NYT said, "Uh, boss..."

I am regularly saved by a gifted copyeditor named Jennifer Abella.  

I know someone who has believed for years that the earth is young, that dinosaurs never existed, and that God put the bones there as a joke to his followers.

I imagine the prevailing sentiment is somewhat different: That God put em there as a test of faith.  Will you believe MY creation story, or what your eyes and mind tells you?  A "divine mystery."

Last week, your Very Clever Producer did not find the Petri column I was saying was so impactful. This is the one.

My Very Clever Producer did, in fact, link to that. My VCP is incredibly good.  

I chose Jacques Offenbach. Main reason is I remember a rather lame, single-panel cartoon from probably 60 years ago about a monk called "Brother Juniper." The particular cartoon depicted a multi-rank pipe organ in a chapel, with a sign on it reading "Out to lunch. Sometimes Bach at 2 p.m. Offenbach at 3 p.m."

Jacques Offenbach reduces to a very funny sexual phrase that might happen, for example, in the rear seat of a cab. 

My co-worker, a man in his mid 30s, randomly brought up that he doesn't think he can vote in this election because there are no good candidates. Then, our other co-worker told him to write in someone, like "Kanye." This scares me. Without talking to them about it, I would have assumed both of them would vote for Biden. How many other people do I know who I don't really know? Why can't he see that voting for Biden is BETTER even if he doesn't see him as a worthy candidate? I feel a bit of rage mixed in with my fear over this.

It's my second biggest fear.   My first is that the Trumpians and Russians will hijack the election. 

Did you keep sliding out of the beanbag chair because you'd taken horse tranquilizers, or were those two separate incidents?

They were one and the same. 

You might as well pronounce the "L" in "salmon".

I've heard it pronounce that way.   Haven't yet heard "lisTen."

As a long-time reader and admirer of your work, I would like to suggest that you're missing something with your blanket condemnations of those who still back Trump. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Trump supporter. He leads by appealing to fear and anger. That would damn him in my eyes even if I knew nothing else about him.

But then there’s my wife. She comes from a rural, blue-collar town that’s been in decline for forty years. Any Springsteen ballad can give you the idea. She left for college and didn’t go back. Her friends and classmates who didn’t or couldn’t do that have been watching their lives get harder and poorer, and now it’s happening to their children. Even if they want to leave, they can't afford to. And where would they go? Presidential candidates occasionally mention their plight, but nothing changes.

They were afraid and angry well before Trump came along. He offered them a simple solution: get rid of the immigrants who were taking their jobs and driving down wages. You don't believe that's the root of the problem. Neither do I. But nobody else was offering any solutions at all, and it's not hard to find examples of skilled blue-collar jobs that used to support middle-class wages and are now done by illegal immigrants. It made sense to many. It still does. This ground-level view applies to small towns all across the country, and it's why I think bashing Trump supporters, while tempting, is counterproductive. The message, as received by my wife's friends, is: I don't see your problems, I don't care about your problems.

Their continuing support for Trump has less to do with anything he might have done for them than with their anger at the people who've gone from ignoring them to mocking them. I'm sorry I couldn't make this funny. Politics is more a source of sadness and worry than yuks these days.

There is wisdom in this and it is well expressed.  Thank you. 

It will be the Best resignation


This story.

Okay, this is an excellent aptonym. 

I miss seeing and reading about Barnaby. He was such an interesting cat. Have you gotten your bird or another pet?

Not yet.  Hungering to do so. 

Rachel just reminded me about one of his peccadillos.   We would trap him under the bedsheet, but leave a corner open so he could get out.  He seldom chose to get out.  He chose to be OUTRAGED and FIGHT through the sheet.  THIS MEANS WAR. 

As the most respected non-medical medical expert I know, what do you think of the news of Russia's newly approved Covid-19 vaccine? When should I book my flight to Moscow?

Not anytime soon.   Only Putin has announced it.  His Ministry of Health has declined comment.   And Putin said it was given to one of his daughters, but, um, apparently not to him. 

I am not the OP, but I thought your response to the question included unnecessary bragging. Yes, we know, you're a genius who does the crossword puzzle in ink while blindfolded. Good for you. Did you need to rub it in?

Yes, I do. 

Speaking of that funny word "lobster," do you have any issues boiling them alive? I did just that this weekend (lobsters were flown in live from Maine) and I felt incredibly guilty. They were delicious though.

I kill them first.  Knife through the carapace to the brain.  Seems instant. 

I’m a 50 y/o single male and have spent most of my adult life involved in Democratic Party politics. For the first 12 years of my voting life I had a Rockefeller Republican Congressman who earned my vote maybe twice. That is the extent of my apostasy. Having said that, there’s More to life than politics. If there’s more to your relationship, it may well be worth staying. I’ll agree it would be easier if it were Romney instead of Trump but I think it still holds.

I hear you, but disagree. 

To me, a person's politics is his or her character.  Perhaps the most revealing metric. 

Of all the names, she has got to be the pick I fear most The Post had a quote from Charles Bass that said “Fair or not, a basic rule of politics is: If you’re explaining, you’re losing. If you’re explaining that you’re not a communist, you’re really losing.”

She will not be his choice.  For the reason you state.  Also, lack of name recognition.  Also she has a currently devastating first name.   

