Tuesdays with Moron: Chatological Humor Update (July 2, 2013)

Jul 02, 2013

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Greetings, update readers. 


Apropos of the important bathroom discussion from last week's chat, we begin today with a photo sent in by a reader named Brett.  Brett surreptitiously took this photo in the bathroom of his federal government workplace in Washington D.C.  As you can see, this provides visual documentation of the falsity of the contention that men do not ALSO get weird about the possibility of peeping into the cracks and crevices left by a poorly constructed bathroom stall. Click here to see the photo.




There is only one other item in this update, but it is weird.   Purely by accident, I happened upon a raging internet debate over this Geico commercial, which I hate. I hate it for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because it is lame.  And it is historically bizarre:  The point of Paul Revere's ride was to say not that the British regulars were on the move, but whether they were on the move by land or sea, and from where to where.  "They're coming.  The British" is of no particular value.   But mostly because it is lame. 



The reason I was researching this was mostly because I cannot understand the woman's guess, based on Revere's prancing, mincing little dance.  How does "Hot stew Saturday" follow?  And what does it mean?  What the heck kind of a charades clue is that?  


Nothing has elucidated this.  But I found something else:  A robust debate about whether this commercial is covertly ... racist. 


People have noted that the guesses prior to "hot stew Saturday" seemed to be saying something like  "black" and "baboon" and "monkey."   I listened, and distinctly heard it, too!  WTF?


So I read more, until someone points out they are clearly saying "blacksmith."   Once you know what you are hearing, it becomes obvious.  This reminded me of the absolutely great scene in the vastly underrated 1974 movie "The Conversation" where nerd detective Gene Hackman picks up a snippet of important conversation from a couple on whom he was spying.   You want to start watching at the 6 minute mark.  



Spoiler alert. 

Spoiler alert coming: 


In the end, he realizes he was hearing the right words, but not the right inflection. They were saying "HE'D kill US if he got the chance..."


That's it for today.  Please leave questions for the next full chat

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