Gene, Sign on the back of an (apparent) manual transmission car. I say apparent because I did not look inside for the clutch pedal "Manual Transmission. We are on a hill. Do you really want to be close enough to read this?"

I like it, though. 

Gene- My apologies if this is convulted but I was just sitting and thinking about the upcoming election when I realized something that I think might be an issue, more so in local or congressional races but likely not the presidential race. Many college students get more political when at college and there are also many opportunities to register to vote. Often times their votes are also "amplified" because it's a bloc of usually like minded students. But if colleges and universities don't open up and these students remain at home i believe this could have an impact on a number of races and ultimately change the outcome. Am I wrong? Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

Hm.  No, I think this could impact races in college towns. 

The Chief Horse's Ass Of The United States. My latest acronym for the Orange Fruitcake. I am delighted to see that CHAOTUS finally seems to have lost it entirely. Even the staunch conservatives are calling him crazy. Did you see where he said Biden hates god? He really is a two-year old. Any chance we can get him out of office not on the grounds of insanity, but under the provision that you must be at least 35 years old to be president?

I like that theory. 


Wow, this is great.   I have to admit something weird.   When I read the headline, I was taken aback.  The phrase "Israeli Jeweler."   Do you see what I mean?

I just read a great story in the Post about training service dogs. at the end, there was a paragraph listing the people responsible for story editing, copy editing, photo editing and design. Is t his the future of journalism, with every article a collaboration?

I've never seen this before!  I dunno.  I like Karin's work and Mary Hadar is one of my favorite people. 

OK, I get that probably the war years and the great depression years were pretty bleak, but I am so done with this year. There isn't a single ray of hope for me right now - all the news is pathetic (really people, proptesting because you have to wear a mask???? because others don't want to care for you after you then get sick and need a vent????) the county is apparently now filled with pathetic hate-filled, racist, sexist, ignorant people who apparently were firmly living under their rocks (where they belonged) until 3+ years ago when suddently someone told them it is OK to come out - ugh. Plus I fell down a flight of stairs, broke everything, and now have a TBI, a constant headache, and no patience for bulls**t. Please Gene, you are my lasts hope. I read your column and non-chat religiously, and I need some sort of hopeful silver lining. {f it helps get me a response I am a middle-aged woman who has decided to accept myself as the hot mess I am - but at least I am hot }

Trump will be humiliated in November, and a sane adult will take over.  Trump's finances will tank.  This is unlikely, but he might be indicted and imprisoned. 

That help?

Can you take a look at it? Not sure how old it is, but had been passed down from great grandfather (we are in our 60's so that would make it mid-late 1800s?)

Yes, send a picture to gene (dot) weingarten (at)

Don't you think ululate is funnier than uvula? Maybe not when it's in writing but certainly when spoken?

It would be funnier if it were pronounced YOU-you-late.  Alas, it is not.   

I sometimes wonder what the pandemic toll would have been if Hillary won in 2016. After all, regardless of who was president, the pandemic would have disrupted life, and we probably would have had major struggles early in New York City. But even with a competent response, Americans are restive people who don't like to do what they're told. I'm sure that the governers of Georgia and Texas would have continued with their anti-science and ostensibly pro-business early reopenings regardless of federal guidance, and the tea-party types that stormed state capitals would have been more emphatic, if anything. So what do you think the toll would have looked like? I doubt we'd be doing AS poorly, but in terms of lives saved -- 20,000? 50,000?


Saturday's Post had a front-page article that began with this sentence: "Jerry Falwell Jr., an early and prominent supporter of President Trump, will take a leave of absence from leading Liberty University"....etc. My question is why did the authors deem it essential to include Falwell's support of his Orangeness in the first sentence? That seems like such a minor detail when the topic is the racy photo and his hilarious explanation of the photo, following other questionable judgment calls over the past few years. It almost seems like they wanted to say that not only is Falwell behaving like an idiot, but we want to be sure you know--in our VERY FIRST SENTENCE--that he also supports an idiot. In other words, I felt as though a bias showed up in the first sentence. Am I overreacting? Can you justify that inclusion in the first sentence?

I agree with you.  I think it was a mistake in emphasis. 

Maybe it's just my preference for the openly crude, but I'd pick Bushrod Johnson, a Confederate general of some renown, over all of your choices.

Good one. 

heading into a meeting and not much time. I appreciate all of the feedback! We did talk and...... I love him more than I hate trump. He wasn't trying to get out of marriage, he's the one that wants it. But THANK YOU ALL for your insight. It was my FIRST knee jerk reaction too.... to end it all. But as the one individual said, there is more to life than politics. Have a blessed day!

Thanks for writing back.  And good luck.  

but choose not to. OK, I found Thursdays particularly vexing, but I could usually do it, maybe with a few cheats with google. I just don't want to. I do Monday. I do Tuesday. If I am feeling clever, I do Wednesday. Then I stick with the minis and letter boxed (love that for some reason) until Sunday evening. But I have always been much more of a numbers person than a word person. Sudoku, however, is not a number game and bores me to tears.

DO KEN-KEN !  It's great.   You can get to it from the NYT puzzle site.   (I also dislike Sudoku.)

Yes, I see it. It should be two Ls in "jeweller." (JK. I see what you see.)

It's strangely disturbing! 

Okay, we're done.  Thanks all.   Next weeek. 

Aaand this is a link to next week's chat

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